We tell folks how to get well from so-called incurable auto-immune or collagen tissue diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and related diseases. Here you will find publications and physician referrals. When money is available, we fund alternative, complementary, holistic medical research.



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Robert Bingham RobertBingham 1984-07-14 - PDF
RobertBingham 1984-07-14 - HTML

Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis with Yodoxin

  RobertBingham 1985-05-19 - PDF
RobertBingham 1985-05-19 - HTML

Anti-malarial and Anti-protozoal Drugs in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Disease

Jack Blount
Jack Blount1979-04-12 - PDF
Jack Blount1979-04-12 - HTML

Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Protocol

Jack Blount1979-05-30 - PDF
Jack Blount1979-05-30 - HTML

Flagyl Comments

Blount, Simoons & Prosch
Imidazole Compounds 1986-11-16 - PDF
Imidazole Compounds 1986-11-16 - HTML

Imidazole Compounds for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Bill Burke
BillBurke1984-06-09 - PDF
BillBurke1984-06-09 - HTML

FDA Flagyl rat, metronidazole, Vitamin C, L-arginine

James Carlson
James Carlson - 3 Dimensional Counter strain Lift - PDF
James Carlson - 3 Dimensional Counter strain Lift - HTML

Original Concept and Treatment with 3-Dimensional
Counter Strain (Anti- Torsion) Lifting

William Catteral
WilliamCatterall1985-07-20 - PDF
WilliamCatterall1985-07-20 - HTML

Allergies and their Modern Therapies

Tony Chapdelaine JackNeffTonyChapdelaineDeborahAsbellGillespie
86-11-08 - PDF

86-11-08 - HTML

Isolation and Cultivation of Soil Amoebae from Fluids and Tissues of Patients with Rheumatoid Disease.


Research - PDF

Research - HTML

Preliminary Report on Drug Research Involving Acanthamoeba and Naegleria


TonyChapdelaine2005-02-28 - PDF
TonyChapdelaine2005-02-28 - HTML




Perry Chapdelaine PerryChapdelaine1984-02-10 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1984-02-10 - HTML

Lack of Knee Samples

  PerryChapdelaine1984-03-15 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1984-03-15 - HTML

Need for knee Joint Sample Protocol

  PerryChapdelaine1984-05-14 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1984-05-14 - HTML

Non-Confirmation of Amoeba in Joint Samples

  PerryChapdelaine1984-05-25 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1984-05-25 - HTML

Knee Joint Effusions should be fed E.Coli In Transit

  PerryChapdelaine1984-05-29 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1984-05-29 - HTML

Query regarding use of Anti-protozoal Drugs on Macrophages

  PerryChapdelaine1984-06-18 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1984-06-18 - HTML

Roger Wyburn-Mason's "A New Protozoon"

  PerryChapdelaine1984-06-29 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1984-06-29 - HTML

Critique of Double Blind Clotrimazole Study

  PerryChapdelaine1984-10-02 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1984-10-02 - HTML

Dangers of Rifampicin & AAMPS Non-Communication

  PerryChapdelaine1985-01-24 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1985-01-24 - HTML

Lactobacillus acidophilus is required to metabolize metronidazole.
  PerryChapdelaine1985-02-14 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1985-02-14 - HTML

Questions Regarding Medical College of Virginia Grant Proposal

  PerryChapdelaine1985-06-14 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1985-06-14 - HTML

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Proposal "The Effect of Clotrimazole and Related Agents on Cell-free, Calcium-dependent Phosopholipase A2  Activity in Human Synovial Fluid."
  PerryChapdelaine1985-11-11 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1985-11-11 - HTML

About the Philanthropic Section of The Better Business Bureau & the Arthritis Foundation
  PerryChapdelaine1986-01-05 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1986-01-05 - HTML

Research & Grants Payoff, Knee Effusions & Metronidazole

  PerryChapdelaine1986-05-12 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1986-05-12 - HTML

Changing Research Directions

  PerryChapdelaine1986-07-02 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1986-07-02 - HTML Pages

Personal Clotrimazole Usage

  PerryChapdelaine1986-07-23 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1986-07-23 - HTML

Complaint Regarding Direction of Research

  PerryChapdelaine1986-08-02 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1986-08-02 - HTML

Synovial Tissues

  PerryChapdelaine1986-08-18 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1986-08-18 - HTML

Reason for Metronidazole Failures

  PerryChapdelaine1986-11-31 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1986-11-31 - HTML

Cell Wall Deficient Candida albicans/Atypical Lymphocyte

  PerryChapdelaine1987-02-24 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1987-02-24 - HTML  

Differences Between Metronidazole & Other 5-Nitroimidazoles

  PerryChapdelaine1988-03-27 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1988-03-27 - HTML

