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I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica the year after having had root canal work. Before that I hadn’t been to a doctor in 12 years. A book at the library titled How to Eat Away Arthritis had the name of informational places, and yours was the closest.

When I received the [Arthritis] book by Prosch & di Fabio I read about what root canals could cause — Bingo! I knew that was it. I had thought the only time I felt better was when I didn’t eat. So, I did have X-rays taken of the root canal teeth — and they showed no problem — so, due to several personal problems it was a year until I got to a biological dentist, Dr. Sprinkle, in Texas. Included are copies of the toxicity report.

Enzyme Assayed Percent Level
Inhibition of Toxicity
Phosphorylase A 89.8% 5 = extreme
Pyruvate Kinase 90.7% 5 = extreme
Phosphoglycerate Kinase 90.4% 5 = extreme
Creatine Kinase 84.3% 5 = extreme
Adenylate Kinase 89.0% 5 = extreme

At the base of each tooth, stemming from the root canal, laboratory toxicity levels can vary from less than 10% identified as from 0 up through a 5 level of toxicity. Greater than 75% is considered high. H.G.’s toxicity level on all enzymes measured is very high, averaging 89% overall, indicating root canal infection .

It’s also useful to use either electro-dermal tests or kinesiology as administered by an excellent practitioner.

My three year old granddaughter suffers from complete hair loss due to alopecia universalis. Do you have documented results that immune milk has successfully treated this autoimmune condition? Is it available for use in this country?


We have no documented results of anything like that. All I can tell you is to try this and try that — try anything outside the normal framework where it’s generally accepted that cures are not available. Sometimes, for example this condition is caused by insufficient essential fatty acids. Sometimes its caused by inability to utilize nutrients due to candidiasis, and so on. Weakened hair can also be caused by the type of hair conditioners used, or other hair products. Go to some of our recommended publications in our “Links” section of our website for several physicians that will address this matter more thoroughly than we can. [Inflammation – check for candida in the intestine. Gluten allergy or sensitivity. Milk/dairy allergy. Low protein digestion or lack of sufficient digestive enzymes. Iron deficiency. Consider MSM and omega 3 fatty acid deficiencies.]

I so appreciate your quick response and your encouragement. I will pursue those other suggestions in hopes of a possible solution to my granddaughter’s alopecia. Thanks again for responding to my inquiry.


My name is [Dr. K. S.]. I am a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Barrie, Ontario Canada and have just today seen a patient for a first visit coming to me with an MD diagnosis of Wegener’s Disease (WD).

This patient is a 23 year old male with onset of WD symptoms at age 18 with bleeding nose and nodules on the lung x-rays. Following Methotrexate and prednisone therapy for 4 months (at age 18 yrs) the patient’s symptoms of bleeding nose resolved and the patient took himself off the drugs.

His MD’s claimed the disease was in remission. One and a half years ago the patient
started employment in a plastics manufacturing facility. In June 2006, the patient started developing intense headaches, intermittent diploplia and fatigue which have been diagnosed by the MD as a return of WD. He has been unable to work since June 2006 and has been retreated with prednisone and cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) with limited success in resolving any headache symptoms. One month ago he needed to go on antibiotics as a precaution while taking cyclophosphamide. His doctors are at a bit of a “dead end” according to the patient. They believe he should just keep on the drugs for
now. I have not seen any blood work, however the patient has told me he is ANCA positive, and he will be bringing in blood work soon.

On the ND front. The patient is an “O” blood type and consumes 3 to 4 containers of yogurt per day as well as significant grain products. I believe he is allergic to both and have ordered an E-95 food allergy panel from Meridian Valley Laboratories to assess these and other allergies. I also understand that I may only see a slight allergic response since his immune system is so suppressed. He has very low urinary indicans (probably from the antibiotic therapy 1 month ago) indicating low levels of non-commensal bacteria. He has very high levels of urinary malonaldehydes indicating free radical damage is also high. He has within the last month reported curiously low blood pressure and also has low urinary chlorides (indicating possibly low Aldosterone levels) and adrenal fatigue — not surprising. He has very high levels of Urinary Calcium, but I am not yet sure of the cause although I suspect, very high dairy intake and his bodies reaction to metabolic acidosis. He has no taste sensation of Zinc sulphate indicating a likely severe deficiency of this mineral. I have read about the correlation with mycoplasm and am interested in learning how to diagnose and treat these infections, if it turns out that it is a factor in his disease process.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions, further reading, recommendations, etc.

From my viewpoint (nonphysician) methotrexate and cyclophosphamide are probably the sources of weakening his immune system. However, your assumption of wide-spread allergies (probably with candidiasis) is probably part of the problem. I’d also suspect herbicide and pesticides stored in his fatty tissues, but probably more heavily plastics and their metabolites due to his work area.

I seriously doubt that a magic bullet exists for this fellow. He needs to look into everything, as I’m attaching, herewith “The Art of Getting Well.” Doctor’s recommendation: Have him go to the link on our website for Dr. Garry Gordon’s doctor’s site where he can ask the question and get back several different approaches.

I am currently using allimed (allicin concentrate) to treat Lyme disease. I have had severe Lyme arthritis become even worse with treatment, a good sign I know, but difficult to live with. Do you have any advice on how I might alleviate some of the pain as I heal? Would intraneural injections be helpful?

Thank You,


I don’t know if intraneural injections would ease your pain or not. They wouldn’t hurt. From what we know of Lyme disease, seems like you ought to tackle it from many viewpoints at the same time. However, intraneural would normally not be one of those. Carnivora, TOA free cat’s claw, [The Oxidole Free cat’s claw] rife frequencies, pulsed antibiotics, colloidal silver etc. have helped many. There is no apparent cure-all.

I am very interested in the information I find on your web site, as I also had serious hand problems which were well treated with a course of Flagyl, and I also had a very severe flare of my hand symptoms for just one day in the middle of the course of Flagyl.

I have waited a few months for my hand problems to worsen again before trying another course of Flagyl. I expect to do the Flagyl again in a few weeks. Luckily I have some cooperative doctors who are willing to go along with this, in spite of the fact that use of Flagyl in this case goes against all that they were taught in medical school.

And this brings me to a very important question. Are there any lab tests which can be done before, during, and/or after the course of Flagyl which would provide evidence of Flagyl’s effect that will help my doctors stay with the program? They are good doctors and I want to continue to have them involved with my medical care, but they need something more than for me to just say that I feel better after Flagyl in order to convince them to accept this treatment program for the long term. If there were some labs which could be run before and after the Flagyl, showing that some indicator of disease falls significantly after the Flagyl, this would surely convince them.

Thank you for any assistance which you may be able to provide,


If you don’t follow the protocol regarding Flagyl and allopurinol as described in the above tab; i.e. taking lower dosages than recommended by body weight), you’re in danger of two things (1) building up a microorganism resistance to Flagyl, which will make the next time more difficult to get well; (2) You’re not getting a broad spectrum treatment, as designed.

If you haven’t already done so, go back to our website and read “How to Get Well” tab.

I know of no lab tests, because there could be any one of thousands of microorganisms to which your body has become sensitive. It would bankrupt you to make all the tests. Go to the article on “Ankylosing Spondilitis” and read how that person got well against an organism that wouldn’t have even been considered in America.

Also, keep in mind, as per “How to Get Well” that there are a whole lot more causations of RD than just the microorganism.

If you have to fight with your doctors over proper and adequate treatment, find another.

I have an aunt who was diagnosed with osteoarthritis 11 years ago at the age of 31. She has been getting cortisone injections for 6 years every three to four months and at the most four times a year because it’s a steroid. The bad thing is the steroid actually accelerates this disease but it’s either that or live with the excruciating pain every day.

She drives three hours to get the injection which only lasts 6 weeks! Along with that she takes three two hundred milligrams of Motrin every six hours and sometimes Aleve twice a day just to be able to walk for 120 seconds because the pain is unbearable.

The cartilage in her knee is gone. The VA Doctors have told her this is a condition only seen in elderly patients and knee replacement surgery is never done on someone as young as 42 and it would have to deteriorate even more to even begin to think of doing the surgery.

Amidst all of this she has managed to raise 3 God fearing children who all are on the honor roll and have been on the honor roll for as long as they have been in school.

She is a wonderful mother and the most unselfish person I know. She lives in a rural city where there is no public transportation and relies heavily on her 1991 van with a major power steering leak, window motor gone, passenger side door won’t open, brakes bad, moisture leakage in the seal on the hatch, hydraulics on the back lid gone she uses a stick to hold it up, heater coil gone, engine tubes work needed and air conditioner does not work so they freeze in the winter and burn up in the summer time. Without the car there will be no way to get groceries or get to the doctors when needed.

Even though she is a veteran she is not eligible for Disability or Social Security. With the pain she experiences she definitely needs a rascal scooter to get around until she is able to get the knee replacement surgery. Please help my aunt in any way you can it would be a blessing all she wants is to continue to raise her children and be pain free.

Thank you,

Ms. J.

We’re not set up to provide temporary help for folks, but we do have excellent suggestions on how to restore health.

Your aunt probably has a number of factors that need explored. First is the use of Sclerotherapy, as described in our “Articles Important” tab, and in “Intraneural Injections” in our booklet on the subject under the “Books” tab. This would give her an opportunity to be safely pain free without further damage, as she seeks out the factors causing her sickness.

Then there are her nutritional and hormonal factors. She’s never going to get her cartilage repaired again without (1) removing the factors preventing repair, and (2) providing appropriate nutritional factors for repair. No one, not even a doctor, can tell what she needs without proper examination, so I won’t begin to describe that portion.

Have her start studying the many excellent articles, books and newsletters on our website — and yes, you’re right, she’s going to have to get off of cortisone and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, probably little by little under a doctor’s supervision as she takes up more productive therapies. NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) damage cartilage accelerating the damage; certain nutritional supplements are known to help stop or slow down the damage to the joints. Phytocort can substitute often for use of steroids. Glucosamine sulfate can help. See an integrative medicine practitioner.

Just wondering if you have any specific info on treating ankylosing spondylitis? I have looked through your website but can’t seem to find anything specific. Would treatment be the same as rheumatoid? I have a friend who was diagnosed a few years ago and as a result of this disease – the vertebrae in his neck have fused (first 2 I think).


Go to our “Newsletter” tab and click on Spring 2005. Ankylosing Spondilitis is featured. The principles are the same as any other rheumatoid disease, but you’ll find in the article how one lady was able to help her friend with those principles. Although our specific recommendations were tried, and failed, the lady brightly followed principles and got her friend long-term health.

Also go to our “Articles Important” tab and find the article about Ankylosing Spondilitis.

Would you know any Medical Doctor in Sydney AUSTRALIA who may be willing to recommend your treatment protocol for the Arthritis?

If not: Do you allow us to talk to our Doctors about it?

My wife is suffering from more than 18 Years and has now all her 10 fingers totally damaged. She has also pain in her shoulders, and stronger pain in the knees.

Over the year, we have been prescribed some pain killer medication mainly Indomethacin and Paracetamol which have never totally controlled the pain.

We are our self adding now some: glucosamine, fish oil, and an herbal medication;

But the pain, inflammation and damage on the fingers are still progressing.

We do not expect, the fingers to become normal again; but it would be nice if we could manage to stop the disease progression by trying perhaps: Allopurinol and Metronidazole; or other. These medications are available but only by prescription.

Many and many more thanks for what you could suggest.


We’ll be most happy to talk with any doctor about the treatment areas that need to be handled for your wife’s wellness. We have no doctors signed up in Australia, though we need them badly. Start your wife out by reading the attached article, [How to Get Well] then go to our website and read the books and other important articles.

I’ve had a lot of dental — old mercury filling, root canal and bridge work. Most mercury fillings had been replaced but teeth still bad. I get fillings but they still hurt I’ve asked for false teeth they won’t agree but it hurts to eat and when I chew at times in my mouth I can taste and smell rottenness or bad odor.

I’m 45 yrs and have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and root canal in a front tooth and sinuses constantly clogging and draining and even fillings down on gum line and it exposes more deeper into gum and gets food trapped in gum more easy.

What can I do? What would be the best approach for me? Just about all teeth have fillings and need work again missing a couple also and need at least 2 more bridges I’m at a loss of what to do at this point please respond. Their’s not hardly anything for alternative treatment here that I know of in North Dakota


I can understand your frustration, and you may need to travel outside the state to find (1) a biological dentist, & (2) complementary/alternative medical doctor.

To learn if there are any biological dentists in North Dakota, go to our Physician Referral list, to the very end of it, and you’ll find Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. Call them and ask if they have anyone on their biological dentist list in North Dakota. If they say yes, then you need to call each one and find out if they just handle mercury filling removals, or if they also do root canal work.

Price-Pottenger has the most complete list of Biological dentists, but the list doesn’t indicate which ones simply do mercury filing removal and which ones do both. You need both real bad! If you cannot find one in North Dakota, and if you want to get well, you’ll have to choose one outside the state. Otherwise, you’ll just have to try the various states closest (or cheapest travel) to you. So, even after you get your teeth problems cleared up properly, you may still need to visit a doctor for mercury and other metal removal — and possibly even pesticide and herbicide removal. I know that you don’t want to hear these things, but that’s the direction. Have you read the attached article? [“How to Get Well”]

First of all I’m very grateful for your kind attention to my story.

I’m Young Choi, male, writing to you from Seoul, South Korea. Now my wife Nam is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. If you don’t mind, I would appreciate if you kindly hear my story and advise me how I can cope with this disease.

My wife Nam was born in 1975. Now 32 years old. Since she was in early twenties she worked for a company and much stressed out, and finally quit her job two years ago to relieve stress. By that time, about two years ago, she felt pains on her back. It was right on her spine around the brassiere line. She thought this symptom was from sitting on the chair too long and went to oriental medicine for acupuncture.

The orthopedist said it could be some inflammation but the pills for inflammation did not work. She visited many orthopedists and oriental doctors to find the cause but in vain. After several months, without any medication this pain on her back disappeared. However right after the pain on her back was disappeared, her jaw hurt. The dentist said it can be from stress, and when stress is relieved the symptom may disappear.

Months later the pain in her jaw relieved. And her fingers started to hurt. Her knuckles and fingers started to be tender. Even heels. Now her hands are stiff every morning, and right heel hurt if touches the floor. They seemed to be the typical symptoms of R.A.

After about two years of these unknown symptoms she finally visited a rheumatoid arthritis clinic and had a series of tests. The doctor was not 100% sure but said that it seems to be rheumatoid arthritis. I don’t remember the units of measurements but heard that R.A. test result was 88, and Anti-CCP test result was 100. I think the doctor said R.A. based on these figures.

The doctor said that she needed to take medicine for 6 months at least, checking how pills work every 30 days. The start will be with ‘weak’ pills because symptoms are relatively not ‘severe’.

The pills are nimesulide, hydroxychloroquine sulfate, spiren(?), and some pills for protecting stomach (Moritium M). Nimesulide seems to be NSAID [Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory], hydroxychloroquine sulfate is a weak medicine for R.A. but I’m not quite confident about its performance.

The problem is that she is going to have a baby in this spring, in about two months. I heard some people say that this R.A. pain is relieved when a female is pregnant. I wonder if it is true and if it would be a recommendable solution to have a baby in two or three months and take pills after delivery of a baby. Or would it be wise to take the pills for six months as a start and put off having a baby for the time being?

She says if pain persists during pregnancy it would be difficult to tolerate it.

How I should manage this situation?

a) Do you recommend to take the pills from now on?

b) Would it be better to have a baby now and cure the disease after delivery of the baby?

In this case would this R.A. not become worse during pregnancy and eventually this is foolish?

Thank you very much for your generous attention and looking forward to your comments.

Y. C. from Korea

It’s true that pregnancy seems to reduce inflammation in rheumatoid disease due to changes in hormones. There are, however, many factors that contribute to rheumatoid disease, including rheumatoid arthritis. Go to our website at http://www.arthritistrust.org and click on the tab “How to Get Well.” Those are the main causations of the disease. If your wife will explore each and every one, she’ll most likely have positive results. However, at the drug recommendations, we’d be the last ones to ever advise someone to take particular drugs. Those must be screened by a physician (or pharmacist) who can determine whether or not the drugs will affect the new human she’s carrying around.

Let me know about her progress!

First of all let me introduce myself. I am 42 years old pharmacist from Poland living in Warsaw.

First symptoms of RA was diagnosed six years ago but they were very light. During this time I didn’t take any drugs. The real illness started six months ago. From October 2006 on I am on methotrexate and metypred. Over last three months I didn’t feel substantially better( Less pain and low sedimentation rate). I’ve read article “Anti-amoebic Treatment for Rheumatoid Disease” and many others on your web site. I was very enthusiastic about this treatment. On my own risk I quit methotrexate and metypred and start treatment with allopuinol and metronidazole exactly in recommended dosage schedule.

Before that Lamblia and other microorganisms were diagnosed in my body. During first intake of metronidazole I had all side effect described in the article. But after three week of treatment sedimentation rate is very high and inflammation around my knees is very visible. I feel worst than on methotrexate.

Please give me some advice,


I know it may sound strange to you, but the more severe the Herxheimer, normally the more probability of wellness at the end of the treatment course! Stick with it. I’ve been through horrendous Herxheimers back in the early 80s. If it gets too bad for you to handle, use intraneural injections, which are best. If not available, use a small amount of prednisone. But stay with it. Sedimentation rate should be high if you’re killing microorganisms. That’s what the rate measures. And, of course, with more inflammatory materials circulating in your body, the more inflammation. Once all the bugs are dead, and your body has cleaned out the antigen-antibody debris, you should be well.

But also keep in mind that there are more factors involved than just this one treatment. Read the attached “How to Get Well” article.

I’m writing with regard to supplementation with Lactobacilus acidophilus prior to the metronidazole protocol. I’ve read an article where it states that you can make a good viable live yogurt using (UHT) pasteurized milk by introducing a probiotic yogurt starter and incubating for 8 to 10 hours prior to refrigerating. I’m sure you are aware of this but I’ve also read research paper cited by the food standards agency of North Ireland. The paper was studying the survivability of probiotics through the digestive tract one of which was Lactobaccilus acidophilus. Lactobaccilus acidophilus survived well through stomach and although survived through upper intestine its viability was reduced but it was suggested that the presence of milk protein or an enteric coating as some of these probiotics are presented in this method for consumption would probably increase their viability. I’m about to start supplementation prior to the metronidazole protocol and I’m thinking of using both methods i.e enteric coated capsules and live yogurt.

I would be interested and very grateful to know what you think of this .


We have no idea whether the yogurt, usually Lactobaccilus bulgaris, metabolizes the metronidazole accordingly. We know from a research pharmacologist that Lactobaccilus acidophilus does the trick.

Also, keep in mind that their are many different grades of Lactobaccilus acidophilus, many of which are useless. Please go to our “Articles Important” tab and read the article “Friendly Bacteria.”

Use a probiotic mixture containing 50 to 70 billion bacteria daily. Sorry, wish I could help further.

I’ve been listening to Dr. Roby Mitchell on the TV Show “Know The Cause” with Doug Kaufmann. He spoke of an inhalant-type “pentosan” that is used as a cure for arthritis where the joints have become bone-on-bone and making life very painful.

My mother is in a nursing home in Oregon where she has to reside because she has a hip joint that has no cartilage, therefore she cannot care for herself. Her mind is clear, but her body is wearing out. She had one hip replacement many years ago, and when the other one got bad enough that her independence was threatened, she went for a series of tests to see if she could withstand the surgery for the other hip replacement. She could not.

When I heard Dr. Mitchell tell of how he was helped, I want desperately to see if it will help her get back on her feet. Please let me know what you can, who to get in touch with, the cost of the prescription, how to receive it, etc. We would be ever so grateful.

Thank you so much for your help.

S. D.

There’s an article on our website under the “Articles Miscellaneous” tab written by Dr. Wright (newsletter) on the subject of pentosan. Also, go to the other “Articles Important” tab and read about “Sclerotherapy” and have your mother read the material at the tab “How to Get Well!” The pentosan treatment involves Pentosan sulfate with glucosamine and MSM for inhalation.

I came across your website the other day, after being linked to it via another site (gnhealth.com). The information that I have obtained from your site has certainly been an eye-opener, to say the least. I have always been a more traditional type of person in my beliefs regarding medicines and cures, but like most other people out there I suppose, I have been caught up in the wave of modern science. I have been diagnosed within the last couple of years with having RA, but I suppose that it has actually been prevalent for much longer than that, as I think back and recall the stiffness and lack of flexibility that I used to enjoy, to say nothing of the constant tiredness.

My point being that after being told by countless doctors and so called experts, that there is no cure and you will “just have to live with it,” I was convinced that I should be put on some kind of DMARD [Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs are misnamed as they don’t really “modify” the disease: Editor]. In early to mid 2005 I was given Doxycycline, which I took for a few months, then early to mid 2006 I was changed to Sulfasalazine, which I am still currently using.

About one month ago the doctor recommended that I also take Methotrexate. He explained to me the side effects, and gave me some literature, so thinking there was no other alternative and I might be able to drive the disease into remission with these drugs, I said okay.

After reading through most of your articles, I have decided to go back to my previous way of thinking and try to manage things in a more natural way, while experimenting with the procedures explained by the doctors and professors in those articles. While I am most impressed by the results and genuinely caring attitude that these people seem to have about the arthritic patients and their own work, I can’t help but wonder about a couple of things.

Most of these articles and the procedures that they describe, were written in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Have there been any new developments or updated facts pertaining to these initial findings in the last 20 years or so?

Has there been anyone else step up and continue to pursue the beliefs that these fine men had? I would hope that this has been the case, because if what I read is true, the work that these men were involved in could be beneficial to millions of people world-wide, but the majority of them are deceased.

In summing up, I would like to say thank you for providing and maintaining the website, and I hope to be able to benefit from the information that your site has given me. If there is any updated data, or any direction that you might be able to point me toward to obtain such info, please do so if at all possible. Thank you in advance for your reply.


You cover a lot of territory!

First, regarding the articles written in 1970s and 1980s. Most of the research was performed by Roger Wyburn-Mason throughout the 60s and 70s. While his hypothesis as to cause was incorrect, his treatments worked. I got well within 6 weeks following his regimen. However, we’ve since learned that it requires a whole lot more with many folks, and that’s the reason for the article on our website of “How to Get Well.”

The reason we set up this foundation in 1982 is because we could not interest those who claim to want a solution. Literally tens of thousands have indeed been cured — but the whole subject is not amendable to double-blind studies varying one factor at a time, as with drug research, where one anti-inflammatory is compared against another anti-inflammatory.

While many articles and books go back to the 70s and 80s, we’re still adding articles onto the site as we feel they have importance. You must know by now that the site is huge and there’s a whole lot more to it than one article or one book.

Our physician list consists of about 200 doctors who want to work on arthritics. Unfortunately none of them have put together everything that people should investigate. We’re working on establishing a medical center funded by a shopping center, the medical center to bring together under one roof everything folks need to explore. This is costly and time consuming, just getting started, but we’ve purchased the land and we’re working on the design. [We only need another $1,500,000! Any volunteers?] So–called “scientific” medicine is primarily funded by pharmaceutical companies who do not have an interest in finding the magic wellness pill, but rather in achieving profits. Toward the profit end, virtually all “scientific” studies involve symptom relievers, not cures. Some of our health professionals have consistently achieved an 80% cure rate involving thousands of patients — but this is not accepted in the mainstream “scientific medicine” community because it’s “anecdotal.”

Thank you for your speedy reply.

You say that you got well within 6 weeks. That is great to hear. Have you been symptom free since that time, or are you still taking anything for it?

Were you on any sort of medication previous to trying the process described by Mr. Mason [Roger Wyburn-Mason] and the others? By what I have read, and considering the types of drugs that I have been using, I will have to wait for 4 months to try this myself. Is this correct? One last thing. With regard to candidiasis, is this something that is contagious, or can one person contract it from another?

Once again, thanks for replying to me so quickly. If there is someone, or somewhere else that I should directing these questions to, please advise me, as I don’t wish to be burden to you.


At first, when we were just learning, I had to take a course of the so-called anti-amoebic drugs every six months, but then we learned about all the other factors involved. Checking them out little by little I found that I didn’t need the drugs any longer. I’ve been free of RD throughout, and I’m now 82 years of age. Tens of thousands of others have also found permanent relief.

The problem with the drugs you’re taking is that they weaken the immune system. Some of them you have to get off of gradually under medical supervision. None of them do any more than cover up the progress of the disease, which rages onward, so they are not only unnecessary but also damaging. Rheumatologists don’t have a clue as to why they give them, except to argue that they possibly “modulate” the immune system. If the immune system was akilter, it might make sense, but normally it is not. It’s doing its job and medical authorities misinterpret what’s going on.

Intraneural injections are far superior to keeping off the pain, inflammation and swelling during the period you’re trying these other approaches — and won’t damage you in any way.

Candidiasis is not contagious. It’s the result of knocking out the “good guys” bacteria in the gut using cortisone, antibiotics, and so on.

There are longer articles in all of our books and articles on-line!

I was free of RD within 6 weeks, and have been free since. However, Roger Wyburn-Mason and other doctors advised taking the medicine every six months as they felt one could get reinfected. We (doctors and others) have since learned that, considering all of the other known factors taken care of — essentially life-style change via diet, etc. — one did not need to do so. From 1982 to 2007 is 25 years free of RD.

Fortunately I was only taking NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) prior to this treatment.

I am considering adding your organization as a recipient to the Trust’s annual charitable contributions.

Please correspond with information about your organization.


In the 1960s the English world-renown nerve specialist, Professor Roger Wyburn-Mason, M.D., Ph.D., had two nerve diseases carrying his name. He tackled the subject of rheumatoid disease, his clinical analysis culminating in a 478 page book now featured on our website. He also successfully treated desperate people on every continent.

Jack M. Blount, M.D. of Philadelphia, MS and Gus J. Prosch, Jr, M.D. of AL, both arthritics, were cured by Wyburn-Mason’s methods.

After returning to his medical practice, Dr. Blount cured me within six weeks in 1981. He’d forsaken his country practice having suffered as a cripple, suicidal alcoholic and drug addict. Of course his anti-social behavior had been dictated by the almost intolerable pain of rheumatoid arthritis which had sorely damaged hands, feet and hips from the time of his medical school days until his 50s.

Dr. Blount began treating arthritics as did Dr. Prosch, both men eventually treating about 17,000 in their respective clinics, all referred by word-of-mouth.

South African Dr. Paul K. Pybus — surgeon and former student and “house” doctor under Professor Roger Wyburn-Mason — joined us, adding his discoveries.

Together, these men (and other former arthritics), chose me to help form this foundation in 1982 with the goal of spreading important treatment information throughout the world.

We were not established until we’d attempted passing this exciting new information on to allegedly interested organizations, but then we encountered stiff barriers — finding that it was “politically incorrect” to declare rheumatoid disease, including rheumatoid arthritis, curable!

We were chartered in Tennessee in 1982 and began direct mail solicitation to fund research. We funded research at Medical School of Virginia, Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, University of Tennessee and South Africa.

Since then increasing U.S. Postal costs have swallowed much non-profit direct mail profits and more and more charities have become competitors having entered the direct mail approach to fund raising. We backed into a direct mail Sweepstake program that has kept our tiny office alive but has not helped get out our message.

Our cost-to-benefit ratio has always been high — but I know of no other charity that advertises that whether or not a donation is sent we’ll tell you how to get well. We’ll send free books and articles, and we’ll refer you to physicians dedicated toward your wellness!

This is a difficult set of functions to measure with one accounting ratio.

The internet has proven to be a great boon, as we now receive more than 1,000 visitors per day from all over the world.

Our feedback experience — clinically and through this office — convinces us that we know the major causes of rheumatoid diseases, numbering about 100 by name, including rheumatoid arthritis.

We’ve been supported above the average for small charities via wills — which tells us that folks really want answers — not more huxterism about “send us more money and we’ll search for a cure!”

Last year we received sufficient funds from an estate so that we could dream a little higher. We purchased 3.75 acres for $400,000, prime land directly in front of City of Fairview’s new city hall, with new financial banks on two streets directly across from us. Here we hope to build a shopping center surrounding a medical center.

The shopping center profits will be used to support the medical center.

The medical center will be rather unique.

We will bring together all the various treatments that we know arthritics must investigate to become well. Although we have about 200 referral physicians, for many years I’ve had to refer folks to several different health professionals, usually across state boundaries, to explore the requisite variety of treatments, as described in the enclosed “How Do I Cure My Rheumatoid Arthritis.” Drs. Prosch and Blount applied only part of our recommendations, yet each acquired a consistent 75-80% cure rate for so-called “incurable” rheumatoid disease!

Folks seldom have the funding to travel here and there simply to investigate this or that modality.

Our plans call for building first a small $1,500,000 cluster, after which we expect several more of the same size to grow easily via pre-leasing. Once begun, it will grow fast.

In addition to treating folks, this medical center will serve as a teaching platform for visiting health professionals, and they, in turn, can further teach us.

Obviously the more medical-center-dedicated-funding we receive, the sooner we’ll be free of long-term construction loans.

Meanwhile, we’ve also initiated plans to utilize the internet more heavily for fundraising, especially from those (better than 1,000 per day) now clicking on to our site.

Our website has grown dramatically.

We provide free books, articles, newsletters and physician referrals to anyone of concern. We also freely answer letters and telephone call queries.

We have a small group of Board Members — my wife, me, two doctors and a former coach whose basketball team was the first Afro-American team to win the Olympic medal — but all of the original founders, except me, have passed on — I’m terribly sorry to write — as they were all wonderful people and would each of them have been delighted with our present direction! We’re always open to new board members but, as you must know, it’s rare to find dedication to an ideal as opposed to those who wish to sit in for self-vanity’s sake.

Enclosed please also see our “Physician Referral” list.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our work.

Please know that we could have written several large books about ourselves, as already represented by our huge website. I’ve tried to be brief herein. However, if I’ve missed important factors please advise.

Again thanks,

Thank you for your return letters . . . .

Why does your organization not meet the standards of charitable accountability with the Better Business Bureau www.give.org, have an F evaluation with the American Institute of Philanthropy www.charitywatch.org, and only rate 1 star with Charity Navigator at www.charitynavigator.org?


I don’t know whether to be angry or cry!

This is your second letter asking the same question, and my answer is the same, to follow.

To repeat: the blunt answer to your questions is that the self-appointed charity watchdog organizations are too lazy to establish criteria related to social need and social good.

An equally accurate answer is that you should ask each of those organizations why they’ve rated us so low. They’re the ones doing the rating, not us.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s all the self-appointed watchdog agencies convinced most of the state charity regulators to use a single cost-to-benefit ratio to determine eligibility (and fraud) regarding charities and their state registrations. A number of U.S. Supreme Court cases concluded that to do so would be a violation of constitutional rights. Court reasoning — in far more detail than I can lay out here — is found in Schaumburg v. Citizens for a Better Environment [444 U.S. 620 (1980)], Secretary of State of Md. v. Joseph H. Munson Co., [467 U.S. 947 (1984)], Riley v. National Federation of Blind of N.C., Inc. [487 U.S.781 (1988)]. Those decisions held that certain regulations of charitable subscriptions, barring fees in excess of a prescribed level, effectively imposed prior restraints on fundraising, and were therefore incompatible with the First Amendment.

Despite this strong court judgment, self-appointed watchdog agencies — without any more legal stature than any other non-profit charity — continued to propagandize the wisdom of contributing charity dollars to only those with a single accounting ratio that seems to reflect favorably on the charity.

Of course, continued use of this spurious figure also acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Small charities — those without wide-spread public recognition — are locked out. They cannot change their mode of solicitation because their cost-to-benefit ratio is too high, and their cost-to-benefit ratio is too high because folks are easily swayed by these self-appointed watch-dog agencies. (Catch 22)

Additionally — at least in my opinion — the large easily recognized charities have a great deal of input into establishment of criteria used by the self-appointed watchdog agencies. Small charities, such as ourselves, have no input.

It is to the benefit of the large, established charities to maintain this status quo.

Finally, but not least, thousands of “volunteer” programs are encouraged each year by large, well-known charities to collect money “to research and to find the cure” for this or that.

No one, to my knowledge — least of all the self-appointed watchdog agencies — questions the final disposition of these funds. Of course they are passed on to the large, well-known agencies who, in turn, pass them on to “proper researchers,” which means that large well-established pharmaceutical companies end up receiving additional funding for research aimed at symptom relief rather than cures. Let’s see, we’ve had better than 55 years of war against cancer, and only the statistical weasel-wording has changed!

Incidentally, in a recent Wall Street Journal article, Bennett Weiner, Chief Operating Officer of the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance was quoted as saying, “If a charity spends 80% of its expenses on programs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is doing a better job than one that is spending 70%. Charities are more than finanical statements, and people shouldn’t make donation decisions solely on financial statements.”

Finally, any donor can always specify that his/her donation must be used for a specific purpose, thus precluding the whole cost/benefit ratio argument completely.

Your two letters, I believe, miss the whole point of charity giving, relying, instead, on arbitrary, spurious, “politically correct” standards that support status quo.

My name is W. and I’ve been diagnosed 12 years ago with Ankylosis Spondylitis.

I am 28 right now.

I’ve read through some of your articles and it mentions anti-microoganism treatment. However I cannot find any details of it that I could pass to any doctor. The truth is that I do not know where to go, because, although I’ve seen probably about 50 reumatologists in my life, they will not want to go into alternative methods simply because they believe in standard non-working treatments.

Can you point me to any good articles I should start my recovery with?

Regards and thank you for your help and answer.

W. J.

Start with the article on “Ankylosing Spondilitis Supplement” under the “Articles Important” tab. Then go to the “How to Get Well Tab.” After you’ve read each of those you’ll know more than the rheumatologists you’ve been wasting your time with.

My name is [A.D.] and my wife has just been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is only 27 and is slightly anaemic. She is not overweight, does not drink or smoke and did not have any other health issues. Her father has arthritis and so does her older sister. She had diabetes whilst she was pregnant. Her insulin levels seem to be normal at present.

I have googled a lot of sites trying to find cures and solutions. She has been having this pain and stiffness in her fingers and knees and toes mainly in the mornings. She has been prescribed drugs but has not started taking them yet. I understand that conventional drugs will only hide the symptoms and will not cure the disease. She has tried Chinese medication but this has not worked. She is now taking Omega 3, Antioxidants (has vitamin C and Bromelin), Multi Minerals (has calcium), Proflavonal (grape seed extract that is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory and increases the immune system) and Procosomine (Glucosamine) supplements from USANA for the past 3 weeks.

She has taken a De-worm tablets to clear any parasites. We are going to go on a 10 day detox plan (pills) and keep our diet strict as well.

Have not tried vinegar, honey, cinnamon, turmeric yet as ailments.

I read the article from CUREZONE http://curezone.com/dental/root_canal.asp regarding Root canals. According to the article toxins produced by the bacteria travel into the blood stream.

With the detox program we will be removing toxins from the body.

She has amalgam fillings. Is there a way to test for this specific bacteria or toxins near or from the filling that may be causing her arthritis? (She would be reluctant to extract a tooth on the hunch that it could cure her arthritis) But if there was evidence that her arthritis is being caused by toxins that originate in the root canal, She would be willing. Please help


Sounds like you and wife are on the right track! The only problem with the overall nutritional treatment (and supplements) is that it is a necessary treatment but often not sufficient. Please go back to our website, click on the “How to Get Well” tab, and absorb it.

As to the possibility of root canal infection: if your wife has had any teeth removed and/or root canal work done, the probability is almost certain that she’s got a root canal infection. This can only be handled by a dentist trained in that area, called a “biological dentist.”

One can use kinesiology, electro-dermal tests or a more expensive test developed by the biology department of Bowling Green University in Kentucky, USA. The dentist carefully takes a swab at the inner gums of each tooth, and each sample is sent off to a laboratory. (See the first article in this listing of letters.) Metabolic byproducts from anaerobic germs hidden in the root canal will show up at the infected place.

Incidentally — simply taking one set of “parasite” drugs will not cut it, as a rule. One needs a broad-spectrum anti-microorganism treatment, although sometimes, when the invasive parasite is known, a specific drug such as demonstrated in our article on Ankylosing Spondilitis will do the trick by itself.

I was glad to find your site when my grandmother was having problems with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Amyloidosis. Unfortunately it was too late for her, but I have been doing your program for myself and have stumbled upon something which you may want to take note of. In your case history you have a gentleman who was relieved but only temporarily of RA symptoms while on your program. He also had a problem with candida. This made sense to me that he would have a relapse of symptoms because my experience is that candida serves as a foot in the door for other microbes as it pre-occupies the immune response. So it was clear to me that candida had to be removed completely as well.

I would like to introduce to you ammonium tetrathiomolybdate. It is a very nice chelator for copper. Copper is necessary for candida to overgrow. The current protocols have been set at 120 mg per day in three divided doses of 40 mg each. This was determined as safe and not causing anemia. This is to be ramped up over the period of a week to make sure to watch how the body acclimates and to make sure bone density does not decline while using the product. This can further be augmented by 600 mg per day of magnesium citrate in divided doses to combat density reduction. The safety of this substance is wonderful, considering that it only targets copper, is well tolerated, and is excreted well.

There is something which needs to be taken into account however, and that is that it crosses the blood brain barrier. Studies have shown that only 4% of people have any bad symptoms because of this. But I must caution practitioners because anything which opens up the blood brain barrier can have very negative effects, even if just for 4% of people. If anything toxic, heavy metals, or too much of one such as copper, is to enter our glacier-pristine CNS [Central Nervous System] fluid it can seriously effect one’s brain functioning.

I have heard of a woman who a friend was treating who took DMSA without prescription while simultaneously doing an intense cleansing program to eliminate heavy metals. Her husband said that she just wasn’t herself after that. It’s so sad. So I leave you with the one caveat of caution. Only do this in individuals who are not taking things to speed up their metabolism (even high B vitamins) or intentionally cleansing. Ideally a urine screening of heavy metals should be done first to determine safety. The remaining bad side effects are merely bad breath if belching just after taking the product. I recommend using hair analysis to determine remaining tissue levels of copper to know when to stop the product.

I hope this will help some people. Please do your own investigating and use this as only a guideline. I do not want to be mentioned.

Thank you and best regards,


This is a new one to me. I’m leery of it for several reasons, and have sent it on to a medical doctor.

Lack of copper is usually an invite for rheumatoid disease, and using substances as you’ve described just to knock off candida seems a little excessive. Check out the “Articles Important” tab on our website. Go to “Molybdenum for Candida albicans Patients.” Could be that your success rate is due to the molybdenum radical rather than the copper.

However, we’ll see what the doctor says. Thanks!

You are welcome. I am glad that you are even a little bit interested, because I want to tell you more about it.

It has been estimated that 80% of all Americans are copper toxic. Its ubiquitous in the food we eat, and the water supply for many city people is overloaded with it due to old copper pipes (for example Vancouver). Yet whether that copper is bioavailable depends on other mineral patterns within the body. Someone can be toxic with copper yet also not able to utilize it properly in biochemical reactions.

A blood test for copper is not conclusive enough to determine toxic tissue levels. The blood is not a good indicator of tissue levels because the liver constantly filters the blood clean. That is why at the end of my letter I recommended to use hair samples over a urine challenge to determine tissue copper levels.

You will also find in original research that a copper rich environment allows tumor cells to divide rapidly. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to this issue, yet there is a way to balance everything. The bioavailability of the copper in the body differs from one person to the next, and that is dictated by other mineral patterns within each individual. With an otherwise balanced mineral profile the amount of copper a person needs is very little.

Too much copper has many bad effects: rapid amine release in the brain causing mind racing and confusion and depression, body pains which are most often diagnosed as fibromyalgia, adrenal burnout and decreased production of ATP for cellular energy. This malaise is very hard to escape, and the only method I have found to remedy this to date is the mineral balancing program as outlined by Dr. Paul Eck. This program is available thru Analytical Research Labs, or ARL of Arizona.

You can apply as a practitioner and begin to read their methods. This is the only solution available which addresses the underlying problems of incorrect mineral balances within the body. Copper is a big topic for them, and they have done a lot of research on it. It can take up to four years on their program for the body to achieve a proper mineral balance. Tetrathiomolybdate is presented to you here as a way to reduce the time it takes to achieve normal copper levels. For example, it can reduce the time for the program from two years to three months. That can help so many people to have better lives, sooner.

Rheumatoid arthritis and lack of copper is not an issue to be concerned with. It is the bioavailability of the copper that is the issue. For example, the old idea that a copper bracelet is beneficial to RA is seldom true. In most cases it makes the individual copper toxic if they were not already. For the body to access and be able to use the copper present in tissues in the appropriate biochemical reactions, that copper must first be bioavailable by way of correcting other mineral patterns within the body. When I began using their analysis procedures ten years ago, I had always said it was 20 years ahead of the medical community. It still appears to be that way. I am even frequently correcting the methods taught at a national natural medicine academy Bastyr. The science of mineral correction is often counter-intuitive, where replacement therapy is often not appropriate. As an example, sometimes to raise potassium we are better increasing magnesium intake first.

I was led by my working knowledge of mineral balancing to recommend the inclusion of 600 mg per day in the protocol of tetrathiomolybdate to steer clear of bone density loss.

Most people will not want to partake in or need the exacting results of a hair analysis from ARL. As such I drew this conclusion to help this majority. And while any college lab can analyze hair samples, ARL is the only one in the country which has not had problems with the FDA because their methods are impeccable. And for you and me they are the only ones using the mineral balancing for optimal health as discovered by Dr. Paul Eck.

I believe getting rid of copper is a safe procedure with tetrathiomolybdate, yet when to stop the program is what needs to be determined. A hair analysis is probably the best way to determine this. tetrathiomolybdate is not for everyone, yet if you look into the mineral balancing science here I am sure you will draw many of your own insightful conclusions for arthritis sufferers.

As I mentioned initially I was thankful for your information as it tied together many of the underlying causes of my grandmother’s illnesses. but it was too late for her, because she was already on the dialysis for amyloidosis, and as you know once someone begins dialysis they have a very limited time left. The medical community around her would not stand for the deviation from the protocol of dialysis, when I am sure she would have benefited from your protocol, if even using just metronidazole, to help eliminate the microbes causing the foreign protein in her blood and RA. But by the way, she also wore a copper bracelet for many years prior to her death, and she also had candida problems which were compounding her symptoms of amyloidosis and RA. I did not know how to help her with that at the time, yet I kept looking, and my happiness at finding tetrathiomolybdate in the past few months reminded me to share it with you and Arthritis Trust. You can find all of the information I provided you on tetrathiomolybdate in research posted on Entrez-PubMed.


I contacted you a week or two ago, and you answered some questions for me. I was wondering if you would be so kind, as to reply to a few more for me.

If I were to look at treating myself for candida/yeast, as well as the amoeba/bacteria for RD, would this be the proper thing to do? Should I be doing one before the other, or will one look after the other?

You say to wait for four months, after discontinuing the use of certain drugs, to start the RD disease treatments. I only took the Methotrexate for 1 month, but I was taking Sulfasalazine for a year or more as well.

Would I still have to wait the same time period? If a person were to start treatment before the suggested waiting period, would there be a negative affect, or could you then just wait until the suggested length of time if there was little success shown? Does a person also have to wait the 4 months, if treating for the candida/yeast problem only?

I hope that I have made myself clear with these questions. There is so much reading to be done, that I may have had the answers already, but just missed them. Thanks in advance for your reply, and for your previous responses.

Certainly candidiasis can be tackled immediately, and may be all you need.

You’ll have to query doctors for your answers. There are too many variables — and, if it were me, I’d tackle everything as fast as I could. Remember, we’re dealing with principles, not cook-book rules.

I don’t think your taking the methotrexate et. al. has affected your immune system that much for the little you’ve taken it.

I read yours site and many text and I believe that you are right.

My rheumatologist doctor told me that I have or I will have RA.

In December, I had first flare in my life. (I am 50.) My RF is 90 (max 20) and anti-CCP test is 100 (max 50).

Now I feel well. I have no problem, no pain, no inflammation, no swelling. I don’t know how long it will last.

I decided to try your therapy. I will be in California, in Orange County after 1 week.

Please, if you can send me name and address of good doctor practicing in this area (Orange County).

I will really appreciate.


All of our doctors are listed on our website under the “Physicians” tab. I don’t know them all personally, but you can look beneath each name and read the code that corresponds to the kind of treatment they do. Unfortunately, we have no single location that can handle all of the causations that you may need to look at.

We’re working to develop such a center, but it costs a great deal of money. So far we’re about $1,500,000 short.

My son was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis recently and is eager to try your Wyburn-Mason/Blount drug cure but we had some questions concerning the drug of choice for him.

I called over ten doctors on your list from various states and none of the numbers were working numbers. I was wondering how long it has been since this list was updated.

