Can Rheumatoid Arthritis Be Cured?
by Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.


I had “galloping” rheumatoid arthritis in the late 70’s and early 80’s. My doctor said I would soon be crippled. I recovered with the use of recommended treatments and the grace of God and have been well since!

Are you filled with pain day and night, and want relief? Do you view the future as a cripple, suffering from constantly decreasing abilities? Do you want to stop this crippling? Do you or your child live pain free for but minutes each day and then only at the will of a drug, a doctor, or by courtesy of a fat pocketbook? Especially are you a person who wants relief from this centuries-long scourge?

You’ll want to know us, The Arthritis Trust!
Thirteen million Americans suffer from so called incurable rheumatoid diseases. Three million are restricted in their daily activities. Seven hundred thousand cannot do useful work, keep house, attend school or enjoy recreational activities. One out of three of us either have a form of the disease or will display some symptoms if we live long enough!

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from osteoarthritis and gouty arthritis. Some predict that almost everyone will develop some form of arthritis if one lives long enough.

If left untreated, rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of rheumatoid disease can become progressively worse, eventually leading to painful crippling, but this is particularly true of rheumatoid arthritis, which can and will destroy joints unless effective treatment is administered in time.

Those who say that – other than taking drugs that depress the immune system – nothing much can be done for arthritis have closed minds and are only fooling themselves and you. A great deal can be done — crippling is not inevitable!

This Foundation, through its referral physicians/clinicians, and even your own open-minded physician/clinician, has solutions. Some of our referral physicians achieved a consistent cure/remission rate of 80% or better. The rate could be higher were one willing to explore all causations!

Traditional treatments cannot and do not make this claim, instead only claiming to suppress the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis by depressing the immune system. Often, after a year or two or three, the “miracle” biologic drug quits working and the patient must try another drug until finally s/he finds that none of the drugs any longer work. And these traditional treatments are extremely expensive, even with insurance coverage. For the uninsured they may bankrupt the patient. Orthopedic surgeons say that these traditional treatments must work well because they rarely see patients anymore who show signs of severe joint damage. That may be the case, but instead many of the patients taking these traditional treatments are seeing the oncologist or the infectious disease doctor, and sometimes are dying – all because these “miracle” drugs work by preventing the immune system from doing its job of protecting us from cancer and infections!

The Arthritis Trust Treatment
Our treatment is available to you either through your family physician (if he’ll learn our treatment) or through our referral physicians. The Antibiotic Protocol and recommendations for physicians and patients can be found here: “The Arthritis Trust of America Antibiotic Protocol

We view rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of arthritis as an ongoing disease process throughout the body, but in the minds of many it is wrongfully viewed as a defect in the immunological system — or simply the damage that has been done, such as joint damage, which is really a symptom of the disease process, not the disease itself.

We recommend any one of several medicines or treatment regimens to prevent or halt the progress of the disease and sometimes to repair the damage already done.

If recommended treatment is effective, the rheumatoid arthritis victim, for example, will have a “Herxheimer” reaction. The Herxheimer reaction is a temporary increase in rheumatoid symptoms caused by what appears to be an allergic reaction inside the body.

We think this is because our medicine is killing whatever the unknown organism(s) is that causes the allergic/toxic reaction and therefore creates the rheumatoid disease symptoms. Since, on taking the medicine, there are now more dead of these presumed organisms inside the body, sensitized body tissues respond to the dead protein products or toxins with an increased reaction, thus, displaying a “Herxheimer” (dieoff) reaction.

When the body cleans up these dead proteins or toxins the body achieves wellness, so far as it can, and depending upon damage already done, or conditioned on the presence of other possible medical problems.

We have other recommendations for other forms of “arthritis.”

Recommended Treatments
Many of our referral physicians will recommend several treatments, most of which will be very important for achieving wellness.

Foci of infection which contribute to arthritis is usually found in the majority of arthritics: teeth, tonsils, sinuses, intestinal tract. Special treatments (and health professionals) are needed to rid the body of these infections.

Probably all arthritics should be treated for candidiasis, a yeast/ fungus organism of opportunity that spreads with a weakened immunological system.

This organism can cause many similar arthritic symptoms and also many additional problems, including food allergies.

Food allergies may be checked by means of the “food challenge” technique. One fasts for five days, then adds one food at a time, to learn if one is allergic to that food. Many arthritics suffer from unknown food allergies which also mimic arthritic symptoms.

A blood test from a properly qualified laboratory can also determine food allergies and candidiasis.

Your nutritional habits will include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, and proper oils, vitamins and minerals, unless you’re placed on the more stringent candidiasis diet.

When you change your body tissues from overly acidic to a balanced alkalinity (through proper diet) you will be healthier in every respect.

Chelation therapy, a most important treatment for virtually all disease conditions, should be used to (l) clean up an overabundance of “free radicals” that damage tissues and joints and which occur during disease flare-ups, (2) help provide better nourishment to each cell for better body repair and growth, and (3) help reverse osteoporosis.

A biodetoxification program may be recommended that will rid the fatty parts of cells (lipids) of accumulated poisons from drugs, medicines, anesthesias, environmental pollutants, pesticides and so on.

Many otherwise “incurable” or “intransigent” problems have been solved by the proper type of biodetoxification. These may also include ozonated colonics and sterilization of foci of infection, herbs, and/or sauna detoxification.

Specialized “stress management” programs may be recommended, as arthritics are surely under constant stress that must be relieved.

Intraneural Injections can be safely used to stop the pain of both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, especially during the Herxheimer effect — that is, to safely permit you pain-free progress until treatments become effective.

Reconstructive Therapy, also called sclerotherapy, proliferative therapy, or prolo therapy, is treatment of first choice for osteoarthritis. This treatment stabilizes joints that are painful or damaged from torn ligaments or tendons or lax muscles and must be obtained from a trained physician (M.D. or D.O.).

Not every treatment will apply to every arthritic, nor will every doctor in our referral list provide every treatment required for you. That’s why YOU must begin learning from our publications and then search out a doctor for trial therapies.

You can’t afford to overlook any treatment possibility!

Can You Help Others?
If you’re a patient who has been treated and helped, you probably got relief because someone found you who knew about us.

There are millions who need to know about our treatments. They are among the very young and very old, and all ages in between.

Everyone who has arthritis needs to know about us, and needs to get help so that this terrible scourge can be brought to an end.

You can help by getting yourself well by telling others about your recovery, writing to influential people to help educate them, distributing our literature and books, and also by your very thoughtful suggestions.

It’s Up To You!
How fast do you want these diseases to disappear from the earth’s face?

Tell folks about us — get them well — support us in all ways, little or large.

Donations and Information
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