Failure of Double Blind Clotrimazole Study

  PerryChapdelaineNotes - PDF
PerryChapdelaineNotes - HTML

Metronidazole Does Not Cause Cancer

1986-12-31 - PDF

1986-12-31 - HTML

The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation Progress Report


  PerryChapdelaine1993-12-20 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine1993-12-20 - HTML
Life Crystals and Chondrianas

  PerryChapdelaine2000-05-08 - PDF
PerryChapdelaine2000-05-08 - HTML

Cetyl Myristoleate

  PeerReviewGilbertLing - PDF
PeerReviewGilbertLing - HTML
On Peer Review Systems

Archimedes Concon ArchimedesConcon1986-12-17 - PDF
ArchimedesConcon1986-12-17 - HTML

Pleomorphic Forms

  ArchimedesConcon1987-08-12 - PDF
ArchimedesConcon1987-08-12 - HTML

Alternative Rheumatoid Disease & Osteorarthritis Treatment

T. W. Crommelin Crommelin1978-10-03 - PDF
Crommelin1978-10-03 - HTML

Regarding Wyburn-Mason Book.

  Crommelin1978-10-17 - PDF
Crommelin1978-10-17 - HTML

Regarding Wyburn-Mason Book Plus Tinidazole Comments.

  Crommelin1978-12-06 - PDF
Crommelin1978-12-06 - HTML

Two Daughters Helped By Wyburn-Mason

  Crommelin1979-02-22 - PDF
Crommelin1979-02-22 - HTML

Early Tinidazole Protocol

  Crommelin1980-04-03 - PDF
Crommelin1980-04-03 - HTML

One Daughter Helped With Clotrimazole, Flagyl, Fasigyn

  Crommelin1980-08-04 - PDF
Crommelin1980-08-04 - HTML

Regarding Daughters Treatment.

  CrommelinThorough-Breds1979-01 - PDF
CrommelinThorough-Breds1979-01 - HTML

Sodium Hyaluronate In Horses.

Davison, T.H. Davison1978-01-05 - PDF
Davison1978-01-05 - HTML

Chloroquine In Chrohn's Disease.

George Eby

Gallium - PDF
Gallium - HTML

Galium for Arthritis

Richard Franson RichardFranson1985-08-22 - PDF
RichardFranson1985-08-22 - HTML

Proposal for Two Lab Coordinated Approach

  RichardFranson1986-02-24 - PDF
RichardFranson1986-02-24 - HTML

Studies of Phospholipase, A2 (PLA2) from Human Synovial Fluid

  RichardFranson1986-09-10 - PDF
RichardFranson1986-09-10 - HTML

Acknowledgement of Re-write of PLA2 Proposal

  RichardFranson1986-11-11 - PDF
RichardFranson1986-11-11 - HTML

Clotrimazole Inhibition of SF-PLA

  RichardFranson1987-07-12 - PDF
RichardFranson1987-07-12 - HTML

Pure PLA2 & Inflammation

1985-06-07 - PDF

1985-06-07 - HTML

Grant Proposal


Zane R. Gard, M.D. Zane R. Gard-1986-2-11 - PDF
Zane R. Gard-1986-2-11 - HTML

Sauna Biodetoxification (Hubbard method)

HJ Grace HJGrace1986-06-26 - PDF
HJGrace1986-06-26 - HTML

Cell Growth & Death Taken from Synovial Fluid

Clemens A Hackethal Clemens A. Hackethal 1992-08-10 - PDF
Clemens A. Hackethal 1992-08-10  - HTML

Dehydroepianderosterone & Parkinson

Phillip Hoekstra PhilipHoekstra1986-11-30 - PDF
PhilipHoekstra1986-11-30 - HTML

A Typical Lymphocytes from Arthritics

Dale Humpreys Multiple Sclerosis - PDF
Multiple Sclerosis - HTML

Multiple Sclerosis

Kwang Jeon KwangJeon1984 - PDF
KwangJeon1984 - HTML

Cultured Knee Effusions

  KwangJeon1984-01-04 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-01-04 - HTML

Preparation for Knee Joint Fluid Study

  KwangJeon1984-02-20 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-02-20 - HTML

Acknowledgement of Experiment Suggestion

  KwangJeon1984-02-27 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-02-27 - HTML

Knee Fluid Negative Results

  KwangJeon1984-03-14 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-03-14 - HTML

Knee Fluid Studies

  KwangJeon1984-03-29 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-03-29 - HTML


  KwangJeon1984-04-10 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-04-10 - HTML

Macrophages in Synovial Fluid

  KwangJeon1984-04-19 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-04-19 - HTML


  KwangJeon1984-05-11 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-05-11 - HTML

Synovial Fluid Studies

  KwangJeon1984-05-17 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-05-17 - HTML

Cells in Synovial Tissue

  KwangJeon1984-05-23 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-05-23 - HTML