I also had some concerns that nothing seems to have been written about results after 1994. We thought Clotrimazole would be the drug of choice for him as he could possibly have candidiasis but it is not available from regular pharmacies except vaginal suppositories and mouth lozenges. It seems like bad results must have surfaced since the initial great results you reported or it would be readily available now. Is there someone I could talk to who is actually presently using the Wyburn-Mason/Blount protocol? Thank you.


There is no drug of choice, as you will understand if you read a sufficient amount of our literature. Clotrimazole has never been available thru traditional sources of prescription, but must be obtained via prescription from a compounding pharmacist. Do a search thru google or “ask.com” for compounding pharmacists. They are in every state. I use one some distance from me, via U.S. postal service. All require a prescription, however. There are well-known treatments for candidiasis, and some of our articles also describe these. Look at the coding after each physician’s name to determine what they do treat for. There’s no one physician/dentist in the U.S. that treats everything that might be necessary to explore to achieve wellness.

Without knowing which doctors you called, I can’t comment. We keep the list up-to-date as we learn of changes. Unfortunately doctors seldom let us know when they move or die!

Thanks for the info on Ankylosing Spondylitis. I printed it and gave it to my Spondylitis friend.

I have been struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis since January 2004. I wasn’t officially diagnosed until July 2004. Since that time I have tried the Wild Rose 15 day De-tox diet and herbs, Candida diet for 2-1/2 months, arthritis diet as prescribed by Wild Rose Clinic, Reiki, Acupuncture, vitamins & supplements (similar to what you prescribe on your website), Chinese herbs, CMO, Shark Cartilidge, energy healer, Indian sweat lodge, Yoga, hypnosis, acupuncture, magnetic mattress pads, ion foot cleanse, chiropractor who also uses electromagnetic frequency and as of last April (2006) resorted to allopathic drugs for the first time (Methotrexate) once a week. I went to a Naturopathic doctor who says that it is caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome and prescribed heavy doses of vitamin A, Oudos Oil, zinc and Metagenics InflamX (has ingredients to heal leaky gut). I’m trying Renew Your Life ParaGone (Parasite Cleanse) now.

I found your website by accident last spring or summer. The information is very good. I have come to the conclusion after reading your information again and again plus GUT SOLUTIONS by Dr. Brenda Watson, that the underlying problem must be mercury fillings. All of my back teeth are filled. I had one quadrant replaced last year. I am having the rest replaced within the next 4 weeks. No I don’t have a biological dentist but will go to Dr. Nardella and Associates for chelation therapy after each treatment. Then I was thinking of trying the candida cleanse and heavy metal cleanse to get rid of whatever is left.

What do you think?

Thanks for you website and all of the information on it. It is great.

I like your idea of building an Arthritis Centre. I think we need one here in Calgary as well!

Is Dr. Best from Calgary still around? The doctor you mention in one of your articles who linked nutritional deficiencies in arthritics?


· Methotrexate since April, 2006

Diets & cleanses:

· Wild Rose 15 day detox – in fall of 2004



· Homeopathics

· Zeel

· Traumeel

· Arnica

· Chinese herbs

· Spora Lygodi

· 2 others – burner3

· Berberini


· Ion cleanse – 5X

· Acupuncture – at least 25

· Reiki – at least 10

· Hypnosis – 6 sessions this spring

· Physiotherapy

· Massage

· Yoga

· Colonics – 4 sessions March/April

· Energy healing – Barbara Brennan practitioner– 1X

· Allergy testing – March 2006

· Indian sweat lodge

· Magnetico mattress pads – since January 2006

· Candida cleansing diet – May 8, 2006-08-

10 to now

· Yeast cleanse

· Wild Rose Candida treatment

· Renew Life – CandiGone plus Renew Life Fibre Smart

· Roots – Yeast Stop

Daily supplements:

· Trophic Vitamin A – 10,000 UI – 1X day and up to 40,000 UI a day for 2 months

· Trophic High Potency B – 1X day

· Trophic C – 500 – 1500/day

· Trophic Chelated Multi Minerals – 2X day

· Vitamin E – 400 UI – 1X day

· Omega 3 (EPA 400 AND DHA 200) – 2X day

· Chelated Calcium (400 UI) Magnesium (200 UI) with D3 and Zinc

· Chlorella (500 mg) – 2 – 3X day

· MSM – 1000mg – 2X day

· Glucosamine – 1000mg – 2X day

· NF Forumula, SLF Forte – 1 – 2X day on and off

· Digestive Enzymes – as needed

· Garden of Life Probiotics – 2X day

· Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

· Oudos Oil

Have also used:

· Reishi

· Wild Rose Rthroherb

· Caprex

· Shark Cartlidge


I am not your doctor, of course, and therefore cannot comment anything specific about your condition. It appears that you’ve given a good try to a lot of ideas, some of which may have been helpful. I can’t knock any treatment, if it works. The problem is that so many of the things you’ve done simply chew around the edges and don’t cut to the heart of the problems.

For example proper diet and herbs and supplements may be very important for you, but they may also be necessary but not sufficient. Of course, if they change your acidity to alkalinity, they will be exceedingly helpful.

Acupuncture has never — to my knowledge — ever cured degenerative diseases — but they just might ease the straws on the camel’s back to some extent at the right time. Do you have any means knowing if it did? Or whether timing was right? Probably not.

ElectroDermal tests could help, and so could kinesiology, but again, it takes practitioners who can ask the right questions, not simply go thru the mechanics.

Sweat lodge might be helpful, but, while temporarily providing a good feeling, if not done by the Hubbardian method is probably a waste of energy, time, and perhaps money.

Yoga is fine if you want to be able to control your body better and join that control with your mind. What, if anything, does that have to do with arthritis?

Hypnosis is absolutely out, and can only harm in the long run, in my opinion.

Magnetic mattress pads might be exceedingly helpful but most folks forget two important elements: (1) Use only the south-seeking (negative) polarity, and (2) strength and duration of magnetic flux is all important; i.e., the stronger the field and the longer used, the better the results.

I ran a test on ion-foot cleanse when it first came out, and found that the waterbath without the foot had identically the same ingredients after time was up as did the water with the foot in it. Until someone can prove to me otherwise, I’d say this is a no-no.

Electromagnetic frequencies are wonderful if there is a proper feedback mechanism to know (1) the exact frequency, wave form and polarity to effect a condition (kill microorganism, etc.), and also (2) the feedback tells you what duration and changes to make and when. I personally believe that electromagnetic frequencies are medicine of the future — but not in the manner normally practiced.

Methotrexate can only make you worse.

Mercury fillings might be a significant factor but again great caution (1) if not taken out by a biological dentist, you could end up worse than when you started, and (2) you absolutely have to have measures of bodily storage and means for chelating out about 50% of the mercury load even then. EDTA chelation therapy, of course, will not touch mercury. I don’t know if Dr. Best is in Canada — but please go back to our website and read again “How to Get Well.”

Your site was given as a contact for the RX to rebuild Cartilage. It was mentioned on the TV show “know the cause.”

I am not able to locate the information. Can you help?


It’s hard to pick out which of many articles on our website was referenced. You might try under “Articles Important” “Osteoarthritis Little Known Treatments.” You might also try the tab “How to Get Well,” as about 10% of the time there’s a relationship between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo.

Thanks for the evaluation and comments. I have just read HOW TO GET WELL. Lots of good info here.

1. Family doctor — I stopped seeing my family doctor years ago as her only solution to any problem was prescription drugs. After I was diagnosed with RA, I visited a doctor who specialized in RA at a local private clinic, however he was the one who sent me to the rheumatologist! Finding a doctor who is taking new patients is almost impossible here as we have a severe shortage. Finding one who is in not ‘drug based’ . . . well good luck on that one.

2. I agree that NSAIDS [Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs] and DMARDS [Disease Modifying Arthritis Drugs; deceptively labeled] like methotrexate only mask the symptoms. Since I started injecting methotrexate in January, 2007 I’ve had one bad chest cold after another, and cuts and scrapes take forever to heal. So I have stopped taking them.

3. I mentioned that I was planning on having the rest of my mercury fillings removed in conjunction with chelation therapy. You say that EDTA won’t remove mercury. One of your articles on Chelation Therapy mentions that cysteine and acetyl cysteine will take it out. I just checked out Karl Loren’s site and he suggests DMSA and DMPS. I’ve booked an appointment with Dr. Nardella and Associates and will mention this. They also have an infrared sauna and steam bath which is supposedly good for detoxifying herbicides and pesticides (I used to work with these). Their spa is ‘organic’ and the water that they use is filtered. The sauna is made out of alder, or some type of wood that does not have toxins or chemicals.

4. Magnetic mattress pads – www.magnetico.com. A local firm established by a retired dentist produces these in Calgary. He originally used the Japanese pads at first for back pain but found that after a year, they didn’t work. So he invented his own. He instructs you to put them under your mattress and never sleep directly on them to avoid the effects of positive ions. This retired dentist also asked if I had a lot of mercury fillings and suggested taking DMSA tablets.

Anyway thanks for the info. Do you do public speaking engagements?

Your website is a very good source of information – probably the best, however I found it a bit confusing now finding the HOME page with the addition of the new TRAVEL PAGE that comes up first. Maybe I’m the only one.


Karl Loren is correct [and he has a good site], but you also need periodic and close check thru an MD using urine analysis to determine the amount of mercury dropped and over what period of time. Regarding dentist: a biological dentist is essential because (1) the order in which the amalgams are removed is critical, (2) of the amount of mercury absorbed by the patient (not swept up by special means), and (3) the special training is important. Please don’t go to a dentist that is not biological, i.e., specially trained and with special equipment.

Infra red and steam saunas are going to be a waste of your time unless you are prepared to undergo about 3-1/2 hours per day of sweating, for about 3-1/2 weeks, and each day replace the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids you sweat out with good stuff, the quantity based on amount of niacin it takes to make you flush each day. As I said, only the Hubbardian sauna is worth the effort and money, although you can achieve a temporary good feeling from the short-time experience. Dr. Jaconello in Toronto has a unit, and he can probably also be encouraged to take samples throughout and measure the amount of decreasing xenobiotics. Go to our Research section and read about Zane Gard’s work.

You sure haven’t read much of William Philpott’s work in our Research section regarding use of magnets, or you wouldn’t be falling for the stuff you’ve described.

I’ve spoken across the country for years, but am not a very entertaining guy. I just tell it like it is.

Mercury chelation with EDTA is possible. Amalgams must be removed first.

My sister in Pakistan (Karachi) has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, she has taken all kinds of medicine but nothing helps. I was searching on WEB for the cure and found your site, very interesting site, would like to take my sister to one of doctor who follow “Arthritis Trust” path.

Do you have listing of the doctors in Pakistan city Karachi who follow Arthritis Trust? Please let me know ASAP.


Please go to our physician list on our website, and you’ll find one doctor in Pakistan listed in Peshawar. There are no doctors anywhere that are signed up to provide all of the treatments that your sister may need to explore to finally rid her self of this terrible disease.

Here in the U.S. I must refer patients to one doctor then another. Please read our button “How to Get Well” and both you and your sister will understand the nature of the disease and the necessary treatments to explore. Some of them can be done by self, and others require help. We’ll be glad to work with any health professional of your sister’s choice.

Do you have any other suggestions or know of any research on melanomas which might help?


You need to go to our website, to the “Research” tab, thence to our “Research and Letters” tab, and then find Philpott along the left hand margin. He’ll give you exact directions on what to do about melanoma and magnets.

My understanding is this: (1) the stronger the magnet, the better the effect, (2) the longer the duration, the better the effect, (3) the magnet must wholly cover the melanoma.

In other words, get a very strong magnet, and find a way to wear the magnet day and night. Philpott’s catalog is on the website and you’ll find everything you need there, and also you’ll find articles specifically on melanoma. Recent advances in immunotherapy offer hope. Also, a large European study recently concluded that one to three cups of drip coffee daily helped protect against melanoma.

Well now I don’t know what to do. This whole process is extremely frustrating. Since I was diagnosed with Rheutmatoid Arthritis I’ve been to dozens of health practioners who all said they could help, but they haven’t. NO ONE (other than, perhaps your website, which I did not find until last spring/summer) seems to have all of the information.

Your website is concise, but it’s overwhelming and confusing because of the sheer amount of information and the fact that it is featured in a variety of places. Most people who are sick and in pain won’t have the inclination to try to sort through all of this. They want one person (clinic), ideally, to just tell them what to do and take care of everything. Or, alternatively, an easy to read, step by step list of instructions and resources, such as a flow chart. “ . . . Do this and then do this, if it doesn’t work, then try this. . . .”

As for finding a local MD to monitor mercury . . . our local MD’s won’t do it. According to your referral list, there was no one in Calgary; the doctor listed for Edmonton still sends his patients to rheumatologists — (I called and asked). There are a few ND’s listed for British Columbia, however they won’t be able to write prescriptions for some of the drugs you mention (Flagyl, Nystatin) or issue blood tests through our health care system. However I will call the one in Kelowna and see what he has to say.


Have you tried asking Paul Jaconello, M.D. in Toronto to work with you? And yes, it is tough. You’ve got to learn more than the so-called experts. In other words, start thinking and take control over your own treatments, using knowledge and reasoning. We’re trying to raise the funds to bring together all the treatments that need to be looked at in one place, but so far we’ve only bought $400,000 worth of property, and need another $1,500,000. We’ll help the best we can, but get it out of your head that someone is going to cure you. That’s the “treatment-of-symptoms” pharmaceutical approach, and seldom works.

I decided to try and start the process of getting well by having my prescription filled for Metronidazole and Allopurinol. I thought that I would first read over some of the info from your website, to determine if there was anything else that I should maybe be aware of. I certainly do not want to put you on the spot, or expect you to provide me with exact or specific answers, as I know that everyone and every case is unique. There are though, a couple of things that I did notice in the writings of Anthony di Fabio, and was hoping that you might be able to offer an opinion or a point in the proper direction.

He mentions that before taking the Metronidazole, that a person should take an intestinal microflora such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, because the body will not metabolize properly without doing so. Is this the common practice, or something that you did, or most others have done?

He also makes mention that Clotrimazole might be a better choice because it can be metabolized by the human system. Would this indeed make more sense?

He also states that it is available in Canada (which is where I am) and information on where it could be obtained is available through the Arthritis Trust Org. I would really appreciate that info, or if there is a link through the site — great.

One last thing for now, with regard to intraneural injections. He also states that info and/or literature/videos are available for purchase or donation of some kind. I would definitely be willing to pay for reliable information or instruction of this procedure, that I could give to my doctor. As a matter of fact, I will of course be looking at providing some kind of donation for all of the wonderful info that I have received from the website, and also from you sir. I very much appreciate the time that you have taken so far, to try and help/guide me in the right direction, and hope that you will bear with me as I continue on this journey back to good health. As I have stated in previous letters to you, if there is somewhere else that I should be directing these questions, please let me know or point me accordingly. I do not want to burden you with my issues, but I am at a loss as to where else I should turn.

Once again, thank you very much for your reply.


I always shudder when someone says they’re going to start with the drugs, rather than survey and try the other treatments mentioned in “How to Get Well!” on our website. You may not have rheumatoid disease at all, but rather simply food allergies or candidiasis!

It’s always advisable to use the “good guys” microflora regardless of which drug you take. In the case of metronidazole, it’s not the drug that does the work, but the metabolites from the drug.

Kripps Pharmacy (Edward Thorpe, Ph.D.), 994 Granville St., Vancouver, BC, V622 1L2; (604) 687-2564 (last I checked) is a compounding pharmacy in Canada, and a source for clotrimazole.

There is no drug of choice because no one knows until tried which works. Of the trillions of invasive microorganisms, which do you have? Check out the Ankylosing Spondilitis article and you’ll understand why it’s the principles for treatment that’s important and not the cook book recipe.

All of our intraneural injection literature is available free of charge under the “Books and Pamphlets” tab. You can download and provide for your doctor — providing s/he’s sufficiently open-minded to learn. (Incidentally some doctors have made a full-time career of using these principles.)

Thanks for your quick reply. I suppose the reason that I went ahead and had my prescription filled was that is what I perceived to be the proper thing to do.

Upon reading any of the articles, I don’t recall any place that it stated to try other treatments before proceeding with the RD treatment. What would be wrong with using the drug treatment first? Would it have some kind of adverse effect, or make me more prone to getting reinfected? Am I only able to do this once?

From what I read, it appears as if some people try it several times or change the drug if they haven’t had a satisfactory response, or some have to reapply the treatment at a later date if they have a relapse of the disease.

Again, I just thought that I was doing things the right way, and if I missed something in the translation, then I am glad that you are pointing me in the proper direction. I will read some things over again, and also check the site for those downloads that you spoke of. If you have any more insight please do not hesitate to pass it along.


Hey! I’m not your doctor.

Just that everyone is hooked on the pharmaceutical paradigm: one disease one microbe. Kill the microbe and folks get well. For chronic “degenerative” diseases there is usually more than one causation, and that normally means inspecting a life-style, and changing that life style.

I got well from drugs alone, in 6 weeks — but it took me 2 more years to learn the rest.

I am going to make the assumption that you seem to be getting upset or annoyed with my latest messages to you. Judging by the “Hey! I’m not your doctor” opening line. Please let me try to say again what I was meaning.

As I glanced over many of the documents and files on the website, I did not notice that there may have been reference to trying to treat things in a particular order, or try other treatments before the RD treatments described. I understand the need to alter or change a person’s lifestyle, with regard to food and vitamin/supplement intake. I presumed that was part of the RD treatment, as well as a long term or life long adjustment.

If you thought that I was asking you for medical advice, as I would a doctor, I assure you that was not the case. As you mentioned in your latest reply, and in previous responses to me, you got well from the drugs in 6 weeks, etc. I took that to mean that you started immediately with the drug treatment, and that is what everyone did. I was just looking to follow other individual’s process. Because all of this is brand new to me, and I have nothing else to go by, I wanted to do what others before me had done. With you having been a former and recovered sufferer, that is why I asked your advice or opinion on things. If this has not been the correct protocol, then I once again apologize. As I have mentioned in most or all of my previous letters to you, if there is someone or somewhere else that I should be directing my attention for the answers that I need, please inform me. I am only trying to learn. I certainly do not wish to bother you issues, if I do not have to.


Hey! I apologize for giving such an erroneous perception!

You’ve got part of the puzzle already, but go back to our website and read “How to Get Well” so you’ll have most of the puzzle. In what order you tackle these various regimens is between you and your doctor — and how you tackle them. We do know certain underlying features, and it’s the principles that are important, not the cookbook recipes. Read our article on “Ankylosing Spondilitis” under the “Articles Important” tab, and you’ll better understand this.

My name is [D.G.]. I am 26 years old married female. I have Ankylosing Arthritis it was not diagnosed until January ’07, it started with the right hip Sacro-illiac joint pain from June ’06. I got a MRI done and abnormalities were seen in the right hip SI joint.

From September ’06 till Jan’07 Allopathic Orthopaedic doctor was treating me for Bone TB it was only in Jan’ 07 they diagnosed it correct. I again got a MRI done and now there were abnormalities in the left hip joint too. I was taking up to 4 tablets a day of Sulfasalazine 500 mg (sold by SAZO EN company name) and two anti-inflammatory (Naprosyn) tablets after then I have even undergone a 20 day Ayurvedic treatment wherein I reduced Sulfasalzine tablet to one a day and no painkillers. While the treatment was underway I really felt very good. My movements were normal and painless except I could not squat. But as I came back to my normal life, going to office (I am a Software Engineer) and doing household work, in just 15 days I experienced a severe pain in my left leg. I took painkillers for two days one tablet a day and then stopped and am taking Sulfasalazine two tablets a day. Pain has come down but I have fever ranging from 99 deg F to 99.6 deg F.

I took Paracetamol for three day (three tablets a day) but now have stopped [as] it’s not making any difference as such. This is my medical case for Ankylosing Arthritis till now ( 16th March ’07 ). I would like to know if you can help me cure this disease. I live in India. I want to be a mother now. Please advise.

Thanks for your time.


Go to two buttons on our website: (1) How to Get Well and (2) Articles: Important. Under the last button, go to “Ankylosing Spondilitis.” These should cover virtually all of the principles you need to get well from this horrible affliction.

I have RA and my mother has scleroderma. We both are HIGHLY interested in learning more about your protocol. We have a doctor who will likely be very willing to treat us using your suggestions. If not, we will gladly travel to one of your referred physicians. Please contact me at this address, or by calling [XXX-xxx-xxx]. Or, if you email me a phone number I will gladly call you.

God bless you for your wonderful site and foundation.

First read the article “How to Get Well,” on our website. Then read some of the articles and books on the website. Those will provide you and your doctor most everything required to know how to achieve wellness. Get back to us if you have further questions.

On March 19, 2007, I received a letter marked “Third Appeal”, stating that my promised pledge of $25.00 on February 7th was not made.

May I correct your information with the fact that my check for $25.00 was mailed on February 13, 2007 and CASHED by the Arthritis Trust.

I am quite concerned about arthritis as I am almost immobile from this disorder. Walking is difficult due to arthritis in my feet, my thumbs are almost useless, my back and right hip are constantly aching and I have already had to replace a knee. It now looks like it is moving into my neck and right shoulder area.

Keep me in mind as my gift moves you to promote the “cutting edge” in arthritic treatment, whatever that is . . .

B. H.

Please believe me when I tell you that rheumatoid arthritis is quite curable. I’m attaching a copy of “How to Get Well” from our website. After you’ve absorbed it, please go to our website and you’ll find books, articles, newsletters and physician referrals all dedicated toward your wellness, at no cost to you. As far as our fund raiser’s persistent appeals, when they don’t apply ignore them. They mean well, but their computer doesn’t.

Hi, My brother is [xxx], the author, and he directed me to your website.

I was diagnosed 20 years ago with rheumatoid arthritis and this diagnosis was changed about 8 years ago to mild lupus. I don’t really care what label the medical field puts on it, but I know sometimes it hurts, fatigues and is not how I want to go through life. I use many natural remedies, some I feel help and some maybe not so much. I read as much as I can and have tried many remedies. I refuse the MD’s prescriptions after an ulcer, more meds for that, then food not digesting, then more meds for that. I don’t really think the arthritis meds did much anyway. Their failure led me to natural remedies, which seem to abound, but I’m not really sure what’s working, worthwhile or still untried.

If you have any ideas, I’d sure love to hear them!

Thanks, S.H.

I admire your brother and love his writing [SkybooksUSA.com]. It fascinates me. There’s no reason you should suffer from either rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. We’ve been telling folks how to get well from both since 1982. Our website is loaded with free information on how to do it. Go to our website http://www.arthritistrust.org, and kick in the “How to Get Well” button. Read and absorb it, and you’ll understand what’s going on with your body. Then go to “Articles Important” button and find the article on lupus and scleroderma. After that start reading all the books under the “Books and Pamphlets” button. Nothing will cost you except your time and interest, and you should have plenty of the latter.

Thank you for your rapid response. I couldn’t find anything on your website about lupus, but will now follow your directions and try again. I read everything! I so appreciate your help, your website and especially your efforts on behalf of those who suffer needlessly. Thank you.

Regards, S. H.

I’ve read many articles on the website, I’ve read the stories in Polish citing your research.

I want to do something, I know more now about anti-amoebic treatment and Candida albicans, but still don’t know where to go next and what to do? “Which doctor? Should I visit a rheumatologist or general practitioner?” What to show him?

I have also a few specific questions:

In the “How to Get Well Article” the treatment relates to “anti-microorganism treatment” does that refer to “Anti-amoebic Treatment for Rheumatoid Disease” is that the same? or is it just a general term related to different treatments.

If I take some test and they prove I don’t have amoeba do you think anti-amoebic treatment would help me?

Thank you very much for your response.

W. J.

Start with the article on “Ankylosing Spondilitis Supplement” under the “Articles Important” tab. Then go to the “How to Get Well Tab” again.

After you’ve read each of those you’ll know more than the rheumatologists you’ve been wasting your time with. They admittedly know nothing on how to get you well.

You’ve got to explore the various known causes of your disease, not just one aspect.

If you’ve read the “Ankylosis Spondylitis” article, then you already know that following the principles is more important than trying to identify a specific microorganism. There are too many microorganisms to justify a hunt for specific ones, unless other factors might be evident. You’ve also read the “How to Get Well” article, and so you know that there’s a lot of different possible straws to remove from the camel’s back. Don’t look for a formula, but rather how you can test out the various treatments necessary. Some you can do yourself, some require a knowledgeable doctor. Normally rheumatologists — and many general practitioners — simply follow the current cookbook recipes agreed upon by their profession. These recipes do not cure, but only treat symptoms, as they’ve already agreed among themselves that these diseases are incurable. However, generally speaking, more arthritics go to general practitioners than go to specialists, that is, rheumatologists.

I can’t tell you which doctor to go to for these treatments. Truth is, there’s no one doctor anywhere in the world who offers all the treatment modalities that you may need to explore. That means learning yourself, more than the rheumatologist, and then finding those health practitioners that will work with you. Our physician list has some good doctors, for example, Helmut Christ, M.D. in Germany. Whether or not he’s what you need, I couldn’t advise.

Our so-called “anti-amoebic” treatment is designed as a broad spectrum anti-microorganism treatment. We no longer call it “anti-amoebic.” But drug treatment is only one part of the problem, as “How to Get Well” tab will tell you. There is no definitive or good test for amoeba.

Here is my story: I’m on my 8th day of treatment

Finished allopurinol yesterday. Started my 2nd week of Clotrimazole today (with “wash-out”)

Been on Lactobacillus acidophilus 5 times a day Dosages have been correct to protocol Was off all other drugs 8 weeks prior

I felt just slightly under-the-weather for the 1st two days of treatment but wasn’t “sick” with flu-like symptoms. My arthritis has gotten a little worse to this point.

I’m losing confidence on the treatment to this point and am looking for some assurance from one of you. Am I in a “Herxheimer” right now or should I be improving by now? If there is a chance of recovery I would love to continue the treatment. However, if you think I’m wasting time I would like some advice.

I’ve got a prescription for Metronidazole ready to go. If you think I should switch medications, do I need to do the allopurinol again?

It was difficult to convince my doctor to prescribe these medications in these dosages and he had me sign a waiver so he wouldn’t be responsible. I’m concerned that he won’t help me with more of the protocol beyond this. Please help, I just want to get better.


First, as I keep reminding everyone, there are more factors involved than just taking the drugs, although those are what got me well in six weeks back in the early 80s. If you haven’t done so, go to our website and read “How to Get Well.” As to your lethargy and “My arthritis has gotten a little worse . . .” that’s a good sign. It’s the Herxheimer in operation. Apparently you haven’t read the article on our website found under the “Articles Important” tab regarding the Herxheimer Reaction. Go find it and read it so you’ll understand what you’re going thru. Stay with your regimen for at least six weeks. Then get back to me and we’ll discuss anything remaining.

I have a 40 year old mother of 2 (8 & 13) that has severe rheumatoid arthritis. She has been taking Remicaid for about 2 years because she reached a point where she could hardly walk. It had helped a lot but now it seems the pain is coming back.

I watched her today as she literally wept in public while attending her daughter’s soccer match. Her last treatment was just 8 days ago. She informed me some time ago that when she was pregnant with her last child the symptoms were completely gone. 6 months after her pregnancy they came back. Your articles on hormone replacement backed up what she said happened.

Her doctor at Duke at the time paid no attention to her. She all of a sudden is suffering really bad. She is scared to death that she is going to be in a wheelchair. With the exception of a limp because the bones in one foot are fusing she can function normal when the pain subsides.

She is also scared to death of what the Remicade is doing to her body. She has got to try something different. She is interested in the hormone replacement for the arthritis as well as the Arthritis Trust cure that Dr. Wyburn has developed.

We live in Clarkton, NC. I know you have a list of many doctors, but if you could narrow it down as to whom you would recommend for either of these treatments in NC it would be really helpful.

My name is R.E. My friends name is J.W. She is one of the most courageous individuals that I have ever seen. She constantly is on the go for her kids. She is scared that one day she will not be able to go. Now the pain is starting to come back she is really scared again. It hurts me so to see her in so much pain.

If you could help with the referrals and or advice as soon as possible, I would appreciate it. We would like to get started asap before any more damage is done.


I’m not clear whether you’re writing for your friend or your mother. I assume that your mother is your friend, so I’ll call her that. Unfortunately your friend was trapped by the current medical system that declares cookbook recipes for all problems, even if they make the patient sicker. Does she really want to get well? Then go to our website and click the tab “How to Get Well.” She must read and understand this article. No set of cookbook recipes will get her well, but following the principles will more than likely do so. More unfortunates: we only have the physicians on our physician list on our website. Even so, there is no one that offers all of the treatments necessary to explore for wellness. It’s often necessary to travel from one state to another, from one doctor to another. The codes beneath each doctor’s name tells what they offer. The patient can always call ahead and make arrangements. We’re always happy to work with your friend’s family physician if the physician is sufficiently open-minded to learn something other than distribution of symptom relievers that never halt the progress of the disease.

We’re trying our best to establish a medical center that will offer all these successful treatments, but we’re about $1,500,000 short so far.

I am a 35 year old husband and father of 2. I have recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I first noticed symptoms in my wrists and elbows about 6 months ago. 7 weeks ago I had sudden onset in my left achilles tendon coinciding with tinnitus.

I am desperate to find out if there is a cure. I went to 1 rheumatologist, blood work showed positive RF factor. She didn’t give me any hope of a cure. I hurt everywhere. My teeth, gums, brain, joints, rectum, etc.

I have been researching the internet every night and you seem to be the only hope of a cure. Your philosophy makes sense to me. I am insured. Can you help me?


There is indeed a cure! The problem with modern medicine is that they provide only cookbook recipes, treatment for symptoms, and no cures, therefore they will tell you there is no cure, because the doctor her/himself doesn’t know of any cures. It’s also politically correct to declare that there is no cure!

Read “How to Get Well.” Read our free books on our website. Our physician list, unfortunately, does not include any doctor who can cover all the treatments that you need to explore, but short visits here and there across the country will do fine. Meanwhile, we’ll be happy to work with your family doctor, if s/he is open-minded enough to learn. There are also ND’s available in many parts of the country that can help with some things. If you can find a doctor who provides you with intraneural injections (another free book on our website) you’ll get 3 weeks of helpful, safe, pain-free relief while you’re working on other avenues. Start reading, and you can begin some of the treatments such as nutritional, yourself.

My friend and I ard interested in helping raise money for Rheumatoid Arthritis. We had an idea of getting bracelets made, similar to the LIVE STRONG ones and raise money to help the cause. My grandmother passed away a couple years ago from this disease, so I would like to do this in remembrance of her and help other people in the process. The money we receive from the bracelets would go to the Arthritis Trust of America organization. Please let me know if this is a good idea and if this would really help the patients. Thank you for your time.


Anything you can do to help us raise money will surely help patients.

What is it you need from us?

My idea is to have a bulk amount of green bracelets made for R.A with the word “FLUTTER” imprinted and a butterfly indention on it. This is in memory of my grandma who passed away a couple years ago. She liked butterflies very much, which is why I want the butterfly on it and “FLUTTER” and it would be green because her birthday was in May and green is the birthstone color for May. If I could have help in getting the bracelets made, so I can sell them for the arthritis organization. I have already discussed my idea with many people, including teachers and they all agree this is a wonderful idea and they would be more than willing to support it. I just don’t know how to get the bracelets made, and having the butterfly indention is important. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I still don’t know what you need from us. Usually all of our books and so on have our logo on, which you can find as a circle with a registered mark below it and to the right side on most of our articles. We could not furnish any funds for the project, as we’re investing what we have in helping folks thru books, articles, seminars and so on.

If you want permission to use the logo, you can have it, but you must be careful regarding state laws. We’re registered in most states, but if you got very big, the state charity offices would notice you and require a large amount of money representing yourself as a “consultant” or paid fundraiser. Volunteer work (non-paid) is OK without state registrations.

As far as getting such products produced, go to Google and find quite a large number of companies that manufacture them.

I am 50 years old and I have RA [Rheumatoid Arthritis]. First flare was in December last year, after that I felt OK, I didn’t take any medication except some NSAIDs [Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs] (total in last 4 months 20 pills).

I came to USA and in California where I found Dr. Hans Gruenn, who was on your list. After checking my blood and allergies to food he also found that I have bacteria, viruses and candida in my body.

All my blood results are fine (ESR is 14 and CRP is negative). He gave me to take: 4 X 500 mg metronidazole (2 days per week for 6 weeks weeks) and 3 x 300 mg of allopurinol (3 x per day for 1 week). He also gave to me to take Multivitamins, Mg with vitamin E, Lactobacillus acidophilus, fish oil and enzymes. I am 160 lb weight and this what he gave me I think is fine as per your protocol, but I found another 4 medications in your protocol diodohydroxyquion, Potassium Para Amino Benzoate, Copper ions and Rifampin. It is not clear to me why he didn’t give me those medications. It is my second day and I feel nausea and last night I had stomach pain. I feel also cold. I know these are side effect of the medication. I also got last night pain in my elbow. I don’t know if this is the Herxheimer effect or not. Dr Hans told me that the Herxheimer effect is not very often present but still can be cured. As I read the Protocol I think that [it has] no cure. I am actually scared, but I know this is my only chance and I hope I will do [OK] to the end.

Please, answer me on this and tell me that what I am doing is OK or not.

Thank you very much, in advance.


I believe you’re in very good luck, as what you are experiencing is most likely the Herxheimer effect. Go to our website “Articles Important” tab and find the article “The Herxheimer Effect.” Reading it should ease your fears and make you happy that you’re reacting favorably. Also, while at it, read the article “How to Get Well.” As to the other substances you mentioned, they are for special problems, not for use by everyone or all at the same time.

You’re doing fine. You should have an intensification of the Rheumatoid symptoms if you’re to get well. In fact, Dr. Pybus long ago determined that the more severe the Herexheimer effect, the higher probability of achieving wellness, as a general rule.

Thank you for contacting me. Is the newsletter really free? I’m still very interested in your newsletter which helps keep me up to date.

Bruce Lacey (the Ankylosing Spondylitis case) is still pain free!

Best regards

Dee Airey

Dear Dee:

Nice to hear from you again. Yes, the newsletter is free. The quarterly newsletter is always free on our website. We mail out about 3,300 via snail mail. We haven’t designed the E-mail newsletter yet, but we’re working on it. When completed we might drop the snail-mail and send out only the website-based E-mail communications.

Continuing congratulations on Bruce Lacey. You should be running a foundation like this one in your country!

(For others’ information, Dee Airey conducted one of the most successful investigations and applications for her friend’s wellness one can imagine. Rather than taking our advice as literal, she reasoned out Bruce Lacey’s causations by following key principles. Everyone should read “Ankylosing Spondilitis” at our website “Articles: Important” tab.)

Hello doctor, this is M. from India. I’ve just been diagnosed for rheumatoid arthritis. I’m a medical student. Like many others I’m under an impression that rheumatoid arthritis has no cure. If there’s any way you can help me with the cure, kindly let me know. I’m really scared. I’m willing to fly down to the US, if that is what it takes to cure me. Please reply. I’m anxiously waiting to hear from you. I’ve been crying for days now.


The reason you’re under the impression that there is no cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis is simple. It’s not to the benefit of multi-national pharmaceutical companies to identify a cure. It’s more financially lucrative to sell symptom relievers. This fattens their administrators’ and their stockholders’ pocket books. Since large pharmaceutical companies control most of what is called “modern” medicine, medical schools, medical associations, health insurance, and so on are dominated by certain inaccurate paradigms, one of which is the “politically correct” statement that “Rheumatoid Arthritis is incurable.” Another slant to this falsehood is “Send us more charity dollars and we’ll search to find the cure!” Of course, if those charity dollars go primarily to “accepted” researchers, then it ultimately ends up with the large pharmaceutical companies testing out one symptom reliever or another, rather than identifying claims to cures. Look, M., I, myself, got well many years ago. Thousands more have followed the wellness path. Simply go to our website and read at the tab “How to Get Well.” Then go to some of our books which are all free on line. I guarantee when you’re done you’ll know more than the far majority of rheumatologists as they admit they know nothing. We’ll be glad to cooperate with any doctor in India who is open-minded — and also keep in mind that India is the home of Ayurvedic medicine, a system of often workable treatments that long ago preceded “modern” symptom-relieving medicine.

As a medical student, you should be interested in our article “2-Case Histories,” which describes the ordeal that Dr. Blount endured from medical school forward, until he achieved wellness.

I am writing to request grant assistance from your organization for my project.

Please, take a look at the brief information contained in the enclosed information sheet. Your comments, suggestions, instructions, and advice would be most helpful.

If you decide that my request for support is relevant to your organization’s mission, areas of interest, and activities, I would be more than happy to provide any additional materials you may request. I would gladly submit a full grant application complete with a grant proposal, budget, and all relevant supporting materials.

I look forward to receiving your instructions and advice.

I deeply appreciate your time and kind attention to this request.

Thanks for thinking of us, but we don’t have that kind of money. In fact, if you search our website you’ll find that we’re looking for $1,500,000 to construct a medical center supported by a shopping center such that all modalities that help arthritics get well can be brought together under one roof. Sorry! But good luck!

I’m trying to find a Canadian source for Osteo Trace, please can you advise? Thank you.


If you’re looking for boron, Newnham says that you can accomplish the same thing by wetting the end of your finger and placing it in Borax, the amount being about right for a daily dosage of boron. See our website “Articles: Important” “Boron and Arthritis.”

Otherwise, send a letter to Dr. Newnham. His address, in England, is in our physician list.

I am writing to inquire about doctors or physicians in Mississippi (I live in Clinton, MS) that follow your techniques. My health is very challenged. I am dealing with extreme fatigue, aching joints, stiffness of my hands, shortness of breath and headaches, to name a few. I THINK THAT I HAVE ARTHRITIS OR SOME AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE. I don’t want to sound desperate, but this condition has taken over my life, making the completion of daily task very difficult.

I looked at your physician referral list, but did not see any doctors or physicians in Mississippi. Are there any? If so, please provide them to me. Also, any advice on how I should proceed on this issue would be appreciated!


If you’ve read “Ho to Get Well” and a number of our articles and books, then you already know what kinds of treatments that you need to look at. Unfortunately there is no one doctor anywhere in the world that supplies all of the regimens you may need to explore. I don’t know where Clinton, MS is but you can always go to Southern Alabama, or even Humble, Texas for a doctor that will get you started. Go back and look at the physician list again, and read the codes beneath each name to determine the kind of doctor you need.

Most sadly, one of our major founders and the doctor who got me well, Jack M. Blount, M.D. is no longer in Philadelphia, MS. An arthritic himself, he treated about 17,000 before his death.

I have psoriásica arthritis and I would like to take the treatment of the antibiotic.
I live in Spain and I do not know any doctor who applies it.
Could ypu send me the protocol of the treatment so that it takes my attending physician to it?
Thank you very much.


Please go to our website and read the whole article “How to Get Well,” which delineates all of the areas you must explore, and also refers you back to key articles in each area.

All of our free books and some articles contain the various protocols in some detail, excepting the minocycline treatment, which seems to vary from doctor to doctor. Principles of that treatment are given in some of the articles.

How is your website going to help Jennifer? How about some clinical recommendations. What is your expertise? We have had our fill with western medicine; we are interested in treating J for the cause of her autoimmune condition. Our focus is a viral infection.

What treatment protocol do you recommend?

My wife recently diagnosed with RA, 45 years old. Currently treating with distilled H20, homepathic remedies. Most of pain is gone, although mornings and eves very stiff. Appreciate some feed back regarding this progression

J.J. D.C.

If you’ve read the “Foreward” attached in the last response, you’d know that there are many causes to RA. The main ones are listed in that Foreward. There’s nothing wrong with J’s immune system. It’s doing the job it’s supposed to do. Like the camel with too many straws on its back, J has too many stress vectors, among which may or may not be the virus you’ve mentioned.

She must learn about how to tackle all of these factors, and relieve them one or two at a time. Some may apply, some may not. No one doctor anywhere will be set up to tackle all of them. She may even need to see a “biological dentist”.

Our website has books and articles about all of these factors, and J must learn enough about them to determine what applies and what does not.

Some will require help of a doctor somewhere in the country, and some may not.

Our website has referral doctors listed along with the type of treatment they’re willing to give.

We’ve known folks who’ve had all of their mercury removed (dentist + doctor required) and have immediately gotten well from RA. Others having this done have removed an important stress vector, but have other things yet to do.

Anyone who has had a tooth removed or root canal work done by an ordinary non-biological dentist is highly suspect for a focus of infection in their root canal. One can kill organisms forever more but until that focus of infection is cleaned out by a trained biological dentist, the RA will reoccur again and again.

It is normally folly to presume that a specific, known microorganism is at fault.

One of our newsletters featured an Ankylosing Spondilitis victim who got well by killing off (with traditional medicine) a common infection obtained in warm waters in Africa. No one in the US would have guessed or looked for this particular bug. He also was suffering from metal poisoning from his welding business.

So, go back to the website and start reading. J must know more than her doctors or, especially, her rheumatologists.






J.J. D.C.

I’m glad that [your wife] is responding to homeopathy.

Although I’ve seen great scientific studies on animals and plants, I’ve never but one time been helped by homeopathy. I’m not a disbeliever — just gotta see for myself.

Anyway, RA waxes and wanes, so without double-blind studies it’s nearly impossible to determine if one treatment is improving the condition, or if this is a period of waning, except over the long run.

My case is reported in the attached under pseudonym of Anthony di Fabio. [“2-Case Histories”]

Sounds as though something in J’s water has antigenic activity.

Distilled water is not, I understand, the best kind of water in the world. More like reverse osmosis, as flourine and chlorine will still be in the distilled water if the original source contained them.

The trouble with reporting my treatment is that it all appears so simple — and for me it was! But it took me 2 more years to learn about many other aspects to sustain health. Each one of those, as you’ve already read in the “Foreward,” can affect people with RA.

I’ve been free of RA since the early 1980s, the time when the attachment was written.

You really need to go down the list of items in the “Foreward” I sent to you earlier, and find out which ones are yet to be explored.

Additionally, if you do decide to take any of the 5-nitroimidazoles keep in mind that the object is to administer broad spectrum anti-microorganism treatment, which means that, according to our protocol, either allopurinol or furazolidone must be used for the first 7 or 10 days, respectively.

Dr. Reza Rastmanesh has performed a preliminary experiment testing potassium against rheumatoid arthritis on six patients with encouraging results. He is now planning an experiment using a much larger group. I would very much like to see him encouraged financially as much as possible. Do you know any organizations that might be willing to contribute a couple of thousand dollars to his experimentation? His experiments are poised to have a dramatic affect on the millions of people suffering from RA in our society. The matter should not be left to chance. Contact information is below.

Sincerely, Charles Weber

Reza Rastmanesh, PhD (Nutritional Sciences), MSc, FNS Dipl Assistant Professor Human Nutrition Department, Faculty of Nutrition, Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
Minor: Pharmacology P.O. Box 19395-4741, Tehran, I.R. Iran Tell: +98 21) 22 357484 , Cell: +98 912) 3014539, Fax: +98 21) 22 36 06 58 & 60 Alternative email: r.rastmanesh@nnftri.ac.ir

Charles Weber has long advocated possible use of potassium for treating arthritis. Find his article “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” under the “Research and Letters” tab.

Also see “Alternative Medicine Connections” tab, and go to “Charles Weber” link.

Thanks a lot for replying.that was certainly relieving. I shall look for the books online. Your faith in ayurveda surprises me. I believe it would work unlike many arthritis patients I know who would strongly disagree. I will heed to your advice and do whatever it takes.
thanking you sincerely,


I stand corrected, as you must surely know more of Ayurvedic medicine than I do. There are numerous Ayurvedic practitioners here, but I’ve really not investigated them. My premise was based on the idea that many herbs may be involved in treating disease, and your country has a long history of knowing which can be effective and which are not.

I have a cd from Dr. John Trowbridge, Humble, Tx. (just outside of Houston). The date was 12-6-03, where he did a radio show. He talked about a miracle cure for rhumatoid that was used on 17,000 patients with an 80% remission rate. I believe he called it Metranitisol (not sure about the spelling) [metronidazole: Ed]. I would like to find out more about this “miracle cure”. I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that I will beat my rhumatoid arthritis. My only question now is, HOW?? It appears that you folks might have some answers that I have been seeking. Please let me know how I can research the above miracle cure. Thank you.


I, too, am absolutely positive you can beat your rheumatoid arthritis! As to Dr. Trowbridge, you’ll need to ask him about the treatment he has recommended. His name and address is on our website at the “Physician List” tab. Meanwhile, please also go to “How To Get Well” tab on our website. Read it. You’ll understand what it takes to insure that you’ll get well and stay well. After you’ve read that, go to our books and read those as well as articles. If you go to the “Audio” tab, you’ll find Dr. Trowbridge’s radio programs featured. The last one has to do with rheumatoid disease — but the “How to Get Well” tab covers everything we’ve learned since 1982.

