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Sponsor an “Is Arthritis Curable?” seminar in your region! Object: spread the good word on how to get well and also to collect charity dollars to further our joint cause.

1. You (or your organization) will provide:
a. publicity,
b. meeting place,
c. speaker transportation and expenses.
2. We’ll provide:
a. handouts
b. speaker(s) covering,
(1) a person cured of rheumatoid arthritis,
(2) talk on how to cure rheumatoid disease,
(3) discussion of specific necessary or desirable treatments
(4) open question and answer period.

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1.When requested this foundation will sponsor somewhere in the United States a two-day seminar consisting of:
a. Two days of talks by Foundation personnel and health professionals covering
(1) How to get well
(2) Important treatment protocols
(3) Personal consultations

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