Macrophages in Synovial Fluid

  KwangJeon1984-05-31 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-05-31 - HTML

Synovial Fluid, Macrophages & Fibroblasts

  KwangJeon1984-10-17 - PDF
KwangJeon1984-10-17 - HTML

Cell Growth from Knee Joint Fluids

  KwangJeon1986-04-08 - PDF
KwangJeon1986-04-08 - HTML

Synovial Fluid Studies

William Kaufman William Kaufman 1992-07-24 - PDF
William Kaufman 1992-07-24 - HTML


  William Kaufman 1992-08-10 - PDF
William Kaufman 1992-08-10 - HTML


T. Koba Koba1977-11-01 - PDF
Koba1977-11-01 - HTML

Regarding Wyburn-Mason Book.

  Koba1977-11-30 - PDF
Koba1977-11-30 - HTML

Regarding Wyburn-Mason Book, Metronidazole, Clotrimazole Patent
  Koba1978-04-26 - PDF
Koba1978-04-26 - HTML

Regarding Wyburn-Mason Book

  Koba1978-08-18 - PDF
Koba1978-08-18 - HTML

Regarding Wyburn-Mason Book

  Koba1978-08-21 - PDF
Koba1978-08-21 - HTML

Request For Clotrimazole Dozage.

  Koba1979-03-05 - PDF
Koba1979-03-05 - HTML

Obtaining Metronidazole, Clotrimazole, Tinidazole.

  Koba1979-03-29 - PDF
Koba1979-03-29 - HTML

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments.

  Koba1979-04-04 - PDF
Koba1979-04-04 - HTML

Correspondence Regarding Patent For New Drug Use.

  Koba1979-07-24 - PDF
Koba1979-07-24 - HTML

Regarding Clotrimazole Patent Hindrance.

  Koba1979-09-03 - PDF
Koba1979-09-03 - HTML

Clotrimazole Patent Hindrance.

  Koba-Bingham1976-11-30 - PDF
Koba-Bingham1976-11-30 - HTML

Clotrimazole Patent Clarification.

  KobaUndated - PDF
KobaUndated - HTML

Regarding Wyburn-Mason Book

  KobaWyburn-MasonJapanesePatent Application - PDF
KobaWyburn-MasonJapanesePatent Application - HTML

Regarding Clotrimazole Patent.

Wayne Martin WayneMartin1985 - PDF
WayneMartin1985 - HTML

Metronidazole, Prostatitis, Cancer

  WayneMartin1985-05-24 - PDF
WayneMartin1985-05-24 - HTML


  WayneMartin1985-05-27 - PDF
WayneMartin1985-05-27 - HTML

Dioxin, Asbestos

  WayneMartin1986-05-12 - PDF
WayneMartin1986-05-12 - HTML

Macrophages & The Herxheimer

  WayneMartin1986-08-06 - PDF
WayneMartin1986-08-06 - HTML

Inflammatory Mediators of Rheumatoid Disease

  WayneMartin1986-10-08 - PDF
WayneMartin1986-10-08 - HTML

Prostate & Breast Cancer

  WayneMartin1986-10-18 - PDF
WayneMartin1986-10-18 - HTML

Macrophages as Cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis

  WayneMartin1994-08-26 - PDF
WayneMartin1994-08-26 - HTML

Coley's Toxin, Ovarian Cancer, Urea, Liver Cancer

  Coley's Toxin - PDF
Coley's Toxin - HTML

Here's How to Make Coley's Toxin

  MetronidazoleForCancer1988-Spring - PDF
MetronidazoleForCancer1988-Spring - HTML

Metronidazole in the Treatment of Cancer

  Hydrochloric Acid 2001-01 - PDF
Hydrochloric Acid 2001-01 - HTML

Hydrocholoric Acid for Untreatable Bacterial Infection

John Myers John MyersResearchProgram - PDF
John MyersResearchProgram - HTML

Frequency Resonance Therapy

  John Myers Research Letter - PDF
John Myers Research Letter - HTML

Research Letter

  John Myers Research Letter 2006A - PDF
John Myers Research Letter 2006A - HTML

Research Letter

  John Myers Bio-Electro Brain Research - PDF
John Myers Bio-Electro Brain Research- HTML

Research Letter

Jack Neff JackNeffTonyChapdelaineDeborahAsbellGillespie
86-11-08 - PDF

86-11-08 - HTML

Final Report on a Research Grant from The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation.

Seldon Nelson SeldonNelson1987 - PDF
SeldonNelson1987 - HTML

Copper Ion Therapy

William H. Philpott

Philpott2004-04-18 - PDF
Philpott2004-04-18 -  HTML

Brain Cancer

Philpott2005-01-24 - PDF
Philpott2005-01-24 -  HTML

Cancer and Other Microorganisms

Philpott2005-02-14 - PDF
Philpott2005-02-14 -  HTML

Nature of Magnetism, Cataracts, tachycardia, et. al.