Can you tell me more about prolotherapy, the normal length of treatments and costs?

I have been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis in part of my spine and have had back pain for a number of years. After an auto accident last year . . . this situation worsened.

The Neurologist told me there wasn’t much he could do.

I suspect there are benefits to this prolotherapy approach and want to know more.


I’ve had a number of prolo therapy treatments and they surely do work for their intended purpose, which is to tighten up tendons and ligaments. The number of treatments you need are a function of your metabolism. If you repair tissue rapidly, then you’ll need less treatments. If you repair tissue slowly, you’ll need more treatments. You can read more about this process at our website under the “Articles Important” tab, “Sclerotherapy — Prolotherapy.” While you’re at it, also read the “Ankylosing Spondilitis” article, and the “How to Get Well” article.







Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this. I guess I just needed a shoulder to cry on as they say..and thank you so much for any help you can give me.


Sincerely G.M.

You can cry on my shoulder as much as you want, provided you take my suggestions seriously. Dr. Davis of Humble, TX has gotten every one of his scleroderma patients well, although in one tough case it took a year. The result was a perfectly normal life for the lady.

One of the unfortunate problems we’ve always had is that there’s no one doctor anywhere that has available all of the treatments that you need to investigate. So, for that reason, you may have to travel from doctor to doctor, covering all the bases. You didn’t say what state you live in so I don’t know where to start you. Stay away from these doctors who use cookbook recipes — they’re following nothing more than a recipe approved by an insurance company or hospital, and will not get you well, as you already know.

You need Davis’ protocol. I assume you’ve already read it in detail on our website under “Articles Important” tab “Lupus and Scleroderma.”

You also need to read the article under the “How to Get Well” tab, if you haven’t already done so. Doctors who are involved in alternative/complementary medicine will work with you to get you well — but you need to seek out the right ones after learning what you need.

As I recall, Davis’ protocol starts out with the Roger Wyburn-Mason broad-spectrum anti-microorganism protocol, not the Brown protocol which uses minicline. (Right off, your “helpers” advising the pill form of minicline are not understanding and don’t want to understand.)

Then Davis’ begins with, I believe, a monthly IV. If you had to travel to a cooperating doctor once a month for a year, it would still be well worth it. Meanwhile, you can check out various other possibilities: biological dentistry, nutrition, candidiasis, food allergies, and so on.

You can get well, but only if you put your mind and body into it.

You already know more from what you’ve read than the folks who’ve discouraged you. They know nothing, and admit it.

Unfortunately, health insurance doesn’t pay for treatments that work, but only for symptom relievers — a failed direction.

Dr. Davis is listed in our physician list, under Texas, at 26 Enchanted Lane, Dayton, TX 77535-7475. His telephone number is no longer listed with us, as he is semi-retired — but I believe you can find it. If not, write.

Let me know when you reach snags. I’ll help where I can. That’s our function.

THANK YOU FOR SUCH A FAST REPLY and before I forget again my address is . . . . I have called information for Texas and got the number for R M DAVIS MD (936)258-4560 now I just have to call and I am sooo nervous I can’t even think of what I want to say. I guess I am just scared of being turned away again I had a visit with my pcp on the 25th and he didn’t even want to hear about any research I have done and when I told him it was from Arthritis Trust he said it was no good, who are these people? How do I know them from? They said that John and I need to get on the Scleroderma Foundation web site and I have to go to a University or Mayo Clinic and they are the only people who can help me because I am very sick and my disease is very serious and I will have to move where the University is.

He knows because he just came from the University of Miami where he treated scleroderma patients under the direction of Professors.

So I told him “then you can treat me.”

He said he will not jeapordize his license for me and neither will any other pcp so my only options are a University or Mayo Clinic.

Can you give me any feed back on this? He is something else — he had me in tears.

Once Again THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart


Don’t feel bad, because you’ve just bumped into the normal or traditional type of medical service. It starts out with ignorance and also has the arrogance to know that anyone who may have something different must be fraudulent. There is no answer for ignorance and arrogance combined, especially when they stem from so-called “educated” people. We’ve fought these same battles since 1982 — and other people have fought them much longer — in fact, there’s many good books written on the subject, often starting with Louis Pasteur and extending through thousands of very good scientists and doctors.

Don’t let your treatments be guided by ignorance and arrogance. Learn as much as you can, and start working on yourself.

Don’t waste your time with negative thinking, ignorance and arrogance and what we often call “altitude.” “Altitude” is being so high up on the pat-yourself-on-the-back chain that you don’t have to know anything else, and you expect everyone else to bow to your obvious superiority — even when you at the same time admit you can do nothing to help!

I call this “evil.”

Hope you get help from Dr. Davis.

I spoke with Dr. Davis in the a.m. and I told him who I am and where I live and my problem with scleroderma and how nobody wants to or even knows how to treat me, I also told him that I am in contact with you and you recommended I contact him.

But he said that he is retired now so he cannot see me but he will try to help me find a doctor closer to me to help me. He said that I need to find a doctor that would do the intravenous DMSO [dimethylsulfoxide IV}, whatever that is, and he could give them his protocol.

I gave him my phone number like he asked, so I guess I just sit and wait to hear from him and do a lot of praying.

THANK YOU AGAIN you are god sent. G.M.

Dear G.M. No, don’t thank me! Thank Ronald Davis, M.D. I’ve known him since nearly 1982, and he was once a Board Member. He’s an honest and sincere doctor, and gives away his knowledge freely.

I’ve never had a complaint since he began working on the lupus/scleroderma problem.

You are an important person — and we understand fully what you’ve gone thru! When we started in 1982 only about 30% of Americans attended alternative/complementary medicine. Now it is closer to 66%. Unfortunately, the political mis-selling of health insurance has forced a more rigid stance on medicine, doctors and hospitals. No longer can they treat folks to get them well, but must treat them according to a cookbook designed by insurance companies.

Wherever you live, if you’ll search, you’ll find many folks engaged in battling this evil empire. Start in the Health Food Stores and look at their publications; ask around; go to our website at the “Links” tab and start searching. I’m sure you’ll find many folks in your region to share information with, many who’ve been through the same evil you have.

If you can make it, attend our seminar on July 14, 2007. You’ll find that you’re among folks who understand completely what you’ve been through, and it will also tone up your disposition toward getting yourself well. There’s nothing like new knowledge and knowledgeable people to build up confidence, self-esteem and wellness! Hope we see you there!

Go to our first webpage and look at the seminar upcoming. Whether patient or health professional, attending the seminar would do everyone a great deal of good!

I have already learned a lot from the arthritis trust website and from you thanks for the support and all the help and kind words you have shared with me.

I am trying to find a way to get to the seminar in July. I would love to attend . . . THANK YOU!

I will do my best. I am going to talk to my sister about it this weekend maybe she can come up with a way for me to get there because I don’t have the funds to do it. (I am not a quitter.) Where there is a will, there “IS” a way . . . and I have a strong will!

I would like to ask you a question I know you will be honest with me . . . have you personally known anyone with scleroderma that has been cured? I am sorry for asking this way but i need to know. THANK YOU


Dr. Davis has cured every patient he’s had. He’s an honorable man. All of the Rheumatoid Diseases, including Lupus and Scleroderma, have the same basic mechanisms at fault. Have you yet read the tab “How to Get Well?” If you have, you apparently don’t understand what’s involved. If you haven’t, better get to it.

Davis has found that IV’s given periodically using such as DMSO (a strong and safe anti-free-radical scavenger), coupled with the anti-microorganism treatment, has done wonders for his patients. Have you gone to our website “Articles Important” and read the “Lupus and Scleroderma” article. If not, get to it.

Someone must be talking you down again!

Too bad. Stay away from those kind of folks and concentrate on learning everything you can, and making your own decisions.

I am a little confused after your last e-mail to me. Maybe I am just reading too much into it, or maybe not enough, I don’t know! Do you honestly believe there is a cure for me or my disease???

Either way I at least got a friend out of all this, didn’t i?

THANK YOU . . . G.M.

Hey! You’ve done nothing to apologize for. I just answered your question as honestly as I could. As far as the confusion is concerned, just take one bite at a time, and everything will settle down.

I am just so confused and soooo scared I don’t know what to do.

I have done nothing much but read your articles since I found your website but I have trouble remembering them and not really understanding most of what I am reading . . . I just wish there was some way I could get Dr. Davis to treat me. I feel so alone and scared I don’t know if maybe it is depression or what that makes me feel this way.

I was always so positive on life and independant, and now I am so scared. I don’t have anyone to help me with the research that really understands it, it seems like every door I knock on for help, they always turn me away, too busy, don’t have time, or just don’t want to be bothered. I can’t understand what I need to do, or where to start, my brain just can’t handle it anymore . . . again I AM SORRY PERRY!!!

Thank you so much for all your support,you are such a beautiful person, you truly do care about people. I Thank GOD for puting you in my life . . . GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!

Thank You G.M.

Let us know how you do, and any problems you have, please!

After many years of suffering and becoming more and more disabled, I have finally been diagnosed with spondyloarthritis. Although I am in agreement with your information given on your site, it is my concern that others, like myself have come to having almost no extra funds by the time they seek out this information that you offer. I am on SSDI, with only Medicare and Medical Assistance. How do people like myself pay for these treatments?


I wish I knew the answer to that one. Many years ago our foundation set up a means for helping folks financially, but could never get anyone elsewhere to work with dedication. Imagine that! In a country that collects hundreds of millions of charity dollars, but virtually nothing for wellness!

Our idea was to set up regional chapters that concentrate on local fundraising, and that the major share of collected funds be used to help with medical assistance for those who can’t afford it in their region.

Keep in mind that insurance only pays for treatments that don’t work!

One of our local chapters, we felt, could raise money via many avenues — walkathons, lectures, etc.

Currently most of those kinds of “charity fund raising activities” go to benefit the large, well publicized charities. What folks don’t realize is that the vast majority of charity money taken in to “find a cure for xyz” ends up with pharmaceutical companies paid to continue doing research in relieving symptoms, or, at best, following the failed well-beaten research paths.

I know that. That is why I am looking for alternatives. I have Medicare and Medical Assistance, and am really stuck. I don’t even have dental coverage with those. I could pay for some of my care, but it seems that the homeopaths are very expensive. It would be nice if there was some type of savings account or something that could be used for some of the expense.

Well I enjoyed your site, but unless someone has a lot of money in this world, they cannot even hope to have good medical care. My grandmother was an Ojibwe medicine woman, and they were real healers. Today everything is all about the money.

Thank you for your response,


“Good Medical Care” normally translates into “the very best traditional care,” [politically correct care] which is a failed paradigm!

We are looking for someone who can provide us with this product [boron]. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina.



Read the article on our website regarding Boron at the “Articles Important” tab. It will tell you how to use commercial borax, until you can find the proper source for the boron nutritional supplement.

Then go to our website at the Physician Lists, and look up Rex Newnham’s address in England. He can tell you a source for the Boron.

Boron can also be gotten nowadays at most any supplement store.

I started the Metronidazole treatment about 10 days ago, Since I was very successfully treated by Dr. Bingham’s Arthritis Vaccine in 1992, I have gone with his approach which is 1500 mg of Metronidazole for 12 days, than 500 mg per day for 20 days and than 3 times a week for 3 to 6 months.

I’m a on a low acid diet, I drink a lot of water with a pH level of around 8 to 9 daily—no sugar or wheat products, I’ve learned to like yogurt, take many vitamins, etc., including acidophilus, and all of a sudden . . . I have a thriving overgrowth of Candida! Why and what do I do?

My doctor has agreed to let me do this treatment, but is of no help because he thinks that once this fails, I will be ready to go on Methotrexate. Which I am against. I cannot afford the $600.00 plus, to go on the treatment through the doctor on your reference list, so I am very much alone, with no one to help me through this.

I have spoken to some one there a few weeks ago, but received little help. I am a 40 year old female, and I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 2 years old. There have been times when I’ve lived a normal life, lifting weights, downhill skiing, sewing, etc., but now my joints are deforming. If there is someone there who is very knowledgable in this, (since I have had a lifetime of experience with RA), I would appreciate being able to contact them from time to time.

This is where I’m at in a nutshell.


One reason you may have an overgrowth of Candida is because the metronidazole not only knocked out bad guys bacteria in your gut, but also the good guys. This made an environment open for Candida. We always advise taking a good grade of Lactobacilus acidophilus with any of the anti-microorganism drugs.

Yogurt, by the way, is not Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Please go to our website and read “How to Get Well” and then you’ll understand more of what is involved. Also the program of metronidazole that you’re on is not the one we recommend, as you’ll see. Dr. Bingham was one of our founders and he, along with other physician founders, experimented with different drugs and amounts until reaching the protocol that we now recommend. Dr. Bingham along with other physicians devised our present protocol.

Then go to the various books we have on line. Read the articles and books, and you’ll know more than your rheumatologist. He admits he can’t get you well. We’re sure you can, but you’ve got to pay attention to everything!

Finally, if you’ve gone to a doctor on our referral list who is feeding you methotrexate, you need to tell us who s/he is, so we can remove the name from our physician referral list.

I have been reading up on different treatments for arthritis.

Came across several articles and a website for the use of Boron to treat osteoarthritis..in particular Dr. Rex Newnham with his product OsteoTrace out of the UK.

They mention that while you first take it you may encounter a Herxheimer reaction for a couple of weeks then it will get a lot better.

I finally found a source for the product in the US and have ordered it.

In the meantime I bought some Boron at the local health food store . . . as Boron Glucanate 3mg.

I have taken 3 pills a day for the last 2 weeks and in the last 4 days have started to feel absolutely terrible. I have more pain, am very depressed and basically want to sleep all the time.

I’m in the world of the unknown. Is this a short reaction? Will it go away or should I stop completely or take a lower dose?

I would appreciate any info on the benefits and/or side effects with taking boron.

I’ve tried about everything for arthritis and this seems like the last hope.

Thank you very much for any kind of response!!!


We can’t give you personal advice about your present symptoms, but generally, sounds like you’re having a classical Herxheimer reaction. Go to our website at the tab “Articles: Important” and find the article on the Herxheimer. It will be quite valuable to you right now. Back in the late seventies I went thru some extremely terrible Herxheimer’s before I got well from Rheumatoid Arthritis. If it is a Herxheimer, you need to stay with it. More than that I can’t advise.

Thank you for your quick response, I have just read the article on Herxheimer and did find it helpful. I have just one more question (really two) and I’ll let you go. Have you found that over the years Boron has helped a lot of people and has it personally helped you?

Thanks again


I’ve never personally gotten into the boron solution, but it has been reported to have helped a number of folks. Keep in mind that any important nutrient that is absent will often bring about health improvement when supplied.

In any event, it’s cost is so minor compared to other treatments that it’s well worth trying. When you do, you’ll be able to answer the question better than I can.

Please advise where I can buy the [Three Years of HCl Therapy] book or pamphlet.

I was told it was available on your website, but I can’t seem to locate it, though I found the obituary on Mr. Wayne Martin.

Thank you so very much.

Dave Stokesbary, MD

[This book is no longer available and is out-of-print.]

Thank you.

I found it. Hadn’t scrolled down far enough.

Looks like a good seminar.

Best regards, Dave Stokesbary, MD

PS — FYI my website is www.website: vibrationmed.com

Dear Dave:

I’ve looked at your website. What a wonderful development! We advise everyone to look it up!!

Dr. Philpott’s work is reprinted almost complete in our “Research” section, and I read the Dr. Wright newsletter article regarding your work, but never dreamed it had progressed so far so well. One of my articles regarding Philpott’s discoveries was in Townsend Letters and also in our own newsletter, the latter being found on our website.

I will place your website address in our “Links” section, and also ask if you’ve checked out the “Physician Sign-up” form under our “Physicians and Scientists” tab? Normally we don’t go looking for referral physicians, but your work would be a great addition.

If interested, fill out the form you can download and send via snail mail. We add no doctors to our referral list that haven’t signed the form.

Two years ago I was in an auto accident, cracking C-1, C-2 (2 places), C-4, C-5, C-6 and right-rear occipital condyl. I’m still recovering from the accident, and sorely wish I’d had your device available after that trauma.

You’ve got a truly phenomenal development under way.

I have been pretty sick for about 4 weeks or so now and C thought maybe I should run my symptoms by you to see if you had any directions to lead me that my doctors have overlooked.

Up until about a month ago, I have been very healthy — I do my cardio work outs at least 4 times a week, plus I chase around my two 2 year old grandsons, on top of working my daily load here 8-10+ hours a day. I have never really been sick, except for hypothyroidism which I have been on medication for now several years.

About a month ago we had just finished a family cookout when I all of a sudden doubled over with chest pain. I sat down on the couch and after about 30 minutes or so it passed. When I woke up the next morning, I felt perfectly fine so I didn’t give it another thought and went on to work.

About 2 or 3 in the afternoon, a slight chest pain returned; my the time I got home that evening the pain was unbearable so I went to the local urgent care. They immediately hooked me to an IV, ran an EKG, put me on oxygen, gave me Nitro and sent me via ambulance to the local hospital where they ran a great deal of tests and eventually admitted me.

I was released the next day, but some outpatient tests were ordered (stress test, etc.). After all those tests were in, the conclusion is I have a heart of a 25 year old (I am 41 by the way). My blood pressure which has always been extremely low, is still high so they put me on a beta blocker (Topol XL), a blood pressure medication

(Diovan) and and Anxiety medication (Xanax). The chest pain, shortness of breath continued so they referred me to a Pulmonologist who ran some asthma tests and put me on steriods for a week and on two inhalers (one preventive and one as needed). There is still no improvement.

The fatigue is getting worse and I am barely working 1/2 days now; I just want to sleep all the time. I also have been running low grade fevers on and off (99-101)

Last week, they referred me to a rheumatologist who did a complete autoimmune work up; however frustrating as it already is told me ten days to wait for the results and couldn’t begin to diagnose without the results. He did however mention possibly Fibromyalgia, but I think I have additional symptoms that don’t fit that diagnosis.

Any guidance you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, L.M.


You’ve just been placed in the hands of our wonderful pharmaceutically oriented medical industry! (I’m really being facetious.)

Your initial symptoms are classically angina, and the drugs they placed you on are classically for angina. That means that regardless of how young is your heart, they are pretty sure you have had an angina attack, and are likely to have another.

Modern traditional medicine is wonderful for diagnosis, but not worth much for treatment of most serious conditions. Fibromyalgia (if it applies) and heart problems are two good examples of knowing how to classify, but not how to treat.

Let’s take a look at the heart, first. Go to our website and pick out the Summer 2006 newsletter, page 5, the book review article “The Heart’s Awesome Foursome” by Perry A. Chapdelaine, Jr., M.D., MSPH, Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., M.A.

When you’re done, go buy the book referenced, which is The Sinatra Solution, by Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., Basic Health Publications, Inc., 8200 Boulevard East\, North Bergen, NJ 07047; ISBN 1-59120-159-6; 231 pages, hardcover , 2005, $24.95

You can most likely buy a good copy used via Amazon.com. This book will demonstrate quite clearly that there are 4 nutrients that your heart must have for good health — and most likely you’re not getting any of them, or at least too little of them. More importantly, you’ll find that cholesterol lowering pharmaceuticals — one of the drugs you are taking — is using up one of them rather rapidly (Coenzyme Q10). The pharmaceutical companies know this, because they already have patented drugs containing both the statins and Coenzyme Q10, but they’re unlikely to put that combination on the market until they’re forced to do so.

I had my first (and last so far) heart attack last Xmas, the day my ten kids were to be present for our family Xmas party. It was also angina. I wouldn’t let the doctors use invasive techniques (unnecessary and often painful and still doesn’t tell them any more than they can learn by other techniques), and so on discharging me from the hospital, the doctor wrote out the typical set of prescription deception. I said, “Why aren’t you prescribing magnesium and coenzyme Q10, and the other important supplements?” He said, “I don’t dare or I’d get in trouble here at the hospital.” This young doctor knew better, but he also knew who wrote out his salary check.

You see, L, except for emergency treatment and some diagnostics, modern American medicine is cookbook medicine. The pharmaceutical companies dictate what shall be the recipe, and their monetary influence strait-jackets everyone into a regimen that for the most part is extremely damaging, thus giving the patent medicine companies an opportunity to sell more drugs.

When you read The Sinatra Solution referenced above, you’ll better understand what I mean.

By the way, it took the hospital part of one day to diagnose my problem, then they wanted to keep me longer for observation, falsely telling me that I could not go home yet. I said, “OK, then I’ll just file kidnapping charges.” They’re next statement was, “What time do you want to leave?”

My son, who is a medical doctor and co-author of the above referenced book report, has had me on those 4 necessary supplements since. Never once have I had to use the nitro — and by all tests I’m gradually improving despite my age and former dire predictions.

Another “blood” doctor insisted that I take the standardized cardiac prescription crap. He even called my son to enlist his support behind his effort. I asked him the same question. “What about these four necessary supplements?” which I named. He said, “Scientific medicine is best, and all the studies show that these are better than those supplements.” I asked him to send me some scientific studies on the matter, which he promised to do.

About 3 weeks later I got in a bundle of studies, not one of which showed beta blockers better for the heart than the above 4 necessary nutrients. All of them were double-blind studies showing how one company’s beta blocker was a tiny bit better than another company’s beta blocker. What a farce!

I got on the internet and in a few minutes was able to download a number of double-blind studies unfavorably comparing beta blockers to these 4 essential nutrients, which I shipped off to the doctor. Never heard another peep out of him. (At least he was honest enough to try to prove his religious dogma.)

So the moral is this: if you feel like taking standardized cardiac prescription medicine to be safe, then take lots of Coenzyme Q10 to balance off the drain from your heart that the statins will make. If you don’t your young heart will soon have other problems for which the doctors will be glad to provide a different name and an additional drug.

Now, as to fibromyalgia: There are several ways to tackle that problem, but don’t be discouraged by all the medical gobbledygook. Please go to our website and read under the tab “How To Get Well.” There are more than 100 differently named rheumatoid disease conditions among which is fibromyalgia. They all have one thing in common — they’re collagen tissue sensitivity problems. The article “How to Get Well” will tell you all about it, and how to search out a solution.

Get back to us if you have further questions, please!

If C can see his way to letting you go for a day, try to get to our seminar July 14, 2007. You’ll learn much more there, and you’ll have an important opportunity to talk with doctors who know what it’s all about.

I’m interested in the Seldon Nelson article about the use of copper in the treatment of arthritis and he consistently says treatments are in granules. I can only buy copper in mg tablets – How much should I take to follow his protocol? Is there a conversion? Granules = Milligrams?

Thank you – G.M.

Seldon Nelson died several years ago. Until a few years before his death, he was the chief source of sub-lingual copper granules. A supplement company began manufacturing them before his death, but we’ve lost track of who that was. You might try searching on Googol or Ask.com.

If you have arthritis, please go to our website and read the article under “How to Get Well” tab. It covers everything major we’ve learned since 1982.

I am a therapist who works with Schuessler salts — cell salts — and have a friend with the disease of Besnier Boeck [disease] and want to know more about this subject


As I understand Sarcoidosis (also called sarcoid or Besnier-Boeck disease) is classified as an immune system disorder characterised by non-necrotising granulomas (small inflammatory nodules).

Virtually any organ can be affected, however, granulomas most often appear in the lungs or the lymph nodes. Symptoms can occasionally appear suddenly but more often than not appear gradually.

When viewing X-rays of the lungs, sarcoidosis can have the appearance of tuberculosis or lymphoma.

Enough of medical definitions!

Rheumatoid Disease consists of 100 different diseases, named according to what parts of the body are affected. We believe that any collagen tissue disease is fair game to be called “Rheumatoid Disease,” and one doesn’t need all the fine medical definitions to find out if it will respond to proper treatment.

Simply go read the article under our tab “How to Get Well” on our website, and, if the concepts apply to you, start working on removing all of the possible stress vectors.

Hello..Thank you for your organization. I am reading your book and I am currently a patient at Dr. Mercola’s Optimal Wellness Center. I have started with Metabolic Testing and a Metal Detox.

I am currently on Enbril and Imuran.

My question to you is . . . I read that one should be OFF Methotrexate for 4 months before starting your drug protocol. Should I be off of Imuran for 4 months??

Please let me know.

I have been working so hard and I finally feel a bit of relief. I hope this is just a starting point!!


We’ve not heard of the need to be off of Enbril or Imuran for 4 months prior to treatment. As a matter of fact, not everyone has been off of methotrexate for 4 months, and they’ve still responded well to the treatments we recommend. Go to our website again and read the tab “How to Get Well” where we cover all of the major stressors.

Also Dr. Mercola generally uses the Thomas McPherson Brown method rather than the Roger Wyburn-Mason method. Whether or not 4 month abstinence applies to that technique we do not know.

Although Enbril and Imuran may be useful for temporary relief of pain, we heartily recommend intraneural injections as more effective and safer.

Let us know how you do, please.

Hello, I would like to know what you would recommend I do for health problems such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, irritable bowel and leaky gut. I know I also have candida, parasites, sugar regulation problems, hormonal problems, eye pain, back pain (pain every where), heavy metals from fillings.

I have tried so many products and at 37, I think I have the health of an 80 year-old! Please help!

Thank-you, J.L.

First off you should read “How to Get Well” tab on our website. Then start reading the articles and books found there, and at no cost to you. After that, start searching for health professionals that can work with you to alleviate all of those problems. Our physician list may help, but you will also have to learn and investigate for yourself.

Thank you for your reply,

I have read “How to Get Well” and I am overwhelmed because there is so much to do. I would like to know if you have heard any good comments on ThreeLac and Candidol. I also want to know what I can do for heavy metals. Would Chlorella be a good choice?

Thanks, J.L.

We’ve had no experience with ThreeLac and Candidol, but if they contain the following ingredients, they will most likely be helpful: bentonite, caprol, olive oil, psyllium and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Also under the “Articles Important” tab on our website, read the following articles: “Candidiasis: Scourge of Arthritics,” “Treatment and Prevention of Osteoporosis,” and “Friendly Bacteria — Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifido bacterium.”

Enclosed you’ll find a check for $100 to cover due payments that should have been paid long ago in addition to a small contribution to your great organization. I have enjoyed reading the letter for years and consider it an “old friend.”

I appreciate the listing you have for me as a biological dentist here in Nevada however I have officially closed my practice as of February 1st of this year and no longer perform the jaw bone surgeries for which I was known. In addition, I am no longer seeing patients clinically,

My new venture is medical thermography, that is, the infrared imaging of the human body using sensitive cameras that don’t require radiation exposure or skin contact. Our primary emphasis is on early detection of breast disease, expecially cancer.

I appreciate your presence as an organization and laud the founding members on their abilities to think ‘out of the envelope.’ I thank our Great Creator for that.

Sincerely, C.J. Hussar, D.D.S., D.O.

Dear Dr. Hussar:

Many thanks for your generous $100 donation!

I was saddened to think that you’d no longer be there, the only health professional I could point to who offered almost the complete range of treatment modalities necessary for achieving wellness.

Our biggest problem has been that we must shuttle Rheumatoid Disease patients from one doctor to another to accomplish everything they must look into.

Although it hasn’t been announced yet, we’ve purchased $400,000 worth of land directly in front of the new City Hall in our City of Fairview, TN. We intend to build a small shopping center, and then use the proceeds to support a medical/dental clinic that will offer everything required. It will also be used to teach and to get taught.

We’re a long way from achieving that goal, but another $1,500,000 would see us there. Your practice was the chief inspiration!

Again thanks for your donation!

I have read your physician list but have been unable to identify local practitioners. Could you please advise me who I could talk to regarding Rheumatoid treatment in:

1. Southern England – e.g. Sussex or Surrey

2. Sydney, Australia

. . . or at least ‘someone who may know someone!

Many thanks indeed, S.T.

I’m sorry that the only physicians we have are those on our list. We normally don’t go out searching for them, they come to us, and we don’t increase in number very rapidly.

In any case, there’s no single health professional that we know of that will handle all of the factors that you will possibly need to look at to achieve permanent wellness. Have you read our article under the tab “How to Get Well?”

Of course we’ll be highly cooperative with any health professional you send to us for your treatment.

The article [in Townsend Letters] said there was a magnet catalog to be found at http://www.arthritistrust.org. I could not find on your site how to order the catalog. I very much want to find out where I can purchase negative pole magnets and exactly what to purchase.

I have known about the value of magnets for many years but have not bought any as I knew there were magnets that were good for one’s health and magnets that were not. I never trusted I would be getting the right kind.

Please help me find this information.


On our website go to the “Research” tab, then to the “Research and Letters” tab. That brings you to a screen that has William Philpott’s name along the left hand margin. When you reach his name, look at the middle and right hand columns for the catalog. You can download the whole catalog.

I’m 35 years old and I’ve been diagnosed with RA for almost a year. My treatment started with a doctor, but I didn’t like what they were telling me. I went to the net and found your info and it has given me hope.

I have used Dr. Wyburn-Masons protocol through another doctor who knows the research. He has prescribed for me the allopurinol and metrodiniozale twice to my weight. Both times I thought I was having a Herxheimer reaction, but I still have arthritic symptoms. After both treatments I have improved, but I don’t have remission. I know I have given you an abriged version, but is there a medication in the treatment protocol that you would recomend next?

Thank you. GM

It’s not clear as to whether you were given insufficient medication over time, or whether your doctor went through our complete medical recommendations.

With the proper protocol, while it’s true that about 50% of those who try the Wyburn-Mason treatment alone get well, we’ve since learned that there are many other factors that must be explored. We’ve all been negatively conditioned to pop a pill to solve a health problem. This works fine for symptom relief, but usually not for serious health problems that actually involve many factors (causes) at the same time.

Please go back to our website and read the article “How to Get Well,” and you’ll understand better what you’ve got to do.

Dr. Prosch used to switch from one of our recommended drugs to another for a second or third trial, for example, from metronidazole to clotrimazole, or tinidazole, also from allopurinol to furazolidone. The problem is this: if your RD is primarily a condition of antigen/antibody complexes that you’ve developed a sensitivity to, no one knows specifically which microorganisms cause the difficulty. So, by trying one broad spectrum set of drugs and then another, one covers a broader range.

Go to our article under the tab “Articles: Important” of “Ankylosing Spondilitis,” and again you’ll understand better what is involved. But — Dr. Prosch also involved the patient with the other treatments as reported in “How to Get Well,” producing a consistent 80% cure rate for many years.

I found this in one of my many searches on Fibromyagia by Googling in the ‘5 natural cures to arthritis’. I had been battling this for over 11 years with all kinds of ‘natural remedies’ as well as attempts by rheumatologists to give me Neurotin, antidepressants and sleeping pills, when what my problem was PAIN and FATIGUE!

My mother has also battled with this horrible thing that people don’t believe and can’t see or really measure. I would love to help with any research info (confidentially) and have input on ways to help (non-confidentially). I have much information on why Neurotin is ROTTEN. I was also concerned when they gave me the prescription for the antidepressants (to help with sleep?). I told the pharmacist that I was absolutely not depressed and if I start this and decide to go off will I become depressed? Will the neurons in my brain be so used to having chemicals decide how and when to fire and uptake inhibitors being chemically altered that I will change how I feel naturally? He said yes you stand the chance of becoming clinically depressed.

Also I wanted to get tested for Adrenal fatigue or to see if my adrenals were working ok . . . after a long stressful experience with my Mom almost dying in the Hospital. My arthritis doctor said there is no such thing??? Why are they not continuing their education and getting new information???

· Why do some doctors still not understand the pain and exhaustion experienced by people with Fibro?

· Why are they still prescribing an anti-seizure medicine when it does not help the pain? My mother suffered 6 grand mall seizures after being on Nuerotin and then the hospital did not give it to her (one nurse said Nuerotin does not help with pain of Fibro).

· Pain specialists are not clued in on how painful Fibro is. One even laughed about it.

· Why do doctors not know what adrenal fatigue is?

I feel like Fiobromyalgia is the “F” word and you can’t even say you have it because doctors just think you are using it for some reason. You say you have MS or Diabetes they understand that. Where is the info for these doctors?

If you would like more information on what actually works for most of us and what helps, I have 2 other freinds that have this as well as myself and my mother. I would like to call if there is a number?

Thank you, A.R.

You’re welcome to call at any time.

We consider Fibromyalgia as one of the 100 or so rheumatoid diseases. As such, please read on our website the button “How to Get Well.” It covers most everything we’ve learned since 1982. In particular, pay attention to “Intraneural Injections.” We can mail the pamphlet to your doctor. Please know that some doctors have reported great success with some patients with Fibromyalgia simply by use of these injections.

However, I’d place more confidence in the whole treatment program as described in “How to Get Well.” At least with the intraneurals one can safely keep off the depressing, debilitating pain while you’re exploring the other well-known treatment modalities. As to why doctors don’t learn — well, some do, but then they’re cast out of the insurance net as well as hospital privileges. Most insurance, including medicare, only pays for relief of symptoms, not solution to causes. Hospital privileges reinforce the idea that there is a standard cookbook of treatment. If the physician doesn’t follow that cookbook, then he’s wrong, even though the patient does not get well, and may even get worse. All of this is controlled by the false belief that modern medicine is “scientific” which it isn’t by a long ways. You and I, the patient, are only interested in what works, and we define “what works” as solving our problem. Whereas, the FDA and modern “scientific” medicine defines “what works” as reducing the symptom, not the cause of the symptom.

I am very interested in locating a doctor in California that performs the “anti-amaebic” treatment. Unfortunately, I have contacted many of the doctors on your referral list and not one performs it and most want me to come in for nutritional consultation and or therapy. I have consulted regular MD’s, Naturpathic, Homeopathic, Herbalist, Iridologist, Chiropractic, Kinesiologist (I have not seen a Rheumatologist) and nobody can treat my symptoms. I am 46 years old and I feel as if my hands and feet have been through a shredder. I have rheumatoid nodule on my fingers, my big toes are starting to degenerate. And not to mention the heat and pain throughout my body joints.

Please I beg of you help me to contact a physician that can help me to beat this crippling condition that does not let me live my life in peace.

Thank You, J.M.

No doctor gets on our physician referral list without filling out a form, and personally signing it. According to those records, in California, we have a number of doctors who’ve signed up to provide the anti-microorganism treatment. Look for the coding “RD” after their name. If they have the coding “IN” as well as “RD” that’s better. If they have those two codes plus other important treatments as described on our website under “How to Get Well,” that’s even superior. But, even if they don’t have those two codes, the other factors described in “How to Get Well” are exceedingly important. You could do worse than to start with any of them.

I have a new patient diagnosed with MG 2 years ago, another infection in the body attacking the neuromuscular junction specifically the neurotransmitter receptor cites in the eyes.

Any goodies for me?

P.S. J has had no reoccurrence of RA in almost 2 years.

J.G., D.C.

I don’t know what “MG” means, but I’ll forward your com to a doctor, who may know. Have you read all of Roger Wyburn-Mason’s Causation of Rheumatoid Disease and Many Human Cancers? It’s now on our website for free, 350 pages of superb clinical reasoning. Perhaps what you’re looking for is in there.

I hope I have found you well, you have been such a great support to us, we now have a very close 60 year old male friend who was diagnosed with RA 8 months ago.

He truly is suffering. He is a cameraman on a very popular late night talk show, his name is Hank. I will refer him to your web site.

Would you be so kind as to forward to me the biological dentist who was able to help you, I believe he is in Nevada. J is coming along, her symptoms continue to improve. She had a very traumatic experience with a dentist 20 years ago, who killed her front tooth. She was referred to a dentist in LA who performed a root canal. She is ready to go to a holistic dentist, we would like to at least speak to your dentist over the phone, and hopefully he can refer us to a holistic dentist here in L.A.


I went to several biological dentists: two in Tennessee and one in Texas, all of them full range and excellent.

You will need a biological dentist and doctor. Both are needed to remove damaging metals stored in body. Most biological dentists either (1) safely remove mercury from teeth, or (2) safely remove mercury from teeth and get rid of cavitations (infections from root canal or tooth removals.) Read “Root Canal Coverup,” an article you’ll find on our website.

The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, also at rear of our Physician Referral list, provides a listing of biological dentists. Problem with that listing is that there is no way to determine which dentist on the list does only number 1, above, or number 2. So, you have to call each dentist and ask.

I have had no success locating an MD that would be willing to prescribe any of the nitroimidazoles with the allopurinol or the furazolidone. These doctors are not returning my phone calls, and when I do see them they recommend nutrition only. Would your forum of RA people possibly know of a doctor who would prescribe the necessary meds?

J is coming along, she is on nutrition only along with a focused diet. She has not had her 4 fillings replaced yet, we have the dentist lined up, it is ultimately J’s call.

Do you know Dr. Hit, MD,? He has a clinic in TJ Mexico. He claims to have a cure using ozone therapy. What do you know about ozone. Her shoulders have no pain anymore, her right wrist does not swell anymore and no pain. She does have swelling over the 2nd and 3rd metaphalgeal joints of her right hand, and if she is on her feet for any extended periods of time her feet get a little puffy.

She needs your recommended meds.

Thanks J.J.

According to my poor memory, you folks are somewhere in California. Didn’t I suggest you visit Curt Maxwell across the border from Yuma, Az? He’ll work with you and do some other great treatments.

Are you folks sure that you’ve got a biological dentist?

Ozone therapy, when done properly, will kill microorganisms in the blood, but may not reach problems stemming from infections in the gums at the root canal. There you need a biological dentist. Once the microorganisms are out of the blood stream, if you don’t have the foci of infection — root canal — cleaned out, the problem will just come back.

Lots of doctors and dentists do one thing and have some success, but it takes a doctor/dentist with the whole perspective to properly solve the problems with you.

I don’t know Dr. Hit, but he may be 100% OK. Let me remind both of you that even if the mercury is removed from the teeth safely, 50% of the stored-up mercury still resides in the body, and must be taken out by an MD or DO.

I don’t know what doctors you’ve been calling, so I can’t check back on our list, but look for the code “RD” after their name. “RD” plus “IN” is even better.

I came across your Arthritis Trust website whilst doing a search for Boron.

I was diagnosed with Erosive Inflammatory Osteo-Arthritis in April 2006. Am currently taking Sulfasalazine and anti-inflammatories. I have constant anaemia which, on investigation by gastroscopy and colonoscopy found no signs of any bleeding. They are now thinking that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

A friend told me about Boron. I bought Boron and am taking 9 mg per day. I am having problems with the Boron leaving an aftertaste in my mouth, although I am taking the pills with food. I am assuming this is normal?

Thanks in advance.


You’ll have to talk to a doctor about boron, as we do not have any direct experience with its use, except as a normal supplement. I was concerned about the quantity you’re taking. I thought 3 mg per day was the correct dosage. I re-read Dr. Newnham’s article under “Articles Important” on our website, and found that I was wrong.

In any case, contact Dr. Newnham for advice on use of boron. He’s found in England on our physician list.

By the way! Have you considered Sulfasalazine and anti-inflammatories as the primary source of your anaemia? Please read the “How to Get Well” tab, also.

Thank you for your swift response.

Dr. Newnham recommends 3 x 3mg per day as the initial dosage for Boron — for the first two or three months, or until the symptoms have subsided, then to reduce to 3mg. Boron is not toxic in these dosages.

My Rheumatologist will not have it that the Sulfasalazine causes any problems. They initially blamed the anti-inflammatories, hence the endoscopies I have endured. However, they found no evidence of any inflammation at all, so that was discounted. They are attributing my anaemia to the underlying inflammatory disease, which in my case is most definitely systemic.


According to Dr. Jonathan Wright (www.tahoma-clinic.com), “Safe and inexpensive boron offers prostate cancer prevention and protection from autoimmune diseases. Although it’s too early to say for certain, recent research findings indicate that the trace element boron may prevent prostate cancer and autoimmune diseases (which include lupus, Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s disease, myasthenia gravis, scleroderma, type 1 diabetes, vitiligo, and multiple sclerosis). Since boron is most frequently found in vegetables and fruits (it’s an essential mineral for plant life), and since it’s safe and quite inexpensive as a supplement in low doses, it may be advisable to take immediate advantage of this relatively new information.

“When examining the data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), researchers uncovered a significant relationship between boron and prostate cancer risk. After comparing the diets of nearly 8,000 men, they found that the risk of prostate cancer for men consuming an average of 1.8 milligrams of boron was less than one-third the risk for men consuming half that amount.

“Another group of researchers, from the USDA’s Human Nutrition Research Center in Grand Forks, Idaho, reported that studies on animals have shown that the equivalent of 2 milligrams of boron taken daily prevents the activation of “T-helper” and “T-suppressor” cells, both of which are involved in autoimmune disease. These results were significant enough to persuade the researchers to launch a study of supplemental boron as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, which is often cited as an autoimmune disease.

“Boron supplements are readily available in nearly all natural food stores. Capsules are usually 3 milligrams each, and dosages of up to 6 milligrams per day (two capsules) appear to be quite safe. . . . Since glucosamine is on the well-known end of the arthritis-relief spectrum, the final two items on the osteoarthritis-fighting list usually slip below the radar of most physicians. But boron and S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) can both be quite effective. Epidemiologic evidence shows a greater incidence of arthritis in areas of the world low in boron. A small amount of research shows that boron can relieve many symptoms of osteoarthritis. Since boron is quite inexpensive, is safe in small doses, and is useful in treating osteoporosis and preventing cancer in addition to osteoarthritis, it certainly can’t hurt to take 3 milligrams twice daily.”

When I contacted you back in February 5, 2007 I had already read a great deal of a so vast documentation.

I definitely would like to help my wife’s despair with your “treatment protocol”. Her 10 fingers are damaged; and her knees are very painful.

But I may have some difficulties:

(One) Our General Practitioner Doctors is not interested. See a Rheumatologist she said.

(Two) I fear very much the Herxheimer effect. Later down you will see why.

Going overseas to find a Doctor: New Zealand being the closest country may be a solution.

Can I print some material like “the Two Case Histories” and “In Memoriam Jack Blount, M.D.” These are very powerful articles. “Dr. Prosch Anti-amoebic Treatment for Rheumatoid disease” is also a good article.

If I get your permission; I could show them to some ordinary sufferers and they may be lucky to find an open-minded Doctor.

But what do you expect from a Doctor that I am not aware of to sign him up?

What can a doctor expect from you if one is found?

Can a willing Doctor just prescribe the required Medications?

Or does a Doctor need your permission to use the Treatment Protocol?

Or is it that you would prefer to give the Doctor the maximum information or Advice?

I know some very interesting sufferers: A trained Nurse; a Veterinarian and a Doctor “turned Bishop.”

These people would understand more easily the articles.

Our Cardiologist mother-in-law used to have Arthritis too

Herxheimer effect:

I greatly fear the nausea problem. Has anything been found to alleviate it?

My wife was hospitalized in January 2005 for Psoriasis infection.

She spends 6 days and was treated Intravenously, Topically and Orally.

For four days she got some FLUCONAZOLE tablets. She responded very well to the treatment and was relieved very quickly from the infection as well as the Psoriasis.

Curiously she refused sometimes the Pain Killer Medications for the Arthritis!

The day before being released she was prescribed Amoxicillin to be taken for 2 weeks. But when at home the nausea problem started immediately. We thought the Amoxicillin was the cause.

I phoned our Doctor and our Pharmacist to inquire about the possible side effects of the medication. The only reaction they could suggest was itching skin. The hospital said to return back if worried.

The following days, the nausea problem worsened. It was more severe in the afternoons. The blood pressure was low and the pulsation was also very low. Three or four days later my wife collapsed in her lunch plate.

Because we could not contact any Doctor that day we stopped the Amoxicillin forever and we stopped temporally the blood pressure medications.

The day after, our Cardiologist Doctor modified for a few days the blood pressure medications. The blood pressure became better and the nausea problem lessened.

No One was able to explain to us the problem.

Can I call it a Herxheimer effect, probably a reaction from the Fluconazole? Did we by chance find another good medication?

Going back to the Hospital some weeks later for a follow up we were asked if we would like to have a Rheumatologist’s second opinion. We accepted the offer.

Here is what we got: All Doctors get the same training and all give the same treatment.

Can we hope for a miracle?

Well in 2003 we had a nearly total Cure or Remission by trying ourselves a new introduced medication until our Cardiologist Doctor asked my wife to stop taking it momentarily.

Worse: since December 2006 the overseas company stopped exporting the medication. My wife’s fingers are getting worse by the minute since we stopped once more this medication.

I’ll tell you the story on another occasion.

I do not want to give up.

Thank’s a lot for reading me.


Since you’re in Australia I have a hard problem guiding you. We once had an excellent doctor in New Zealand, but he’s since retired or deceased, and no one else has taken his place.

