Message from the Directors

Dear Friends:
Be assured that our claims regarding treatment and cure of Rheumatoid Disease and related Arthritides are true. As much as 2 billion dollars are spent each year by Federal and State governments, and 15 billion via the public, to treat only the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Rheumatoid Diseases, when a vast majority of those afflicted could be cured at a very reasonable cost with non-toxic, or at least less-toxic, than traditional, damaging treatments.

However, there is no way to know how much of your problem can be alleviated without trying.

You need a doctor or doctors who will work with you in search of your particular needs, and you must begin to learn. “LEARNING” is what our articles and books are intended to help you do.

Thousands have found our recommended treatments safe and effective. If you have not gotten well with your present treatments, then you must continue your search, whether with us or elsewhere. Because someone doesn’t know how to help you toward wellness, doesn’t mean that you should quit searching. We think we can help, and we do with a vast number of those properly treated by our recommendations- up to 80%.

Congratulations on arriving this far – We wish you good health!

The National Fund for Alternative Medicine

Board of Directors


The National Alzheimer’s Disease Institute

The Coalition for Advanced Cancer Treatment and Prevention

The Arthritis Trust of America

Executive Director/Secretary

P. Anthony Chapdelaine, Jr.

Anthony Chapdelaine was born in February of 1950 in Mason City, IA. He received his B.A. at St. Ambrose College (now St. Ambrose University, Davenport, IA) in 1972, his M.D. in 1989 and his M.S.P.H. in 1992, both at Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN. His career included academic teaching and research at Meharry as well as public health service in Nashville. He saw patients in his private medical clinic, General and Alternative Medicine, for over a decade in Brentwood, TN until his retirement.

Dr. Chapdelaine’s interest in a medical career started while watching his father, Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr. develop so-called incurable, crippling rheumatoid arthritis. After his father was told he would soon be crippled permanently, Perry’s son told Perry about a doctor in Mississippi who was obtaining incredible results in curing patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. (That story on how Perry got well is told in the article: “Rheumatoid Arthritis: Two Case Histories“). Perry Chapdelaine, along with the “miracle” doctor who helped to cure Perry, Jack M. Blount, M.D., and other doctors and lay people founded The Roger Wyburn-Mason and Jack M. Blount Foundation for the Eradication of Rheumatoid Disease.

The Arthritis Trust of America continues as a project of that Foundation (which was recently renamed The National Fund for Alternative Medicine).

Anthony Chapdelaine’s Curriculum vitae is here: Curriculum vitae P. Anthony Chapdelaine



Mary Ann Hermosisima Chapdelaine was born in Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines, the same island upon which Douglas McArthur returned to the Philippines during WWII.
Mary Ann’s worked as a production operator for AmKor Technology, Philippines located in Laguna and Sucat. AmKor is a jointly owned American Korean
company manufacturing integrated circuits.
When she received separation pay, she set up a sari sari store — “a little bit of this or that” in Tagalog — earning enough to send a niece and nephew through college.

She has lived in the United States for several years. Currently she is studying to be a Registered Nurse (RN).



Meilin Dina Chuang was born in January of 1962 in Taiwan. She graduated with a Business Management Degree from National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.

After teaching high school for three years she married and moved to the United States where she obtained a Masters of Accountancy degree from The University of Tennessee, and six months later passed the CPA licensing exam while still working as Controller for Deutsche Bank.

She worked for nearly a decade for Deutsche Bank and then for nearly another decade with Dr. Chapdelaine in his Medical Clinic in Brentwood, Tennessee.

She has one son from a previous marriage. Her son is currently serving in the US military.

Meilin lives near Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Dr. Chapdelaine.

Board Member


Dr. Maxwell passed away on November 15, 2020. Please read his In Memoriam.

Board Member

leah-balaga-maxwellLeah Maxwell was born in March of 1981. She grew up on a Coffee plantation in Bukidnon Philippines, and after high school moved to the city of General Santos to attend the University of Notre Dame of Dadiangas, completing one year toward a teaching degree.

She lives with her husband, Dr. Curt Maxwell, in Yuma, Arizona, managing their Medical/Dental Clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Leah also has her own business with Valentus Company selling a very effective weight loss Coffee.

Board Member

Alan Maxwell

Allen Maxwell was born in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in November of 1995. He grew up in the town of Los Algodones, Mexico on the US border where his father, Dr. Curt Maxwell, has maintained his thriving Integrative Medicine practice since 1995. Being raised in a holistic medical environment, and experiencing the positive impact of his father’s practice, instilled Allen since early childhood with a desire to restore and optimize the lives of those who were merely surviving. Witnessing the health disparities that often exist within border communities and minority populations, Allen has identified a passion for global health. While medicine is his true passion, he strives every day to heal the world by inspiring others to commandeer their own health and chose ways of being that work for overall well-being.