Philpott2005-05-18- PDF
Philpott2005-05-18-  HTML

Optimum Antioxidant

Philpott2005-05-22 - PDF
Philpott2005-05-22 -  HTML

Brain Pulsing, Food Allergies, Epstein-Barr Virus

Philpott2005-05-31 - PDF
Philpott2005-05-31 -  HTML

Electrolysis, Static Magnetic Fields, ETP, pH, Pulsing field

PhilpottAnswersToAssertions - PDF
PhilpottAnswersToAssertions -  HTML

Separate Biological Effects of Opposite Magnetic Pole Fields.

SignificanceOfPolarity - PDF
SignificanceOfPolarity -  HTML

Therapeutic Significance of Negative Magnetic Polarity and Negative Ion Polarity

(Magnetic Health Quarterlies)

Addiction Vol. IV, 1st qtr, 1998 (2003 Revision) - PDF
Addiction Vol. IV, 1st qtr, 1998 (2003 Revision) -  HTML

Nature of Addiction and Weight and Stress Management

  Allergy, Immunology, Microbiology Vol VII 3rd Qtr, 2001 (2003 Revision) - PDF
Allergy, Immunology, Microbiology Vol VII 3rd Qtr, 2001 (2003 Revision) - HTML

Magnetics, Diversified Rotation Diet

  Alzheimer’s Disease and Amyloidosis Vol. VII, 1st Qtr, 2001 - PDF
Alzheimer’s Disease and Amyloidosis Vol. VII, 1st Qtr, 2001 - HTML

poxia Cause, Alkaline-Hyperoxia Correction

  Cancer, Vol. II, 4th qtr., 1996  (Revisions 2000 and 2004) - PDF
Cancer, Vol. II, 4th qtr., 1996  (Revisions 2000 and 2004) - HTML

Pevention and Reversal.

  Detoxification, Vol. VII, 2nd qtr, 2001 - PDF
Detoxification, Vol. VII, 2nd qtr, 2001 - HTML

Acid, Chemical and Heavy Metal toxicity.

  Diabetes Mellitus, Vol. III, 2nd qtr, 1997 (Revision 2001) - PDF
Diabetes Mellitus, Vol. III, 2nd qtr, 1997 (Revision 2001) - HTML

Prevention and Reversal


  Emotional Disorders, Vol. V, 4th qtr, 1999 (Revision 2001) - PDF
Emotional Disorders, Vol. V, 4th qtr, 1999 (Revision 2001) - HTML

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Tension Myositis Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorders, Repetitive Stress Injury, Personality Disorders, Psychoneuroses, Psychosomatics, Hyperkinesis, Psychosis, Dyslexia, Autism.
  Energy Medicine, Vol. VIII, 2nd qtr, 2002 - PDF
Energy Medicine, Vol. VIII, 2nd qtr, 2002 - HTML

Cells as Machines Driven by Energy

  Fibromyalgia, Vol. VII, 4th qtr, 2001 - PDF
Fibromyalgia, Vol. VII, 4th qtr, 2001 - HTML

Alkaline-Hyperoxia Response

  Four-Day Diversified Rotation Diet - PDF
Four-Day Diversified Rotation Diet - HTML


  Gastrointestinal Diseases, Vol. I, 3rd qtr, 1999 (Revision 2002) - PDF
Gastrointestinal Diseases, Vol. I, 3rd qtr, 1999 (Revision 2002) - HTML

Ulcers, Polyps, Cancer, Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Gastric Reflux, Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Brain/Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Disorders.

  Inflammation Vol. X, 2nd qtr, 2004 - PDF
Inflammation Vol. X, 2nd qtr, 2004 - HTML

Negative Magnetic Field Heals, Positive
Magnetic Field Inflames

  Liver Disorders, Vol. VIII, 4th qtr, 2002 - PDF
Liver Disorders, Vol. VIII, 4th qtr, 2002 - HTML

Viral Hepatitis, Chemical Hepatitis,
Addictive Heppatitis


Liver Disorders, Vol. IX, 2nd qtr, 2003 - PDF
Liver Disorders, Vol. IX, 2nd qtr, 2003 - HTML


Cancer, Metabolic Diseases, Transplantation, Cirrosis, Gallbladder, Bile Ducts, and;
Miscellaneous: Grandfather Status, Phone Speaker Injury, Delayed Speech, Negative Ions, Cardiac Athrosclerosis, Addiction Reversal, Schizophrenia, Magnetic Antibiotic, Brain Tumor Remission, Insoluable Deposits, Osteoporosis, Diabetes Mellitus (type II)