I seriously doubt that your wife was having a Herxheimer reaction. More likely she was suffering from the effects of the medication.

It also sounds like your wife was not truly near a cure or remission, but was taking symptom suppressing drugs that hid the progress of the disease while damping down her symptoms.

Here’s what you and your wife must do: (1) read the article at the “How to Get Well” tab on our website, then (2) start shopping for open-minded health professionals wherever you can reach them. There’s no one doctor anywhere in the world that we know about that can handle all of the treatment protocols your wife must investigate to assure wellness. Fortunately, some of the treatments she can do for herself once she understands the articles thoroughly.

What achieving wellness amounts to is simply cleaning her body of all of the stressors that are over-burdening her immune system. That means, of course, learning to live a somewhat different lifestyle, also. Anti-microorganism treatments may or may not help her. Some doctors report about 50% of their patients are improved, whereas combining anti-microorganism treatment with proper nutrition, anti-candida treatment, and anti-food allergy treatment results in about 80% getting well. To assure wellness, one must tackle all the causations mentioned in the “How to Get Well” article.

Also, read the Ankylosing Spondilitis article. Reason: it illustrates how one woman was able to help her friend under similar conditions to yours, but also emphasizes the importance of understanding the underlying principles rather than simply getting another pill to pop from an unbelieving doctor. These principles are important, and, in her friend’s case, enabled her to solve the problem but not with the drugs we recommended.

Of course you can download any articles you wish. That’s what they are there for. We want people to learn and get well. If you republish them, we ask that proper credit be given, but otherwise there’s absolutely no restriction.

Trouble with seeing most rheumatologists, or rather the majority of rheumatologists, they work by cookbook rules — and they also know full well that nothing they do works — oh, perhaps 30% get “improved,” but that’s because 30% will temporarily improve anyway, not because of anything rheumatologists have done.

I’d define that situation as “pure evil.”

When a doctor signs up with us, they have filled out our form as found on our website under “Physicians and Scientists” tab. They must check off treatments they’re willing to give, and sign their name. Other than that, we have no restrictions as to who gets on our list — and also we have no evaluation of them. So, even those physicians on our list are not necessarily well-trained in getting arthritics well. That’s why we need a medical center dedicated to pulling together all proper treatment modalities. Willing doctors can freely prescribe the medications recommended — but usually, without contact with a knowledgeable doctor, they end up giving the wrong dosage, or the wrong combination, or pooh, poohing it, somehow convincing the patient that they should “really go back to standard, accepted treatment,” which, of course, makes the patient worse. Not all doctors do this, but I’ve run into some real dillies. Doctors rely on standard treatments because it keeps them out of legal troubles and problems with their medical board. The country’s controlling agency — in this country it’s the Food and Drug Administration which is almost wholly dominated by drug companies — sees no benefit in getting folks well.

Doctors need no permission from us to use our recommended treatments. They’re going to do what their conscience and their medical society trade group tells them they can do. We are always available to answer questions from open-minded doctors (or patients), and we can also refer them to other practitioners who do know what they’re doing.

It’s important that doctors know the difference between the Herxheimer, food allergies, drug toxicities, and candidiasis. Believe it or not, many do not! Nausea can be caused by drug toxicity as well as the Herxheimer. One can easily take an anti-nausea pill during this reaction — but of course, not if it conflicts with the drugs being taken! To the best of our knowledge, our recommended anti-microorganism drugs do not conflict with normal anti-nausea tablets. But, since there can be exceptions, best that a trained pharmacist or health professional make the determination.

Have you read our article on psoriasis? Obviously your wife was treated to relieve her symptoms of psoriasis, not to cure her psoriasis. Again, read the material under the “How to Get Well” tab. I’ve never heard of the Herxheimer causing someone to have a serious drop in blood pressure. I, myself, have in the past had Herxheimer’s so severe I didn’t care whether the world survived or not — but within a day have felt on top of the world, after my body cleaned out the damaging antigen/antibody debris.

If your wife has heart problems, then read about the Dr. Sinatra book report in our Summer 2006 newsletter. There are four supplements that the heart must have for health, and if your wife is not up to snuff with those four, then all the pills from cardiologists in the world will not help her.

Your pledge of $300 toward our desired medical center is certainly a fine gesture and will be gratefully received, but not necessary to get our help. Help is what we’re here for. Instead, is it at all possible that you folks could come to our seminar July 14, 2007? There you’ll meet doctors and patients involved in these treatments, and get to ask them personal questions. I know it’s a long way, but what you folks are really faced with is learning more than your doctors or rheumatologists — not the medical terms, but the facts on achieving wellness. This should be easy to do, because your doctors and rheumatologists admittedly know nothing of getting you well!

After reading the article on your web site Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy by Charles H. Farr, M.D., Ph.D., I have been trying to find a BLOG or web site(s) of people who have tried H2O2 Therapy by ingesting it as Dr. Farr explains.

My search so far has been fruitless and I would like to know if you could help me find other people/sources to find out their side effects/experiences.

Thank-you very much,


Go to our physician list and look for the coding “HP” after physicians names. That coding means that s/he has signed up to do hydrogen peroxide injections.

I just inserted “hydrogen peroxide therapy” into Google and came up with a number of interesting sites and articles. Also put “Kurt Donsbach” in, as he has long advocated its use both orally and IV-wise. I know of no blog on this subject — which doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. I’d bet on Donsbach, if anyone.

I knew Dr. Farr before his death, considered him a friend, and greatly respected his research ability. He clearly showed that all the talk about “getting more oxygen” from hydrogen peroxide was nonsense. One could get more oxygen by taking a deep breath. What he demonstrated though was that H2O2 stimulated the oxidative enzymes, which did some good things, including killing off invasive microorganisms. He never advocated taking it orally, however. As I remember the reason was that once it got in the stomach it reacted with iron compounds and created some potential problems. Kurt Donsbach, of course, disagreed with him. Some of the websites I encountered in my above search have data from other folks who are also deceased — so, short of Donsbach, I can offer you nothing further.

I ran across your excellent web site in my search for alternative cancer treatments and I was wondering if you are aware of such a site. There are numerous sites on the topic, but it is hard to tell which are legitimate.


We have a number of links to alternative cancer information. In particular, read Ralph Moss’ material. He has for many years presented scientific analysis of various treatments quite accurately. Also “Alternative Cancer Treatments” link. 

How may I get the cure for osteoarthritis??


Osteoarthritis is a rather complex affair. It’s obviously a combination of many things, including, but not limited to, blood flow, hormonal imbalance, nutrition, and perhaps other factors such as the relief of stress.

Too much stress on joints can create “osteoarthritis.” Improper nutrition seems to affect growth of cartilage in the joints, thus some folks lean on glucosamine and related products. More women than men suffer from Osteoarthritis after menopause, therefore obviously hormonal imbalances are involved. Cutting down on flow of blood to joints thru lessened physical activity is obviously a factor. (See the Intraneural Injection booklet at our “Books and Pamphlets” tab.)

Go to our website under the tab “Articles Important” and read the several materials on osteoarthritis.

William Kaufman, M.D., over many years, learned that the intake of appropriate levels of niacin every few hours throughout the day would solve the problem. Many alternative medicine doctors have taken up this approach.

Dr. Newnham discovered that taking boron would do the job. We don’t know what is right for you, but by reading our books and articles you will have several approaches.







Look on the coding beneath each physician on our list. Look for “IN.” They may be few and far between, but any doctor can learn how to do it from the free material on our website.

It’s that part about finding a physician that is “open” to it [new treatment suggestions] that is eluding me. I have been frank with my rheumatologist about going to Mercola. She believes in dmards [disease modifying drugs] and biologics. . . . I am so frustrated.

There is a name on the list O’Bryan in Evanston, Ind. I may make an appointment with him and see if can help me get the prescriptions.

Thank you for your prompt attention. I have read the website on getting well. I printed out the pages and refer to them. Your site is a valuable resource. I will continue my search!


Let us know how you do.

Hi there! I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment. I have rheumatism arthritis and am on methotrexate, diflafenic and sulpasalisate — sorry if they are spelt wrong — I feel that I’m not getting anywhere with my doctors.

Over the last 2 months I have gone down bank a lot. I was able to hold down my job and think nothing of walking 10 miles at the weekends but now I really struggle to walk at all. All my bones are aching. I also suffer with a very dry mouth, not drinking a lot of water, and had a diabetic test done. My legs have swollen up and my ankles also. I’m based in the United Kingdom and wondered if there’s anything you suggest. I have asked my doctors to check me out for too much yeast in my body but they have said that it would have nothing to do with my rheumatisms.

I also feel very tired all the time and run down. I have had blood tests done and they have said there’s nothing wrong or abnormal. Can you suggest anything? I live in England so it’s difficult to just get to you. I’m a 54 year old male.


Please go back to our website and read the article under the tab, “How to Get Well.” This article summarizes everything we’ve learned about rheumatoid arthritis since 1982. I’m sorry if you cannot get doctors in your region to accept the facts we offer. I can only suggest that you continue reading our free books and articles so that you’ll better understand what you’ve got to do. Rheumatoid arthritis is indeed curable — but not by the methods you’re on, or likely to be on by traditional doctors.

How about coming to our seminar July 14, 2007, and you can talk directly with a doctor involved?

Thanks for your reply and I was I’m just thinking that if I was to come over is there any way that your doctors could have a look at me and do the relevant tests on me to determine what the best course of treatment, and what would be the cost of it?


Doctors on our list do not all have the same approach. Regarding Rheumatoid Disease, usually the symptoms and history are the best diagnostic tools for a knowledgeable doctor. Most expensive tests are given primarily to protect the doctor from some smart-aleck attorney who sues to obtain mal-practice insurance money.

I’m sure you’d be welcomed by many doctors on our list, but some of them are going to be requiring repeat visits simply to follow your progress and to insure that you do OK. Can you make such a commitment?

[D.B. did join our July 14 seminar, and was well received by several doctors.]

I have watched Dr. R. Mitchell on “Know the Cause” and he had spoke of bone on bone. He referred me to this site and said to look for the article on Pentosan and Arthritis, however, I can not find it. Can you help me with this?

Thank you!


You can find the article two ways: (1) go to “Articles: Miscellaneous & Historical” tab, and follow down alphabetically; (2) place “pentosan” in the search engine found on the screen at the site, which searches only the site. May I suggest that you also read the information beneath the “How to Get Well” tab?

Thank you so much for your kind attention to my request. Your website and personal commitment have given me new hope.

When I wrote to you yesterday, I was seriously contemplating how to end my life. You have shown me that there is a better way. I’m presently in a medical, psychological and financial mess due to “standard treatments” including Methotrexate, Rituxan, Remicade, Cellcept, Imuran, Sulfasalazine, and many others, given to me by my MDs. I’m now having seizures (due to the medications) and my doctors are starting to withhold the treatments that THEY prescribed in the first place. My Rheumatologist even dictated the following statement in a report: “patient may not have had disease in the first place.” What a “slap in the face” that statement is!

I met with my PCP last week and she got frustrated with me when I told her that I need a definitive diagnosis. She suggested that I “give up,” and told me “Why do you need an exact diagnosis? You should stop taking all medications and get used to living with your symptoms.”

I am SO frustrated with the US healthcare system. To add insult to injury, I’m employed by the largest healthcare system in New Mexico, and I’m experiencing terrible care. I’m one of those people who “trust their doctors.” I don’t want to do or say anything to make them angry, and I just go with their treatments. The problem is that their treatments are ineffective, and are killing me. Not to mention the financial aspect: My bills total nearly $500,000.00 for one years’ worth of treatments – with NO improvement in my symptoms and new medical problems due to the treatments.

You have shown me that “their way” does not work. I look forward to receiving your book and becoming familiar with your website. I would have loved to attend next week’s seminar, however, I cannot afford to attend at this time. I hope to attend a future event.

Do you know of any practitioners in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area who are familiar with your protocols and who can help me?

Thank you again for giving me renewed hope.


I know exactly your frustration, having first fought my personal battle in the early eighties, and then for the next quarter of a century working to get out the good news that rheumatoid arthritis is indeed curable!

The only physicians we have are in our physician list — but we’ll be glad to work with any physician open-minded enough to learn. You might try Annette Stoesser, M.D. in Roswell.

I am HLA B27 positive and have since 1993 infections on lower back right side (sacro-iliitis). Since two weeks the doctors think that I have sarcoidosis, scars in my lungs on scan, but bronchoscopy was negative. On 24 July they will do a small operation to take a tissue and check if there are granulomas to be sure that I have sarcoidosis.

My question: is there a relation between spondolyits and sarcoidosis? And is Wyburn-mason’s treatment good for me as treatment?

Thanks a lot and best regards


According to researchers G. Stucki, A. Von Felten, R. Speich and B. A. Michel, a 25-year-old woman presented with sarcoidosis and bilateral sacroiliitis. Her sarcoidosis related symptoms (malaise, cough and dyspnoea) improved dramatically under treatment with steroids but severe back pain persisted. Only seven similar cases have been described over the last 40 years and the question of a possible association between the two diseases has been raised. However, prevalence data from the literature and the apparent lack of genetic links are better arguments for coincidence than for association.

While we don’t condone use of steroids except as a temporary emergency measure, keep in mind that rheumatoid disease is systemic, and it depends upon which tissues are targeted that produces the symptoms that are labelled and then called a “sickness” or “disease.”

There’s no way for anyone to know if these two — anylosing spondolitis and sarcoidosis — would respond to the Roger Wyburn-Mason treatment without trying it. At most you’re dealing with 6 to 12 weeks of inexpensive trial, but before you do please read “How To Get Well” and also the Anylosing Spondilitis article under “Articles Important” on our website.

According to Roger Wyburn-Mason’s thesis in Causation of Rheumatoid Disease and Many Human Cancers — a book now found on our website — (1) a disease name depends upon which tissues are targeted, and (2) more than 100 diseases grade into one another. For example (a made up example), one could have 90% of one disease and 5% of another and 5% of a third.

Since we’re dealing with “systemic” diseases, treating each one of a hundred or so diseases according to their arbitrary name is rather ridiculous. They’re all “collagen tissue” diseases, and collagen is pervasive throughout the body.

Whats the difference between Prolotherapy and Prolozone ?


Prolotherapy is called such by MDs, and called Sclerotherapy by DOs. Some call it reconstruction therapy. You can go to our website under the tab “Articles Important” and find an article on “Sclerotherapy — Prolo Therapy.” Also there’s a booklet at our “Books and Pamphlets” section on a technique used to diagnose structural problems by James Carlson, D.O. called.”Structural Diagnostic Photography.” Prolozone Therapy is the injection of ozone into joints (intraarticular) and soft tissue. It is essentially Prolotherapy with ozone instead of the more traditional substances.. It is fast proving itself as an incredible healing modality for just about any painful disruption in the body including herniated discs (Italian clinics claim 95% success rate!), degenerative hips and knees, back and neck pain, sciatica, plantar faceitis, dental ostitis, and rotator cuff injury. Practitioners say that you won’t believe what can be done with a needle and a little ozone!

Hi just wondering about this anti-microorganism drug treatment. What is it?

Recommended broad spectrum anti-microorganism presciprtion drugs are the following:

(a) Metronidazole – Get from any pharmacy.

(b) Clotrimazole – Get through a compounding pharmacist.

(c) Tinidazole – Get through a compounding pharmacist, except in Southwest get from most pharmacies.

(e) Nimorazole – Cannot get in the United States.

(f) Ornidazole – Cannot get in the United States.

Above (a) thru (f) are called the 5-nitroimidazoles.

(g) Allopurinol – Get from any pharmacy.

(h) Furazolidone – Get from any pharmacy.

By all means read under the tab “How to Get Well!”

What do I do with the ones that are not available in the USA or in Australia where I live, my doctor told me I can not get these in Australia, and one of them is a cream. What do I do with the cream?

The ones that I can’t get are (e) and (f) thank you – gold coast Australia


I don’t know your country’s rules as I do know those of the United States. Here we have “Compounding Pharmacies.” When I was young the main nature of a drug store was to “compound” a prescription written by a doctor for the patient. Nowadays drug store pharmacists count pills to fill doctor’s prescriptions — and the doctor has been convinced to prescribe a pill by a drug detail representative, a man or woman who represents a particular pharmaceutical company.

So there has grown up everywhere in each state “compounding pharmacies,” those who specialize in the old-fashioned method of putting together the ingredients to fulfill a doctor’s written prescription. Most general search engines find them by putting in “compounding pharmacist.”

You don’t need all of the 5-nitromidizoles mentioned. I assume that clotrimazole is the one you mention is provided in a cream. That, of course, is not what is intended by us. Clotrimazole is also provided in a vaginal troche, which is also not satisfactory as there is too little clotrimazole and it is mixed with a substance that would protect it as it passed through the intestinal tract — not to mention its terrible cost if taken in sufficient quantity to effect the course of rheumatoid disease.

Clotrimazole, as we recommend in the United States, can only be obtained through a compounding pharmacist.

You don’t need ornidazole or nimorazole if you can get any of the others. (I believe these two are available in England and perhaps South Africa.)

Incidentally, Dr. Prosch often used metronidazole first, and if that didn’t work, he’d go to clotrimazole, each of them also combined with allopurinol or furazolidone as described for 7 or 10 days respectively.

Keep in mind that success normally comes about when paying attention to all the other factors mentioned in “How to Get Well.” Don’t fall for the failed modern medical doctrine of “Give me a pill and you’ll get well!” That approach is primarily a symptom reliever approach, not a wellness approach.

I am looking for an orthomolecular physician for my step-father, who is in Highlands, New Jersey. He has Rheumatoid Arthritis and is bedridden. If you know of any nutrition/detox doctors that might make house calls can you please let me know. Thanks.


The only physicians we have are on our website under the physician tab. I haven’t known a doctor to visit anyone at home since the 1940s, the second to last being our family doctor for my mother when she had pneumonia, and, in the 1950s for one of my children, a pediatrician who just started practice.


Thank you.

Actually we have found a number of physicians willing to come to the house, and even a dentist. Our challenge is to find a nutritionist/Detox doctor at this point. I would love to find an orthomolecular physician. My step-father has had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 20 years but It has gotten progressively worse. He was recently in the hospital to clear a blockage in his intestine and bladder. I really think he needs an expert in antioxidants and nutrition. Thank you for caring.


You can also try www.acamnet.org

This is regarding the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis. My father suffers from this disease since around 14 years and is on a constant medication. He is a resident of India. Based on the claims on your website I wanted to know the details of the treatment offered by your group or associated groups in US or in India. I would also be interested in knowing the investigations required for the treatment and the approximate cost associated with it. I would really appreciate it if I can get a quick response on this query.


Have you yet read the material beneath the tab “How to Get Well?” If you have, then you’ll know that many of the treatments can be done by self with study and care. But, even the anti-microorganism treatments cost very little compared to standard, ineffective methods. We’ll be glad to help anyone who wishes it, and also we’ll be glad to deal with your health professional if they are interested. We do not offer any treatments, but refer folks to the physicians on our physician list, not all of whom are familiar with our whole program. There are many books and articles on our website that go into more detail, describing all the necessary investigations.

Thank you for inviting me to the seminar. I didn’t think I would understand anything being among Doctors and such like, but I enjoyed all of it. It was a great pleasure meeting you. I hope I’ve still got your energy and drive at your age. Dr. Tony Chapdelaine has hopefully put me on the right road to recovery, and you’ve all given me the first burst of hope that I can overcome arthritis. I’m keeping notes of all I’m doing in the treatment I’ve had, so when I get to go to my so called rheumatoid specialist I can tell him there is a cure and not suppression, as they do through drugs. All the best.


It was a pleasure having you. Please keep up the good work. You’ll get well!! But, forget about convincing the rheumatologists. They’ll never accept as their religion tells them otherwise. Scientists and doctors who are unwilling to subject claims to test are actually following their own, peculiar religion. [D.B. came to Tennessee from England to learn how to get well at our July 14, 2007 seminar. We all thoroughly enjoyed his visit!]

I am an elite athlete seeking to make communications with Professor Roger Wyburn-Mason. May you please provide me with feedback, on how I may be able to share my background with him, and my intentions in healing from tendon issues with my hands, whie I am doing all possible to return back to my sport. I am looking at finding a way.

I may be able to speak with him.

I appreciate any feedback possible.


Professor Wyburn-Mason died many years ago! Sorry.

I am so sorry to hear that. Would you happen to know anyone who you can direct me to who deals with Lyme disease – arthritis tendon issues?

I learned that Professor Wyburn had great knowledge in these areas of disease in patients.


Lyme arthritis disease is systemic and will affect more than tendons. If your tendons are affected, then that’s but one of many symptoms, not the cause. So you should be looking around for a method of ridding yourself of the microorganism first. If tendons are lax after that, then use Sclerotherapy to correct the condition.

Thank you. I would be interested in being able to see someone of your expertise to help treat me. At the moment I have been under the care of a Lyme doctor with 2x day IV rocephin and antibiotics.


Me and my team are really concerned that my hand is not getting better. I exercise and live a clean life. I really want my career back, as I know I can become a world champion, and have many fans wondering when would I ever return to the ring.

I’d appreciate any help you can assist me with to healing. I am in Ocala, Florida, central Florida location. I really need to find a way to heal up these hand symptoms to punch again.

Can we arrange something, or a call to speak.

Please help.


I’m not a doctor, so I can’t treat you. However, if you want a more traditional (alternative) treatment approach you can choose the doctors on our physician list. 

When you need intraneural injections or prolo (sclerotherapy) for tendon problems (after solving the Lyme) find those on our physician list that have the code after their name of “IN” or “SP”.


I’m so happy that I found your webpage, I have been knowing this about the bacteria link to ankylosing spondylitis for some time (from pubmed and google) when I finally found you who confirmed it to me.

I love what you are doing and I’m trying to spread this information to everyone I can.

My boyfriend has had ankylosing spondylitis since he was 14 and still has it now after 9 years. I think it is linked to his tobacco habits since he has been in pain constantly and not in waves which seems to be the usual.. Sorry to say I can’t get him to stop it — he is too addicted, but we were trying to stop eating flour and eating more raw vegetables, vitamins, minerals etc but with no results he soon tired of it.

Also I know that people who stop using tobacco often get struck with colitis since that also is caused by Klebsiella p. I was thinking about what you wrote about bromide. Do you think it could help him or do you have any advice except for going to the doctor and getting the medications you recommend?

I have been reading in http://www.arthritistrust.org/Books/Arthritis – more than 300Pages pdf about the patient cases with ankylosing spondylitis that they were given clotrimazole, metronidazole or allopurinol. which one would you recommend him to try just for Klebsiella? Maybe something that kills candida also since we are not sure if he has candida or not?

I also would like to help you translate your page to Swedish so other swedes can read it without having to be good at English.. If you don’t already have someone on it?

Best Regards! S.N.

First off, we’d love to have you translate the “How to Get Well” pages in Swedish. That would provide another plus for folks, worldwide! As to your boyfriend: He should read the “How to Get Well” page, also. He’ll better understand what he’s up against. Roger Wyburn-Mason’s book is great for understanding how he arrived at his principles and some case histories, but we would not advise using his treatments as described therein as he was reporting his research conclusions, not his clinical advice derived from them.

Our protocol regarding use of drugs was subsequently devised by Roger Wyburn-Mason as well as a committee of other doctors. It is also found in the “How to Get Well” article. There, one doesn’t use clotrimazole or allopurinol, but uses both in a particular manner.

Your boyfriend should also read the article on ankylosing spondilitis, as it clearly describes how to fail as well as how to succeed. The African who finally succeeded, as described therein, did not use any of our recommended anti-microorganism drugs, as his infection was something outside the experience of English and American doctors. Keep in mind it’s the application of principles, not the application of cookbook recipes! Your boyfriend also needs to read the article “Chemicals in ‘hot’ Chili Peppers Confirmed to be a Cause of Arthritis” under “Articles Important” tab. Reason: there’s a family of plants that include peppers and tobacco (nightshade family) all of which can create problems. I’m sure once he understands the basic principles for getting well, and if he really wants to get well, he can do so. He should be working with a physician knowledgeable about testing and treating for Candida, food allergies, etc.


Thank you for your advice.

My boyfriend has dyslexia but I have read some of your texts for him, we will look into the texts you suggested. The problem is that we lack the energy to make homemade foods and that’s why we are thinking about medication. He is too tired and I’m too depressed to make “real” foods. But we try as much as we can to eat right. I know about the nightshade plants and that’s why I was thinking it was the tobacco that is causing him his problems.

I will start translating right away and get back to you!


Few people have access to garden-grown produce, and the super-markets usually have inferior products — but do the best you can and use supplements to make up the difference. That’s what we do.

Thanks for the translation offer. We’ll be looking forward to it.

I read an article about alkalinizing the system in the Townsend newsletter. I am VERY interested in purchasing the appropriate magnets for my bed and any other suggestion that would help me to do this. I cannot find the magnet catalog on your website. Please send it to me by email.

I’d appreciate hearing from you soon.

Thanks so much.


We do not send the catalog out, as it is not ours. However, if you’ll go to our website, punch in the “Research” tab, then the “Research Papers and Letters” tab. This brings you to a screen. Find William Philpott on the left hand margin, alphabetically, then look for “Polar Power Magnets.” This can be downloaded without charge.

Also you can reach the catalog by going to our “Links” tab and finding “Recommended Health Publications.” Click on “Magnets.”

My name is P.E.. I was thinking of Dr. Simoons and just wanted to check in and say Hi. I met him while we were working at Organon [pharmaceutical company]. He was retiring and I was moving on to another job. We stayed in contact for a few more years and then fell out of touch. We haven’t communicated in at least 25 years but I have occasionally tried to keep up on the progress you are making with rheumatoid arthritis.


We haven’t been in touch with Dr. Simoons for nearly that long, either. Regarding Rheumatoid Disease, we believe we’ve nailed down most of the causative or contributing factors. See “How to Get Well” tab on our website. [Dr. Simoons was one of our original founders.]

Hi again!

I’m translating the text [“How To Get Well” in Swedish] now and I have a question about one part in the text. It says “Unless a health professional has some reason to search for a particular pathogen we feel it is a waste of money and time looking for any specific invader by the taking of blood tests or other traditional tests designed to find pathogens. However, Computerized Electrodermal Screening or kinesiology are two low-cost, often accurate means for making such a determination, if you wish to make the effort.” We Swedes have free health care so maybe you could change the text a bit? I’m referring to the waste of money part.

I also wonder what an Electrodermal Screening is? I can’t find the translation for it anywhere?

First, I wonder if your “free” health care system will permit you to utilize treatment or diagnostic programs that are not recognized by your health authorities? If so, then obviously the idea of paying for additional tests is moot.

The point to be made, though, is that one can spend an endless amount of time trying to find an allergenic pathogen because there are so many of them, and it is unlikely that standardized blood/feces tests would ever provide an accurate picture for most of them, anyway.

However, both Applied Kinesiology and Computerized Electrodermal (sometimes called Bioenergetic Assessment) tests can easily do so at very little cost and time consumption.

Do a search for Dr. Reinhold Voll who first laid out the method of “acupuncture according to Voll.” One places microorganisms into a circuit which includes the patient’s meridians in the circuit and determines whether or not the microorganism affects the person.

Others since expanded his work to include computerized signals — specific frequencies — from the microorganisms rather than the microorganisms themselves, making it all much more efficient and cheaper.

Perhaps you call all of this something different, but Voll is the one who started it all. Computerized electrodermal tests are easily available in Germany, but where else on your side of the Atlantic I do not know.

George J. Goodheart, D.C., a chiropractor, originated Applied Kinesiology in 1964. Subsequently, its use spread to other chiropractors, naturopaths, and a few medical doctors. In 1976, the International College of Applied Kinesiology was founded.

Either of these methods — electrodermal testing or applied kinesiology — are excellent, low cost methods for diagnoses in trained hands.

I haven’t done all of your treatment, but would like you to know that my daughter with Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis and Uveitis is not on any medication right now besides cyclopentolate, Chinese herbs, and allergy shots. She is 6 months off all steroids and eye inflammation free!

I have found many things I read on your website to be true for my daughter.

Her caringbridge site is www.caringbridge.com then her site is called “princesskaren.”

If you put in “princesskaren” and register you can see all of the straws off of the camel’s back we have gotten off so far.

I am very pleased with you and did not walk in the Arthritis foundation walk-a-thon or support them.

My daughter is not on any immunosuppressors.

S. A.

Congratulations to you and daughter!

Now you know that JRA is just another fancy name for another form of collagen tissue disease, and most likely the uveitis and intestinal problems are spin-offs of the systemic disease itself. But more than that, congratulations for following the principles of getting well, rather than the cookbook recipes. Keep us informed as to how she’s doing.

My name is M.G. and I have suffered with Lyme Disease for 21 years now. I am struggling for my life and have recently started working with an alternative healer. I have read some info on the Lyme healing colostrum where the pregnant cow was injected with the Borelia spirochete or blood from a sick infected person. This makes a lot of sense to me.

I just started taking regular colostrum as part of the treatment but was amazed at the success that the US Congressman (Berkley Bedell) had with the special colostrum.

Do you have a telephone number so that I can call you for more information.

I can be reached on my cell or at my various emails.

Can I talk to someone on the phone? I am in pretty bad shape and think that I am dying. I am only 42 but have had Lyme for 21 years but just got the diagnosis this past May.

You can write to Berkley Bedell at _______ until cold weather, at which time he moves to Florida for the winter. He may be able to direct you to properly prepared colostrum.

I seriously doubt that “regular” colostrum will do you any good regarding Lyme. Considering the length of time you’ve had the disease, you’ve probably got more problems than just the spirochete, in my opinion. The bug causes a plaque-over of nerves as well, and often is accompanied with other infectious organisms.

By the way, I tried to call you, but got no answer. I wouldn’t have had any more than the above to contribute in any case.

I’ve only just discovered your web site and its amazing articles.

As I have a particular interest in exploring a nutritional approach to post polio syndrome, I wondered if it would be possible for me to get in touch with Stephan Cooter direct? It would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


I’m sorry to say that I’ve lost track of Stephan Cooter’s address. However, in doing a search I came up with http://www.mall-net.com/cooter/index.html and E-mail: SCo7914830@aol.com . Try them and see if he’s reachable through those addresses.

Many thanks for your help. Stephan’s web site is in existence showing the same email address that you gave me but my email has just been returned by the Mail Administrator. I’m not sure what to think about this because this has happened once before with someone else I was trying to contact, and on that occasion I was assured that I did have the right address.

Anyway, if you do come across any further information, I’d be grateful if you’d let me know. I only discovered your web site this week while researching the connection between ankylosing spondylitis and gut problems. I’m finding it a very useful resource. I know of so many people that would benefit — if only they would put confidence in natural treatments.


This is my contribution of $300.00 Australian dollars pledged on 24/06/2007.

I wish that it may help in realizing the dream you have to build a specialized Hospital to help as many patients as you can.

We would have wished to be able to come to your convention in July, but it is much too difficult for us to travel. It was too far away.

I wish it was well attended with patients full of hope to be helped.

My wife’s arthritis is still very active. We just had a blood test as well as some X-rays taken.

Many thanks for your wonderful gift of $300A on behalf of our planned medical center. Please be assured that every cent will go toward that end.

I hope by now that you and your wife have read beneath our tab, “How to Get Well,” as there are numerous things she can do without having to have a physician. Your problem, and hers, is to learn more about the causations of rheumatoid disease than your present physician! — and then to safely apply the knowledge.

X-rays are generally useless, and blood tests may be helpful when used correctly by a knowledgeable physician, but neither of these by themselves will lead to wellness. Your wife will — in all sincerity — have more control over causative factors than anyone else can have.

Please let me know if you need more help.

And again thanks for your generous donation!

My Name is Dr. [J.S.A.] I am a podiatrist (Foot and Ankle Surgeon) at the Fargo VA medical Center in Fargo, ND. I am also currently a clinical faculty member at the University of North Dakota.

Recently I have finished a research proposal for a new procedure for the treatment of degenerative joint disease in the foot. My research, I hope, would not preclude itself to the foot and could possibly be helpful in the rest of the body as well. Please let me know how to apply for grants if you have them available.

Dr. J.S.A.

I’m sorry, but we have no funds available for grants. Our chief thrust at this time is in the building of a medical center that will bring together all the treatments that we know work for bringing about a cure of rheumatoid diseases.

I’m sorry to hear that there is no grant money available, but thank you for the rapid response and I hope that your research and treatments are helpful to many patients.


Letters with News (added December 30, 2007)

Long time no speak. I have been trying to access your website but it won’t come up; are you revising it?

I did have my mercury fillings removed and have found a local naturopathic doctor who gave me a DMPS push to test for heavy metals as well as mineral absorption levels while we were at it. Of course results came back showing higher than normal levels of mercury, aluminum and lead. So we have done DMPS chelation therapy for a month and mineral IV’s to replace minerals that were removed by DMPS. I get retested for heavy metals again next week to see if there are any left. I hope not. These treatments are costly and not so pleasant. But I’m feeling better. Just trying to get rid of the last of the symptoms in wrists, feet and left shoulder. The ND is suggesting that once heavy metals are removed we can work on “fixing” leaky gut and candida, etc.

L. P.

Congratulations! You’re tackling the tough stuff! Regardless of how you feel afterwards your systems will do even better in time. Our website is OK, and no, it’s not down for revisions. I went into it last night and again this morning, and all is normal. The problem is at your end. Are you using http://www.arthritistrust.org?

I am hoping that you will be able to take the time to answer a question for me.

I was diagnosed in September, 2005 with R.A. at the age of 48. It has been very aggressive & I function now only because of the relief that Enbrel & Methotrexate provide. I do not care to be on these drugs but find myself with few alternatives.

I am interested in trying the anti-microorganism approach, but wonder if it is necessary. About a year ago, I had 10 or 11 I.V. hydrogen peroxide treatments through an M.D. on your list of alternative providers. It did nothing for the R.A., but did rid me of Candida. What I would like to know is this: Would I be wasting my time with the anti-microorganism approach since I had the hydrogen peroxide treatments? In other words, would the H2O2 have killed the same microorganisms that your approach will?

Just to provide you with additional background, I first did a detox/elimination diet. I tried changing my diet & ate extremely healthy (juicing veggies too) in the hopes of boosting my immune system. I tried at least a month of Minocycline. None of these provided any amount of relief.

Thank you very much for your time.


More than likely H2O2 will not go after the same organisms. At best H2O2 stimulates oxidative enzymes which, presumably, go after some microrganisms within certain tissues or blood. Certainly if you had H2O2 a year ago, and still have rheumatoid disease, you’ve not solved the problem. Another factor is that rheumatoid disease is a multi-factored problem, not a single-factored problem. That’s what our website states over and over again.

Have you yet read the material beneath our tab “How to Get Well” on our website? If not, start with that article. It will answer much more than anyone or any place else. Enbrel and Methotrexate, of course, will only dampen some of the pain of RA while your disease rages onward. I also seriously doubt that hydrogen peroxide killed off all of your candida, because IV-wise would not have significantly affected the most virulent form in your gut, but only forms in the blood stream. Hydrogen peroxide does not add more oxygen to your system, but does stimulate oxidative enzymes, which can be useful, but can’t be relied on for the whole job, as you’ll see when you read the article above. There’s no way to determine if your RA is caused by your body’s reaction to an antigen (microorganism) without trying the broad spectrum anti-microorganism treatment in full. However, as per the above article, there’s more to look at than a simple anti-microorganism treatment. Finally, although we don’t necessarily recommend minocyline, we do know that one month of it is rather useless. It takes about a year under careful supervision, “pulsing” the antibiotic.

Thank you for your website and the information. I am a ND located in Los Angeles. Please tell me if there is any evidence pointing to which strains of bacteria may be contributing to arthritic symptoms in juvenile, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. I have a patient who recently developed bone thickening of joints in the hand after one year of consuming certain probiotic products. I know which strains are in the product she was taking and therefore am curious if it is possible to corroborate some of the findings with your organization. I would like to read up on the available research before more speculation.

Thank you and I await your reply,

J.M., ND

We haven’t performed research on microorganisms for quite a few years, some of which is in our research section of our website. The problem of determining “which” microorganism is “the” guilty party is most likely an impossible determination, except in a handful of cases. Both Thomas McPherson Brown, M.D. and one of our founders Roger Wyburn-Mason, M.D., Ph.D. made strong arguments that a particular microorganism was the guilty culprit. We think this line of reasoning is futile from our past experience, which includes the facts that (1) rheumatoid disease is multifactored, and (2) there can be any one of several million microorganisms to which an individual has developed a sensitivity. This is clarified better under our tab “How to Get Well” on our website. Also read under “Articles Important” “Ankylosing Spondilitis,” as it demonstrates how a microorganism not generally found on American soils turned out to be the guilty culprit in a part of Africa.

Isn’t it true that thickening of joints by itself is generally a form of osteoarthritis? Is this what you’re observing? If so, then consider that only about 10% of osteo is related to rheumatoid disease, and also that most osteoarthritis causation stems from three factors: (1) lack of blood flow due to decreasing joint movement (childhood is quite active with better distribution and flow of blood, older people are not so active, with poorer distribution and flow of blood}; also the work of William Kaufman as reported in our Osteoarthritis paper under the “Articles Important” tab, where intake of niacin every few hours seems to reverse the damage; (2) hormonal imbalance (more women after menopause suffer from osteo than men); (3) disturbance to nerve ganglia leading to the joint; see Intraneural Injection pamphlet on our “Books and Pamphlets” section.

We make no distinction between causations of rheumatoid arthritis in the embryo, infant, juvenile, or adult.

I am a 42 year old woman , fighting RA , and probably Lyme.

There are no Lyme doctors where I live, and no Rheumatologist who will work with me on your protocol.

I have found a private medical doctor, which is open to a lot of my suggestions, but he seems reluctant to read all the material on your website.

Maybe its just me not finding it, but is there an easy to read protocol for my doctor?

Do I have to do it different if my RA is from Lyme?

This is what I have been doing so far:

I take no medication what so ever.

I am on Candida diet (5 months)

I take Samento

I take Carnivora

I take Caprylic acid

Vitamin C 10G

Drink lots of water


I had my doctor prescribe Flagyl, and am on my 4th week of 2 Grams, two days a week.

Got really sick after the 4th week.

Oh, I also have a Rife machine, running lyme, parasites and lyme, once every two weeks.

I don’t know if you can help me, but I don’t know how to get Norwegian medical doctors to listen.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Much love and blessings from


After my fifth week of Flagyl, I got very ill. Almost Emergency Room ill, but I hung in there, and it lessened after three days.

It must have been a Herxheimer (extreme nausea, depression, sweats, heart palpitations, insomnia . . . .) My doctor got so concerned, that he wants me to stop it altogether, and get me to the hospital for more testing.

This is so disturbing to me, as I know there is nothing wrong with my heart, lungs, etc.

I tested inconclusive to lyme/Borrelia, but have had it since bulls-eye infection in 1994. Here in Norway, they are looking for blood proof, and not the fact that Lyme is in fact a clinical diagnosis.

I am wondering if I would have such strong reactions/Herxheimer from Flagyl, if I wasn’t infected with anything?

Well, not sure what to do, as it is difficult to continue Flagyl treatment without the consent of a Physician.

I bless you for what you are doing, and am sorry for all the suffering people, ignored and brainwashed by their doctors.

I will get well. I will not give up, and I thank you for the inspiration to seek health, and not dependency of nasty drugs.

For now, I will take Samento and Cumanda, and maybe that will be my savior.


While there are many parts within your article under the tab “How To Get Well” that are relevant to all kinds of sickness, the article was not written for Lyme Arthritis Disease. If that’s the nature of your problem, you have a specific infection of a spirochete type of microorganism. About 90% of the people with the same infection get well through standard antibiotics developed for that purpose. The 10% that don’t are having problems, and you may be one of them. We have two articles under the tab “Arthritis Important” that you may want to run off and read.

I seriously doubt that your Rife machine will do much good, except by accident. Rife had a present-time feed-back mechanism that could tell him when he was actually doing something to the microorganism. He had a superior microscope that allowed him to watch the microorganism as he transmitted frequencies to it. Your “Rife” machine has probably provided you with a frequency to use, but you have no way of knowing if that frequency is effective for your particular bug. You also don’t know how long to use it. So, at best, you’re guessing. Oh, sure, I know, someone gave you a catalog or listing of frequencies and perhaps timing, but they can’t sit there and watch the effect of the frequencies as it operates, as Rife could.

If you’re interested in such, go to our “Research” tab, thence to “Research and Letters” tab. Find John Myers alphabetically on the left hand side of the screen, and then read his work on using frequencies for lyme disease which has been quite successful.

Europeans have long used Electrodermal testing and Applied Kinesiology. Find practitioners of either of those. If you find a good one, they’ll help pin point what you need.

We’d be interested in knowing more about the effects of Flagyl after the sixth week, as we’ve never observed its use for Lyme patients. Sounds like you’re truly having a Herxheimer reaction and, for arthritics, that’s usually good news!

Goodness, I’ve been trying to find you and your foundation for some time.

Life gets busy. But not for your foundation and writings I would not have much of a life as Lupus would have taken it over. Now, my family finds need of this information once again.

My name is E.L. Twenty three years ago I read the book “Arthritis Cured At Last,” became a believer and went for the “cure” (a 900 mile trip from Boston to Pennsylvania.) Much has happened in my life over that 20 years, not all for the best but I am grateful that much of what has gone down, good or bad, was made possible by the simple but dramatic medical help available through your information.

20 years ago I also lost my 23 year old son Kevin to Leukemia. I’m still convinced he died only because I failed to find the right information in time. Tu-shea…

Now, his young daughter, just 21 next month, is faced with some frightening news of her own. She has been diagnosed with MS, confirmed by MRI’s. She lives in Massachusetts and I have sent her much info to digest as she wishes to utilize alternative medicine. She wants to come out here to Colorado for a few months. (I’m hoping!)

Since I found you on the internet, (It’s new to me) I felt compelled to write and let you know that 20 years after my cure I am (at 63) in excellent health, take absolutely no medication even for high blood pressure, am raising an 8 year old grandson (for 6 years), am unfortunately widowed for the past three years, and continue to pursue my self-education and practice of alternative medicine by taking good care of myself in every way possible on my limited income.

I will send out a SASE to the address found here so you can send me a list of the doctors utilizing your information. I just wanted to say that I’m grateful for finding your information at a time in my life that it was much needed. AND that I am so very glad that your foundation has survived and is still active. Sadly, I have told many sufferers about my own miracle but none have believed enough to even bring it up to their doctors. This is beyond my comprehension!!

Thank you and your staff and supporters for your dedication in bringing this information to those who have found the courage to believe.

Twenty-six years ago I, too, suffered from rapidly crippling rheumatoid disease, and was cured by some of the techniques now promulgated by this foundation. So, we have a common bond! Many thanks for your report of an equally successful journey!!

Our physician list is found at the tab “Physician Referrals.” It’s always brought up to date, but doctors seldom tell us when they move, and especially never tell us when they die. Note that the list seems to stay rather steady in number, as we don’t go out searching for doctors; and, we have no evaluation of their knowledge or successes or failures.

As to multiple sclerosis: your grandaughter is certainly young to be faced with such a horrendous problem. Normally I’d bet that she’s suffering from mercury poisoning from an overload of denture fillings, but obviously she’s too young for that problem. However, pesticides and herbicides are widely present throughout the nation, and even the milk she’s been drinking could have been affected — regardless of breast or bottle fed. If she were mine, I’d start with a doctor who is familiar with gentle detoxification of the whole body. I’d also bring her to practitioners who are very good at either electro dermal tests or applied kinesiology. My wife and I attend both near our city. I’m sure you can find some in your area, but you’ll need to search and evaluate. There’s also a number of practitioners in those fields who are not all that great! At least that’s a start!

Although this foundation is not in the MS business, there are many suggestions on our site for many things. Go to our tab “Articles Miscellaneous and Historical,” then plug in “multiple sclerosis” in the Google search button. That will bring up most everything you need to read. Keep in mind my above suggestions, however.

I have written to you before concerning the RA that is in my body.

I have been seeing Dr Hans Gruenn in Los Angeles (one of your recommended drs.) Unfortunately he is out of town for 2 weeks and I know no one else to ask.

I am in my 5th week of anti-amoebic treatment with Tinidazole. 2 tabs twice daily for 2 days then 5 days off. In my first week of this course of treatment (it is my 4th round incidentally) I accidentally took the pills for 3-1/2 days instead of 2. Next week will be the 6th and final week but of course I will be 3 pills short, so only have enough for 1 am. dose.

My question is this. Shall I just take that lone pill and be done, having taken the correct number in total or should I buy 3 more to complete the 2 day cycle?

I am sorry to bother you but it is important that I get it right. I know this protocol is working it just seems to come back once I have stopped the course of pills. I don’t have very severe symptoms compared to some people but it seems that it is hard for me to get rid of this disease.