After graduating from Gila Ridge High school in Yuma, AZ at the age of 16, Allen earned a Bachelor in Health Sciences, majoring in Physiology (with Spanish and Public Health minors) at The University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. During college Allen was involved with several health organizations dedicated to providing health education and healthcare to underprivileged communities including: Flying Samaritans, Global Brigades, Global MedCats, and also served as president of The University of Arizona Naturopaths Without Borders.

Allen became involved in sleep medicine, working as a certified polysomnography technician at facilities such as Canyon Ranch – Tucson. That experience nurtured a determination to address sleep conditions through holistic, curative practices.

He currently resides in Mesa, AZ where, in the Fall of 2016, he started attending Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences. After graduation he plans to work with his father and expand their Integrative Medicine practice to the US.

Allen enjoys being outdoors, doing yoga, cooking, tending to his garden, or simply being in the now and enjoying the abundance of life. His favorite quote is “Know Thyself,” and favorite aphorism is “Live Light, Travel Light, Spread the Light, Be the Light.”

Physicians and Scientist Advisors

HECTOR E. SOLORZANO del Rio, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Scientist Adviser, Mexico


Medical Doctor (Surgeon) – Universidad de Guadalajara.
Master of Acupuncture Degree – Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Doctor of Science – Open International University for Complementary Medicine
Professor of Pharmacology – Universidad de Guadalajara
Professor of Traditional Practices – Public Health Course, U. of Guadalajara
Program Coordinator – Alternative Medicine, Universidad de Guadalajara
Organizer of 150 seminars – Alternative Medicine, U. of Guadalajara,
(see Memorias Del Seminario Sobre La Enfermedad Rheumatoidea
Lecturer at several congresses – domestic, national and international.
Author of many magazine articles for laymen and doctors.
President: La Sociedad de Investigacion de Acupuntura y Medicina Oriental, A.C.
President: La Sociedad Medica de Investigaciones Enzymiaticas, A.C.
Co-author of the book Enzyme Therapy published by Universidad de Guadlajara
Co-author of the book Tunia (Infantile Massage). Also see: Terapia antibiótica contra el lupus eritematoso y otras enfermedades autoinmunes. Por el

Dr. Solórzano contact information:

Dr. Hector E. Solórzano, M.D.,Ph.D., D.Sc.
Coordinador de Medicina Ortomolecular y Acupuntura en el Cedemi de la UAG
Los Alpes No. 1024
Col. Independencia
44340 Guadalajara, Jal.
Phone numbers 36377237, 36370030, 32082002

En Español: Breve Curriculum Vitae
Medico Cirujano y Partero egresado de la Universidad de Guadalajara
Maestria en Acupuntura en la Chinese Culture University de Taipei
Doctorado en Ciencias en la Open International University for Complementary Medicines.
Profesor de Farmacologia de la Universidad de Guadalajara
Profesor de Practicas Tradicionales, Especialidad de Enfermeria en Salud Publica – Universidad de GuadalajaraCoordinator del Programa de Estudios de Medicinias Alternativas de la Universidad de Guadalajara, donde se han hecho muchas investigaciones sobre varias diferentes medicinas alternativas.
Organizador de mas de 150 seminarios sobre medicinas alternativas.
Ponente en varios congresos tanto locales, como nacionales e internacionales.
Autor de mas de 100 articulos para varias revistas tanto legas como medicas.
Presidente de la Sociedad de Investigacion de Acupuntura y Medicina Oriental, A.C.
Presidente de la Sociedad Medica de Investigaciones Enzimaticas, A.C.

Scientist Adviser


John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. attended Stanford University as a National Merit Scholar and California State Scholar, graduating in 1970 with an A. B. degree in Biological Sciences. After training in medical laboratory technology, he attended the School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University, finishing in 1976 with an M. D. degree. After a general surgery internship at Mt. Zion Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco, he briefly studied urological surgery at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. In 1979, he started a general medical practice in Humble, a Houston suburb. By 1981, Dr. Trowbridge was turning to the study of how nutritional changes – with supplements and diet – could improve the condition of patients with chronic degenerative diseases ….. the ones for which operations provide little relief, the ones for which medications are needed for years, the ones that finally kill people after years of suffering.
In 1985, he was awarded a Diplomate in Preventive Medicine by the Medical Research Institute of the Florida Institute of Technology for graduate studies in nutrition. Dr. Trowbridge became certified as a specialist in the removal of toxic heavy metals by the American Board of Chelation Therapy in 1985 and by the (now defunct) American Board of Biologic Reconstructive Therapy (arthritis and pain medicine) in 1993; he served as an examiner for both boards. He served as director and officer of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (1984 – 1991) and was awarded recognition as a Fellow of the College in 1991.

Dr. Trowbridge also served as chairman of the board of governors of the National Health Federation in 1989 and as president of the Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine (GLCCM) in 1995. From 1996 through 1998, Dr. Trowbridge was program chair for the advanced chelation training seminars in Heavy Metal Toxicology: Diagnosis and Treatment. In 2000, he was re-elected to the board of directors of GLCCM and appointed editor of their newsletter; in 2001, the society changed its name to the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM). In 1995, he was appointed to the Medical Advisory Board of the Arthritis Trust, having become skilled in using this specialized treatment program in his practice since 1983.