  Magnetics and Melanoma - PDF
Magnetics and Melanoma -
Melanoma Cancer Cure





Magnetic Health - PDF
 Magnetic Health - HTML


Attention-Deficit Disorder
Avascular Necrosis of Left Hip - Overweight
Behavioral Disorders (also secondary to food allergies)
Cancer of the Lungs
Cancer of the Prostate
Degenerative Diseases
Diabetes Mellitus Type II
Episodic Depression -- Multiple Food Sensitivities
Fatty Liver Disease - Non Alcoholic
Genital Herpes
Herpes Simplex 1
Macular Degeneration
Multiple Sclerosis
Paget's Disease
Prostate Adenocarcinoma - Metastatic
Prostatic Hypertrophy
Schizo Affective Disorder
Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
Universal Reactor
Weight Reduction and Weight Management

  Major Mental disorders, Vol. III, 3rd qtr, 1997 (Revision 2001) - PDF
Major Mental disorders, Vol. III, 3rd qtr, 1997 (Revision 2001) - HTML

Schizophrenia, Manic Depressive, Autism, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Dyslexia, Hyperkinesis, Tourette’s Syndrome.

  Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors Vol. IX, 1st qtr, 2003 - PDF
Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors Vol. IX, 1st qtr, 2003 - HTML

Mild Degree Disordered Carbohydrate Metabolism, Mild Degree Hypertension, Mild Degree Disordered Lipid Metabolism, Obesity with Increased Girth.

  Multiple Sclerosis, Vol. IV, 4th qtr, 1998 (Revision 2002) - PDF
Multiple Sclerosis, Vol. IV, 4th qtr, 1998 (Revision 2002) - HTML

Magnetic Answer

  Osteoporosis Vol. X, 1st qtr, 2004 - PDF
Osteoporosis Vol. X, 1st qtr, 2004 - HTML

Prevention & Reversal of Osteoporosis


Pelvic Disorders Vol. V, 2nd qtr, 1999 (Revision 2002) - PDF
Pelvic Disorders Vol. V, 2nd qtr, 1999 (Revision 2002) - HTML


Women: Endometriosis, Pelvic Disease, Uterus  Disorers, Vulvovaginal Disorders, Conditions of the Vagina, Cancer of the Female Pelvic, Genital Disorders, Menopause; Men: Prostatis, Prostatic Hypertrophy, Prostatic Cancer, Peyronie’s Disease; Men & Women: Infections, Cystitis, Interstitial Cystitis, Interstitial Kidney Disease, Kidney Infection, General Infections, Hermorrhoids, Rectral and Low Colon Infections, Rectal and Low Colon Cancer, Colon Polyps, Gential Herpes, Menopause, Sexual Disfunction.

  pH Factor in Health & Disease Vol. IX, 3rd qtr, 2003 - PDF
pH Factor in Health & Disease Vol. IX, 3rd qtr, 2003 - HTML

Enzyme, Solubility, Infectious, Environmental Factors

  Polar Power Magnets Catalog #8, 1985 - PDF
Polar Power Magnets Catalog #8, 1985 - HTML

High Powered Magnets

  Resonance BioOxidative Therapy - PDF
Seven Day Diversified Rotation Diet - HTML

Rheumatoid and Other Degenarative Diseases.

  Seven Day Diversified Rotation Diet - PDF
Seven Day Diversified Rotation Diet - HTML

Seven day rotation diet.

  Sleep Vol. I, 1st qtr., 1995 (2002 Revision) - PDF
Sleep Vol. I, 1st qtr., 1995 (2002 Revision) - HTML

Magnetics of Sleep

  Ultimate Non-Stress, Non-Addiction Function Vol. VI, 1st qtr, 2000 (Revision 2001) - PDF
Ultimate Non-Stress, Non-Addiction Function Vol. VI, 1st qtr, 2000 (Revision 2001) - HTML

Stress Chemistry Diseases, Metabolic Homeostatis

  Universal Sensitivity Reactions Vol. IX, 4th qtr, 2003 - PDF
Universal Sensitivity Reactions Vol. IX, 4th qtr, 2003 - HTML

Interface Between Vitamin C & Magnetic Fields


Viral Encephalitis Syndrome Vol. X, 3rd qtr, 2004 - PDF
Viral Encephalitis Syndrome Vol. X, 3rd qtr, 2004 - HTML


Chronic Progressive, Insidious, Low-Intensity Epstein-Barr Virus and/or Cytomegalovirus Encephalitis as causes of Childhood Autism, Attention Deficient, Hyperactive, Lethargy, Obsessive-Compulsive, Tourettes Syndrome, Mirror Imaging, Some Seizure, Some Development Disorders, and; Progressive in Adults, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Non-Psychotic Depression Disorders and Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia Pains.

Water Vol. X, 4th qtr, 2004 - PDF
Water Vol. X, 4th qtr, 2004 - HTML

Hydration and Health, Dehydration & Illness.