Do you know if there are long-term side effects from so many rounds of Tinidazole? I did do Flagyl but it was incredibly hard on me! A nasty drug. I am hoping the same is not true of Tinidazole. Or do you recommend another imidazole drug?

I appreciate your help. I don’t know why everyone with RA does not try to get rid of it. I know quite a few who have it and I offer up this advice and my Dr’s name and they don’t jump all over the information! Cannot understand it

Thanks and take care.


Forgive me if I seem to beat about the proverbial bush to answer your questions. Only your doctor can answer some of them. Furthermore, even as a doctor one couldn’t answer questions of a patient without personal consultation. That would be considered unethical as well as illegal in some states. So, considering the above comments, I’ll do the best I can. OK?

First and foremost, if you haven’t already done so, you should go to our website and read beneath the tab, “How to Get Well.” Then go to the tab “Letters With News,” as it reflects experiences of others’. Even if it doesn’t strike “right-on” to your questions, reading the material will broaden your perspective which, in turn, will help you in the long run.

Back to your concern over use of tinidazole and metronidazole: Doctors established our protocol to saturate the body with broad spectrum anti-microorganism drugs, and then to permit the body to “wash out” the excessive drugs. That’s the reason for two days on, then five days off. To use the drug aspect of our protocol requires a good kidney and liver. The liver, especially, is the body’s organ that we rely on to neutralize chemicals that come into our body that our body finds toxic. If you, as a patient, have a poorly functioning liver (or kidney) for any reason, then you shouldn’t be taking the anti-microorganism drugs. If your kidney and liver are OK, then it’s up to your doctor to discriminate between several factors — drug toxicity, sensitivity to drugs, and the Herxheimer.

Considering the fact that you’ve already been through a course of metronidazole, and that you’ve been through heavy dosages of tinidazole, and you’re still OK (under medical supervision), I’d guess that what you’ve done won’t hurt, and that you should probably go ahead and finish the tinidazole. I’m surprised at your comment about the difference between taking metronidazole and tinidazole. I never found much difference, except that metronidazole is a wee bit more uncomfortable. Each of us have different chemistries. You probably ought to ask your doctor to try clotrimazole. (Only available through compounding pharmacists.) Most folks find it much, much easier to take — although I’ve seen my most serious Herxheimers on taking it.

It does concern us that you seem to have a slight Herxheimer each time you take the tinidazole. Seems like something is not being resolved. That’s all the more reason why you need to read beneath the “How to Get Well” tab.

Thanks so much for your response. I appreciate it that you took the time. I will finish this course and see what happens. I have felt 95% better from the treatment so I know it is the correct approach. Just can’t seem to get rid of that last bit it seems! I will read “How to get well” again and see what else I can do.

Just another thought. I took the Allopurinol before the first course of Flagyl but did not take it again before the Tinidazole. Should I have taken it again? Could this be a reason why I did not clear out the RA do you think.


You should have repeated it again, taking it with then nitro-imidazole during the first week, but there’s probably another factor you’ve overlooked.

Can you advise as where I can purchase Rex Newnham’s product in Canada or how to get it to here?


Thank you. We’ve lost track of where you can get it except thru querying Newnham. However, it is now available in one form or another at virtually all health food stores, where vitamins and minerals are sold. Also, as Newnham explains in one of his articles, buy a box of “20 Mule Team Borax.” Wet your finger, stick it in, and that’s about how much you need each day. The Borax is poisonous if taken in large amounts, but is just about right for the amount on the finger, and has the boron you need.

I got one problem. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis pain so bad she can’t hardly walk anymore. She needs a walker to walk, she can’t sleep, her whole legs bother her so much. What’s the cause? Can you tell me what she can do to get straightened out?


You and Mom have got to read beneath the tab “How to Get Well” on our internet. After that, go to our physician list and find someone who can begin to help her. Probably she’ll have to travel, as there are no doctors/dentists anywhere in the world who can handle all the factors that she may need to investigate.

Yes, your website address is working. Must have been an Internet hickup on my end. I have questions about DMPS:

I had another ‘dmps push’ approximately 2 weeks ago to determine if we have cleaned out all of the heavy metals and mercury out of my system after 4 weeks of dmps treatment. This time I got quite a reaction: nausea, fever and chills for about a day and a half. I have not had a reaction prior to this. What could have caused this?

I’m going back this Thursday to Dr. J. N. to discuss lab results of DMPS — but after reading some info that I just found on the following website I won’t be using this again — www.dmpsbackfire.com — which was created by a woman (Jana) who apparently had one dose of dmps and experienced serious side effects:

Some excerpts:

“DMSA and DMPS are heavy metal chelators. They are both effective at that function. The question is, of course, how safe are they?

“Either one can be very dangerous. DMSA and DMPS actually bind to and mobilize mercury. It takes properly functioning excretory systems to then move the chelator-bound metal out of the body. So in order to get the heavy metals out of your body, you have to dislodge them from their present locations, and MOVE them so that your liver and kidneys can excrete them. Whenever you move a heavy metal, you risk increasing the damage it does to your body. Anywhere along the way, the chelator can lose its grip and drop the metal. If the excretory systems are not functioning well, you’ll be unable to excrete all the metal the chelator has mobilized. In either case, you’ll just do more damage.

“Galen Knight, Ph.D., is a chemist knowledgeable about metal poisoning. This is what he told me: ‘Much of my time is besieged by people who have tried systemic chelators as a way of detoxing, finding out only too late that EDTA, DMPS or DMSA draws the metal toxins out of the cells and bones (where the body sequesters them as conjugates with glutathione, metallothionine and phosphates, respectively) and then dumps them into the bloodstream where they poison the immune and nervous systems, and vital organs. Consequently these poor individuals can remain extremely toxic and incapacitated for years after their ‘detoxing’, or perhaps one should say ‘retoxing’.”

Dr. Thomas Levy is a cardiologist who co-authored Uninformed Consent with Hal Huggins. In the book, Drs. Levy and Huggins discourage the use of synthetic chelators in general, and DMPS in particular. At page 252 they state:

“Heavy metal chelators almost always overaccelerate the detoxification of the post-TDR (total dental revision) patient. DMSA, DMPS, and EDTA can all do this. DMPS is consistently the greatest offender here. Immune declines and clinical illness can result for weeks and sometimes even months after only one injection of DMPS”.

Dr. Levy has given me permission to repeat what he has told me directly. In his words, “DMPS is an unqualified sledge hammer to the immune system.” He referred to the administration of DMPS as an “assault.” Dr. Levy believes that synthetic chelators should just plain be avoided most of the time. Most patients simply don’t need them.


I certainly respect Hal Huggins, and if his co-writer has reason to believe there’s some danger, then there probably is. I believe, however, that the use of chelators is good or bad depending upon two prime conditions: (1) the health of the individual, in particular, the health of kidneys and liver; (2) how fast the chelators are used; that is, loaded into your system. I’m familiar with using chelators (primarily EDTA), having had about 140 chelations over the years. I know doctors who’ve had 400 or more chelations.

When EDTA was first used on patients, it was “pushed” rapidly for lead poisoning. When I began using it on myself for general detoxification it took about 1-1/2 hours to 3 hours to run 500 ml through me. Later, doctors began using the “push” method, which I really didn’t like. It seemed to me that this quickey approach was more to satisfy the time requirements of a busy doctor than to chelate out bad stuff from the patient.

Later oral chelation and anal chelation (suppositories) was begun. I didn’t like either because they each took too long, and too many treatments — but safe, they most certainly were. Some doctors and patients swear by them as they are both so easy to apply. My memory says that it takes 3 suppositories to equal one IV chelation of EDTA, which is certainly slower.

Each patient must rely on their doctor for proper method and dosage. Naturpaths often use green algae, which takes even longer, sometimes up to a year — but safe, it most certainly is.

Another very natural chelator is sweat. Just exercise and build up a good sweat, and do it regularly. You’ll see safety and results (assuming no heart problem).

Hubbard’s detoxification method — 140 to 180 degree Farhenheit temperature for 3-1/2 to 4 hours a day, for 3 to 4 weeks is a surefire method of chelating out pesticides, herbicides and other xenobiotics stored in the fatty parts of cells. There doesn’t seem to be any other way of getting rid of these toxins, but surely is not safe for someone with poor heart, kidneys and liver, although when used, good results seem spectacular.

By the way, many complementary doctors specializing in detoxing heavy metals from autism children find that DMPS topically works very well, and very safely. Drs. Mercola and Klinghardt prefer DMPS as well. They all, however, require certain testing of blood and urine if it’s to go on for months. Also, they include other parts to the chelation protocol which helps with excretion of the heavy metals from the intestine instead of reabsorption into the blood, certain combinations of antioxidants and natural chelators to help with pulling the bound metal-chelator (whichever one is used) into the intestine. Most practitioners don’t use the IV approach for chelating. Some people complaining on the websites still have mercury fillings in their mouths, which is why they get sicker when they chelate. Finally, Dr. Garry Gordon recommends ACZ Nano, an oral spray that he claims is the best chelator available, completely non-toxic and safe.

Guess your doctor will have to help you decide!!

I am patient of arthritis. My Date of Birth 22/10/1931; normal health, normal appetite had angioplasty about 2 years before.

I have problem in my left knee. The doctor in Pakistan after examination due to arthritis advises surgery and the change of knee cap.

This is due to arthritis. I saw in TV in Canada some medicines have been introduced in Canada for treatment of patient having arthritis. It is also said that patients of arthritis using medicines are improving.

I would require you to please guide/recommend me about this medicines and some doctors in Canada whom I should contact them.

I want to avoid surgery and get improving by medicines if possible.

I want to assist me into this matter.


There’s not enough information about the nature of your knee problem to provide specific suggestions. We do know, though, that if a medicine is given to relieve pain then one is only treating the symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. Even if the medicine is effective in pain relief the disease will continue onward, progressing with damage to your knee.

There are several possible methods for solving such a problem if your knee has not gone past a point of no return. One can use heavy dosages of chondroitin sulfates or glucosamine. This is the nutritional approach. In fact, see our several articles and books on our website at “Articles Important” tab for a more complete picture of the nutritional approach.

If your problem stems from lax tendons or ligaments, you should find a doctor versed in (or willing to learn) Sclerotherapy (also known as prolo therapy). Again, see our website at the articles tab and books tab (Books and Pamphlets section) for description of that treatment, and where it fits.

If you have osteoarthritis of the kind generally described as “wear and tear” disease, then go to our website article (Articles Important) dealing with use of niacin taken every several hours. Osteoarthritis is often thought of as a complex problem. In fact, many doctors will say, “If you live long enough you’ll probably have some degree of osteoarthritis.”

For physician referral go to our website and punch in the “Physician Referral” tab. Sorry, we don’t have a whole lot of doctors in Canada — and wish we had more in your country.

Why should I make a donation if your charity on this list?


B. W.

I’ve not seen this website before, but it must be composed by an amateur — or someone interested in making the little guy look bad.

We were established in 1982 and have shown a loss every year since. Our fund raisers usually carry the difference — and we’ve also helped tens of thousands of folks to get well! This is contrary to those very wealthy, politically correct charities who advertise “Send us some money and we’ll do research to find the cure,” to this or that disease.

Instead we’ve always told folks that whether or not you send us money we’ll tell you how to get well from so-called “incurable” rheumatoid disease, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Most large, “politically correct” health foundations get lots of volunteer workers for one event or another — and, when the money flows in, that residue which does not pay for large buildings or big salaries, ends up with pharmaceutical companies that have zero incentive to solving health problems. Their interest, quite obviously, is increasing their stock value or already over-puffed administrative salaries.

If you’re genuinely interested in an answer to your question, go to our website to the “Donations” tab. After you’ve punched it up, go to the very bottom of the page. There are five very interesting answers to your question.

I was telling Dr. N. about your organization and the fact that you want to set up an Arthritis Centre. I suggested to her that we should do the same here in Calgary. She is game to do this. I believe you mention on your website that you are trying to raise $1.5 million to set yours up. She already has a facility (nice new one) . . . . so where do we go from here?


I’d say “wonderful!” When we started this foundation in 1982 we had numerous physicians who helped develop our present protocol. Unlike me, most of them died or retired. What we have in our physician list now are many doctors who sign up to do just a little bit of our protocol. What is needed are doctors who will do, or recommend, most of the protocol to insure that their patients get well.

“All” of the protocol requires both M.D. (or D.O.) plus biological dentist. One can get along without a biological dentist provided there’s a working relationship between the M.D. and a nearby biological dentist, as, for example, John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. does in Humble, Texas.

We understand, of course, that each individual is different, and that there may be required more and different treatments than just those we recommend. If Dr. N. is genuinely interested in expanding her clinic to cover the majority of our recommended protocols here’s what I suggest: (1) She sign up as one of our referral physicians (form on our website), (2) She (and you) invite me to spend a few hours with her to discuss all aspects of our treatment protocol, and/or (3) in your region set up a low-key lecture for me to give to those who have an interest in arthritis — about 3 hours.

Although I’m not a doctor, and certainly can’t diagnose or treat anyone, and absolutely don’t have all the answers to everything, I’ve been fielding arthritic health questions since 1982 and also writing most of the literature (derived from our doctors) under either my name or my pen-name of Anthony di Fabio, also being published in Townsend Letters for Doctors.

We’ll cooperate anyway we can. We’re interested in folks getting well! As to our proposed medical clinic: We are making progress. At the center we envision not just treating arthritics, but also using it for a teaching tool, bringing in doctors to teach as well as to learn. Anything that can be done elsewhere will enhance this vision, because our goal is to get folks well, not to make money or to restrict information! [Note by P. Anthony Chapdelaine, Jr., MD, MSPH: Unfortunately, the foundation was unable to obtain sufficient funds to complete this project.]

I hope you and Dr. N. understand that many of the recommended treatments are not approved by various medical insurances. In fact, I usually explain that medical insurance only pays for treatments that don’t work. Canada may be different than the U.S., but the U.S. is stupidly directed toward alleviating symptoms in most categories of health problems despite glowing pharmaceutical advertisements.

I read with a great deal of interest the “Three Years of HCL Therapy” article from your website. I am curious: the article made mention of ampules of HCL. Does this mean that HCL came in ampules that the doctors then mixed themselves with triple distilled water, or did the HCL come in ampules pre-mixed and diluted to the desired strength, such as 1 – 1500 HCL, 1 – 1000 HCL, or 1 -500 HCL?

Is this sort of thing still available today?

Is there an actual “recipe” for making what Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Guy used?

Are there any doctors in Colorado that you know of who might be doing this kind of intravenous HCL therapy?


There are many doctors who use HCl intravenous as well as intramuscular injections normally for bacterial infections. Since dilute HCl simply stimulates macrophages and leucocytes, the result is a more aggressive “normal” response to bacterial invasions. HCl of whatever dilution is available via prescription. If you have trouble obtaining it from pill counters — standard drug stores — go to compounding pharmacies or pharmaceutical supply houses.

There’s no need to mix it oneself. By the way, I’ve had these injections and they remind one of injecting ordinary water. If the ratio gets much higher than 1:500, though, it’ll sting.

We have two referral physicians on our physician list on our website from Colorado. You’ll have to check with them to learn if they will provide these injections. Actually, one can give them to oneself without any problem.

I visited Dr. J. last Thursday to review results of my last DMPS test; aluminum levels are now zero but mercury only dropped from 19 to 12. I told her that the last DMPS push gave me nausea, chills and fever. She suspects that my gluthathione levels are too low to help move the mercury out so it is just getting stirred up but not removed. She is going to test me for glutathione levels next week. I may need glutathione IV before we start another round of DMPS.

I sent her your response below; she was astonished that you have had 140 chelations. She is currently reviewing your website materials and the email you sent about ‘where do we go from here’ in terms of setting up an arthritis and chronic disease clinic.

I attended a lecture last week entitled THE PALEO DIET FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND OTHER AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES by Dr. Loren Cordain PhD, professor from Colorado State University. It was held at a local hotel ballroom. The place was packed, standing room only — probably about 500 people — seems as though the public is interested in getting well.

He basically said that humans were designed to eat fruit, vegetables, lean meats and nuts/seeds. We should avoid (especially those who have MS and auto immune diseases) grains, dairy, tomatoes, legumes, sugar and salt and gave a complicated scientific explanation as to how these foods exacerbate the disease as well as cause it (together with other factors). They have done all kinds of tests and research. The info was quite good although I’ve read some of this before; avoid dairy, grains and sugar. Legumes and tomatoes were a bit of a surprise. The lecture was sponsored by the friends of MS; a group who are interested in treating the cause and not the symptoms. Here are there websites if you are interested.



Now I’m trying to find a doctor who would like to work with us as well as a biological dentist. Would it take much extra training for a regular dentist to become a biological dentist? My dentist is good; but he is not a biological dentist. According to our yellow pages, there are only 2 biological dentists in Calgary and one is already affiliated with the Integrated Medical Institute (IMI). I had a couple of appointments with one of the naturopaths but was not impressed with his treatment protocols.

I approached Trump University to see if they fund new ventures as I heard that they sometimes do but they declined.

All for now…we’ll get back to you once we do more investigation.


Congratulations! You’re out there scouting around and learning. Soon you’ll know more than the lecturers!

Incidentally, I’ve met M.D.s who’ve had 400 or more EDTA chelations! Sounds to me like you’ve got a knowledgeable doctor. For a doctor who is interested in learning, and expanding their clinical services, it shouldn’t take too much extra money to get started. As a matter of fact, one can start now and increase offerings little by little as results come in. During Dr. Prosch’s and Dr. Blount’s period, they each in their own way achieved a remarkable 80% cure rate when treating 17,000 patients, each. Neither of them covered all the causations that we list. As to other doctors, such as Dr. Trowbridge, they have a good working relationship with a local biological dentist, so that they do not need to have one in their office with them. Where I’m located, for about 250 miles in circumference, there are no biological dentists. One who called herself such we later found certainly did not understand cavitation problems, but did understand how to charge biological dentist prices.

Some biological dentists handle only safe removal of dental mercury without chelating out the other 50% or so stored in the body. They also do not handle cavitation problems. Other biological dentists, rarer indeed, handle both. I don’t think it requires much training, but certainly requires a little different equipment set up to protect the patient. And, obviously, requires a genuine interest in getting to the bottom of faulty root canal and tooth removal teachings.

We started in 1982 with the naive view that a particular microorganism was the culprit in rheumatoid diseases. We never dreamed at that time that a very high percentage of degenerative disease problems stem from faulty root canal teachings. The sad part is that the precursor to the American Dental Association had more than 60 top-ranking scientists, doctors and dentists working on the problem, which they solved very nicely, and all of that information got buried in their archives. Order and read Root Canal Coverup by George Meinig, a retired dentist and former founder of the root canal professional organization as well as former head of 20th Century Fox dental studios. Whether or not a patient has anerobic microorganisms in their root canal, having mutated from aerobic, can be learned by either of three methods: (1) the simplest and cheapest, applied kinesiology. One biological dentist who teaches in the University of Tennessee dental school in Knoxville, TN sends his patients to a chiropractor who uses applied kinesiology. In five minutes he’s got all the information he needs, which is telephoned to the dentist at his private clinic. Then the dentist checks the discovery via an x-ray. If found — and it normally is — he then opens up the cavitation and sterilizes it. I’ve also seen this done in Dallas, TX, except the kinesiologist is a medical doctor; (2) some dentists have computerized electrodermal tests which not only find the tooth cavitation, but also names the specific microorganisms to be found there. I’ve personally experienced both described; (3) the University of Kentucky biology department developed a test where careful samples are made at the base of each tooth, and these samples are sent off to a laboratory where enzymes are determined and measured, these in turn correlating with various infectious organisms. This method is most costly of the three. All are effective so long as the kinesiologist and the electrodermal test practitioner are experienced and know the right questions to ask.

I never knock anyone’s diet — except once when my first wife (deceased) got on a kick of eating nothing but fried potatoes all of her meals, day after day. This was supposed to be a fat reduction diet. Yikes! Dr. Prosch taught me some things about diet which I think are most basic to all diets. You can find his recommendations on our website.

No matter how many lectures I’ve heard or books I’ve read, they never, ever mention an important ingredient fundamental to fat reduction: there are two kinds of fat cells, white and brown, and they each have different functions. But as far as other diets are concerned, the whole subject is so very extremely complicated, and there’s so much confusion, and so many avenues of advice that I usually leave it up to the doctors with this proviso: whatever the diet pursued, it’s necessary to convert the tissues from acidic to alkaline. It’s necessary to have all the necessary enzymes, and it’s certainly necessary to consider individual differences. In other words, one-sized diet doesn’t fit all people. This is such an obvious truism, I wonder how we get into so many fad diets!

Glutathione IV is not at all bad, and lucky you’ve got such a knowledgeable doctor. Incidentally I’d not really trust a dentist who did not wholly understand and believe in Dr. Westin Price’s early work. It takes more than a half-hearted agreement to become a biological dentist.

Thank you so much for your very prompt reply. I was not expecting to hear from you before Monday.

Actually, I was hoping this HCl solution injection stuff was something I could do myself. I’m one of those people who has been from doctor to doctor before finally getting a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome that none of the doctors seems to know what to do for. Also, I don’t have any health insurance anymore and cannot afford multiple doctor office visits.

I already give myself B12 shots, and I thought this might be something I could experiment with since I have no doubt that the Colorado AMA (which is highly dogmatic and very hostile to unconventional treatments) would frown on any doctor here who dared collude with me in doing HCl injection. Even those doctors here in Colorado who do I.V. chelation do not advertise that they do it because the Colorado AMA threatens to take their licenses away if they do.

Is there any way to get such HCl preparations without going through a doctor? Would a chemical supply company be able to supply such a product without a prescription?

Was your own experience with the injections positive?


Chronic fatigue syndrome, like rheumatoid arthritis, is most likely of multiple causes. HCl is only good for bacterial infections. Regarding your health insurance — usually health insurance is only good for treatments that don’t work — symptomatic treatments. And, yes, you can give yourself HCl injections if you can get your hands on the correct injectables. And no, I wouldn’t advise a chemical supply house, because, as with most all injectables, the liquid has to be sterile, often with a substance that also stabilizes it.

At our website search for Stephen Cooter. He’s a former sufferer of chronic fatigue syndrome. He always had suggestions for the problem.

Thank You for your email of 8/6/07. I am reading The Art of Getting Well (TY for it). But it states that in order to be treated by your program you must be off medications for 4 months. I can barely cope now with this rollercoaster of pain (Darvocet takes 2-4 hrs to kick in.). Methotrexate and Enbrel have improved me about 50% from my worst status. But that remaining 50% is horrible. In a sentence I could never cope for 4 mos without them. I guess that is that. Thank you.


We recommend intraneural injections to hold away the pain while you’re readying for the drug treatment or trying other treatments we advise. We can mail the pamplet on intraneurals to your doctor. You don’t have to be off of pain killers at all, but with intraneural injections you can easily be.

The main problem is with methotrexate and cortisone. There are two kinds of “improvement.” One kind hides the symptoms while the disease rages onward. The other kind halts progress of the disease. Virtually 100% of commonly given treatments are of the first kind, so a patient tends to delude themselves into thinking they are “improved” when, in fact, they’re not. Have you yet read beneath the tab “How to Get Well?”

I finally got a fancy enough system to try and locate my favorite doctor of all time, Laszlo Belenyessy; the only mention of him I could find was listed under your outfit! I wanted to see if I could find him and catch up a little, I have missed him. He was a pioneer, a pathfinder, a man with healing genius, both in his practice and his psychology with his patients. And a truly noble soul! I really believe that if I had been able to afford to stay in his care and if he had remained in Los Angeles, my life would have been better! He taught me so much and I’d like him to know that I have put a lot of energy into teaching those things to others, and often with real success — I’ve been told that many of the approaches to health that Laszlo taught me have changed people’s lives!

I once gave a brief talk on the best way to approach alternative medicine and learn on your own so you know what sources to trust to a fellow in the pharmacy, at the pharmacists’ instigation! Two months later, the fellow and his wife greeted me on the sidewalk and told me “Thank you, you have changed our lives!”

We now haunt health food stores and are reading like mad from all the books you recommended!

Laszlo was using what are now very common herbs and supplements years before it was acceptable and he gave me 6 years of productive life, wherein I produced a wonderful radio program that went national and had a very healthy baby at an advanced age! If you know how he is or where I could write him I think it’s good to let people know when they have basically changed your whole life with their ideas!


Lazlo was introduced to me by Dr. Gus Prosch, Jr. They were close friends. Gus was a founder of this foundation and he very early invited Lazlo in, in several capacities. My last recollection of Lazlo via Dr. Prosch was that he had died. Unfortunately, so has Gus Prosch.

I truly wish I could help you find him still alive and helping folks!

LETTERS WITH NEWS! (added January 13, 2008)

I was a grad student of Dr.Pete and a class mate of Dr. Herb Struss. Is he alive and is he still living in Stillwater?

I am inquiring because I need his advice urgently.

Dr. A.H.J. Rajamannan (a.k.a Dr. Harry)

Both are dead, I’m very sorry to say. Have you followed up on the work? [Universal Oral Vaccine]

I have worked with Dr.Pete and knew he died a long time ago. His son was supposed to continue the work but I never found out anything about it. I worked with Herb after he started his own production and purchased many of his capsules and gave it to friends in Italy and France who had tennis elbow and all were cured permanently. These guys are still alive and ask me why this kind of products don’t get to be known.

I remember Dr. Pete telling me that if we could do Biopsy’s in Cancer patients and do the infusion with these cancer cells maybe we could get some immune bodies that can help the patient fight the cancer. Of course this was before FDA put pressure on the University (University of Minnesota) to make Dr. Pete stop his work. I recently read a company that has been started that was talking about producing antibodies for Cancer cells (Antibodies or Vaccine) from Biopsy’d cancer cells.
I met Dr.Struss last in his home in Stillwater when he had just got back from a visit to New Zealand for a meeting with the folks at the New Zealand Dairy Board. Since then I lost touch with him. His phone has been disconnected. So I thought that your group may be the best place to find out his whereabouts.
Please tell me if the New Zealand folks are working on specific Antigens or just colostrum?
There was a company that was importing the colostrum or Immune milk in the East Coast. Are they still active?

I could spend days writing about the real agony of Dr. Pete’s work from 1959 on as he was my minor advisor at the Dept of Dairy Science (as it was called then) for my Masters degree and I went on to do my PhD at the University on Reproductive Physiology. We did the first reported Embryo Transfer in 1963. I left the University in 1969 and started the first Embryo Transplant company with two of my class mates from the University. The world did not even think that it was important. But that was the case except Paul Harvey gave us 10 minutes on his T.V.show calling our ambitious program as another American First.

My company did the first division of embryos and produced 24 calves from one egg. We did the first analysis of fertilized cells to learn about the sex of the embryo. We did the first freezing of semen and eggs, but nobody at that time even gave any respects. But we had a laboratory that produced hundreds of transplants to send to Australia. Dr. Steptoe came and spent several days learning the collection of eggs and holding the eggs in the serum. We even gave him the serum to store the first human baby born by Embryo Transplant. He never gave us any credit either. Now it is well known around the world and everybody is doing it.

Cest la vie.

I am still very active and have my own company of 35 years. This time I developed a method to immunize plants against diseases by inducing natural resistance. We are now being accepted, after fighting the EPA and the Chemical Industry both at the same time.

I would like to hear from you the answers to my Questions.

Dr.Harry Rajamannan.

Dear Harry:

You’ve a fantastic background and set of accomplishments! You also were associated early on with some very fine people, Dr. Peterson and Struss.

I visited Herbert Struss some months before he died on his farm. He sat down with me and answered all my questions, and gave me a bunch of the early Journal of Immune Milk. I tried to give him some advice on how to handle his heart problem, but apparently he was either unable to use it, or relied on traditional practitioners, who generally have few answers. It’s a real pity that Dr. Struss and his whole family were threatened by FDA administrators who, after all, were supposed to be looking out for us and not for big pharmaceutical interests. He said he was seriously warned by some big-shot FDA visitors to know that his family would be harmed should he persist.

Dairyman Herb Saunders, as you probably know, did not threaten easily. Of course, he also had legal help via then Iowa’s Congressman Berkley Bedell and Minnesota’s lawyer Calvin Johnson. After the second failed attempt to convict him of wrong-doing the Minnesota attorney general gave up.

I spent a Christmas vacation at Saunders’ farm, having brought two friends there. I personally witnessed skin blemishes — psoriasis — disappear in minutes after using the Impro specific-antigen colostrum for staphylococcus.

As reported in our Psoriasis article: “This Christmas (1998) the editor spent with friends watching the application of specifically prepared antigen/complement materials from bovine colostrum, the cow’s first milk on calving (See our “Universal Oral Vaccine,” http://www.arthritistrust.org).

”What I personally observed was a kind of Christmas miracle. Nowhere had I ever read or heard of Psoriasis being related to staphylococcus, other than an associated infection. Here’s what I observed: ”A patient had gross, raised blotches of skin Psoriasis that would not heal no matter what treatments were tried previously.

”A liquid preparation of staphylococcus antibody/complement was taken orally, one teaspoon each hour, and a cotton ball was also used to wipe the mixture on the Psoriasis blotches. The wiping on of the liquid was done every time itching occurred, and also occasionally throughout the next days. Also the oral treatment of the liquid was continued each hour.

”Within minutes (literally) of the first wiping the blotches began to disappear. Within a day, all blotches were reduced in size. Within two days, only the longest standing, and grossest blotches remained.

”Finally, all marks were gone! What a great Christmas present!”

Later my eldest son, who is an MD, found a reference to research demonstrating that staphylococcus had been found in the Psoriasis blotches. Farmer Herb Saunders knew this, but our general field of MDs have not learned this as an option, as yet.

Because of Herb Saunders’ big legal wins in Minnesota, various parties introduced a bill, which passed, that permitted such activities in the future. This foundation funded legal research and analysis (Diane Miller, atty) to determine if a Minnesota business creating antigen-specific colostrum for humans would be feasible. (See “Colostrum Therapy Legal Evaluation” on our website.) We concluded that among the Federal and State laws amidst agriculture and FDA there was still much legal risk.

Note that Impro still produces an excellent antigen-specific colostrum for livestock, but, unlike the original Mary Collins, owners will hide beneath their desks if any mention is made of using it for humans. (Former Congressman Berkley Bedell helped Impro when Dept. of Agriculture falsified their pretend duplicative research report.)

The New Zealand Dairy Board, last I heard, was producing a generalized colostrum for Stolle corporation. This was accomplished by standard vaccination of a pre-selected group of antigens, then separating out the colostrum from the milk stream. Again, last I heard, Stolle had introduced a “health” drink on the East coast containing these generalized anti-antigens and was planning to spread their product across the US through multi-level marketing. They were already selling in a limited number of Asian countries. So long as the product is not designed to cure specific diseases, the FDA doesn’t seem to mind. After all, by hit and miss methods, seldom are real cures produced!

Quantum Research in Arizona did not get off the ground, but they used a product produced in Canada mixed with mushrooms to stimulate killer cell activity. Its label shows the antigen-specific colostrum as the “filler” portion of the mixture (Jesse A. Stoff, M.D., “The Use of Dialyzable Bovine Colostrum Extract in Conjunction With a Holistic Treatment Model for Natural Killer Cell Stimulation in Chronic Illness”).

Of course you must know of Fudenberg’s work.

Walter Wilburn, Ph.D. in Mobile, AL was preparing generalized antigen-specific chicken eggs for the army’s K rations, but he also was planning to prepare goat colostrum for pediatrics. Don’t know how he’s progressed on that one. Seems like the army can get away with this, but not the rest of us.

I’ve referred several patients and doctors to the east coast company you mentioned; but, I’ve never personally seen the remarkable results from their antigen-specific colostrum, although, like Impro, they seem to be producing a similar product, but unlike Impro they advertise for human use. There must be some reason why results have not been as spectacular as the antigen-specific products from Impro constructed strictly for animals.

Several folks, including several doctors, have queried us about producing their own antigen-specific product from their own cows for cancer and lyme arthritis disease, and have been successful, but I don’t have any record of them.

Your friends in France and Italy should set up the business of curing folks with antigen-specific colostrum. The American FDA and Dept. of Agriculture are surely not going to permit it to happen here. They’re too closely controlled by the pharmaceutical industries whose primary mission is to make money, not to get folks well. This is the source of many American evils!

I don’t know if I’ve sufficiently answered your questions as I’ve taken most of the above from our articles on colostrum on our website (Universal Oral Vaccine). As you can see, I’m a few years behind the curve on this one. Obviously antigen-specific colostrum would solve most of the world’s sicknesses, but this is not going to be permitted.

Your work is surely mind-boggling, and you’re to be highly commended. I assume that the following taken from websites are yours:

Dr. A.H.J. Rajamannan (a.k.a Dr. Harry) founded Agro-K Corporation in 1976 as a research and development company for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing environmentally compatible products for agriculture markets worldwide. From inception, its research focused on solving problems, both disease and nutritional, as well as searching for better methods to improve production and quality while minimizing input. Today Agro-K continues to conduct independent and university trials around the world to validate its products and contribute to the stewardship of our planet. Agro-K has been a pioneer of Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management. It is internationally recognized as perhaps the oldest and most experienced company in the development of biological alternatives for horticultural and livestock industries.
AGRO-K Corporation

Minneapolis, MN

By the way, do you mind if I place your letter on our website under the “Letters With Good News” tab?

Thanks for your letter. Yes you may post it. Today I found in the newspaper the Federal government is funding a 24 million dollar project to freeze woman’s eggs before fertilizing. We did it with fertile and non-fertilized eggs in 1994. I left the embryo transplant buisness in 1975 as I’m a PURITANICAL Catholic, made me quit trying to make 12 Raquel Welch’s and 12 Joe Namath’s from buccal cells. This was our goal at that time. I gave my Company to my dear Partner Dr. Melvin Fahning and I assume he still owns it. I was the President and the founder of this company and I stopped research on this project. Maybe I should go back and show them how. We had a 20 % success of non-fertilized eggs and a 60% success of Fertilized eggs.

I have a possibility to start a small scale Dr. Pete’s project in a foreign country as so many are after me to do it. If this works out I will expand this into a major project. I will get the permission of this third world country at the Presidential level before I Go forward.

I will certainly keep you informed.

I am 76 years young at this moment and Hope that the Good Lord will be kind and keep me going to start this project.

Harry Rajamannan

Great! Please do keep us informed.




Please go to our website again and read beneath the tab “How To Get Well.” There are a number of areas that must be explored. It is not true that rheumatoid arthritis is incurable. Tens of thousands have been cured, but not by the standard treatments. Have your sister see Raul Vergini, M.D. in Predappio. He’s been with us for ages. Have her bring a copy of the “How to Get Well” article to him. He can help to guide her.

Hi there, I am a nursing student and will be graduating in May 2008 with a BSN, I am very interested in alternative medicine and would like to continue my education in that direction. Do you know if there are advanced degrees such as Nurse Practitioners in the field of Alternative Medicine and if so can you point me in the right direction?


Most hospitals and universities that advertise inclusion of “alternative/complementary” medicine simply don’t understand that it is basically searching out true causations, rather than symptoms. In other words, they’ve high-jacked the term, rather than the meaning. One accredited University that is somewhat different is Bastyr University in Seattle, WA — but even they seem to settle on relatively innocuous therapies, such as herbal and acupuncture. Herbal can be used either as a replacement for damaging drugs, or, if diagnosed correctly, can solve primary problems. Acupuncture, on the other hand, has never been known to cure degenerative diseases, such as arthritis. Most doctors I know who’ve developed excellence in alternative/complementary medicine have achieved this status by self-study. Wish it were different, but the pharmaceutical, insurance and medical trade organizations get more money by chasing after symptomatic relief.

Hello! My name is M. R. and I am currently in the third week of treatment. (I’m following the recommendation of your organization- Roger Wyburn-Mason broad Spectrum Anti-Microorganism approach.)

I really feel like I could use some encouraging words from someone who has been through the treatment. Currently I’m feeling extremely fatigued and emotional. My joints are very stiff it almost feels like one week it effects my mid back, then the next it moves into my hands and wrist, and now into my feet. I am aware that this is normal, I would just like an encouraging word if you have the time. Thank you I’m incredibly grateful for the web site.

I’m one of thousands who has been thru the treatment. I had the Herxheimer so badly I didn’t care whether or not the world turned — but when my body cleaned out the debris I was finally well, on top of the world. I have no way of truly evaluating your symptoms, but from here it sounds like you’re going thru a classical set of Herxheimer symptoms. Stay with it. But more importantly, read “How to Get Well” on our website. It describes everything we’ve learned since 1982!

Dr. J. N. and I have had a few more discussions about the arthritis centre. The Alberta Naturopathic Doctors have asked the Alberta Government to change legislation so they can offer a full range of services like prescriptions and authorization for blood tests etc. The government is supposed to announce their decision in January. If they allow them full range of services then we won’t have such a great need to have a medical doctor on board although it would be good to have one for credibility among other things. It may be hard to find one as we have a shortage of doctors in Canada and many are not interested in naturopathic treatments.

Dr. J.N. has also given me the names of two dentists who are ‘biological’ to some degree; one has a cavitation machine for example. So I am going to call them to find out exactly how biological they are and what their protocols are for removing mercury fillings etc.

We also discussed the notion of coordinating a seminar for the public at large next May/June. You and Dr. J.N. can speak and perhaps we can bring in someone else to make it a one day session like Dr. John McDougall (about diet and health). He is from California.

Have you heard of the McDougall Wellness Centre? John A. McDougall, MD. has been studying, writing and “speaking out” about the effects of nutrition on disease for over 30 years. He is the founder and medical director of the nationally renowned McDougall Program, a ten-day, residential program located at a luxury resort in Santa Rosa, CA — a place where medical miracles occur through proper diet and lifestyle changes. Dr. McDougall has cared for thousands of patients over almost three decades of medical practice and has run a highly successful live-in program for more than 17 years. Dr. McDougall has developed a nourishing, low-fat, starch-based diet that not only promotes a broad range of dramatic and lasting health benefits such as weight (fat) loss, but most importantly can also reverse serious illness, such as heart disease, without drugs. See www.drmcdougall.com.

I also picked up a book called Rheumatoid Arthritis written by a Doctor Zoltan Rona from Toronto. The book is quite good. He may be another good connection for us.

I also discussed our ‘arthritis centre’ idea with one of my colleagues who owned his own public relations firm for 40 years. He is retired but still consults for the advertising company that I work for. He also knows a lot of people. So he may come up with some ideas.


All of your ideas sound great! We’re willing to cooperate with anything, whether you invite us or not!! There is one MD on our physician list in Alberta: Godwin O. Okolo. I’ve not met him, but from his signed-up treatment regimens, he may be willing to cooperate fully with you folks. Also, our chief medical advisor is Paul Jaconello, M.D. in Toronto. I’m sure he’d be a great asset, and he’s a fine fellow. I’m not familiar with McDougall, but I’ll take your word for it. Diet, obviously, can be very, very important. I do have one reservation: the one-diet-fits-all approach won’t do it. This is obvious when one looks at Eskimo diet versus, say, Southern Italian diet. Different metabolisms and genetic breeding bring about different food requirements. Otherwise, we’d have no argument with anyone. If it works, it’s good! If it doesn’t work, it’s not good — or, better yet, let’s go back to the drawing board!!

Incidentally, I thought I was condensing my talk down to 1-1/2 hours at our recent conference, and found that I still had about 3 more hours to contribute. I did shut up on time, however, as my wife was our time keeper.

Curt Maxwell, who works primarily as an MD in Mexico, gives an excellent talk on what’s wrong with our present health/nutritional system. He is also one of the best men I know with intraneural injections, an absolute must for any arthritic center. He can demonstrate on folks in the conference. During the winter he treats primarily Americans but across the border from Yuma, Arizona.

During the hot summer he’s traveling about the country with his family, also from time to time demonstrating his knowledge here and there.

Jonathan Wright, M.D. is in Renton, Washington. He’s considered the dean of alternative/complementary medical practitioners, and is extremely good not just at dietary recommendations, but also at other alternative/complementary clinical practices. Don’t know if he’d be available, or how much, but he and Alan Gaby, M.D. have for years conducted very widely attended conferences where Wright tells the clinical aspects and Gaby backs it up with scientific study references. I’d suggest, however, that you keep everything low key for your first conference, as costs can get out of hand. The trick is to be able to entice a sufficient number of patients mixed with truly interested health professionals. This has always worked well for us, but the costs have not been easy to control. Costs can be somewhat offset if you chose to invite exhibitors with pipe and drape, but that, again, gets more expensive unless you’re assured of the exhibitors. They, of course, want to know about the size of attendance before much commitment.

As to health professionals, most MDs and DOs want to be assured of some sort of professional credit assignment to their attendance, which must be worked out in advance with one or another professional organization. Please keep me informed!

Hello, my name is A. K. and I live in Montreal, Canada. I am currently under examination for possible rheumatoid disease.

I am only 20 years old and am frightened about what I am reading concerning this illness. I have read a great deal of articles on your website and feel that there is hope, although I haven’t received a specific diagnosis yet, I am still waiting for the results.

I cannot express my feelings right now, in only a few months I have felt like all of my joints have been rotting away, as well as many, many other sorts of pain (chest pain, back pain, fatigue, headache, irritated eyes . . .) and the fingers on my left hand are starting to somehow deviate towards my pinky. Please, if God forbid I am diagnosed with this illness (which should be in the next 2 or 3 days) what are my options?

I have a family doctor which I am almost 100% sure is open to suggestions. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, I know nothing is confirmed yet and it might be something completely different from rheumatoid disease, but after seeing the state of my hand and experiencing horrible joint pains, I am trying to read as many articles as I can on your website, just to be prepared (I do find the articles very interesting, I am not reading them specifically because of fear of having rheumatoid disease).

I have heard of Curt Maxwell as being a great doctor with experience in treating arthritic patients. He is the only one I have heard of on the physicians’ referral list. I am wondering, which other doctors have experience with rheumatoid disease? I would be willing to travel all the way to Mexico If I have to. Thanks a lot for reading this email, I will be sending another email when I receive a definite diagnosis on my case. I would like to say that I didn’t give out my personal address since my family doctor still isn’t sure if I have rheumatoid disease.


Read “How to Get Well.” It covers everything we’ve learned since 1982. I had rheumatoid arthritis in 1980. I have been free of it since then, and am now 83. It’s no great trick to get well from this so-called incurable disease. Just read the above article and you’ll know more about it than all the rheumatologists.

Hello, Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m writing to you once again, my name is M.R.. I wrote to you concerning my treatment and you graciously responded. Monday will be my last week of the treatment and as of right now I’m over the nausea, extreme fatigue and some of the other side effects, but my RA still seems strong. For example my hands still do not close and the nodules on my wrist and ankles almost seem bigger. I’m scared that all this time I’ve just been in a flare up because it seems so similar. Once again, is this normal? I would just really like to hear reassurance from someone who has been through this. I have been reading all of the recommended books and pamphlets and they are wonderful, however if you could respond to me that would be great and encouraging.

I can’t remember what I said or didn’t say, but it sounds to me like you need to cover more aspects than just taking drugs. When you say your RA is strong, what does that mean? RA is usually associated with (1) an increasing number of joints affected, (2) fatigue, (3) other organs affected. If you just have joint pain, but the number of joints under pain is not increasing, and you’ve gotten over fatigue, then you may very well have halted progress of the disease. Shrinking nodules may take time for your body to do. I have no way of knowing, but your doctor should or ought to know. In my case, I still received intraneural injections from time to time to knock out residual joint pain stemming from nerve ganglia that had been affected (see Intraneural Injections at our books and pamphlets tab).

As to nodules, they might very well be bigger, because you haven’t yet really licked the disease, and these are responding to the antigen/antibody reactions caused by the drugs killing the microorganisms that you’re sensitive to. If they are responding, you may not have given enough time for your body to sweep out the debris. I don’t know how to advise you, because (1) I’m not a doctor, and (2) even if I were I couldn’t do so without seeing you to satisfy ethical constraints. I know for sure that you’ve got to pay attention to everything listed under the “How to Get Well” tab.

Sometimes, like for me, one gets well just from the drugs without paying attention to all the other causative factors. Sometimes a doctor has to try a variety or combination of our recommended drugs, as Dr. Prosch used to do for some of his patients. But in all cases one can be sure when all of the factors are paid attention to. Have you done that? Or have you just charged into taking some drugs? And just some of the other factors?

Dr. Prosch would sometimes give another 6 week course of treatment. Sometimes he’d do so, but with a different combination of our recommended drugs. In all cases he’d evaluate nutrition, yeast, food allergies, et. al. I’d have to write another book just to cover all the eventualities. Why don’t you call me and we’ll talk in more detail.