More recent studies have involved “anti-aging” and life-enhancing technologies, to “add life to your years as well as years to your life.” Popular as a public speaker and radio/TV guest, in 1990 he hosted his own nationally-syndicated radio talk show “Finally Feeling Better.” Of his several published articles, one dealing with life’s stresses for the Rotarian Magazine was reprinted in several languages. In 1980 – 81, he published one of the first “health newsletters,” called The Company Doc. His many accomplishments are recognized in listings in over 3 dozen volumes of “Who’s Who —,” including Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare.

Among his several books are three bestsellers: Bantam Books’ million-copy-plus The Yeast Syndrome (1986), Chelation Therapy (1985), and Do What You Want To Do (1996). A unique “book-on-tape” on chelation therapy, titledLIVING WELL PAST 50: Rejuvenate Your Heart and Arteries, was released in 1988, featuring 3 hours of patient interviews and “plain English”explanations of the chelation program. The Rumble in Humble: Heart Surgery and All that JAZZ!, published in 1997, reviewed diagnostic and treatment issues in the modern treatment of heart and blood vessel diseases, including “alternative” or “complementary” approaches. His newest book, anticipated publication date late 2002, covers innovative and effective treatment strategies for those suffering with chronic headaches (including migraines) & emphasizing the use of “NCR,” neuro-cranial restructuring, a remarkable technique to rebalance skeletal posture.

At the LIFE CENTER HOUSTON medical office, near the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Humble, Dr. Trowbridge focuses on helping “people to get out of their pain and get on with their life.” He encourages inquiries from people suffering with long-standing degenerative diseases (requiring continuing medication or repeated operations), unusual illness problems, and those limited by or suffering with headaches, neck pains, low back pains, and other joint injuries or diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and other “immune system” diseases. For more information ….. ….. or dial 1-800-FIX-PAIN.

The Trowbridge Radio Show:
“Feeling Better Naturally” (KBME Houston)

Scientist Adviser, Italy


Raul Vergini, M.D. was born in Predappio (FO), Italy on March 8, 1958. He received his doctorate in medicine at the University of Bologna in 1984, beginning immediately private practice in classical homeopathy. He says, “I had the luck to learn homeopathy, since 1980, from an old retired homeopathist.” Homeopathy is still his principle activity.

At the very beginning of his practice, Dr. Vergini also took an interest in alternative cancer therapies and in nutrition, including vitamins and mineral supplementations. He wrote his first article about magnesium chloride in 1986 for a homeopathic magazine. In February 1994 the Italian most important publisher of books about “alternative” health practices published his book Curarsi con il magnesio (Healing With Magnesium) that details the properties and the use of magnesium chloride in human (and veterinary) therapy.

Since 1989 Dr. Vergini has also taken an interest in hormone balancing, including thyroid, progesterone, DHEA, etc. His interests have also included the arthritis protocols recommended by this foundation as well as those of the Life-Extension Foundation. Dr. Vergini is a member of Mensa (the international “high IQ society”), and of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Vergini’s treatment procedure using Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate Therapy can be found on the articles page as well as in our Winter 1995 newsletter.

Scientist Adviser


Dr.Kunin is a physician, psychiatrist and pioneer in the field of nutri-molecular medicine, an approach to health by means of laboratory measurement of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other substances that are essential for life and for health. A founder and past-president of the Orthomolecular Medical Society, he is author of the best-selling book, MegaNutrition, (McGraw-Hill). Dr. Kunin may be contacted at 2698 Pacific Ave.; San Francisco, CA 94115; (415) 346-250

He was president of the International Association of Ortho-molecular Physicians. Educated at the University of Minnesota, he received his B.S. in 1953 and his M.D. degree in 1955. He served two years as a Captain in the United States Army Medical Corps, and was psychiatrist for the 7th Division at the DMZ as well as on the staff at the 121 Evac Hospital in ASCOM city, Korea, later also serving at Valley-Forge Hospital in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kunin was the first clinician to combine computer analysis of diet with laboratory diagnosis of nutrient levels in body tissues, including hair analysis, being recognized in 1972 as a national leader by Prevention Magazine. This procedure is now widely used by many clinicians. His interest in mineral metabolism led to the important discovery that manganese treatment is often successful in otherwise permanent cases of drug-induced tardive dyskinesia (involuntary movements). He was also first to demonstrate that aspirin blocks the niacin flush, and was first to suggest that the anti-schizophrenic action of niacin was related to prostaglandin metabolism.

Dr. Kunin’s most practical contribution will probably be recognized as the LISTEN TO YOUR BODY DIET™, a method of optimizing personal nutrition by systematic adjustments of carbohydrate, fat and protein and taught by means of a unique food diagram. The application of advanced knowledge and technology that integrates nutrition and medicine is the focus of Dr. Kunin’s career now.