Gus Prosch GusProsch1984-07-07 - PDF
GusProsch1984-07-07 - HTML

Defects in Double-Blind Study Design

  GusProsch1984-07-14 - PDF
GusProsch1984-07-14 - HTML

Speech Made to the Rheumatoid Disease Foundation in Atlanta July 14, 1984
  GusProschLecture1-1987 - PDF
GusProschLecture1-1987 - HTML

Rheumatoid Disease Foundation Therapy for Rheumatoid Diseases
  GusProschLecture2-1987 - PDF
GusProschLecture2-1987 - HTML

Lecture on Intraneural Injections

Paul Pybus PaulPybus(1)1987-07-27 - PDF
PaulPybus(1)1987-07-27 - HTML

Acknowledgement Letter to Richard Fransoun

  PaulPybus(2)1987-07-27 - PDF
PaulPybus(2)1987-07-27 - HTML

Appeal for Blood Samples

  PaulPybus1984 - PDF
PaulPybus1984 - HTML

Critique of Double Blind Clotrimazole Study

  PaulPybus1986-02-07 - PDF
PaulPybus1986-02-07 - HTML

Final Interpretation of Total Research To Date

  PaulPybusResearchSummary1986-07-01 - PDF
PaulPybusResearchSummary1986-07-01 - HTML

Research Projects in South Africa

  PaulPybus1987-01-12 - PDF
PaulPybus1987-01-12 - HTML

Metronidazole Effects on Macrophages & Clotrimazole Effects on T-Lymphocytes
  PaulPybus1987-02-09 - PDF
PaulPybus1987-02-09 - HTML

Swimming Pool Purification via Mixed Metal Filter

  PaulPybus1988-04-06 - PDF
PaulPybus1988-04-06 - HTML

Critique of On-going Double-Blind Study

  PaulPybusNotes - PDF
PaulPybusNotes - HTML

Simplicity of Method of Isolation of Amoeba chromatosa

Michael R. Rask, M.D. Michael Rask 1989-December - PDF
Michael Rask 1989-December - HTML

Colchicine use in 6000 patients with disk disease and other related resistantly -painful spinal disorders
Rats RatsLD50Japanese - PDF
RatsLD50Japanese - HTML

Laboratory Test On Rats.

William Regelson WilliamRegelson1985-06-10 - PDF
WilliamRegelson1985-06-10 - HTML

Support for Study of Phospholipase A2 as the "Killer Enzyme"

Carl J. Reich MD Abstract-CaDeficiencyAdaptationToIllness - PDF
Abstract-CaDeficiencyAdaptationToIllness - HTML

Calcium Metabolism Studies

Allergic&Auto-ImmuneDiseases - PDF
Allergic&Auto-ImmuneDiseases - HTML

BiochemicalAnxietyOfChronicCADeficiency - PDF
BiochemicalAnxietyOfChronicCADeficiency - HTML

ChelationTherapy&Calcium1992-12-29 - PDF
ChelationTherapy&Calcium1992-12-29 - HTML

CarlReich1993-01-03 - PDF
CarlReich1993-01-03 - HTML

CarlReich1993-02-25 - PDF
CarlReich1993-02-25 - HTML

CarlReich1993-02-26 - PDF
CarlReich1993-02-26 - HTML

CarlReich1995-05-02 - PDF
CarlReich1995-05-02 - HTML

CarlReich1995-06-26 - PDF
CarlReich1995-06-26 - HTML

CarlReich1996-06TLFD&P - PDF
CarlReich1996-06TLFD&P - HTML

CaseHistories - PDF
CaseHistories - HTML

ClinicalAspectsCa&VitaminDDeficiency - PDF
ClinicalAspectsCa&VitaminDDeficiency - HTML

Complaints-PhysicalChangesCaDeficiency - PDF
Complaints-PhysicalChangesCaDeficiency - HTML

ComplexVitamin&MineralDeficiency - PDF
ComplexVitamin&MineralDeficiency - HTML

CreationofMalignancy - PDF
CreationofMalignancy - HTML

DiagramsCADeficiencyToComplaints - PDF
DiagramsCADeficiencyToComplaints - HTML

EDTATherapy&CADeficiency - PDF
EDTATherapy&CADeficiency - HTML

EffectsCa&VitaminDDeficiency - PDF
EffectsCa&VitaminDDeficiency - HTML

CaDeficiency - PDF

CaDeficiency - HTML

MaladaptiveMalignantMutation - PDF
MaladaptiveMalignantMutation - HTML

MalignancyAnAdaptiveMutant - PDF
MalignancyAnAdaptiveMutant - HTML

Megavitamin&MineralTreatment - PDF
Megavitamin&MineralTreatment - HTML

MutantCreationOfCancer - PDF
MutantCreationOfCancer - HTML

ObscureBiochemicalPlague - PDF
ObscureBiochemicalPlague - HTML

Origin&DevelopmentCa&VitDDeficiency - PDF
Origin&DevelopmentCa&VitDDeficiency - HTML