Could you tell me if Dr. John Myers is associated with this organization. Thanks

G. C.

[Note by P. Anthony Chapdelaine, Jr. MD, MSPH: For many years Dr. John Myers’ research was occasionally, modestly supported by us. He was a Scientist Advisor to this foundation. Additionally, he was a personal friend to my father (Perry Chapdelaine, Sr.) who believed Dr. Myers had high integrity. Although not totally convinced that his research was valid, as it has never been subjected to the crucible of double-blind studies, my father believed Dr. Myers achieved sufficient anecdotal success to warrant such trials if there were a benefactor available, and the medical climate acceptable.]

I forgot to add that several times folks have sent money to us asking that it be used to support Dr. Myers’ research, which we’ve also agreed to do. This is called “dedicated” donations. [We are not currently accepting donations as of December 13, 2019.]

Dear Sir (if I try and spell out your name it will take all day! Very nice name though!): Thank you for your kind response to my inquiry about Dr. Belenyessy!

He was a real hero to many of us, he would be worth a short book at least! I wish your foundation would research and report on this pioneering genius! I was given 10 great years by his treatments with vitamins and other supplements and lots of shots.

I learned later that without naming a condition beyond EBV, he was treating the fibromyalgia I was born with; I thought productive and happy people must have better medicine than I did or how did they cope with the pain and other symptoms?

He saved me thirty years ago with “weird herbs and substances”! Like Pau d’ Arco tea, colostrum, intravenous vitamins and chelation therapy. I will swear I once and only once saw a white aura around his head! It seldom happens, but with my sensitivities I know when I see it and there was white, and as he was a trifle vain and had taken to dying his hair, it wasn’t white hair I was seeing! He was loved and loving and when he moved on it was a real grief to all of us!

His bravery once led him to sign a man’s death certificate at the VA Hospital near his office in Santa Monica. His intern, Luc De Schepper, was in distress because his patient had died, Luc didn’t have the standing yet to sign the certificate, and no one wanted to take responsibility for this poor man’s corpse, his primary doctor being out of reach. The family were upset. Laszlo said he would sign the document. Luc said, Oh, he should not, he would be responsible in a law suit. Laszlo didn’t care. He only knew that it was wrong for the hospital to keep the family from finishing their mourning. He hated wrong ideas and loved to find detours around poor medical ideas. He informed his patients and urged us in his diffident way (so not to pressure us, he led, he did not drive!) to read and become informed.

He was always receptive to new ideas. He was a pioneer who had to build the road that others would walk upon in comfort ,and he had to struggle with suspicion of his methods by poorly informed main stream practitioners.

We adored him and called him “Laszlo” not from lack of respect, quite the reverse! He was too special to call Dr. Belenyessy unless we were teasing him about something! I wish you all could have known him better, he was a genius. I got to produce a fine radio program and had a beautiful child while with him!

These were the most productive years of my life; I am now suffering from things Laszlo could have controlled, but no longer have funds for this type of medicine, so I take medications instead. Your foundation and others need to investigate more closely ways to advance Laszlo’s particular brand of common sense combined with pure sorcery in such formats as clinics where the disabled whose fortunes are gone to have access to better quality care!

We are exhausted and we see all around us alternative health options we can only dream about and that seems so wrong. Making alternative health care practitioners more aware of the needs of the disabled destitute would be a great service. Laszlo always found a way to help you; no one with incentive was turned away, it was not primarily money for him, though like all of us he needed to eat! But seeing someone in need left untreated made him angry. He was the real thing!


You’ve already written a start on a Memoriam to Laszlo Belenyessy. Why not finish it? It would be welcome on our website, and it probably would be published in Townsend Letter for Doctors.

Laszlo traded his methods with many other alternative/complementary doctors, and you’ll find them on our physician list. Check with a few of them and you’ll also find, I’m sure, that many use similar treatments!

I have a patient with unclassified inflammatory arthritis who got 50% better using Tinidazole (+ 1 week of Allopurinol and prednisone) almost immediately. He has plateaued and it has now been about 4 weeks since his last dose of Tinidazole. I wasn’t able to find any information about the time line of response. I am assuming that he will not slowly improve any further. I am considering giving him a course of Iodoquinol but wanted some advice.

J. K. M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I.

Usually response occurs directly after suffering a Herxheimer effect, the worse the effect the faster the response after the patient’s body cleans up the debris. There is an additional phenomena that often occurs even after progress of the disease has been halted. Nerve junction points (those points controlling distribution of signals to specific joints) can still be inflamed, and still send signals to the joints. This is handled best by the treatment described in Dr. Paul K. Pybus’ “Intraneural Injections” (we will mail a copy to your doctor). Normally, rather than prednisone, these intraneurals are recommended as they do not weaken the immune system, and they also dampen out pain while reestablishing normalcy of the nerve ganglia. These intraneurals will be required in less number over the body, and will last longer between visits as time goes on. The effect of having joint pain (but non-progressing joint pain) often leaves folks thinking they still have the disease. They don’t. They simply need to restore integrity at specific nerve ganglia points.

Thanks for your reply but he has so many joints involved that intra-neural injections (which I have performed on others) would be impractical. My reasoning is that the Iodoquinol may give him a more pronounced response….

It’s really difficult to predict which of the many 5-nitroimidazoles will give the greatest response, or even if a great response is definitive for achieving wellness. Generally the greater the Herxheimer the better achievement of wellness — but not 100% of the time.

The other factor that is so variable is not knowing which of the trillions of micro-organisms an individual might be genetically susceptible to is affecting a particular patient. In case of one person in Africa, a common organism to Africa, but not known here, was the cause. In that case the standard drug for that microorganism did the trick, whereas our recommended medicines did not. [See “Ankylosing Spondilitis.”]

The Doctor who recommended iodoquinol to be in our protocol, Dr. Bingham, has been gone for many years, so I can’t ask him. Seldom did Wyburn-Mason, Blount or Prosch use it, and I never received feedback from others who might have been using it, so we have little feedback on it. Sorry! I still think the intraneurals would be very useful. I remember in the early 1980s having many of them about every 3 months, until they finally quit their disturbances. I’m nearly 83 now and still free of RD.

(added February 16, 2008)

I just happened to download your book ARTHRITIS – Rheumatoid Diseases Cured At Last.

I watched a TV program on Rheumatoid Diseases the other day. More than 700 thousand patients have difficult time here in Japan and nobody seems to be aware of your book. I checked the Japanese Amazon website and confirmed it had some copies in hand for sale.

Do you have a Japanese translation of your book?

If not, would you give me your authorization to translate it into Japanese and distribute the Japanese version of your book electrically to Japanese patients and doctors for free of charge as you do in the US? When it is necessary due to large demand as you experienced there, the Japansese version of your book will be published as other books here in Japan.

I believe Japanese patients should know all about possible treatments so that they can live good human lives.

I suffered from acute and chronic mercury poisoning for 6 years due to dental mercury amalgam and realized that there are millions of people suffering from such poisoning in Japan. They never know the causes of their diseases. I translated a book Solving the Puzzle of Mystery Syndromes written by Ms. Mary Davis into Japanese. This book will be issued hopefully in the first half of 2008.

I am just an accountant. But since no doctors attributed various mystery syndromes to mercury poisoning here in Japan and likewise no doctors know that rheumatoid diseases are curable, I would like to make Japanese people know about possibility of complete cure without various medicines with adverse side effects.

I hope you will give me your authorization to translate the subject book into Japanese.

I am afraid I cannot pay any compensation for your copyright for the first part since electrical distribution will be made free of charge. However, if your book is published for the market, I believe the possible publishing company will be able to pay you some compensation.

I am looking forward to your affirmative decision.

N. T., 70 years old

I’m quite surprised that Japanese were not aware of the damage that mercury causes, as our first inclination of same was from Japan, when, I believe, most of the villagers became sick or died in a town near a plant that dumped large quantities of mercury in their bay. This fact apparently did not lead to medical and scientific investigation.

So far as our books are concerned, you are most welcome to translate any or all of our materials to Japanese. We only request that you give us copyright credit as well as to indicate the address and website: Arthritis Trust of America, 7111 Sweetgum Road, Fairview, TN 37062; http://www.arthritistrust.org, respectively.

There is one caution for you, however. The book Rheumatoid Disease Cured at Last was our first one, and based on an assumption that we no longer believe to be wholly true. [Please note we later published a series of books,] the latest being “Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Disease Including Rheumatoid Arthritis.” We began this foundation with the belief that only one microorganism was involved with the disease, and directed our research accordingly. We’ve since grown to believe that any one of trillions of microorganisms may be involved — but much, much more. There’s a whole class of causations which must be addressed to assure wellness. These are described under the tab of “How To Get Well.”

We’ll also consider traveling to your country to share our information if invited. I’ve passed through Japanese airports three times on the way to Philippines, but have never really seen your beautiful country.

Finally, whatever you do translate, please make it available for our website, also. We get a large number of hits each day, but as we add on more languages we can serve more people, which is our mission.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

I think you are referring to Minamata when you wrote about the villagers. The Japanese government says that inorganic mercury is not toxic while organic mercury is toxic as we see in that city.

This assumption may not be true if we read many internet websites, which clearly state that inorganic mercury is changed into organic mercury by bacteria in mouths and in intestines. This point also will be indicated to the Japanese people when Solving the Puzzle of Mystery Syndromes. I hope they will realize how horrible mercury is for our health and lives.

I accept all your conditions and terms and start translation as soon as possible. You will receive the whole text in Japanese when all of the book has been translated.

You will be informed of any significant progress I make in the future.

Very truly yours,


Thanks for the article [“Mycoplasma Experiments Conducted at the Texas Department of Corrections.”]

Yes, Nicholson got at some of the truth, but not all of it.

In the late 50s, desperate to catch up to the Russians in their advanced biological warfare capabilities, our guys did some real crash BW [Biological Warfare] programs, all with extraordinary security classification. They are still very highly classified to this day.

One of the things done was to take a brucellosis organism, strip off its skin after some genetic modification, and develop a strain without skin which had to burrow in one’s red blood cells to live. There it feeds off the hemoglobin shell, hardening it so that it takes on considerably less oxygen – leading to hypoxia, chronic fatigue, etc. and eventually to heart attack, stroke, and death.

They were trying to develop some medicines to treat the disease – but they also were very stupid in those days.

They reasoned that they must have the data on spraying it in the field and its dispersion (similar to Soviet tactics). So the idiots insanely reasoned that if they “thinned” it by 2000 times, it would be safe. Ha! That made getting exposed to it like being a “little bit pregnant.”

So they thinned it, and sprayed it in several places – particularly in Florida and in several places in Canada. This was a joint U.S./Canada program, and in Canada it is also still classified beyond top secret to this day. Our illustrious NIH [National Institute of Health] was also a direct party to the dirty work and the experiments, but refuses to admit it or even to discuss it.

From the sprayings, the darn stuff spread into the mosquito population (those idiots actually released some infected mosquitoes, to see if they would act as vector carriers – and of course they do and did.)

So when one catches it, one comes down with increasing chronic fatigue syndrome and I mean BIG TIME. Can’t hardly sit erect in a chair or even hold up one’s head, stand with great difficulty, etc.

In 1968 in the U.S. Army I was stationed near Quebec, Canada at CARDE, as liaison officer on the joint U.S./Canada space vehicle re-entry shielding program. And while there, I contacted this “mysterious sudden and unknown ailment” of rapidly increasing fatigue and hypoxia. Breathe all you wish, you get very little oxygen being carried by your red cells to the cells of your body. A real bummer!

In 1968 I was hospitalized three times, six weeks at a time, nearly dying each time and given every test known to man, all of which came up negative. The patient was dying, but no test would show what was doing it. The third time, the French doctors in Quebec were determined to save this American, who had studied their language while there and could speak French with them a bit. (The French really thaw out quickly when one struggles to speak and get along in their language!).

And they had noted that about one in 300 of their “abdominal and lung” patients had some kind of crazy unknown organism, with the same symptoms I had, but no test known to them would show it. If nothing were done, 100% of these patients would die. If they opened up the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity, and moved all the internal organs (and I mean ALL) around for about two or three hours, thoroughly letting the air get to all the membranes etc.), and then sewed them back up, 50% would still die but 50% would now live.

So they did that to me the third time, in a desperate attempt to save my life. In my case, fortunately I made the 50% that lived.

(Today we know that the oxygen in the air will kill all the BW modified mycoplasma still on the exposed internal surfaces and membranes that have not yet burrowed inside a red cell.) And if the procedure kills enough of them, often the rest will then go into “hibernation” and then slowly spread for the next 20 or 25 years through the body cells of the entire body, slowly damaging everything.

And then it resurges, usually inducing a fatal heart attack or stroke or both, killing the patient.

I was operated on in 1968. I made the 50% that lived, with the mess going into hibernation. I actually finished an Army career, including a tour in Vietnam (I was in a high headquarters.) And for the next 33 years, this darn man-made BW mycoplasma organism spread and multiplied slowly throughout my body, very slowly increasing my fatigue level. I retired from the army at the end of 1975 here in Huntsville, and remained, working in the aerospace area because of my extensive experience in missile systems and my very special 1181 MOS (equivalent of an MS in aerospace engineering).

Then in 2001 I had the resurgence of the infection, with a heart attack and rather severe hypoxia. But at least I had sense enough to get my own oxygen, even though the heart specialist would not prescribe it, because I knew I had to have extra oxygen to live.

Then in latter 2001 an old “spooky buddy” who has been in all sorts of hidden black programs that “never even happened” called me (he checks on me about once a year). When he found what awful shape I was in, and I told him of the incidents in Canada, he knew instantly what it was (he also has the equivalent of a PhD in microbiology). He told me exactly what that program was, and where I could get some info on the mycoplasma that was modified by the BW warfare folks, and of a test that would identify it.

So I called all over the U.S., Johns Hopkins, everywhere, and nobody had that stupid test. Then one of the great coincidences of my life happened.

Sitting in my family doctor’s office, I started bitching about this BW mycoplasma and the fact I could not locate that stupid test. Dr. Brown got a strange look on his face and replied, “Tom, I can give you that test right here in my own clinic’s lab”.

When he was a younger doctor, he had treated some of the Army sergeants in that program, and had lost some of them – but had found out about the crazy man-made BW mycoplasma specially bred to burrow up in the red cells. When he and the other doctors established their GlenEagles Clinic many years later, he insisted that the Lab Contractor for their laboratory bring in and have available that crazy test!

And so he administered the test, and there it was. It proved what I had had for 33 years, ever since 1968. The treatment was a year on antibiotics. The red blood cell lives about 3 to 4 months, then dies. The infesting mycoplasma organism will come out of a dying cell, waiting to infect a new one. At that time, if one has the right antibiotic circulating in one’s blood, it will kill the exposed BW mycoplasma organism. So a year will usually get all of them.

So 2002 was my year on antibiotics, also killing off my friendly bacteria [Lactobacillus acidophilus] in my bowels that help digest my food, etc. A real kicker.

Then new tests revealed that we had indeed gotten the mycoplasma. So after 33 years I was finally mycoplasma-free. But as Dr. Brown said, “I have some good news and some bad news. We got the mycoplasma, so except for slow effects of aging, you should not get any worse. But with 33 years of damage, you name it inside you and it’s damaged – heart, lungs, all internal organs, muscles, brain, nervous system, bones and joints, the works. Nothing in medical science will reverse all that. You will not get any better, but you should stay just about like you are with only a bit more gradual degradation due to aging effects.”

So I take remedial oxygen still, keep control of the violent heart fibrillations by prescription medication, and will do so the rest of my life. I can stand about two minutes, walk (hobble) about 100 feet before being in great pain, etc. Can drive locally, cannot travel. I also take care of my beloved invalid wife Doris just about 24/7, since she had a stroke in 2003 followed by two heart attacks.

And that is my situation and outlook.

With Congressman Cramer assisting me, I contacted NIH and tried to get them to send a missive around to the heart clinics and heart doctors, telling them about this weird BW mycoplasma that a small percentage of their heart patients have, but that the heart doctors do not even know about. The standard treatment for heart disease is otherwise almost guaranteed to kill you, unless you also take remedial oxygen to boost up the oxygen getting through your system to your cells. I also developed pulmonary fibrosis, which further aggravates the situation.

At NIH, we never even got out of their “Policy” (read: Political Spin Control) Section. They flatly will not admit that such a program ever existed, much less admit that they were part of it.

So I hung this information out on my website. I had some Gulf War Syndrome vets contact me, and got several of them to go to Dr. Brown’s clinic and get that crazy mycoplasma test. Nearly all of them tested indeed had that same BW mycoplasma. And so they went on the “year on antibiotics” routine.

You see, if one gets this chronic syndrome onslaught (after initially getting the infection), then if one gets the year on antibiotics quickly, one can almost completely recover. So it’s a matter of the heart clinics and specialists knowing about this mess, and having that crazy BW-modified mycoplasma test available immediately and easily.

Anyway, that’s the story. I may live a few more years, or I could still suddenly expire at any moment, which is why I’ve been so driven to get out everything I can on my website in the energy from the vacuum area [http://www.cheniere.org/megstatus.htm], so the young guys coming on won’t have to spend 35 years of their lives just getting to where I am. They can just start where I am, and go further. And hopefully get it done.

So my first task is to care for my beloved Doris, even if the rest of the world goes to hell and back. My second task is to get out all the information etc. I’ve worked out on FEFTV [Free Energy From the Vacuum]. Thanks to some very hard working and supporting folks, the web site is possible, paid for by Mike Rieker. Tony is the webmaster and posts all that stuff on it that I write, etc. Several others help with other details, Marcia Stockton runs the little book store we have to get out books and DVDs, and Ken Moore is a close friend and protects my backside with some very special methods.

With the latest “Solutions” paper now posted (just today) on my website by Tony, we are finally reaching most of the FEFTV goal. Hopefully the genie is out of the bottle, and they will never be able to put him back.

So we will just hang in there and see what happens. And keep doing everything we can to see that it does happen, even if I’m not alive to see it.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden [Retired Lt. Col.] [http://www.cheniere.org/megstatus.htm]

Our website has a button that leads to letters received from folks around the world. May I post your letter there?

Harold W. Clark, Ph.D. worked with Thomas McPherson Brown, M.D. for many years. Brown, you’ll remember, claimed to have found mycoplasma as the source of rheumatoid disease. Harold was one of our advisors. We have several of his articles on our website. [See our “Articles: Important tab.] He died last year. When I had my car accident several years ago a heart condition showed up for the first time in my life. Although the medics wouldn’t approve oxygen for me, we bought a used hyperbaric chamber for $16,000. Every time I got quite fatigued I’d crawl into it for an hour. I haven’t had to use it now for about 6 months. Meanwhile the book given to me by my MD son, Tony, and Dr. Curt Maxwell, The Heart’s Awesome Foursome, by Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. pointed out that these four ingredients are absolutely necessary to either repair the heart or to keep the heart healthy: Co-enzyme Q10, L-carnitine, D-Ribose, magnesium.

Statins, which I refuse to take, will decrease Co-enzyme Q10, thus bringing about a weakened heart and often death. Statin manufacturers know this, as they have standing in the wings a patented combination of statins and Co-enzyme Q10, just waiting for the public to get wise. Then they can come out with their new “improved,” patented formulation!

We found I also came down with polycythemia, a condition where I manufacture too many red blood cells. They get thicker and thicker and I got more and more tired. A Houston, TX doctor friend [John Trowbridge, M.D.] suggested I get blood siphoned off at the Red Cross. I made the mistake of going to a medic specializing in this stuff. His people drained a few cubic centimeters off, making me feel no better.

When he wanted me to take beta blockers and statins I refused, so he called my medic son, thinking Tony could convince me. He didn’t and wouldn’t, of course, since he’s involved in alternative/complementary practices. Finally I was given a strong lecture about practicing “scientific” medicine. I asked the phlebotomist doctor for scientific studies, which he finally sent about 3 weeks later. Each and every one of them were how one beta blocker compared against some other company’s beta blocker, or one company’s statin against another’s.

In return, I sent him studies comparing Co-enzyme Q10 back against statins, demonstrating the total difference, and how statins used up necessary Q10.

Never got a reply either on visit, or via mail.

Next visit to his office he was terribly late. I sat in his cold office for 2 hours waiting on him. No one had the courtesy to tell me he was going to be late, or when to expect him. Fortunately I had had the presence of mind not to wear one of their stupid split-back gowns, so I just walked out. By the time I got home he was on the telephone apologizing. I never went back, but instead went to the Red Cross where big gobs of blood are taken each time. I truly felt better, but there’s a danger in this, also. By forcing the stem cells to manufacture more blood one eventually exhausts them, and a form of incurable leukemia develops. Then one goes to sleep and dies. Stem cells wear out.

Finally I did what I should have done long ago. I went to a person who practices computerized electro-dermal tests. [Denise Chambul] She’s very good. (There are good and bad ones.) Even my medical doctor son refers patients to her. She immediately found that scars from operations I had had in the 1950s were halting flow in the meridians. She ran a programmable laser across the scars several times over several visits and, if the condition is not completely gone, it is surely eased greatly.

Next she discovered that my heart problem stemmed in part from coxsackie virus on the artery leading out of one of the lower chambers. This correlated nicely with tests heart doctors had made. We knocked those out quite easily with various substances which her machine said counteracted the virus.

I’m still not right from the accident, but recovering physical stamina at my age is one of the toughest jobs I’ve ever tackled. The cells simply don’t want to respond as quickly as they once did.

One further note: Lida Mattman, Ph.D. in her Cell Wall Deficient Organisms, published by the Chemical Rubber Company has identified mycoplasma as being one of the way-points in microorganism pleomorphism. By changing the internal chemistry (usually through diet, et. al.), one changes the surrounding environmental conditions so that mycoplasma transit to a higher, more complex form, eventually reaching a non-dangerous level. I have found very, very few doctors aware of pleomorphism, although Domengue laid it all out in the 1960s, and biologists world-wide accept it. Doctors are still stuck with the idea that for each “disease” there is a correspondence with a particular microorganism whose form remains unchanged. That is utter ignorance!

This is the letter I’m sending to five hybrid car manufacturers. I’m sure they’ll all stampede to offer us a hybrid!

January 2, 2008

Re: Co-sponsorship

Dear Chairman

“The X PRIZE Foundation was founded to create a . . . change in the public’s
expectation of space flight, and now exists to create similar shifts in the public’s perception in future X PRIZE areas.

“The X PRIZE Foundation creates and manages prizes that drive innovators to solve some of the greatest challenges facing the world today. With the success of the Ansari X Prize, the X PRIZE is now viewed as the leading model to leverage the elements of public interest, entrepreneurial spirit and cross-disciplinary innovation to bring about breakthroughs that benefit us all.” (www.xprize.org)

Sometime during 2008 the X-prize Foundation will be extending their challenges to include “100-miles-per-gallon-or-better” automobiles capable of being produced on an assembly line. We believe we can win this prize, but we need a production model all-electric car as our starting configuration. Of course we would not actually enter this contest unless we’d thoroughly tested our configuration far in advance of the contest.

We’d like your company to be a co-sponsor for this project, with positive publicity benefits for both of our organizations.

We will first satisfy the particulars of the X-prize Foundation rules and regulations.

Secondly, we will conduct a publicity tour beginning in Nashville, TN to New York City, then the Northern route to San Francisco. From there we’d travel to Los Angeles and follow the Southern route back to Nashville, TN with perhaps a swing out to Florida.

Along the planned route we’d arrange to be interviewed at major news media.

The automobile would be repainted, through your help, with at least two publicity messages: (1) “100-miles-or-better [your recommended vehicle’s name],” and your company’s website; (2) “Arthritis Trust of America — Donations Welcome,” and our company’s website (we’re registered as an acceptable charity in all states).

We believe that modifications to your production model would be minimal, but we don’t really know until hands on.

Arthritis Trust of America, like the X Prize Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that your donation would be tax-deductible according to the fullest extent of the law. Except for lettering, we will handle all other costs.

As timing is quite important, please advise of your further interest.

Way to go! I sure hope one of the companies donates you a suitable car.

And boy! Would I like to see you and your sons driving that “fixed” car all over, just as you plan to do.

Hang in there!


Tom Bearden Retired Lt. Col.


(added February 24, 2008)

Hi, my name is Eric Daley and I’ve had “galloping” arthritis for over 15 years. I am a 44 year old male that has been searching for answers to my challenge. I have almost every joint in my body afflicted and am suffering quite intensely. I came across your website and am very interested in the information I’ve found. I understand I may need more than one treatment protocol and am prepared for that.

However, I am a little confused. I want to find a physician that actually does the main treatment protocol that the foundation is all about — the Roger Wyburn-Mason treatment. But I look at your physician referral list and the codes for what each doctor has experience in, there is no code for the treatment. There is also no code for the Intraneural Injections that I am sure that I will need.

Am I to conclude that no doctors currently perform these treatments? I truly hope that is not the case. Could you please set me straight here and tell me who currently does these procedures so I may contact them? I live in Utah but may be willing to go just about anywhere. I would much prefer someone who has quite a bit of experience as unfortunately my case is/has been quite difficult.

I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.


Look for the two codes “RD” and “IN”. It’s true that you’ll have to travel. While we’ve been working for some time to bring together all the different treatments under one roof that may need to be tried, we haven’t reached that point as yet. If you’ll go to Yuma, AZ, to Curt Maxwell across the border at Los Algodones, you’ll find one of the best for intraneurals. He can also give you the broad spectrum antimicroorganism treatment. Their costs are less than American clinics, although Maxwell is an American. His patients are primarily American. Otherwise, search for doctors with the RD and IN codes. Please don’t overlook the material under the tab “How to Get Well.” Let me know if I can help further.

I have been having rheumatoid arthritic joint problems for 5 years and my doctor keeps nagging that if I lose weight, all shall be fine. I am taking Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM at the moment. They seemed to help the inflammation for awhile but after 6 months, it does not seem to help at all.

You are talking to a person in Ontario, Canada and we do not have the medical knowledge concerning arthritis (other diseases also) like the American society has been given.

Can you please help me to conquer the pain and eliminate the problem ?

Thank you for your help.


You haven’t told us what kind of arthritis you have. This makes a difference as to treatment. Taking glucosamine and chondroitin and MSM may be good for the nutritional component of osteoarthritis but will have little effect on the causes of rheumatoid arthritis or gouty arthritis. There are several articles on our website that will help you to understand better. Start with the material beneath the tab “How to Get Well,” then go to “Articles: Important” and read the various articles on Osteoarthritis, Gouty Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. We have seven referral doctors in Ontario who may be able to help you further. Go to our physician list to review them.

I was reading the info on Boron and was researching where to get it in the States other than thru Borax.

I have read different things and one states you cannot chelate boron and that is what is being sold here, Chelated Boron.

I could not find an e-mail for Rex Newnham, Ph.D., D.O., N.D. to ask him if chelation is a viable form of Boron so I hope you can answer my question .

I am a medical massage therapist in Florida US for 20 years and I specialize in Fibromyalgia. I also have FM and a recent spider bite and double root canal disabled me so much I closed my practice .I have started the Borax but prefer a cleaner source for patients.



Boron is usually available in several different forms at health food stores. We don’t see why chelated boron would be a problem. The chelation part usually means it’s easier to absorb and assimilate. You can normally call or write to Dr. Newnham without any problem, but as to E-mail, I don’t know any address. I assume you’ve read beneath our tab “How to Get Well!”

I did read that article and I have no health insurance to go that route, nor do I use medication unless I am sick as a dog. I have however been in search of the “cure” for 18 years and I believe the boron was the missing piece to the puzzle in my holistic research. I am not a Dr. but I have had 6 MAJOR Flareups (7 including this one) in the past 18 years and each time I have been given the tools needed to get myself better and my patients also. I am the Guinea Pig 🙂

I do Deep Tissue Medical Massage and have for 20 years. I was inquiring about the chelation because I am also an herbalist and help guide people all over the Country/World and wanted them to steer clear of that form if it was not viable.

I will share with you my theory of what I think is causing all Arthritis and ADD and a host of other health concerns if you like. I noticed no Massage Therapists/Herbalists are on your list of providers so I just do not want to be discounted.

The Boron was in all the herbal products that worked for me over the years and I just could not pinpoint “what was working” but had it narrowed down to “something” in the phytofoods. Once I was able to pinpoint it I did a loading dose of Boron and all my pain went away and my head cleared within 24 hours.

Please let me know if you’re interested in my work and I will bend your ear.

Kind Regards,


We’re always interested in anything that works. We’d like to hear from you. Regarding Boron, it’s like any other nutrient. If your body lacks it, and that’s the only major factor, then by taking it you’ll improve. As Newnham had long ago shown, many parts of the world, especially islands with lots of rain, lack boron in the soil, thus lack boron in the crops. For those folks boron seems like a miracle. I wish it were the only factor, but it is not, except for some folks! We’ve long ago recommended Rolfing and deep tissue massage. If you’ll study our physician referral list coding you’ll find coding symbols for those kind of treatments as well as for various herbs. The problem with herbalists — especially those who’ve hi-jacked the name “alternative/complementary” medicine as many major medical institutions have done — is that they use herbs as replacements for drugs. While this usage may be a great improvement, it decries the real purpose of alternative/complementary medicine, which is to search for and find the causes of a set of medical conditions — not just it’s improvement, or to disguise symptoms as do many drugs.

I have severe arthritis that’s caused me to have numerous spinal surgeries and one prior jaw surgery. My right TMJ (temporomandibular joint) has dislocated itself and, after having been x-rayed, I learn that the left TMJ bones have deteriorated so badly that the right TMJ had been doing the work of two joints for years. I am so scared that should my right — my only TMJ joint — doesn’t get put back in place and, I suppose, supported there by having a prosthesis of some sort placed on the side that has no joint, than it, too, will degenerate. Then I have no idea how I will eat, swallow, or talk. Do you know if the Food and Drug Administration has approved any kind of research for TMJ Disorders, or if there is any state that allows Medicaid to cover TMJ treatments? Thank You for your time.


The first thing I’d try for TMJ is Sclerotherapy. You can find an article on it on our website under “Articles: Important.” This procedure could solve the problem completely. Secondly — which you’ve probably already done — check with a dentist to insure that your bite is proper. Third, consider going to a biological dentist to check out mercury and cavitation problems. We’ve articles on all of this on our website. Very importantly, read the article beneath the button “How to Get Well,” on our website.

My 34 year old daughter has severe RA which has been treated unsuccessfully with traditional methods for the better part of 6 years.

Could you please provide me a list of Doctors who treat RA with Antibiotic Therapy?

I would be most appreciative.

Thank you


Please ask your daughter to read beneath the tab “How to Get Well” on our website. It covers the principles we’ve learned since 1982. Also, our website has our complete physician referral list, as well as other articles and books all free for downloading. Each physician has codes after their name which describe the kind of treatments they are willing to perform. Let me know if she has further questions.

My husband has very bad RA. We are shopping for a new mattress. Thought we had settled on a tempurpedic adjustable bed. Now I am reading that the mattresses are toxic & causing a multitude of problems. What kind of mattress do you suggest for him? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m sorry, but we’re not experts on mattresses. Instead, have your husband read beneath the “How to Get Well” tab — and steer clear of mattresses that have been treated with any kind of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial substances.

I wanted to ask you a couple of questions if you don’t mind. First, what do you know about Dr Philbert out of Louisiana? I’m thinking of traveling over to him and have him take a look at me and perhaps do the injections. I have to tell you — I’m in pretty bad shape (see attached pics) and really need the best to try and stop this incessant pain as I start on these other treatments. I saw that Curt Maxwell did some training under him so I thought — why not go to the top? But of course there are many things I don’t know and was hoping you could help shed some light on him for me.

The second question is do you have a recommendation for a thyroid/hormone guy? I had decided Jonathan Wright in Washington would be the guy to see but when I tried to get an appointment, they informed me he isn’t taking patients. I was hoping with all your years of experience in this, you might be able to steer me towards a couple of guys you’ve been impressed with.

I sure appreciate your help. I’d call and ask directly but can’t seem to see a phone number. I know you’re probably busy anyway. I’ve noticed you spend a lot of time answering people’s questions. I am amazed actually. If you have any advice you feel will be helpful to me, I am all ears. I think I’m getting most of it from reading everything but you never know . . . .


I know Dr. Philbert only from the book that he wrote covering his findings with intraneural injections. It is excellent.

Right after New Orleans flood I tried to contact him, but couldn’t. If you are able to call him, let me know. He seems to be a very valuable resource — but, of course, he hasn’t signed up with us, in fact, he may not even know who we are, what we do, or that we’d like him to do so. In the past I ordered his medical book, and it is excellent. The intraneural injections are not going to halt your rheumatoid disease. They will only make about 3 weeks of safe pain-free time during which time you can concentrate on the other causations. Having been a rheumatoid arthritis victim, 3 weeks pain-free sounds great to me — but it can be expensive traveling so far each 3 weeks.

You need someone who can cover a large number of the causations as defined on our website. The intraneurals are gravy on the meat.

As to hormonal rebalancing, most alternative/complementary doctors can do this. Depending upon which hormones are involved they will use either saliva tests or blood tests. Normally such folks will also use safe hormone-identical (natural) compounds, not the synthetic or horse hormones touted by mainstream medicine and the drug companies. If all you’re concerned with is thyroid, then you can do the testing yourself. Read the article “Thyroid Hormone Therapy: Cutting the Gordian Knot.” Using the Broda Barnes method, with a good mercury type thermometer (the digital type you buy at the drug store is usually too inaccurate), and with some discipline, you can make the temperature determination yourself. As I said, it takes discipline, but you can easily do it.

Thank you for the quick reply. I have been reading the information at the foundation’s website for over three weeks now. Wow! What a wealth of information. What a resource.


I am a RA patient, suffering from RA since 1989. Started treatment from 1995. Though it is under control, sometimes it will flare up. I am taking Salazopyrin 1000 mg twice a day, Voveran 50 mg three times a day, omnacortil 20 mg alternate days, carisoma compound (muscle relaxant)1 twice a day, Omeprazole 20 mg od, calcium and calcitrol 1 od,.

I am a MBBS graduate, practiced for a few years but not able to do so now. Could you please help me to find a home based internet job, Sir? I am undergoing MT training. Please help me, Sir.

Thank you.


If you have arthritis you should read our “How to Get Well Tab.”

“Under control” simply means that you’re suppressing the pain while the disease continues onward.

Sorry! We don’t have any way to help with jobs, but we do advise people how to get well!

My physician would like to contact another physician that has used the treatment described in The Art of Getting Well. He was wanting to discuss the length of the treatment, if the symptoms are not completely gone by the end of 6 weeks. The article does not have a phone number for a physician to call. Would you mind recommending a physician who has used this particular treatment as recommended by the article?


Tell your physician to do the following: (1) Read the material beneath the tab, “How to Get Well,” so that he’ll have a thorough understanding of just exactly what our treatments is; (2) look up the physician list on our website, and find physicians that have a code of “RD” beneath their names — an additional code of “IN” is even better.

Virtually all of the physicians that started with us in 1982 are either dead or retired. I’m always available, and can answer most questions, except when you called I was out, and therefore the fax turned on after six rings. However, nothing I have to say will mean much without reading the above referenced article first.

Then, too, if you’ll look up Ronald M. Davis, M.D. (retired) beneath our Board Members’ and Advisors’ tab, he may also be willing to shed some further light as he’s been very successful, having developed our Lupus and Scleroderma protocol, and is a former board member. [Dr. Davis is deceased: PAC, Jr., MD, MSPH]

I have been a Natural Health Care practitioner in NYC for many decades. I am very grateful for the information you have on your wonderful website. I am trying to pursue eliminating my Chronic Lyme Disease through working with the Colostrum method. I would like to speak with someone who can speak to me further about the details of it, either via phone or email.

Thank you very much for the great service that you are providing. You can go to my website, if you want to verify who I am:

www.Master-Your-Metabolism.com. (Please excuse the way it looks; someone else put it up for me).

Warm Regards,


Since I did the research and writing regarding the colostrum method, I guess you can talk to me. I’ll be out of the office until about 10:00 CST tomorrow, but after that should be available. [We did talk at some length.]

I am currently in India to look after my mother who is not keeping too well. The reason I am emailing you, is to get some advice regarding her condition. My mum has been diagnosed as having severe hyperthyroidism, osteoporosis, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. She has lost a lot of weight and become very weak.

I would greatly appreciate it if you can take a quick look at her case history and current treatment regime and let me know your thoughts, I know you cannot diagnose her this way but anything you can share would be a great help

Case History:

She has been to several doctors for her arthritis and thyroid condition.

HYPERTHYROIDISM: She has been on Neomercazole (10) mg for the past five years. The doctor has now increased the dosage to 15 mg per day.

GANGLION: She had been operated for a ganglion on her wrist which is now giving her a problem a few years ago. She cannot move her wrist using complete range of motion.


The first doctor asked her to take one tablet of Methotrexate (2.5mg) three per week for six weeks.

She started loosing hair and feeling very depressed and so she stopped the medication after awhile once again without consulting with her doctor. She was also prescribed Muscal (Pain killer) and 5mg of tab Folvite.

After seeking advice from another doctor, she was asked to take an anti-malarial tablet HCQS for her arthritis (two tablets a day) and Hyphenac SR also twice a day. She took that medication for a year and a half and just decided to stop after I bought supplements from America. She started taking supplements such as: fish oil, flax seed oil, multi-vitamins, EFA’S, bio-beads, glucosamine chondroitin tablets. She started feeling a lot better. After a while the pain started getting unbearable again. So she started on some homeopathic medicines.

Two months ago due to negligence, and exertion, she started getting a high fever and her body was absolutely stiff. So she had to be admitted into the hospital. They put her on steroids prednisolone and dexamethazone and then sent her back home after a day of treatment.

She was diagnosed with having a lung infection, and severe arthritis.

She went to another doctor for homeopathy treatment soon after she got home from the hospital as people advised her against steroids. After her doctor told her to take homeopathy medicines, she started doing so. There wasn’t much improvement and she would still take a pain killer Hyphenac SR when the pain got unbearable. She was also put on a very restricted diet

Yesterday I took her to another doctor and he said she has a chronic ailment and he suggested that she take the following medicine.

1. Neomercazole 15 mg 1-0-1/2

2. Ciplar(10) 1-0-1 for her tremors which she has refused to take.

3. Decal 1-1 daily.

4. Injection Araclintol 6 lakh (600,000) unit once a month for two months (Orally).

5. Calcitrol tablets one today and then one tab after a month.

6. Osteophos (30) one tab every sunday on an empty stomach.

7. HCQS(200) Anti-malarial drug 1-0-0.

He has asked her to consider Methotrexate if the HCQS isn’t sufficient for her pain.

My questions are

1. What, if any, dietary restrictions should we consider?

2. Which supplements would you recommend we place her on which would not aggravate her conditions? (Fish oil, glucosamine etc.)

3. Are there any other medications you know of which are perhaps less harsh for any of the conditions that we could talk to our doctors about?

4. If she is in pain can she take Hyphenac SR along with the HCQS? (She took both this morning without consulting with her doctor because she was in unbearable pain.)

Once again, thanks for taking the time to look at this. Our doctors are good but do not have knowledge of the latest research and supplements etc. here in India. If you could help my loving mother, I shall be extremely grateful. Is there any doctor that can see her? Or treat her? I am willing to take a donation and fly her to America if someone can help her. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards


Your mother could probably get well relatively easily if she’d read and understand the material beneath our tab, “How to Get Well.” That article will refer her to a number of other books and articles which explain in more detail.

It’s very difficult to get someone well who doesn’t understand the causations, and even more difficult when there are no health professionals to assist. Please read that article yourself, and then get back to me to see if we can find a way to help further. Some of the treatments can be done by your mother, if she has understanding and discipline, but in the long run, for other treatments, she really needs a doctor to help. Do you have any doctor in India who is willing to learn?

You could fly your mother over here, but keep in mind that there are multiple causations that need looked into, and her stay here could be longer than you want or would hope. There’s more involved than just taking a pill. She may also be experiencing problems from her medications, and may even be low on thyroid. Possible problems from just one of the medications is listed here:

Neomercazole: This medicine may rarely cause a decrease in the normal amounts of blood cells in the blood. You should stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms during treatment, because these may be signs of problems with your blood cells: sore throat, mouth ulcers, high temperature (fever), any other signs of infection, unexplained bruising or bleeding, feeling tired or general illness. Your doctor may want to take a blood test to check your blood cells. Possible side-effects: Headache, Joint pain (arthralgia), Skin rashes, Itching (pruritus), Disturbances of the gut such as nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, Hair loss (alopecia), Decrease in the normal numbers of blood cells in the blood (see warning above), Yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice). Tell your doctor if you experience this., Muscle disorders (myopathy). Tell your doctor if you experience any unexplained muscle pain after starting this medicine.

I cannot thank you enough for your prompt response. I am willing to learn all that I can about this dreadful illness so that I may help my mother and anyone else that I come across who may be suffering.

My mother needs immediate attention. She is in a critical stage. I would like to know my options for bringing her to America for treatment at the earliest. Until I organize this trip, I would like specific information on how to help my mother with her thyroid and arthritis problem so as not to waste precious time. If I do bring her what would the cost of treatment be? Is there a good samaritan organisation that would help with financial aspects of her treatment?

My sister is in Houston and therefore if there are doctors in that area we can cut living costs. We come from a lower middle class family and are already finding it financially hard with my mums treatment. But we have no choice and that what matters is her recovery. My father is a retired man and my mum works as a part time school teacher. I will do anything to get her this treatment. She is a lovely lady that deserves to live.

Please do all that you can to help me. I hope to spread the word of this foundation to people that are suffering at the hands of ignorant doctors.

Are the medications that I mentioned in my earlier email going to help my mother?

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you once again.


“Thyroid Hormone Therapy: Cutting the Gordian Knot” is an article you’ll find beneath the tab “Articles: Important” on our website. This article will tell you how to use the Broda Barnes method to determine whether or not there is a thyroid problem. It takes a little discipline, but does not require a physician. When measuring temperature beneath the armpit before arising in the morning, your mother should use a glass/mercury thermometer, as the cheap digital thermometers are not very accurate.

When you folks are done understanding “How to Get Well,” she’ll be ready for treatment. If you’re going to Houston, we have a very good doctor there, one of our long-time referral physicians, John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. Go to our tab “Audio Files” and you’ll immediately see his photo. Also there are a number of radio transcriptions there, with his voice and interrogation of other health professionals. The one related to arthritis is Treating “Untreatable” Illnesses — Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, Others. Perry Chapdelaine, Executive Director, The Arthritis Trust (Show #32; 06-05-04)

Humble, Texas, is right outside of Houston, and a short distance from the Houston airport.

Go to our physician list, find the State of Texas, and there you’ll find Dr. Trowbridge’s address and telephone number. You should query him as to costs and arrangements. If Dr. Trowbridge recommends dental treatment, there’s a good biological dentist nearby — and, while sometimes necessary, they can be expensive.

Unfortunately, we have no budget for treating folks, and very much wish we did have.

(added March 7, 2008)

I have a patient with unclassified inflammatory arthritis who got 50% better using Tinidazole (+ 1 week of Allopurinol and prednisone) almost immediately. He has plateaued and it has now been about 4 weeks since his last dose of Tinidazole. I wasn’t able to find any information about the time line of response. I am assuming that he will not slowly improve any further. I am considering giving him a course of Iodoquinol but wanted some advice.

J.K., M.D.

Usually response occurs directly after suffering a Herxheimer effect, the worse the effect the faster the response after the patient’s body cleans up the debris.

There is an additional phenomena that often occurs even after progress of the disease has been halted. Nerve junction points (those points controlling distribution of signals to specific joints) can still be inflamed, and still send signals to the joints. This is handled best by the treatment described in Dr. Paul K. Pybus’ “Intraneural Injections” (which we can mail to your doctor). Normally, rather than prednisone, these intraneurals are recommended as they do not weaken the immune system, and they also dampen out pain while reestablishing normalcy of the nerve ganglia. These intraneurals will be required in less number over the body, and will last longer between visits as time goes on. The effect of having joint pain (but non-progressing joint pain) often leaves folks thinking they still have the disease. They don’t. They simply need to restore integrity at specific nerve ganglia points.

Thanks for your reply but he has so many joints involved that intra-neural injections (which I have performed on others) would be impractical. My reasoning is that the Iodoquinol may give him a more pronounced response….

We elected to use a 20 day course of Yodoxin 650mg three times a day. He had no noticeable change initially but then improved another 50% by the end of the course of Yodoxin that ended 6 weeks ago. He is now 75% better and is stable but

continues to have multiple joint stiffness and soreness. Because it is impractical to inject his shoulder, hips, fingers, knees, and feet, we are considering another anti-microbial regimen. Our question is if another antibiotic should be used such as Doxycycline or if repeating the Yodoxin or Metronidazole is advised. We appreciate your candor and continued stewardship of this vital information. If there are any medical doctors that you are available to share their experiences with me I would greatly appreciate being able to communicate directly with them as well.