Osteo&RDCaseHistories - PDF
Osteo&RDCaseHistories - HTML

pHSalivaTest - PDF
pHSalivaTest - HTML

SalivapHTest - PDF
SalivapHTest - HTML

SolarRadiation&Evolution - PDF
SolarRadiation&Evolution - HTML

TherapyCa&VitaminDeficiencyState1 - PDF
TherapyCa&VitaminDeficiencyState1 - HTML

UnifiedConceptofDisease - PDF
UnifiedConceptofDisease - HTML

V&MTherapyOfAids&Cancer - PDF
V&MTherapyOfAids&Cancer - HTML

VitaminA&DDosage - PDF
VitaminA&DDosage - HTML

VitaminDDeficiency&Disease - PDF
VitaminDDeficiency&Disease - HTML

WorseningCaDeficiencyThruInheritance - PDF

WorseningCaDeficiencyThruInheritance - HTML

John Simoons Simoons1978-04-11 - PDF
Simoons1978-04-11 - HTML

Regarding Wyburn-Mason Book

  JohnSimoons1984-03-26 - PDF
JohnSimoons1984-03-26 - HTML

Systemic Use of Clotrimazole in Rheumatoid Arthritis

  JohnSimoons1984-06-20 - PDF
JohnSimoons1984-06-20 - HTML

Preparations for Clotrimazole Double Blind Study

  JohnSimoons1984-07-04 - PDF
JohnSimoons1984-07-04 - HTML

Preparations for Clotrimazole Double Blind Study

  JohnSimoons1984-07-23 - PDF
JohnSimoons1984-07-23 - HTML

Selection of Clotrimazole for Clinical Evaluation

  JohnSimoons1984-11-16 - PDF
JohnSimoons1984-11-16 - HTML

Imidazole Compounds for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

  JohnSimoons-GDeKeijser1985-02-02 - PDF
JohnSimoons-GDeKeijser1985-02-02 - HTML

Metronidazole-Tinidazole Report(Holland language)

  JohnSimoons1985-05-20 - PDF
JohnSimoons1985-05-20 - HTML

Request to Expedite Metronidazole Study

  JohnSimoons1985-05-21 - PDF
JohnSimoons1985-05-21 - HTML

Clotrimazole Study

  JohnSimoons1985-05-22 - PDF
JohnSimoons1985-05-22 - HTML

Clotrimazole Study

  JohnSimoons1985-06-03 - PDF
JohnSimoons1985-06-03 - HTML

Clotrimazole Study

  JohnSimoons1985-07-18 - PDF
JohnSimoons1985-07-18 - HTML

Text of Presentation to the First national Seminar of the Rheumatoid Disease Foundation
  JohnSimoons1985-3-12 - PDF
JohnSimoons1985-3-12 - HTML

Clotrimazole Study

Duane Smith DuaneSmith1985-10-11 - PDF
DuaneSmith1985-10-11 - HTML

Arachidonic Acid Metabolism in Neutrophils from Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  DuaneMSmithJr 1986-08-13 - PDF
DuaneMSmithJr 1986-08-13 - HTML

Clotrimazole Study

Inez Smith InezMSmith1993-12-07 - PDF
InezMSmith1993-12-07 - HTML

Cancer Growth

Paul Spiekerman Paul H Spiekerman 1984-08-08 - PDF
Paul H Spiekerman 1984-08-08 - HTML

Systemic use of Clotrimazole in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Brian Susskind BrianSusskindGrantProposal1985-02-04 - PDF
BrianSusskindGrantProposal1985-02-04 - HTML

Research Grant Proposal

  BrianSusskind1985-03-08 - PDF
BrianSusskind1985-03-08 - HTML

Research Grant Application Clarification

  BrianSusskind1986-04-07- PDF
BrianSusskind1986-04-07 - HTML

Attempts To Reproduce The Wyburn-Mason Method of Amoeba       Separation
  BrianSusskind1986-05-05 - PDF
BrianSusskind1986-05-05 - HTML

Planned Meeting:  Failure To Isolate Amoeba

  BrianSusskind1986-07-23 - PDF
BrianSusskind1986-07-23 - HTML

Comments Regarding Attempted Duplication of the Wyburn-Mason Amoebic Separation Experiment
  BrianSusskind1986-07-30 - PDF
BrianSusskind1986-07-30 - HTML

Defense of Experimental Process -- Suggested Further Approaches
  BrianSusskind1986-08-14 - PDF
BrianSusskind1986-08-14 - HTML

Turner Tissue Studies

  BrianSusskindResearchReport1986-11-6 - PDF
BrianSusskindResearchReport1986-11-6 - HTML