J.K., M.D.

Gus Prosch, Jr., M.D. used to use varying 5nitroimidazoles, depending on response. So far as we know, repeating metronidazole doesn’t hurt, but perhaps it’s better to use a different 5nitroimidazole because the whole idea is to provide a broad-spectrum anti-microorganism treatment, and each of the drugs hits a different spectrum. I went through this treatment myself back in the early 1980s, and ended up with a lot of sore joints leading one to believe that effectiveness of the treatment was low. I was the first person that Prosch practiced on for the intraneurals thereafter. The question as to whether one needs to repeat the treatment or not depends upon whether there is an increasing number of joint pains as well as the other cluster of rheumatoid disease symptoms. If so, then the treatment should be repeated and/or other factors should be cleared up as indicated in our many articles and books. Over the period of the next year, and repeated visits to Prosch’s office, I received intraneurals — and each time I received them there were less of them to do, and the treatment lasted longer. I haven’t had any now for many years. Because you don’t feel that you can’t treat all of them at once doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat some of them. If they constantly recur in the same positions, obviously there are other factors that should be attended to. You could contact John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. in Houston, TX (see our physician list). He seems to be one who has success.

Thank you for your quick reply I eagerly await the arrival of the booklets, I will give it out to doctors, and the specialist I have to see, and anybody I know of come across who has an arthritis problem. I talked to a fellow the other day who assured me I was wrong and there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis. He said he has tried everything, I was totally taken back by his attitude but nevertheless I will give him another chance and give him one of the books to read. People are totally brainwashed by the medical system to the point I can’t believe their attitude! I assume you come across this all the time. I feel I am lucky in a way as I didn’t fall victim to it till I was sixty two, but still it struck me in a matter of four hours, to the point I could do nothing I couldn’t even get up out of the chair, open the door pick up a cup of coffee, and could hardly walk across the road. At the moment I have reduced the symptoms to a slight tightness in my right hand.

My rheumatoid factor is at twelve, down from ninety, the specialist I saw was shocked at how high it was. He said he had never seen it so high the only thing that helped me through that time was steroids I was on fifty milligrams, he said “that is a huge dose and I had to reduce it” which I did to his amazement. I reduced to five milligrams in three weeks. I have now reduced to zero and have taken no drugs for the last four months, I have had the condition for about six months.

I am considering trying to start-up the charity support group here in Australia, but it does seem a bit daunting to me at the moment, but it is in my nature to help people and I do have a lot of time on hand at the moment. I am currently applying to go on an invalid support pension, which I should get, because as the doctors say there is no cure and who’s going to employ me with rheumatoid arthritis.

I don’t know if you use skype or not but if you do my skype username is jimmyhis, I wouldn’t mind speaking to you some time, if you have somefree time to spare


Actually curing rheumatoid disease is rather easy to do. The problem is lack of doctors trained to help do so. For example, use of intraneural injections (which we can mail to your doctor) provides an easy way to completely alleviate the pain while clean-up processes are being used. Despite my constant emphasis of this aspect many doctors are too lazy to learn the simple procedure. This is a safe really effective set of pain alleviators that does not rely on damaging drugs — yet doctors continue to give drugs for the purpose. Another problem is the fact dental work often plays a dominant part in the diseases. When folks have paid out a fortune for their present dental work, they’re reluctant to find a biological dentist (also very expensive) and start over again! Then, too, folks have been so badly brainwashed by pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors to accept everything their godlike doctors have to say, that getting them to look at the principles of achieving wellness, rather than blindly following a recipe proves rather difficult. If you’re going to provide folks, including medical doctors with advice from us, you should at the same time run off 20 copies of “How to Get Well.” That summarizes everything we’ve learned since 1982. If you do decide to set up a non-profit foundation we’ll be happy to provide you with whatever you wish, without charge. Our interest is to get folks well, not to make money!

I just now looked up skype. We’ll look into it further. I’d be happy to talk with you, but I’m in and out a lot.

Thanks Perry I paid $ US 60 under the name of JH by paypal so thanks very much for your help, the site is doing a great job


Package will be mailed this morning. Let me know if I can help further. Thanks!

My name is N.N. I am living in Orange County, CA. I have a sister in law who has been having this disease for over 10 years, she is now very weak, she can hardly walk, move her body or even lift her arms up. For the last 10 years, she has had many treatments from mainstream hospitals, doctors and even tried herbal treatments, she even tried treatments that almost took her life, but none of the treatments ever works. As time goes on, her body is getting weaker and weaker, the pain is getting stronger and stronger and can get unbearable, her fingers started to cripple, deform, and we are just helplessly watching her health going down hill and do not know what to do to help. Her immune system is very weak, her heart is weak and starts to have heart disease now as she has been taking too much medications especially very strong dose of pain killers.

As we are desperately seeking for any information to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, we came across your website and after reading some of the articles, we have our hopes back. We need advice on what to do, who do we meet to seek treatments from, and what information do you need from her to assess her condition.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and

thanks for taking your time to read my email


We cannot evaluate anyone’s condition, as we’re not physicians. Even if we were we could not do so without seeing the patient. First and foremost your sister-in-law and everyone involved in wanting her well should read beneath the tab “How to Get Well.” This will refer you to other articles and books. It’s very important that she understand the major causes and how to handle them. It’s important that one understand principles rather than seek a set of literal directions. The principles are well laid out, and they will lead to the kind of treatments that must be explored. Once that is understood, then you’ll also realize that no one doctor or dentist can furnish all of the answers. That means that she’ll have to find more than one health professional to assist her. This may require some travel. If it were me involved, I’d search for physicians on our physician referral list who have both the coding “RD” and “IN” after their name, because the “IN,” which stands for intraneural injections will provide her with immediate, safe relief for about 3 weeks while she’s tackling the other forms of treatment – anticandida, food allergies, proper nutrition, etc.. If she can’t find one in her area, then she can travel to Curt Maxwell in Los Algodones, Mexico (across from Yuma, AZ) who is very good at administering this set of injections. It is also cheaper. Practicing in Mexico, this American also treats primarily Americans who come across the border. However, if she can find someone near her who administers a large percentage of the necessary treatments, she may be better off. After you’ve all read the materials, and understand it, and if you have more questions, get back to me then. Don’t forget to also read the books in the Pamphlets and Books section, and many of the articles referenced.

Thank you very much for your email, I’ll take your advice and read all the important articles and books to understand more about the disease, and will go from there. Thank you very much for your advise and may God show us the way to find treatments for my sister-in-law. Hope we will have good news to tell you.


Got my doctor to prescribe a drug called tinidazole. Here in Arizona they say its the drug called Tindamax. According to your RA book they refered to tinidazole as fasigyn. Could this product be the same? He prescribed 1 a day 500mg. Also show signs from a heavy metal test Urine) high in lead mercury and cadium. Was doing some oral chelation and colonics with a naturalpathic doctor but the money ran out. Was also told by a homeopathic I had lyme and he used a device called a dermatron to determine that. Seems like some of the antibiotic therapy is the same for lyme. Of course test negative on a western blot. Test postive to babesia and bartonella. This RA all started 3 weeks after receiving a vaccine. If you can give me any insite on this drug and any clear direction concerning the heavy metal. Seems like I can not recover until the heavy metals are removed first? Thank you


If you’re suffering from Lyme Arthritis disease, you’d better take care of that by anyway that you can. The standard treatment calls for a series of antibiotics, but this may not solve the problem. I’m sending your E-mail to a doctor who is familiar with Lyme, and his answer will be most important. As to tinidazole: Yes, fasigyn is the same chemical, but, for rheumatoid disease, your doctor is doing you a disservice by giving you insufficient tinidazole, as well as ignoring the other requirements of our treatment. Of course, if you only weigh 50 pounds, his dosage would be correct, but he’s still ignoring the other requirements. Treatment for Lyme and Rheumatoid are generally not the same. Go to our website and read the article “Lyme Arthritis Disease” and “How to Get Well.”

This doctor did the western blot for lyme and it came up negative so he believes I do not have it. I have some of the co infections such as babesia and bartonella. Now babesia is coming up negative. And he thinks bartonella is the cause of RA. It seems lyme is not very popular today for doctors do not want to have their license pulled if they treat it for longer than the medical advisers state. Also having a homeopathic doctor use a dermatron to determine I have lyme makes things confusing. Do I have Lyme or just RA? I had some luck in the early year with a drug called minocin. But after a year on that I had a chest squeeze and thought it may be the drug. Stopped the drug and never felt that again. I had found Dr. Brown’s protocol but found after I stopped the minocin the symptoms came back. The minocin (pelleted tablets) were discontinued and only offered as brand and the price went from 30 dollars to 160 and I believe today it is up around 300 and maybe over. In 2000 I took a job in a famous clinic in Scottsdale. Before starting they asked me to go to the occ med office. There a nurse asked if I had a tetanus shot in 10 years and I said no. She said you are going to need one. She game me a TB test and this shot and asked me go into another room and took blood from my arm. Having been healthy most of my life and now at the age of 50 I did not ask any questions. I just did want they said. Mind you I had been a waitress for over 20 years and was getting tired of that. I took a job delivering food trays to the patients. And 9 months later had RA. It took me a year to figure out what happened to me once I read Neal Millers book called “The people speak out about immunizations”. In hindsight today I never thought to look at the vial to see if it was tetanus. I would wonder whether I was suffering from the toxin in the shot or the thimerosol? When I picked up a book about the ten best treatments for lyme I noticed the group of drugs called 5-nitroimidazole. The last few months I asked if I could try metronidazole and he gave me a script for 3 a week at 500mg along with minocycline. Of course this may not be enough of metronidazole but his thoughts were to start off slow. I am not sure how much I can tell a doctor what to scribe me and may have to buy him your book. Being a busy doctor not sure he would read it. But it may be worth a shot. It’s been 7 years now and still suffering with RA – or is it Lyme? And what was really in the vaccine they said I needed before starting this job????


Testing for lyme disease is more complex than making one test. I’m referring that question to Dr. Chapdelaine. A dermatron can be accurate, but often depends upon the skill and knowledge of the practitioner, just as does Applied kinesiology. Sorry I can’t answer further, but Dr. Chapdelaine should get back to you.

The only advice I can suggest for your complex problem is that you see one of the acamnet.org referral physicians close to you (one who is listed as having expertise in both Lyme and autoimmune diseases). You could also try the referral doctors at www.arthritistrust.org.

The vaccine probably had mercury, however, that small dose may have only been the straw that broke the camel’s back. If you have heavy metals you’ll need to work on those over time with oral chelation protocols (not that expensive). Antibiotics at the right dose may help (along with antifungals). Insurance covers these usually, out-of-pocket costs vary. Search for carnivora (supplement), samento also, which can help Lyme.

Your symptoms can be from many sources at one time, which makes this a complex process. You really need to work with one of the knowedgable doctors closest to you.
P. Anthony Chapdelaine, MD, MSPH

I LIKE YOU SO DARN MUCH! As my 10 year old would say, you are a “total” class act! I read your email and could literally feel our shared frustration mounting…I read it more than once, in fact, and would have responded sooner if life on Daisy Circle would just take time to slow down! Between church projects, our girls’ school, a marriage retreat, my Mother’s month-long stay following surgery, a couple of birthday parties, the addition of two (adorable) puppies to our family, and…visiting with CEO’s…I’ve been quite overextended! Seriously…I hope you know I’m kidding. I’m not one of those people who sit at the computer, opting to live life on-line chatting with countless CEO’s I hardly know!
I am quite familiar with the pharmaceutical industry although not nearly as well versed on the topic as is my husband. He works with a health and wellness company called Melaleuca, Inc. They feature excellent natural products that are geared toward prevention, yet are very effective in treatment as well, without short-circuiting needed functions of the body. It is a privately owned company that is very committed to continued research. Needless to say, the “status quo” does not exactly look favorably on the research efforts of companies that don’t fall prey to the regulations of the FDA and politics of the “industry.” I understand the conflict of interest regarding cures in the traditional setting. Drug companies do not want to put themselves out of business and most doctors unfortunately bank on sick people rather than keeping healthy people well. That is a crazy cycle in itself, but I hadn’t really considered the influence and effects of that fallout on your fundraising efforts. It makes sense that the headache would present itself in a big way in your work, too, with everyone looking out for their own interests. Again, my point would be that in the interest of consumers and trusting donors alike, a little truth would go a long way.

I’m not naïve; really…I’m just hopeful that honesty and integrity will weigh-in someday with more value across the board than all this game playing. I know…in my dreams! But just think of it…commonplace integrity would make the need for ratio reports (inaccurate as they are), completely unnecessary and the big guns wouldn’t always run the show. I am forever the optimist and over-simplifier of complicated issues!

It is good and right to work hard for a noble cause and what you are accomplishing and offering the public is both good and right…but you don’t need me to tell you that. I do respect your efforts, and I’m not foolish enough to suggest that you forfeit proven fundraising that enables you to do that which is at the very heart of your cause. I so appreciate the honest dialogue that we have shared and I am grateful that you have taken the time to help me grow in knowledge of the challenges you face. You just don’t know until you ask…and thankfully, I asked the right guy! At 46, I can only hope to be serving others and living beyond myself in my 80’s. You will leave a powerful legacy…journal your thoughts.

Sincerely, J

By the way…it was gorgeous today…almost 20 degrees…didn’t even zip my jacket…heat wave on the prairie!!!

Dear J and family (including the two new doggies):

Two days ago, we hope, was the last of North Dakota’s weather-shipped-south. The weather here will become shirt-sleeve today, and continually warm up through Sunday. Even one more blistering Northern blow cannot last much longer. My wife wants us to take my seventh trip to Philippines — her original home — in May. Trouble is, it will only be an 8 day trip, as her job demands her time. That means 2 days on a plane, and six days for a too-short visit. It should be of interest to you — where from time to time you can view the Northern Lights — that she didn’t even know what they were when she came to this country.

As a matter of fact, she couldn’t imagine that the sun moved position during the year, and that the further North one went, the longer came the dark period. The Philippines, except for its rainy season, have such a wonderful climate, sitting near the equator with the sun at about the same position throughout the year, and climate so well moderated by surrounding oceans. One of her father’s friends, a circuit judge, once told me that there are 7,600 islands at low tide in the Philippines! I love the region, and many of its people — but corruption, like most countries where the Spanish have long held sway — is ever-present. The Spanish held the Philippines for 450 years, which makes for quite an influence. Their official second language is English. Most newspapers are in English, and most people can speak some English and understand some, but not in the standard Middle Western dialect we use here. Tagalog is their official language. Unfortunately I’ve never found a sufficiently low-level textbook from which to learn it. I think you’ve got to be born in it. Your husband undoubtedly has been exposed to our pervasive American corruption, the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies. There’s always heavy Congressional movement to slap drug rules on natural healing products, a ploy so dishonest it makes one want to wretch. Thousands of really good, honest doctors have lost their license, or been placed in jail for trying to do good. Of course, the public is unaware of all of this because the news media is so handily controlled by advertisers, the major ones being the pharmaceutical companies. Go to our website to “Articles: Miscellaneous & Historical” and read the article “Lawyers Treat Symptoms Too!” Nice to hear from you. Keep up the good thinking!

(added April 6, 2008)

I just finished reading about Dr. Blount and Dr. Wyburn-Mason’s anti-amoebic procedures. I have a very important question: do the physicians on your physician list work with Dr. Blount and Dr. Wyburn-Mason’s EXACT MEDICINES:

Flagyl, Tinidazole, Clotrimazole, Tinidazole, Ornidizole, Nimorazole, Allopurinol, Rifampicin, Potassium Para amino benzoate and Furazolidone?

It is very important for me as I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and do not have any medical insurance, so I CANNOT AFFORD to pay for a doctor appointment just to find out. I live in San Bernardino California. I need to know ASAP please as I have not been able to work for the last two years due to this chronic illness. Today I am FULL OF HOPE again. I truly appreciate it.


The physicians that sign up with us are supposed to use the medicines or treatment protocol that they show on their sign-up sheet, but this is not always the case. Most physicians feel they have the right to change things, and many do, unfortunately. You’ll simply have to query each physician. Furthermore, there is no one doctor/dentist anywhere in the world that we know of who uses all the treatments that we recommend — again, unfortunately. For this reason you may have to travel to receive the whole treatment protocol.

Please read the material beneath “How to Get Well” tab before you sign up with physicians.

Thank you for your e-mail and the book. I’m sorry it has taken so long to respond but my rheumatoid arthritis has gone totally out of control since I stopped the Humira injections. My pain is almost intolerable. The immune modifying drugs are no longer working to keep my disease under any kind of control so I stopped taking them. Unfortunately, I went from barely walking to no walking when I went off them. I’m doing the Candida program and am starting to follow the arthritis suggestions one by one.

My question is how long do I have to be off the Humira before I can go on the Metronidazole/Allopurinol combo from the book. I’d like to start right away since I feel good about incorporating many of the suggestions from the book about diet, Candida, enzymes etc. They didn’t have the disease/immune modifying drugs when the book was written and therefore have no reference to them, but they warn about being off Gold, Methotrexate and Penicillamine, none of which I’m on.

What are your thoughts about the Humira? I’ve been off it for seven weeks. I’m afraid to keep waiting as the disease has really taken a strong hold of me? At the same time I don’t want to sabotage my efforts by taking them before my system goes back to whatever normal is for me. I can tell you with the amount of flairup, fluid retention, and heat in all my joints, my immune system is certainly not suppressed and unfortunately overactive.

By the way I have the list of doctors I called in South Florida that no longer belong on your referral list. Most were retired, dead or out of business or claimed to not know anything about the Arthritis Trust organization treatment for arthritis. I’d be happy to update you. I’m home all day if you can call at your convenience my cell phone is xxxxxx . Thanks so much for your time.


I cannot advise you on specifics, but I’m sure if I were in your condition I’d try everything, many as close together as possible.

Anti-microorganism drugs really need a physician’s guidance. They must be able to distinguish between allergic response, drug toxicity, and Herxheimer effect. Also they must know that your liver and kidneys can tolerate the drugs. Otherwise you could get yourself in trouble. Many of the recommended treatments besides the anti-microorganism treatment will eventually ease your load and, if it were me, I’d not wait on any arbitrary time period.

The phrase “disease modifying” is really a sham. The only thing these drugs do is hide symptoms, not modify the disease. If any positive modification is to take place, it’s your body that will do the modifying. So Humira, like so many symptom-hiders, is no different than the drugs touted before the book was written.

I’ll call you and talk.

How do I order Away With Arthritis by Dr. Rex Newnham? Please advise. E.F.

You can get the essence of his book from our website from our articles on Boron. They were supplied by Dr. Newnham. If you want the book, go to our physician list under England, and find his address. Order or query directly at his address.

I am a patient of rheumatoid arthritis.I was taking drug Leflunomide but I stopped before four months. I am taking regularly the drug Methotrexate, 15mg per week. My question is this: that my wife is pregnant — will this drug effect the child. I am worried.

Please give me advice whether my wife should continue with the pregnancy or go for abortion. Hope you take the thing very seriously and reply to me as early as possible because my rheumatologist and other gynecologist doctor whom I enquired is not sure about the effect.


The following gives some information about this drug. It depletes folate. [You should take folate supplements, for sure.] The more recent research and opinion (still ongoing) is that the exposure to the fetus from the father is a very low risk for problems — it would not appear that terminating the pregnancy is necessary.

Use in Males

Available information does not suggest that ARAVA would be associated with an increased risk of male-mediated fetal toxicity. However, animal studies to evaluate this specific risk have not been conducted. To minimize any possible risk, men wishing to father a child should consider discontinuing use of ARAVA and taking cholestyramine 8 grams 3 times daily for 11 days. http://jdc.jefferson.edu/context/robert_brent/article/1003/type/native/viewcontent/.

The review of the reproductive effects of mutagenic agents consistently indicates the low risk of these agents for reproductive effects in the F1 generation. Leflunomide and its main metabolic product interfere with pyrimidine synthesis but do not have the mutagenic potential that has been demonstrated for proven mutagenic agents. The reproductive risks for men taking leflunomide are related to the properties of the drug, which are primarily related to the interference with DNA synthesis. Even with the potential reduction in DNA synthesis the risks of infertility are remote, unless the individual already has an infertility problem before starting the medication. Since leflunomide does not have mutagenic potential and the minor metabolite, TFMA is in such low concentration, there should be no measurable increase in the risk of genetic disease in the offspring. TFMA, a minor metabolite of leflunomide, accounts for less than 5% of the metabolic products. In a large series of patients receiving leflunomide in therapeutic doses, 25% of the patients had undetectable levels of TFMA. In the remaining 202 patients, plasma concentrations were very low (8.1 +/- 3.0 ng/ml). While TFMA at high concentrations was mutagenic in the Ames test, the HGPRT and cytogenetics tests, it was not positive in an in vivo cytogenetics test, unscheduled DNA synthesis, and the mouse micronucleus test. Thus, the mutagenicity testing of leflunomide and the phamacokinetics would indicate that preconception exposures would represent no measurable genetic risk in exposed populations and a theoretical risk of reducing gonadal cell populations, but not to the extent of affecting fertility at therapeutic exposure levels in humans.


Pregnancy Outcome in Women Exposed to Leflunomide:

The OTIS Autoimmune Diseases in Pregnancy Project

Based on interim data from this ongoing study, the proportion of pregnancies with adverse outcomes is comparable between the leflunomide-exposed cohort study pregnancies and the disease-matched comparison group. Furthermore, no specific pattern of major structural defects has been noted in the leflunomide-exposed infants nor are the reported congenital anomalies consistent with those noted in animal developmental toxicity studies. These data do not suggest specific increased risks for teratogenicity with early first-trimester exposure to leflunomide (Arava®). More definitive conclusions await accumulation of sufficient sample size in the cohort study and final analyses of the data on minor structural defects.

Thank you very much for replying my query immediately. I will remain grateful to you. Now I can continue with my wife’s pregnancy without worrying about the side effects of the drugs to the child.


Few years back I injured my foot at front with a bang. At the time x-rays showed miniscule chip. Hospital and regular doctor didn’t seem too concerned. I did mention pain was still bothering me. Most recent x-rays seemed fine but arthritis is developing. Except for some medication and referral to podiatrist for orthotics I was told nothing can be done.

According to your site there may be some doctors that may be able to help. If you may have any suggested doctors or treatments please forward.


There’s no way that we can analyze your problem; in fact, it’s against all ethics for us to do so, or any doctor, without seeing you. From what you’ve said, though, we’d suggest that you look over the article on Sclerotherapy as well as the booklet on Intraneural Injections (which we can mail to your doctor).

What is the exact dosage for Tinamax for a woman weighing 117 pounds, and where can I find it in print to show my doctor who is working with me. I have ordered the book with the cover of the RA hand on it but have not received it yet. I can only work with my present doctor for other doctors are not covered by my insurance. I tried last year to see a naturopathic doctor but after 5 months and $2500.00, I ran out of money and they wanted me to have 2 colonics a week at $60 a pop, and I just could not put out over $400.00 just for colonics. Besides I am on disability with limited fund.


The protocol for taking the anti-microorganism treatment according to Roger Wyburn-Mason is found in many articles and books on our website. Go to “Articles Important” and all the way down to the bottom of the page. The Wyburn-Mason treatment is given. Also, all of our books contain the same protocol. You should, however, read the article “How to Get Well” before you charge into that treatment.

I live in West Lafayette, Indiana. I would like to know if your organization has a list of the doctors who practice Dr. Brown’s low dosage antibiotics protocol for MCTD and scleroderma. I really appreciate it very much if you could let me know.

Scleroderma MCTD & Pulmonary Fibrosis patient


Dr. Brown’s method is found under the tab “Articles Important” arranged alphabetically. You should, however, read under the tab “How to Get Well” first. Then go to “Articles Important” and find the Lupus and Scleroderma article by Ronald B. Davis, M.D. He’s never had a failure in getting such folks well.

Thank you very much. I actually printed that article out. I also printed SLE Lupus and Scleroderma. I am really scared to learn what I am heading for — possible scleroderma. I pray and beg the Lord not to let my symptom “evolve to scleroderma” . . . currently except my lung fibrosis, I don’t have clear evidence of scleroderma. All the tests of scleroderma are normal. The lung fibrosis could also have resulted from my chronic bronchitis. It could be an unrelated case of connective tissue disorder.

The scary thing is all my doctors want to put me on either 60 mg prednisone per day or chemotherapy. I would be poisoned by those medicines. Each day I pray to the Lord to help me find a safe and effective therapy which does less harm in my body.

Thank you again for guiding me through with searching alternative therapy.

Love in Christ,

I found only one OD here in Indiana. I wish more doctors could do this therapy.


Even if you had more doctors in Indiana you’d probably still need to travel. If you’ve read beneath the tab “How to Get Well” you’d see the many treatment modalities that must be investigated to assure wellness. No one doctor or dentist does all of them, unfortunately. Some do as much as necessary to get about 80% of the folks well. But still you might search for a doctor who will work with you.

The nice thing about health is that all diseases are somehow related, because all organs and tissues interrelate! Following good health habits will eventually solve most things!!

This Thursday I will return to my doctor who has been working with me using the Dr. Brown protocol. He will have to fill out some papers concerning my on-going disability from work. That will leave me with less time to describe the correct prescription to him.

Is this correct? Start both Metronidazole and Allopurinol on the same day . Allopurinol 300 mg take 1 tablet 3 times a day for a week and stop. Metronidazole for 150 lbs give 1,500 mg daily 2 tablets with meals 3 times a day (250 mg). If I have 500 mg tablet than it will be 1 tablet with each meal, take this 2 days in a row for 6 weeks. Return to doctor to re-evaluate. Correct? Also is this one cc of depot medrol a shot? Can one use low dose cortisone instead if needed? Of course the diet and supplements he will not be concerned with — that will be my part to look after. But knowing the doctor will only give x amount of time per patient, and then s/he’ll move to the next patient I want to be sure I understand the dose correctly. Also tinidazole will take the place of metronidazole. Thank you for a quick response.


You are describing the Roger Wyburn-Mason protocol, not the Brown protocol. If a person weighs 150 pounds then you give 1,500 mg of a 5-nitroimidazole daily for 2 days in a row, then skip for 5 days, repeating for 6 weeks. During the first week you also give 300 mg of allopurinol 3 times a day for 7 days. If furazolidone is used instead of allopurinol you give 100 mg 3 times a day for 10 days. Depot medrol is used sometimes with the intraneural injections which, I presume, you won’t be getting. Whatever you use to dampen pain will also hide the Herxheimer effect, should you have it, and the doctor will not be able to determine what’s going on completely. And, yes, you can use a small amount of cortisone (oral type) if the pain is too much for you. The intraneurals would be far superior.

I was just telling you my doctor was currently working with me on the Brown protocol in the past to current time. I got it! Dosage = 1,500 mg 5-nitroimidazole daily for only 2 days in a row, skip 5 days, then repeat for 6 weeks. First week take 300 mg allopurinol 3 times a day for 7 days and stop then, or if furazolidone give 100 mg 3 times a day for 10 days ( instead of allopurinol). Correct??

One other question can this treatment be tried for Sjogren syndrome??


According to Roger Wyburn-Mason Sjogren’s disease is one of the possible outcomes of RD. See our various publications on the website. Don’t overlook all the other factors that cause RD, as per our “How to Get Well.”

LETTERS WITH NEWS (added May 4, 2008)

I’m starting to read up on your site and I’m glad there is hope to cure my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’d like ask a question. I got RA about 3 years ago. I’ve been going to a rheumatologist and I’ve been able to tolerate the RA. At times I even wondered if I still had it. But things got a notch worse one day.

That day was in October 2007 when I had a routine colonoscopy. I checked out clean with the results of the colonoscopy, but that very evening my jaw had sharp pains. To put it in a few short words, my RA got a few notches worse. I had hoped that this sudden increase would be temporary, but its March and I’m still at this worse level.

My question is: what was it about the colonoscopy that triggered this decline in my RA? (My rheumatologist says he’s heard similar cases). Is it possible that the source of my RA lay in my colon? Could a microorganism in my colon be causing my RA? I thought I’d ask this question, because the colonoscopy did definitely make things worse. My rheumatologist sure can’t give me an answer!

I thank you for your help and attention,


No one can provide you with a specific list of causations for a specific individual, but we know for sure that among the general list is the embedding of microflora and microorganisms in the intestinal tract. Please read beneath the “How to Get Well” tab, and also get a book titled Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management by Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D.

You have a great site & I hope it can help my problem.

A year ago I started Accutane to control my cystic acne and have been off of Accutane for 7 months due to it caused me to have spastic colon problems, which I never had prior to Accutane.

Now, a year later, all of a sudden my back, legs, abdomen are experiencing muscoloskelatal pains that are warm to the touch and induce a light fever in me. I can feel it spread to my tear ducts, my skull, and throughout the rest of my musculoskelatal body. I’ve read that some abstract studies have stated that Accutane has been associated with various rheumatologic conditions such as arthralgia, myalgia, vasculitis arthritis. It is suspected of causing an alteration of the cytokine balance caused by the Accutane ingredient “13 cis retinoic acid”, which is the key ingredient in the evolution of skeletal hyperotosis.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was wondering if you could direct me to one of your doctors who might have some experience w/Accutane induced arthritic patients.

Your help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to be evaluated and treated before any arthritic damage can occur.

I will definitely donate to your Trust if you can help; as I will use it for the rest of my life if your treatment helps.

Thank you.


Here is info from Garry Gordon’s site http://www.gordonresearch.com/

Q: 1) Is anyone aware of spinal pain and deformity in acne patients treated with Accutane, isotretinoin? If so, what have others found helpful to manage this? Has it been reversible? Being that Vitamin A is associated with bone loss, isotretinoin, a molecular analogue of Vitamin A, may more potently interfere with Vitamin D metabolism.

2) Should people take Vitamin A supplements?

B. R. M., MD

A1: I am a dermatologist in Indiana and have had a lot of experience [unfortunately!] with Accutane. I used to prescribe it a lot, but I don’t hardly ever prescribe it and ONLY if pushed against the wall by a patient who also has horrid disease, because Accutane is bad news. To answer your question I would need to know what you mean by “deformity” and “spinal pain.” Musculoskeletal pain is common in patients on Accutane and is found about 15% of the time. In basically all of those cases patients have a carnitine deficiency and studies have shown that carnitine supplementation of 3-6 grams a day will reverse musculoskeletal pain associated with Accutane. Now this wouldn’t have anything to do with “deformity” of bones. Long term usage of Accutane can cause long tendon calcification and perhaps some bone resorption. But we are talking about 2 years of daily use in patients with rare skin disease. Is this “deformity” a documented osteopenia or is it paravertebral muscle spasm and pain?

As far as should we take Vitamin A . . . I do and I bet many on this forum do, but then I take a ton of supplements. Our foods are not reliable sources of OPTIMAL nutrition due to

1) Demineralization of our soils by irresponsible farming practices 2) Processing and food additives, fruits picked before they are ripe, etc….all the things that allow us to buy food conveniently at the local store. 3) Demineralization of all soils with minerals going into the ocean that occured during Noah’s Flood . . . this explains Iodine deficiency well as well as other deficiencies.

4) Poor dietary habits

T. E., MD

I apologize for the long delay in getting back with you. Just to give you the short version. . . . I did go to Louisiana to see Dr Philibert. He is still in practice. The hurricane did mess him up for a while but he has everything back in order and is seeing patients. It is quite incredible what that man can do. He is so confident in what he does that he actually filmed the treatment he was doing on me. I was impressed!

I told him a little about the foundation and that it was interested in speaking with him. He said he would love to talk. His number is 504-837-2727. I hope that helps.

On another note, I am still having a tough time. I am getting through the causations on the site. I believe I am to the point I need to have a person who is REALLY good in the Wyburn-Mason treatment protocol treat me. Could you please give me some names of the “best of the best” guys around the country? I really like to go to the source. Since that is obviously not possible in this case, who are my next best people? I would really like them to cover many causations but perhaps that’s being too picky right now.

As always, I appreciate all you do – not just for me but all the other people out there. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Kindest regards,


Many thanks for your report on Dr. Philbert!

Check with John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. in Humble, Texas on our physician list. Also, go to “Audio Files” tab on our website. You’ll be able to hear him and see his photo.

I know Dr. Philbert only from the book that he wrote covering his findings with intraneural injections. It is excellent. Right after New Orleans flood I tried to contact him, but couldn’t. If you are able to call him, let me know. He seems to be a very valuable resource — but, of course, he hasn’t signed up with us, in fact, he may not even know who we are, what we do, or that we’d like him to do so. In the past I ordered his medical book, and it is excellent. The intraneural injections are not going to halt your rheumatoid disease. They will only make about 3 weeks of safe pain-free time during which you can concentrate on the other causations. Having been a rheumatoid arthritis victim, 3 weeks pain-free sounds great to me — but it can be expensive traveling so far each 3 weeks. You need someone who can cover a large number of the causations as defined on our website. The intraneurals are gravy on the meat. As to hormonal rebalancing, most alternative/complementary doctors can do this. Depending upon which hormones are involved they will use either saliva tests or blood tests. Normally such folks will also use safe hormone-identical compounds, not the synthetic or horse hormones touted by mainstream and the drug companies. If all you’re concerned with is thyroid, then you can do the testing yourself. Read the article “Thyroid Hormone: Cutting the Gordian Knot.” Using the Broda Barnes method, with a good mercury type thermometer (the cheap digital type you buy at the drug store is usually too inaccurate), and with some discipline, you can make the temperature determination yourself. As I said, it takes discipline, but you can easily do it.

I have a condition called polymyalgia rheumatica. I was reading about colloidal silver and wondering if it would help this ailment? I am on prednisone and have been for two years and would like to get off of it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You have one of the 100 or so rheumatoid disease conditions. Please read beneath our website tab “How to Get Well.” I believe it will answer all of your questions.

I’m wondering if there is a particular molybdenum supplement you recommend that can be chewed for taste prior to taking. I’m told sodium molybdate is most effective but hard to find . . . any suggestions? Thanks for your website and information!


We’re not familiar with many types of molybdenum supplements. Have you yet read the article “Molybdenum for Candida albicans Patients and Other Problems” beneath the tab “Articles Important” on our website?

Have arthritis at top of foot and below due to, I’m told, bone spurring from an injury. Right now taking some medication (etodolac) and trying some orthotics for foot. I’m told it’s more towards mild side right now. To me it’s not. Basically the question is will Sclerotherapy injections or Prolotherapy be effective in terms of not getting rid of the arthritis but somehow to repair whatever damage occurred there and in so doing maybe stop any further damage and get rid of pain.

Your site has a referral list but is there anyone that I could directly consult with (closer to Boston, MA.). Even by phone.


There are only about 600 doctors who are trained in and practice sclerotherapy, and only a handful of those are in our physician list.

Bone spurs occur, they say, because of lax tendons and ligaments. Your body is compensating for this condition by building bone spurs. I’m sure, also, that your body chemistry is also a factor.

We’ve never found a way of dissolving the bone spurs after formed, other than through heavy emphasis over a long period on body chemistry. Sclerotherapy will not dissolve the damage, but will ease the load — if lax tendons and ligaments are the problem. NSAIDS (like etodolac) tend to destroy the cartilage at joints while easing the pain, which may make the condition worse in the long run.

If I were to get going with the “Arthritis Trust of America anti-microorganism approach” as articulated under pt. 11 in the article “How Do I Cure My Rheumatoid Arthritis?” how important is it to check the liver? Should the liver be checked once before the treatment, or periodically during the 6 weeks of taking the medication (for instance Metronidazole)? My father is a retired doctor. He could prescribe me the medication, but has no lab for checking the liver. Is monitoring the liver absolutely critical or is this a pretty safe procedure?

Thanks for your answers,


A baseline metabolic profile that includes ast and alt will assure the liver is in good order. Take alpha lipoic acid (100 to 300 mg) daily while on metronidazole and there shouldn’t be any need for a followup blood test. If the baseline blood can’t be done, take the lipoic acid twice a day. Liver will be fine.

Thank you very much for you answer! Two more questions. I’m currently on Remicade and methotrexate. 1. Would there be any problem or complication in taking the medications mentioned in the “Arthritis Trust of America anti-microorganism approach” (metronidazole and allopurinol) while I’m taking Remicade and methotrexate? 2. Does your answer below suffice even when I’m taking Remicade and methotrexate?

Thanks again for your valuable help!!


You’re asking us questions that should be asked of your doctor. We can only answer in generalities, not in terms of what you should or should not do. Regarding Remicade: we’ve had negative reports from various alternative/complementary doctors. Its side effects on some people are horrendous. At best, it treats symptoms, and not the disease, meanwhile hiding the progress of the disease.

Methotrexate is a “horse of a different color.” I know of no scientific evidence that supports its use for arthritis. It is extremely damaging to the patient, and, even if it results in a symptom-hiding remission during its use for 30 months, studies show that flare-up will often occur more hideous after 30 months. (Clinics in Rheumatic Disease, W.B. Saunders).

Where once-upon-a-time rheumatologists advised starting with aspirin, progressing through various stronger patented nostrums, and finally ending with methotrexate, now the rheumatologists start with methotrexate and hopefully end with aspirin. That’s “hopefully.” Seldom does it happen. The way in which this sequence was developed was a vote by attending rheumatologists at a Rheumatology convention in Australia many years ago. Some science!! We know, because we sent one of our advisor physicians to the conference.

Finally, if you’re taking methotrexate, don’t bother taking alternative treatments. By analogy it’s more like you’re cutting your wrist at the same time you’re putting on anti-bacterial ointment and bandages! If you truly want to get well, you’ll tackle the various causes — straighten out your mode of living — clean up your act — ignore promises of pills that pretend to cure while damaging you further.

I am a 56 year old man and a donor to your organization. I have been very active my entire life. Last summer I was diagnosed by my MD and radiologist with moderate or worse arthritis in my right hip. No one gave me much help or information after that. I assumed I had osteoarthritis and might get it over time in other joints too.

I now need a cane to walk long distances. I recently saw a hip specialist, who took a fresh X-ray. It was clear that my hip has gotten worse. What surprised me was that he explained that my hip problem was the result of an old hip injury (perhaps a minor one), which could have happened decades ago. I was stunned to learn it was from an injury.

My question to you is: can I still cure myself, if this is a result of an old injury as opposed to a disease?

I’m getting pretty desperate now, and would really appreciate some insight.


You might check out the article on Sclerotherapy on our website under the tab “Articles Important.” If your hip is not too far gone, tightening up tendons and ligaments can probably save it. If bone is eroded beyond repair, your only choice may be to live with it, or to have a hip joint replacement. Glucosamine and chondroitin usually help with the repair and maintenance of cartilage (at the full dose of 1500 mg and 1200 mg respectively per day), provided those nutrients are absent from your diet (which is usual). NSAIDs, remember, damage cartilage and make the arthritis worse!

And, yes, this hip problem could very well be the result of an old injury that caused tearing or stretching of the tendons or ligaments. Prolotherapy (Sclerotherapy) could have solved the problem if used early enough.

I am searching for information on distilled water. I have spent many years working on healing from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and I am up on most of the information you speak of on your website and have worked with many of the doctors you quote.

Due to limited funds I was buying my water in 5 gallon nalgene bottles. I just learned of the Bisphenol A they contain, which I suspect is adding to the estrogen dominance my doctor and I are treating.

I can afford to purchase some of my spring water in glass. For the remainder: I do own a glass distiller but have always been wary of drinking distilled water. Yes, I could re-mineralize it.

Other filters use plastics or stainless steel and I am still sensitive to ingesting metals after having heavy metal toxicity.

My house water is on a subdivision well and so I really only need to filter the metal and solder from the pipes, and small amount of chlorine.

My other choice would be a solid block carbon filter after the faucet for cooking water. Would have to choose between a stainless steel or hard plastic (again) unit.

My main question to you: Is there any research on drinking distilled water over the long run?

I read only opinions on both sides of the fence. My first take on distilled water is that it is so unnatural.

Thank you for your input.


My guess about the use of distilled water is the same as yours. I don’t trust it for a variety of reasons. It’s dead!

One doctor — Lee Cowden, M.D. — always advised using a combination of filters/devices for safe water: 1. Regular filter, then activated carbon, then reverse osmosis with the water line encircled with a circular magnet to cancel out any homeopathic effects. I used this for quite a number of years until I got on our present well water which, when tested for numerous things, was excellent. Most likely your only problem in the above prescription would be to obtain containers and tubing that are neutral to you. This can be easily determined via a good practitioner of either applied kinesiology or electro dermal testing.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I think I will go with my instinct.
Like you my well water is probably pretty good except they do add a bit of chlorine, and I do not trust all the pipes it travels through. As it is I get headaches from the water.

I have never liked the taste of Reverse Osmosis water so maybe a simple carbon block filter at the end of my system will do the trick.

I am enjoying the Aqua Panna Pelligrino spring water in glass but that is expensive but at least a medical deduction. Thanks again.


No, you start with the gross filter, then the carbon filter, then reverse osmosis with magnetic around the tubing at the very end. It really tastes excellent, as the reverse osmosis gets rid of chlorine and fluorine, the main culprits, along with their byproducts!

You must have had a bad system, because people came to my house to collect drinking water, the taste was so fresh!

Every RO water I have had I HATE the taste of.

My experience has been all over the country with RO water. Doesn’t RO water remove minerals also which makes it akin to distilled – at least my nutritionist recommends adding the minerals back in.


I forgot to mention that the step before activated carbon filtration is ultra violet light, to kill all microorganisms in the water.

Yes! Reverse osmosis does screen out minerals, which can be replaced by supplements taken orally, and by proper nutritious diet. And no! Distilled water and reverse osmosis (with all of the above sections) do not taste or act alike.

A major difference between distilled water and reverse osmosis is that distilled water does not get out fluorine and chlorine, both of which play a major part in chemical sensitivity and sometimes cancer. Reverse osmosis does get them out. Also distilled water tastes “dead.” Reverse osmosis doesn’t.

You probably have excellent well water — but you’re right! Better check it out, especially for metals. Remember the World Health Organization financed a large number of wells for Bangladesh and India, and only later found that their excellent water wells were laced with an intolerable amount of arsenic.

Thanks for all of this input.
We do have well water that my husband and I were just discussing whether they even treat with chlorine. Will have to pull out the water tests they have done on the well.

We are at 6800 feet adjacent to National Forest.

I probably have great water – I am just metal sensitive after having had heavy metal toxicity, so maybe all I have to filter are the pipes.

Need to research it a bit more. Thank you for helping me with this transition process.


I do so hope that you might be able to help me.
Recently my mum was told by her team of Doctors, (there’s a lot these days!), that her Rheumatoid Arthritis had reached such a critical level of the worst kind that she could either choose Anti-TNF drugs or she could hold back and run a high risk of her disease causing a severe heart attack or a stroke.

She was on the list for Anti-TNF for many years and when she got to the top of the list she was diagnosed with breast cancer which resulted in radical surgery. I was so proud of her and as I am a writer and teacher that works and lives in Istanbul; Turkey, I have got used to flying back to the UK for her operations and especially to be by her side through her cancer. She has been in remission for nearly five years but she has been told that Anti-TNF needs a patient to have been in remission for more than ten years. Yet the Doctors tell her that her risking cancer again is her only option left!

As you can understand, her ‘so called’ options are very worrying for myself, my sister and my father.

I have started to research and use my skills in order to look for Doctors and natural safer alternatives all over the world. Tonight I read an article about Roger Wyburn-Mason and it has given me hope.

As a quick run down and I can supply further detail: my mum has had RA for over 24 years since she was young. She was diagnosed when I was eleven years old and I am now 35 years old. She fought off breast cancer five years ago. She has had nearly every joint in her body replaced and has started to have small accidents in the house too. Falling over in the last few months seems to be common place and her skin bruises dark black at the slightest touch!

My mum is so precious to our family and such a good person. She makes us incredibly proud and always thinks of all of us even when she is in the worst most excruciating levels of pain.

I have never seen her spirits dashed as I did a few weeks ago when her heartless Doctor gave her some very depressing and scary choices in a very detached manner. She is hiding a great and heavy sadness in her eyes and I am desperate to help her.

Please may I kindly request that you give me a run down of the treatment in a synopsis and any dangerous affects? She has been receiving regular steroid injections for years and takes oral steroids every day or she would not be able to get up. She also takes co-proxamol as an anti-inflammatory drug and has been on this for years, and many others which simply terrify me.

I am sorry for the long email but there is so much to inform you of and believe me this is the short version!

Please help me to help her, I am looking for a miracle and I won’t give up until I find one for her.

I am all ears and eyes and waiting for your reply,

Thanking you,


Please, you and your mother go to our website and read the article beneath the tab “How to Get Well.” It covers everything we’ve learned since 1982. Then go to the various articles and books.