Research Report, First Year Drug:  Affects on Immune System Components
  BrianSusskind1986-12-29 - PDF
BrianSusskind1986-12-29 - HTML

Immuno-Modulatory Properties of Clotrimazole

  BrianSusskind1987-02-18 - PDF
BrianSusskind1987-02-18 - HTML

In Vitro Studies of Clotrimazole & Metronidozole

  BrianSusskind1987-02-24 - PDF
BrianSusskind1987-02-24 - HTML

Metronidazole Effectiveness Depends on Good Micro-flora

  BrianSusskind1987-04-08 - PDF
BrianSusskind1987-04-08 - HTML

Summary of Research Relevance

  BrianSusskind1987-06-30 -PDF
BrianSusskind1987-06-30 -HTML

Research Project Report

  BrianSusskind1987-08-31 - PDF
BrianSusskind1987-08-31 - HTML

Non-Disclosure of Research

  BrianSusskind1987-11-27 - PDF
BrianSusskind1987-11-27 - HTML

Research Progress Report

  BrianSusskind1987-11-30 - PDF
BrianSusskind1987-11-30 - HTML

Research Progress Report

Robert Turner DoubleBlindClotrimazoleStudyPlan - PDF
DoubleBlindClotrimazoleStudyPlan - HTML


  RobertTurner1984-06-14 - PDF
RobertTurner1984-06-14 - HTML

Double Blind Crossover Proposal Costs

  RobertTurner1985-05-09 - PDF
RobertTurner1985-05-09 - HTML


  RobertTurner1985-05-23 - PDF
RobertTurner1985-05-23 - HTML

Herxheimer Effects Considered it is Claimed

  RobertTurner1985-05-24 - PDF
RobertTurner1985-05-24 - HTML

Patients Drop-out Report

  RobertTurner1985-05-29 - PDF
RobertTurner1985-05-29 - HTML

Patients Drop-out Report

  RobertTurner1985-08-21 - PDF
RobertTurner1985-08-21 - HTML

Collaboration Between Researchers @ Bowman Gray School of Medicine & Medical College of Virginia
  RobertTurner1985-10-11 - PDF
RobertTurner1985-10-11 - HTML

Acceptance of Payment Plan

  RobertTurner1988-03-23 - PDF
RobertTurner1988-03-23 - HTML

Disappointment in Clotrimazole Trials

  RobertTurner1988-07-11 - PDF
RobertTurner1988-07-11 - HTML

Final Report & Abstract of Clotrimazole Double Blind Cross-over Study


Abstract:  Arachidonic Acid Metabolism By Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes in Rheumatoid Arthritis:  Effects of NSAIA.


Jack Utrecht JackUtrecht1985-01-22 - PDF
JackUtrecht1985-01-22 - HTML

Pharmacological Analysis of Two Tinidazole Samples Intestinal Bacteria Effect on Metronidazole.
Charles Weber Potassium in food, to treat rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease - PDF
Potassium in food, to treat rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease - HTML

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - PDF
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - HTML

POTASSIUM IN FOOD, to treat rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease.

Potassium deficiency


Alfred H. Wertheim Vitamin F (Essential Fatty Acid)-1993-02 - PDF
Vitamin F (Essential Fatty Acid)-1993-02 - HTML

Essential Fatty Acids

Wojtulewski Wojtulewski1976-02-28 - PDF
Wojtulewski1976-02-28 - HTML

Clotrimazole and Rheumatoid Disease

  WojtulewskiClotrimazole1980 - PDF
WojtulewskiClotrimazole1980 - HTML

Clotrimazole in Rheumatoid Disease

Wyburn-Mason Wyburn-Mason1975-11-22 - PDF
Wyburn-Mason1975-11-22 - HTML

Agreement For Assignment Of Invention

  Wyburn-MasonHypothesis1975 - PDF
Wyburn-MasonHypothesis1975 - HTML

The Roger Wyburn Mason Hypothesis



Clotrimazole and Rheumatoid Arthritis


  Wyburn-Mason1979-09-06 - PDF
Wyburn-Mason1979-09-06 - HTML

First Public Announcement Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure.

  Wyburn-Mason1980-03-21 - PDF
Wyburn-Mason1980-03-21 - HTML

Answer To Patent Rejection.

  Wyburn-Mason1980-04-16 - PDF
Wyburn-Mason1980-04-16 - HTML

Answer To Patent Confusion.

Yuasa and Hara YuasaAndHara1979-09-28.rtf - PDF
YuasaAndHara1979-09-28.rtf - HTML

Japanese Patent Attorney

  YuasaAndHara1980-03-18 - PDF
YuasaAndHara1980-03-18 - HTML

Japanese Patent Attorney

  YuasaAndHara1980-04-10 - PDF
YuasaAndHara1980-04-10 - HTML

Japanese Patent Attorney



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