Rheumatoid arthritis is not very difficult to cure, but there are numerous possible causes that must be investigated. I would personally stay away from anti-TNF drugs. They will not cure, but rather, like so many drugs, will only treat symptoms, not causes. Since your mother has been on steroids for so long, she may not be able to safely get off of them. That’s up to her doctor who will do so gradually — if it’s at all possible. What happens with the taking of hormones is that the body shuts down its own manufacture of them, and a body can reach a point where the hormone can no longer be produced by the body, at which time the person is now dependent upon the drug. Many of the same causes of rheumatoid arthritis seem to be involved with cancer — especially hormonal problems, or the use of synthetic or horse hormones — so that investigating causations, and ridding oneself of their influences can also support fight against cancer.

Breast cancer is a particular type that may or may not be caused by insufficient or overabundance of hormones of particular types. It’s not too well know among traditional practitioners, but some forms of breast cancer respond to alternative treatments quite safely.

Obviously, from what you’ve described, your mother’s condition and past treatment are both serious. She’ll need to explore and change much in her life style — and that can be difficult unless she’s determined to turn her life around. You’ll understand better after you’ve read “How to Get Well.” Learn! — you and your mother both!!

Thank you so much . . .

The information that you have given me is upsetting but at the same time it gives me hope.
As I am a professional writer and teacher/linguist I am used to reading a lot and do shy away from study. I intend to buy two or three books from your website tomorrow and will start reading them most eagerly.

In the meantime I will be reading the The Art of Getting Well PDF version from your website. Is it one and the same as “How to get well.” ??

Thanking you for all your time and your swift reply.


The best book to read is the latest, Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Disease Including Rheumatoid Arthritis.

“How to Get Well” is a summary of what we’ve learned since 1982, and will lead you to articles you need to read. You can get the bound paperback book, The Art of Getting Well, free by filling out the form on the first website page. It is an older book, but of course all articles and books are free via downloading.

Hi it’s me again and I have read a lot tonight.

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that I found the “How to get well” that you refer to and I have already sent the case histories and the other pdf docs off to my fathers email in the UK.

Thank you so much!

My mum has started to also read up and I have told her about you and sent your case study to her also which was an inspiration.

I was truly blessed to find someone like you out there in the world.

I have already got a student of mine checking up on the side effects, availability etc of the recommended list of medicines from the website.

If I may just get your opinion on one grey area, in your opinion as my mum has been on gold injections and oral steroids for many years we would have to reduce her at a very slow rate. However would she be able to take the list of medicines at the same time?

I will be teaching my surgeon student tomorrow night and I was going to ask the same question but her specific branch is actually kidney transplants. She does, though, have an awful lot of contacts which will help me on my journey for my mum.

Thank you so much again!

You are the best example of human courage for my mum right now and even though she was skeptical she asked me to re-send the case studies as my father’s email system had a problem.

I relayed everything to her orally via video link a couple of nights ago and it has obviously stuck in her mind :))

I have just downloaded another article from the website titled, “Wyburn-Mason Treatment For RA” In an email I sent you five mins ago I asked if my mum could take her steroids with the treatment but I have just read that the treatment says not to.

Could she take oral steroids with the treatment if she cuts out the injections which she has every month and a half?

Sorry to be a pain, I am on an entire new learning process here 🙂


The question of whether or not a rheumatoid disease victim can continue taking cortisone and other drugs is not possible to answer in general terms. The question is, “Is your mother’s body dependent upon the external cortisone?” If she is, that means her own ability to produce cortisone is shut down, and she will die without it being administered to her.

On the other hand, if she still has the ability to produce cortisone, she needs to be under a doctor’s supervision as she gradually reduces the dosage.

So, then, the next question becomes this: “How does she stand the pain as the manifestation of rheumatoid disease starts to show up again?” After all, the drugs she’s been taking do nothing more than hide the pain as the disease rages onward. When she reduces the drugs that hide the symptoms, the actual disease and its certain process begin to show up. We recommend that your doctor look at the booklet “Intraneural Injections etc.” by Dr. Paul K. Pybus (which we can mail to your doctor). A certain amount of use of a depot medrol (a locally injected type of cortisone; i.e., designed to stay in one spot near the skin), together with other substances, will give her about 3 weeks of pain relief while she’s undergoing other treatment regimens. Actually since this book was published we’ve learned that even the depot medrol is not necessary in the injections. But, even if used, this type of cortisone cannot replace the kind she’s been taking, so it may still be back to square one regarding the dangers of withdrawing from her use of externally applied cortisone.

Normally a small amount of her normal type of cortisone can be used while the treatment is given, to ease the pain, but this is generally not advisable, unless necessary. Cortisone also has the disadvantage in that it weakens the immune system, and other side effects, altogether increasing the disease itself!

A doctor working with your mother and our protocol must be able to discriminate between food allergies, candidiasis, Herxheimer effect and drug toxicity. Cortisone hides these signs so it is impossible to determine if progress is being made.

Finally, don’t rely so heavily on drugs for your mother. In the article “How to Get Well” we feature all of the main causations of rheumatoid arthritis, and your mother can accomplish a great deal if she’ll but concentrate on those other factors alone!!

Could you please tell me if you have a list of practitioners in the United Kingdom that are specialised in the Wyburn Protocol?

I will also be searching on the web. I wanted to ask you first as I thought the Arthritis Trust might have a specific list of recommended specialists.

I am reading a lot and spent quite a while with my student going over all the side effects with my surgeon friend. We also contrasted everything with my mum’s lists of medications at present.

However I will need to find a specialist that has a lot of experience with the Wyburn Protocol and I really want to try to get an appointment for my mum.

I have come across some negative articles and my friends both told me that such medications have no relation to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Speaking in both languages is trying at best and especially with something so complicated.

I was not surprised as nearly all Doctors these days just pass out dangerous drugs and put anything down that is alternative.

I was ready for that so it didn’t deter me.

The only English physician we have signed up on our physician list for “RD,” is Dr. J.R. Mansfield. in Banstead, Surrey. I don’t know very many physicians personally, so I can’t tell you who I’d recommend, except I do know a handful in the U.S.

The chief problem with identifying a particular drug with a particular use is the no-brainer that it can only be used for such and such a disease. In the first place, the vast majority of drugs are symptom relievers. They in no way address the causes of a disease. In the second place, just because a drug has been sold by the developing pharmaceutical company with a vested interest in making money as being “for disease abc” doesn’t make it true, safe, effective, or even reasonable.

In the U.S. our supreme court long ago concluded that it’s up to the physician how a drug is to be used. If it has been approved for human use, then the doctor is the ultimate decider. Many times, therefore, a drug touted by a drug company as being useful for one disease is also found useful for something else.

Finally, consider the use of allopurinol. It is classified as being good for gout as it helps alleviate uric acid crystals in joints. Research papers, however, demonstrate that it is viral-static, anti-amoebic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Since it’s generally safe for human use, does that mean one should only use it on gout victims?

You’re wise to think through the naysayers comments!

Don’t forget, there’s more to this treatment than just the drugs!! Drugs could be the minor part of the arthritic problem!!

I have been studying the material on your website for a while now — thank you very much for the vast amount of information. It makes total sense to me that my husband’s mysterious ailment (maybe RA., maybe polymyalgia rheumatica) could be caused by some infection. My husband has been seeing a rheumatologist for about six years and he has suggested Enbrel (which I vetoed) and more recently methotrexate. Currently he is not taking anything except 1 mg of prednisone a day and he is in the process of weaning off of that. Also, taking some Aleve, but nothing stronger at the moment. However, his condition is worsening at the moment and this is what caused me to begin searching (again) for a better answer and led me to your website. Now my husband has agreed to try the Roger Wyburn-Mason protocol and is going to try to get his internist to prescribe the medicines. (The rheumatologist is hopeless and uninterested in anything he doesn’t already know).

Could you tell me where in the U.S. he could obtain the clotrimazole? I am sending you by mail a contribution (unless you could accept Paypal or credit card?) and again, I thank you for the valuable service you are providing.

By the way, I notice your website does not address the Marshall protocol—surely you have an opinion about that?


Your husband and you must read beneath the tab “How to Get Well” on our website. There’s more to getting well than taking a pill. Checking out causations is easy, but not always easy to find proper medical help.

The Marshall protocol may have merit, but it is too restricted and controversial [since it depresses vitamin D] as you’ll learn when you read the above article. We’re quite familiar with pleomorphic organisms, a discovery made in the 60s the knowledge of which hasn’t quite reached the offices of medical practitioners as yet.

You can obtain clotrimazole at any compounding pharmacist. Just do a search on the computer and you’ll find a number of them. I use College Pharmacy out of Colorado Springs, CO.

I had polycythemia for a number of years, and had to go to a phlebotomist to give my blood away monthly. Polycythemia is the production of too many blood cells. One is bled periodically until the red blood-forming cells get worn out, then one dies of an incurable form of leukemia. No cure, they say! My EAV (Computerized Electro-Acupuncture) practitioner, caught the problem on her equipment, then ran into the next room and brought back a programmable laser. She set the frequency according to her catalog, and then ran it over my operation scars a number of times. She repeated this twice more on subsequent visits. I haven’t had blood problems for nearly 6 months now!


This reminded me of an interesting experience we had. Our dog fell down the stairs during the 4th of July fireworks out of sheer terror. She had a spinal injury and a closed head injury. We took her to the chiropractor and he used a laser device on her head. It was remarkable. You could actually watch the shape of her eye sockets change.

He also gave her a chiropractic adjustment for her spine. She could hardly walk when we went in and she bounded out when we left. It was amazing. His laser was a bit different than yours, but the result was still great.


New applications of old ideas constantly amaze and surprise me!

(added July 27, 2008)

Thanks for all of the info!! Dr. Briggs (ND) does applied kinesiology and chelation therapy if I should need it for high levels of mercury. I am optimistic about my appointment on Thursday; especially armed with such great info. I will write to you regarding my outcome. Is there anything else I should ask the doctor before I make the trip. I’m bringing samples of my water, my supplements and medications, my recent lab results, short brief notes from my medical history, and I have been following a strict gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, red meat free diet. Can you think of anything?? Are you all having another conference this year?? Please let me know, I am sure you want your work continued.

I am believing for total restoration and healing.

God is on my side!!

I am doing everything I can do on earth and the rest is up to him!!

N. B.

Sounds like you’re off to a good start! I have no further suggestions.

We have no plans for another conference at this time, but we’re free to travel elsewhere if our input is desired.

I’m requesting the free book for my mother, because I’ve come to realize my own self’s ailment, and thinking on it now, it all makes sense, similar diets etc . . . she has the same thing and my younger sister too . . . . So I am trying to not only to help myself, but I would also like to seek help for my family, now that I know what’s going on.

The human body is very strong once given the right fuel, but without that and the mass manufacturing food poisoning that’s been on-going for so long now, the body has become so hurt and fragile.

Thank you for you help, and I do sincerely hope that you are not out of stock. Do have a great day and keep up the angelic great work.


I am from Sweden and I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a 23 year old. I have suffered no damage though and besides some morning stiffness and slight pain in my feet and fingers I am feeling very well. I fear my condition will get worse with time though, and this is why I’ve contacted you. I firmly believe there is a cause behind my body’s response. My doctor immediately put me on prednisolone and methotrexate but I’ve yet to start taking methotrexate and I’m reluctant to do so. I will speak to him about this possibility.

I apologize for the way this sounds. Why isn’t this more common knowledge if you can truly cure RA patients?

Again, sorry about that but I hope you understand my position, everyone I speak to tells me RA isn’t possible to cure today.

Last, in case my doctor refuses to do this, do you know of any doctors in Sweden who can provide this treatment, or someone you’ve had contact with?


Solving Rheumatoid Arthritis illness is not at all difficult, but most doctors have been brain-washed into believing there is no cure, therefore, for them, there is no cure. Go home and suffer! Or, better yet, take these “disease modulating” drugs that will hide your symptoms while your disease rages onward, crippling you permanently.

Go back to our website and read beneath the tab “How to Get Well.” You’ll know more when you’re done than does your doctor. If you’ve no damage so far, you’re very lucky. Now is the time to pay attention to the wellness factors in “How to Get Well.” And, for gosh sakes, don’t take prednisone or methotrexate. The prednisone merely hides symptoms while it further damages your immune system, and the methotrexate is worse and has no scientific evidence to support it. You’ll understand better once you’ve read the above referenced article.

Sorry, the only referral doctors we have are listed on our website. We’ll work with any doctor, however, that is open-minded enough to learn.

Thank you, I”m just so happy that there are alternatives. The hormones pills and pain killers the doctors are giving my Mom, caused her to gain a lot of weight, and it’s destroying her health.
There should be a law about this type of rampant prescription guessing game these
doctors are involving the elderly in.

Just wanted to give you an update. I have found that I am toxic for mercury dental amalgams, the next toxic item found in my body by a naturopathic doctor was bacteria . . . big surprise, and finally I was told by the dotor referred on your site that I was full of candida . . . oh my. My camel has been carrying so much lately!! I am starting the W-M protocol on Monday and I am optimistic as I take care of all of these straws I will have a great report for your site in the next few months!!


Wonderful! Glad you’re learning!! Keep in mind that candida often doesn’t let go until mercury is out — which can be a longer chore!!

Thanks. You guys seem great. Your information was superb and it seems as though you are REALLY making a difference in the world with your education.

I’ve included a link to your site on my website. I’m promoting natural health and improved intestinal health, but don’t want to go into details about gut yeast infection or rheumatoid arthritis.
I’ll refer peoples to you for that.

Also, don’t know if you are open to other reputable doctor’s effective natural treatments for RA, but if you are not familiar with Dr. John Sarno, he has been doing mind body medicine for over 50 years and successfully treats RA, well, by using no treatment at all !! His latest book is The Divided Mind. Very good.

Thank you for your good work.


I’ve looked at your site, and we will place a connection to it in our links section at the next update for our website. Thanks!

I recently finished up the ATA six week program taking the Allopurinol and the Metronidazole. I took my last Metronidazole about 2 weeks ago. Over the past couple of months my Rheumatoid Arthritis has been getting definitely worse, but nothing major, major-bad which might be a sure sign of the Herxheimer effect.

At what point in the treatment should the Herxheimer effect maybe occur. Could it still occur to me or is it too late? If it does occur, how long would you believe, it might last?

Your answers are very appreciated,


Your Herxheimer should occur during the period you’re taking the medicine. What’s involved is killing microorganisms via broad-spectrum anti-microorganism treatment.

It’s possible that joint pain will persist for other reasons — but not an increasing number of painful joints — along with depression, swelling and stiffness. Should this happen, then other treatments such as the intraneural injections are called for. In other words, it’s quite possible to stop the progress of the disease, but still have residual joint pain caused by irritated nerve ganglia. It’s also possible that the combination of drugs did not kill your particular microorganisms.

Dr. Prosch would often try a different combination of nitroimidazoles. However, more likely is the fact that you haven’t covered all of the causations mentioned in the article “How to Get Well.”

I have RA. I have a very high CCP and Rheumatoid Factor. I was wondering if you knew if there are still researchers out there looking for a cure for RA. I contacted Prof. Nicolason at immed.org and he said they are no longer doing research on RA. I’m getting progressively worse and would like to find something to help my RA. I do not want to take mainstream drugs and end up with cancer too.

Thank you.


Please go to our website and read the information below the “How to Get Well” tag. It’s really not difficult to get well from Rheumatoid Disease. We’ve been telling folks how to do so since 1982. Professor Roger Wyburn-Mason was curing folks in the 1960s!

Any suggestions on how to find a doctor that will prescribe these drugs? My Doc won’t subscribe flagyl because he says it’s too rough on the liver. Is there any research information on how long people stay well with this protocol? Will I have to keep going back on if symptoms come back? Will symptoms come back?


W. C.

When we started this foundation in 1982 we assumed — from doctors — that we’d have to take the drug every six months. Since then, with the cleaning up of the other factors, we’ve found that it was not necessary. I’ve been free of Rheumatoid Disease since 1982. I’m now 83. The drug can be hard on the liver, which is why one must seek help from a doctor. If your liver is normal, there’s no problem taking it. It’s only for six weeks. Alpha Lipoic Acid or milk thistle extract are often used to protect or repair the liver when toxic drugs are taken.

There’s no way of predicting whether or not your symptoms will return. Depends upon how clean is your living, as per “How to Get Well.”

The only doctors we have are in our physician list. See “RD” code under their names. Better yet, find “RD” and “IN” codes. You can always concentrate on the remaining factors in the “How to Get Well” list.

Thanks very much for getting back with me. When I was taking the medicine things did get worse, but I wasn’t sure if it was the Herxheimer or just the disease. If I did experience the Herxheimer while I was taking the medicine, could I still be feeling the Herxheimer a month later? Or is the Herxheimer much more quick in duration?

Thanks for your attention,


I seriously doubt you’d be feeling the Herxheimer a month later.

I am leaving for the UK with my husband in two days time and running around doing last minutes things.

I will be with my family for a month before I return to the busy city and I intend to take my mum to the clinic whilst I am there and she is in support of this decision too.

I have even put some of your reports from your website in my small luggage so that I can read on the plane.

Unfortunately one of the local clinics that my mum goes to a lot has given her the “super bug”

I’m a bit confused because it looks like there MRSA which you may know is almost resistant to all antibiotics and the only treatment is causing her a lot of extra discomfort.

I am just happy that I will be with her to help her sort that out too!

It has been in most of our newspapers back home and it is most serious so I hope that we will be able to come up with a better solution and reduce the damage.

In the meantime I hope life is treating you well and please send my regards to your family.

As they say, “watch this space and keep your fingers crossed for me,”


There are a number of good methods used to handle any type of microorganism, even superbugs. Unfortunately the pharmaceutically oriented physicians can’t get out of their antibiotic box. For example, one can use dilute HCl injections, as found beneath our tab “Books and Pamphlets.” These injections, used back in the 1930s, were found to stimulate macrophages and leukocytes, thus knocking out virtually any bacterial infection.

Or, one can use ultra-violet treatment. One takes a small amount of blood, exposes it to ultra-violet radiation, and injects the blood back in the body.

Dilute hydrogen peroxide IV treatments stimulate the oxidative enzymes, and kill microorganisms.

Vitamin C IVs will also help fight microorganisms.

There are a whole raft of herbs that will do the same thing, including some mushroom extracts that stimulate the natural killer cells.

Dr. Garry Gordon uses a special colloidal silver that gets great results (resultsrna.com).

All of these suggestions, and more, are without side effects of any consequence.

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that I have printed off the info and can never express my appreciation for the advice. I have printed off your email and it is shortly going in my handbag so that I can show the copy to my mum as soon as possible.

Will be in touch and God bless you.


There are few physicians on your list that do all of the different things needed for maximum chance of cure. In the US, can you give me the names of your top five with respect to their range of abilities and successes with this work? If I have to travel anyway, I’d rather travel to see the best at implementing the modalities your trust prescribes.

Thanks so much.


You’ve hit the proverbial nail right smack on the head! This has always been our problem, since 1982, although at the beginning, and for some 20 years thereafter, we had some really fine doctors who combined enough modalities to insure a consistent 80% cure rate. Unfortunately, they’ve all passed on.

We started a project of building a shopping center to fund from its income a medical clinic that would bring everything together — but then found that even our investment of a wonderful estate of $700,000 and the loan of another $2,800,000 would not permit us to fund the medical center because loan repayment would chew up the money needed for the medical clinic!!

I can’t give you a list of five best doctors for several reasons: (1) We have no way to rate them, and (2) I don’t know them all.

I do know one very good doctor in Humble, TX, however. John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. His father was with us in 1982 and when he retired, his son also followed the alternative/complementary path. You can read about him and hear him speak by going to our website, the “Audio” tab. It takes quite a while to bring up the sound on his recordings from his radio programs, have patience — but in any case I can assure you that Dr. Trowbridge knows his business.

Thank you so much, I have been reading the information and am implementing as much of it as I am able. I think it is some of the most valuable health and wellness information on the web.

Thank you again,


I wanted to update you on my progress. I started taking Clotrimazole and Allopuronol on Sat. June 28. I took 1500mg of Clotrimazole on that Sat and again on that Sun, the 29th and I took Allopurinol for the 7 prescribed days. I also took Clotrimazole this past Sat and Sun. I noticed by the afternoon of the first Sat, June 28, that it burned a little when I urinated (I read on your site that this is one of the signs of the Herxheimer effect). I continued to experience this burning Sunday morning, during the day Sunday and Monday morning. This past weekend I experienced again this burning micturition during the day Sat, during the day Sun and on Sunday and Monday morning. I noticed both weekends that the burning was strongest in the morning hours when it was time or near time to get up.

Yesterday I experienced a sore throat and I felt warm and a little achy (somewhat like the flu — but not extremely severe). I have inflammation in some joints, but there has not been a major increase in inflammation.

I looked up the side effects of Clotrimazole and burning micturition is not such a side effect, so my guess is it may be a sign of the Herxheimer effect.

Does it look like I’ve made some positive progress since I have begun this treatment? I’m beginning to think that Clotrimazole may be doing me a little better than Metronidazole did.


Regardless of what the doctor wrote about signs of the Herxheimer, I don’t think that the burning at urination is a sign of the Herxheimer by itself. The sore throat and itchy throat may be a mild sign, but so far sounds like you have other problems to tackle.

(added April 11, 2009)

Your physician list is very old and many of those people are not doing this anymore or no longer are employed at the place listed.

My adrenals are shot and I have been taking Isocort which is natural cortisol, I understand correctly that is to stop?

Can I get through a Herxheimer reaction without any steroids, I don’t want them? What else could I use if I have a bad reaction?

I can see if the physician I work for would consider giving me the intraneurals.

I agree with you about the dental work, but I have to be able to function and work to make the money to take care of it which I can’t do because of the RA.

Thanks for your time.


If you know of physicians on our list that are out of date, please advise. They never tell us when they die or move.

I can’t advise you as to what to take or not take. I remember having had the Herxheimer so bad that I didn’t care — for a day — whether or not the world turned. However, many folks have a very mild Herxheimer — then, too — only about 50% will respond just by taking the recommended drugs. You can obtain very good results just concentrating on all the other modalities. Drugs are not the whole world.

I am aware of all the other issues you raised in “How to Get well.” I work in integrative medicine so I know most of that. I don’t have the finances to deal with my teeth at this time, but will when I get better from RA and can work more.So your premise is that Depo-Medrol is better, I just worry it will stay in body the longer and cause me more problems especially with depression. What does the Depo do vs the Decadron?


The problem is that your teeth might very well be a focus of infection which is a major cause of your arthritis. It might not be possible to get well without covering that area via a biological dentist — and yes, I agree, they can be expensive. We’ve gradually come to believe that most degenerative diseases have this source as a major problem.

Depo-Medrol actually stays where it’s placed. That’s why it’s called “Depo.” It doesn’t act systemically as does Decadron. It certainly is not as damaging as Decadron can be. Depot Medrol is used only for a specific, localized inflammation. We prefer the use of Intraneural injections nowadays with treatment. You might communicate with Dr. Curt Maxwell on our physician list in Arizona to learn more about Intraneurals, or you can go to our website and read the pamphlet written by Dr. Pybus.

Thanks for the book and help. I will be starting at months’ end. The physician I work for wrote the scripts but, he was concerned about using Allopurinol at 300mg TID, he thinks that is too much. Also I can’t find any rationale in your information unless I missed it while reading on why it is used. Also can Decadron be using instead of an injection of Prednisone for Herxheimer. Or charcoal with Gold Alka-Seltzer, we give that to autistic kids who are detoxing.

What is the purpose of the Allopurinol, I could not find the reason that it was incorporated in the Getting Well book? I am not relying on just drugs. I am gluten and casein free, avoiding refined sugar and get IV high dose vit C and EDTA.


The purpose for using the allopurinol simultaneously with the other drug is to provide a broad spectrum antimicroorganism approach to rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve been fielding questions since 1982 and I’ve never heard of any difficulty with the load suggested, although, according to the Physicians Desk Reference, some folks are allergic to it, in which case, we recommend furazolidone according to a different schedule.

Decadron is only good as an anti-inflammatory drug, but it is certainly not recommended by this foundation. You’d be treating the symptom again, without tackling causes.

By all means, don’t neglect the “How to Get Well” on our website. That condenses what we’ve learned since 1982, and you must pay attention to all aspects, not just to drugs. Detoxification is very good, but we aren’t experts on all the detox forms that can be used. I doubt that Charcoal with Gold Alka-seltzer would be harmful, so it shouldn’t hurt.

Thanks for your help, have tried multiple modalities so far and it seems to be progressing. I am anxious to try this at the end of the month.

You have been a blessing!



Hope you’re also paying attention to the other factors described under the tab “How to Get Well” in our website. Actually, the purpose of allopurinol is also described there. Allopurinol is a broad spectrum viral-static, anti-bacterial, anti-mycoplasma drug which, in combination with the other 5- nitroimidazole provides a very broad spectrum anti-microorganism treatment. Read “How to Get Well” again if you’ve already read it.

It looks like I am on the right road with most things. I am going to get an infrared sauna and I am trying to obtain the sine frequency for Rife’s work on ankylosing spondylitis. You don’t happen to know the frequencies suggested?


Using Rife frequency is a very iffy proposition. Reason: Rife had a visual feedback system that allowed him to know when he was using the right frequency and for how long. You don’t have one. Myers has developed a simple-to-use one. Secondly, microorganisms mutate very rapidly. Using a frequency laid out by Rife years ago is even more iffy. Thirdly, the length of time you use even the correct frequency is unknown without a feedback system. It won’t hurt to try it, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Another safe and usable approach is to find a person experienced with computerized electrodermal screening or applied kinesiology. Both can be excellent feedback systems with the right practitioner.

Our son Ryan has Ankylosing Spondylitis we live in New Zealand and are constantly researching natural alternatives alongside his Naproxen, he is currently taking AStaZan an antioxidant, he also eats a lot of rice with curries which he enjoys.

Could you please advise any other foods he should not take?


Articles on our website that describe foods are those that involve fresh fruit, vegetables and so on, eaten as close to the “caveman diet” as possible, the object being to convert body chemistry from acidic to alkaline. You can find those articles under our tab “Articles Important.” Also, while looking, find the article on ankylosing spondylitis.

There’s a possibility that elements of food allergies are a factor and/or pesticide/herbicide toxicity stored in the fatty parts of the cells.

Hi. I’m from Poland. I need your help. I’ve got ankylosing spondylitis. I’m 24 years old. In Poland I spoke with one guy who used antiamoebic treatments. He told me now he’s not sick. In Poland nobody believes in this treatment. Can I find some place in Poland or near Poland where I can find some help? Please send me message. Sorry for my english.


You must learn the principles of getting well before you start choosing doctors. Go to our tab on our website of “How to Get Well.” Then go to “Articles Important” tab and find the article on ankylosing spondylitis.

It doesn’t matter what folks believe or don’t believe. If you understand the principles, as the South African did in the article on AK, then you’ll find a way to get well.

By the way, your English is far better than my Polish!

I am looking at Dr Brown’s antibiotic protocol for mycoplasma as well. I really hate this RA, so frustrating!!! I have spoken with two docs here that used the flagyl and other antibiotic protocols and say over the years it has been hit or miss. I am wondering if they did not treat for long enough or people they treated were abused by all the traditional drugs. I have not taken any of those and stopped the Decadron.

The other doc I work with in the integrative clinic wants me to try Plaquenil, but I’d rather not. I see no benefit even short term to using this drug.


I know that you don’t want to hear this, but there are more factors involved than just drugs to kill a presumed microorganism. Resistance, for example, to seriously changing a diet until acidity is replaced by alkalinity — it is very important for wellness. One can’t just take a diet that leans in that direction, but must take such a diet very, very seriously until the flip-over occurs.

You seem to be focusing on drugs, rather than the other factors.

Thanks Sir. No I changed diet, having been going to sauna and hope to see a biological dentist, too. I am unable to tolerate the pain though. I just don’t know how to get through it. I don’t have anyone to give me the intraneural injections here.


You can always take NSAIDS, or even a small amount of cortisone wouldn’t hurt, but I’d stay away from the cortisone if at all possible. Hope you aren’t avoiding all the other factors that you must investigate.

If the drugs are to work, you’ll need to give them at least six weeks — and sometimes take them another six weeks.

Herxheimer is a good sign usually. Of course, if you’re having a Herxheimer you’re suffering from an intensification of the disease, and shouldn’t feel better until your body washes out the dead microorganism materials.

I am already avoiding everything food-allergywise and trying to be alkaline including juicing. I don’t know what else to do. Did a fast as well. I work in integrative med so I know a lot of that stuff. I am also going to the sauna at the rec center a few times a week as I can tolerate. I also do homeopathic urine prep that is made for me, EDTA IV’s, vit C IV’s, fish oil, acetyl-glut supplements, supplements in your book, going to corrective chiro and looking at a biological dentist. I just need some relief to work to pay for all the stuff I am doing. I have children to care for and only work a few days a week but am having trouble doing that. Also no one enjoys pain and it is wearing me down. So yes I would love a break from the pain and dysfunction for even a few days so I could feel like I am not draining everyone around me.

Thanks for your help but you have the wrong impression. This is a full-time job trying to get better and the RA is wearing me down, it seems to be winning. I am trying to keep a good attitude as well which is draining me as well.


I didn’t mean to be harsh with you. I was just trying to point out that “trying” to reverse acidity is not enough. You actually have to do it. I can’t judge the need or value for many of the other things you’ve named, but I do know quite a bit about the use of the Sauna. 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 hours per day at 140 degrees to 180 degrees for 4 to 5 weeks, with replacement nutrients all controlled by the amount of niacin it takes to get a flush daily — is what it takes to drive out pesticides and herbicides using a sauna. Just going when you have time or feel like it is generally useless, although it may make you refreshed for a short time. Go to our “Research” tab and find Zane Gard, M.D. use of sauna. It is an excellent therapy when done properly. I suspect the use you’re putting it to would make any microorganisms in your body more active, not less active.

I’m also sorry that I can’t offer more, but I’m not a doctor, and shouldn’t offer more. I could suggest a good doctor to go to, but that would be another burden on you.

I am researching cures for my RA. I had a complete physical done and was told that from the results, I do not have RA, but on a recent check up I complained that my little pinky was aching and had swelled up, my Doctor took one look and said it was RA.

How can my results be so wrong? The rest of my joints are slowly aching and I am beginning to get worried as I am now 50 yrs of age. Please advise if there is hope for a cure.


There are no definitive tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis. The so-called RA factor simply measures factors related to infection. Rheumatoid disease is most easily diagnosed by its symptoms.

Go to our website and read the material beneath the tab “How to Get Well.”

I thank God that I stumbled upon your foundation’s website! Thank you so much for your prompt reply about drugs not always being the answer for RD. However, we have explored many alternative options and are now really keen to commence Tinidazole treatment because our 22 year old daughter has been ill for 8 months and she does not appear to be getting any better.

We are prepared to travel to America to have her treated by one of your doctors.

Would it be possible to run the following report past one of your doctors? We are desperate.

In June 2008, our daughter became ill with a sore throat, muscle aches and pains and chills and fevers.

The GP diagnosed her with tonsillitis and sent her home on a course of antibiotics. When she failed to improve we returned to the GP 10 days later and Lydia was sent directly to the Austin hospital where she was hospitalized and placed under the care of the Infectious Diseases Department as she had tachycardia and fevers. Throughout her 8 days in hospital she continued to have fevers up to 40 degrees, as well as rashes on her feet and a red inflamed spot on her right knee about the size of a fifty cent piece. The antibiotics did not appear to have any positive effect on her symptoms. Lydia had numerous blood tests, but no source of infection has been isolated.

During her stay in hospital she had numerous ECGs as well as an echo cardiogram for her tachycardia. When she was discharged the tachycardia had not resolved and was about 125-130 beats per minute. She continued to have chills and fevers and took Panadol to reduce the severity of these.

A few weeks later, when Lydia presented with bilateral knee swelling, the outpatients Infectious Diseases consultant organized for her to be seen by the Professor of Rheumatology at the Austin Hospital. Because of discolouration and pigmentation on her feet, her chills and fevers etc, he made a tentative diagnosis of Adult onset Stills Disease. However, his diagnosis was not confirmed by a
dermatologist who indicated that Lydia’s rashes were not classical Stills rashes, but were rather probably related to a reaction to Celebrex.

At this point Lydia was placed on Sulphasalazine. After two weeks on this drug she stopped eating and developed a general malaise. She therefore stopped taking this drug also. At about this time her ankles began to swell severely and her wrists became puffy and inflamed as were her knees. Her little finger on her right hand became stiff and her ring finger on her left hand also stiff. She was placed on three infusions of cortisone over three days at 1 gm per day. Her symptoms abated for six days and then returned.

At this point she was placed on 20mg of Prednisolone orally. She was reasonably well for a few weeks but when she attempted to wean herself off the cortisone she continued to run fevers. Throughout this period the swelling and aches and pains continued.

Recently she has experienced stiffness in her joints as well as the swelling. Two weeks ago the Rheumatologists placed her on 10 ml of Methotrexate and 15mls of Prednisolone.

According to your professional opinion, if we are unable to wean her of the cortisone because the fevers flare up, could it be possible that Lydia has a virus or a form of amoebiasis which the antibiotics have not been able to eradicate?

I have done some reading online and it appears that a course of Tinidazole (Fasygyn?) can a be extremely beneficial for Rheumatoid Arthritis. According to my reading, 4 times 500 mg was administered once a week for 10 weeks. I realize that Lydia has had a stool analyses that was clear but I was wondering if there is a more specialized test that can detect parasites or protozoa?

Lydia visited Queensland twice in early 2008. She had also been in Vietnam 24 months prior to this. We are desperate, and prepared to try anything to rid our 22-year old daughter of a degenerative illness. About 6 weeks ago we were told that Lydia had a reactive arthritis. During our most recent visit we were told that she very likely had early Rheumatoid Arthritis, although the rheumatoid factor does not yet show up in her bloods. My question, which the doctors here have been unable to answer is: How can such a severe inflammatory process set in so suddenly, in a once vibrant and healthy young woman?

We are truly grateful that you have taken the time to read this report.

I am truly over RA drugs and their side affects on my 22 year old daughter. Would your Arthritis Trust have contact details for doctors in Australia that would be able to treat my daughter?

I want her off Methotrexate and Prednisolone as soon as possible and I am keen for her to try Tinidazole.

Best wishes on all the great work you do to cure the wretched RA.


We have one doctor signed up with us in Australia and another in New Zealand. You’ll find them on our website under the “Physicians and Scientists” tab. Meanwhile, drugs are not always the answer for RD. Please go to our tab “How to Get Well” on our website, and read. It covers what we’ve learned since 1982.

I’m not a doctor, but even if I were one, I surely couldn’t make a diagnosis via Email. In a swift reading of your daughter’s problem I immediately see two possibilities: (1) Do you have Lyme Arthritis disease there? That is, was your daughter bitten by a tick that left a bull’s eye mark on her knee? If so, her treatment must take a different approach. (2) All the treatments your daughter has been given to date are simply symptom relievers, or at least pretend to be. None address the causes of her problem.

I’m sending your request to two doctors. Hopefully one or both will send you some comments. Both are excellent doctors.

Finally, the so-called “Rheumatoid Factor” test does not necessarily test for rheumatoid disease. It has long been misnamed, and can only be interpreted in the light of many other characteristics.

Dear Dr. Trowbridge and Dr. Chapdelaine: Please send this woman an Email message, letting her know what she can do for her daughter. I’m sure both of you will have other suggestions that I wouldn’t know about.

Thank you so much for sending my email to two Doctors. Your advice is invaluable as I am sick and tired of Rheumatologists that provide bandaid tactics only and allow the disease to rage onwards.

Both Doctors replied promptly and offered invaluable advice. I will try to find a practitioner who is prepared to isolate the cause of her problem (if that is possible) in Australia first, as Lydia is too weak to travel such a long distance at present.

I have found an Australian Doctor who wants to send a faeces sample to the USA in order to check DNA to determine the organism that has infected my daughter. Would you concur with such a test? If all else fails, In the next few months I will consider visiting the USA in order to be treated by one of your doctors. I am wondering how long my beautiful daughter will be able to endure the tachycardia.

Thank you so much, and best wishes,


I know very little about the value of the stool test. From our viewpoint it has never been very important to learn the specific organism, as our recommended treatment uses a broad spectrum anti-microorganism treatment. There are trillions of microorganisms in the world and, while it may be important in some instances to rule in or out specific microorganisms for certain diseases, it seems like one can spend the rest of one’s life tracing down which of the trillion or so different organisms provides an antigen for your daughter’s susceptibility. Go back and read “How to Get Well” again, and you’ll see what the people did regarding Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Thank you once again for taking the time to email me regarding broad spectrum anti-microorganism treatment. I just wanted to let you know that I have made contact with Professor Allen in Melbourne. Dr Allen is the Australian based doctor that your Arthritis Trust has on the practitioner’s list. Unfortunately there is a two month waiting period to see the professor. I don’t know how good he is and whether or not he is willing to give the broad spectrum anti-microorganism treatment a go, (I am keen to trial Tinidazole) but I am hoping and praying that he is able to help Lydia.

Once again I thank you for all you have done to help steer me in the right direction. May the Lord continue to bless the work you do to bring about healing for people afflicted with terrible degenerative diseases.

I will keep you posted.


Your daughter has a very complex illness pattern and this is VERY frustrating for her and for you — AND for her doctors, I assure you.

I do not know who might be of aid in your area of the world, but certainly you need to pursue this option . . . .

However, without “tooting my own horn,” you need to know that I have spent almost all of my 30 years in practice helping to solve complex patient problems.

Incidentally, I am generally quite successful, although past results are no guarantee for anyone at any time. Further, and I hate to say, is that your daughter’s care might be complex in the sense of many thousands of dollars.

We work efficiently and aim to get improvements going quickly, but you need to know that insurance doesn’t cover what we do. If you need ideas about how we might be helpful, you are free to call Cathy in my office — at number below — we’re open on Mondays from 8:30 am til 3:00 pm Central USA time — she’d likely have time to talk with you on Mondays, since I’m not in the office seeing patients then.

I wish I could be more encouraging — beyond telling you that your daughter is very like many of our patients in being way too sick and way too young and that’s our starting point.

Wishing you WELL –

John Parks Trowbridge, M.D.

Your daughter’s case is quite complex, and also too common. Likely, there are many factors involved which will require someone to appropriately test her and coordinate her care. Most of the appropriate testing will be available in the US, but I’m not sure about Australia. You might try a course of Metronidazole or Tinidazole, plus doxycycline or Minocin and an antifungal-like fluconazole with or without Nystatin, and a heavy dose of probiotics (while avoiding all sugars, fruit juices etc.). You might try the Australian doctor listed on the Arthritis Trust website. Although he does not indicate using the Wyburn-Mason /Jack Blount Protocol, he would be able to do so more so than your PCP. Alternatively, you might ask your PCP to give it a try, following the recipe at the website.

If a couple months of this starts to show improvement, you could continue, also taking into account some of the factors mentioned in the “How to Get Well” tab.

However, your daughter’s best chances are to find a doctor who is accustomed to working with these (usually) multifactorial problems. That will cost you a few thousands, not to mention travel and accommodations.

Dr. Townsend is well-respected and an authority on yeast problems, which could complicate or initiate her symptoms. I’m sure he would use Igenex or a similar lab to try to minimize the odds of the Lyme Arthritis organism. And so on. There are others on the Arthritis Trust referral list who are quite knowledgeable. I would recommend your daughter contact Dr. Townsend.


P. Anthony Chapdelaine, MD, MSPH

Hello I am doing a presentation on RA and I was trying to find some informational pamphlets. If you guys have anything could you please send them to me.

I really appreciate any help that you can give me!!


We’ve got tons of material on getting well from RA. Go to our website and download and read beneath the button, “How to Get Well.” It covers everything we’ve learned since 1982. The “How to Get Well” material is latest and best though, and ought to fill up your present needs

Thank you very much for the books and for your great website.
Have there been any studies, tests or other published information, using standard scientific methodologies that you could point your website visitors to, which proves the causes and treatment(s) listed on your website?
I’ve had RA since 1980, most probably brought on by a tick bite I remember having . . . before Lyme’s Disease was “in the news.” I tried Dr. Brown’s antibiotic protocol in the 1990’s (unsuccessfully), have been on permanent Social Security Disability since 1994, and have been on over 87 different medications. To date, 29 years later, the RA is still aggressive, making my joints come apart (cartilege, ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc.), and causing more problems than ever. I look forward to reading the “How to Get Well” PDF from your website!
Also wondering, were there no newsletters published in 2008?
Thanks again!

It’s probably difficult for the non-medical person to understand that the vast majority of so-called “scientific” studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies with no interest in achieving wellness. Their primary objective is to show that their patented medicine is slightly superior to someone else’s patented medicine. The bottom line is dollars for executives and stock-holders, not in achieving wellness. Virtually all of the recommended treatments for rheumatoid disease are non-patentable, therefore drug companies are unlikely to sink $40,000,000 or so into so-called “scientific” studies to demonstrate that their patents are virtually useless compared to the safe, non-patentable type. Furthermore, when the FDA — a totally captive organization of the drug companies — pronounces a drug as “safe and effective,” they don’t mean that “effective” represents a cure, but rather that the symptoms described in the disease are actually reduced temporarily, as with an aspirin for a headache, not that the cause of the headache has been found and eliminated.
There are numerous case studies in our various books, and some in our past newsletters, which, by the way, were terminated because so many folks are now using the internet. We have more than 1,700 hits per day on our website from all over the world. Newsletters were costly. Our income is very small, yet we provide all the information on our internet without charge to anyone.
Your condition of lyme arthritis disease is another matter entirely. About 10% of the folks who have it find that traditional treatments do not work. This means, or can mean, that the disease will progress onward to finally affect the nervous system, just as the syphilitic spirochete does, or at least similar to it. Go to our “Research” tab and read John Myers’ research on the subject. Also go to “Articles Miscellaneous and Historical” tab on our website, and read the article on “Universal Oral Vaccine — Lay Version – PDF.”
We don’t advise our recommended treatment for rheumatoid disease for those with Lyme Arthritis Disease, although many of the elements of it will be helpful. Since traditional treatments have not worked — if I were you — I’d certainly start searching outside the envelope, especially in finding a good practitioner of computerized electro-acupuncture or applied kinesiology. There are also some good alternative medicine doctors who use a different approach that seems successful in a lot of cases.

Thank you for your reply regarding scientific studies. All valid points, which is probably why I’ve not been able to find much on the Internet, except personal stories and small doctor studies (frown), except for your WONDERFUL web site, which could probably keep me busy reading for the rest of my life (LOL)! WOW, you guys sure have a LOT of reading materials on your site, and the last time I was there had just noticed that much of it is available in PDF format for reading off-line, which is what I do most, with large characters on-screen, due to eye problems. THANK YOU!
My wife and I are both on small disability incomes but I will talk with her about sending you a donation to help with web site costs (smile).
As for your newsletters, you could certainly still create them, filled with current doctor research, healing rates/results regarding the treatments being used, etc. Then, “publish” them in the PDF format on a “members only” section of your site, where a user ID and password would be required to obtain them. A small fee for a monthly or quarterly newsletter would provide folks with the ID and password, and it might help to offset the costs involved in collecting the information and web hosting fees.
Thank you also for your pointers to specific areas on your web site for me to look into Lyme’s research and treatments. I’m working with a D.O. who will be running tests, if he can find any, to check for residual or long-term Lyme’s “residents” in my blood. It’s been 29 years of hell on earth for me, and all I want at this point is for my body to STOP getting worse, on a monthly/yearly basis.
I look forward to exploring your site much more, as time and ability permits.
Thank you again, for your wonderful service to mankind all around our planet!
With much thanks to you and your organization,

Your accolades are much appreciated, as well as your excellent suggestion. Several of our referral physicians — Jonathan Wright, M.D., Julian Whitaker, M.D., Joseph Mercola, M.D., and Robert Jay Rowen, M.D. do exactly what you recommend regarding newsletters on websites and vice versa. Our problem is lack of funds and personnel. We’ve never asked for donations for our services and our fundraiser produces very little income for a lot of cost. Had we the funds and personnel we’d take up your excellent suggestion.
Please help yourself to everything online!

I have done more research on this topic and found that there are others who think an infection is related to the disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis. There have been several tests done using Minocycline with milder symptoms of the disease and it seems to have helped. Also found some old articles by researching medical libraries that lemon juice was used for Rheumatoid Arthritis with great success by several doctors back in the late 1800s. Then in the Journal of Rheumatology was a study done by several doctors indicating that bacteria was casing the arthritis. (1998, 25:4, 743-747.)
I just sent some of the studies along with the Art of Getting Well to a RN whom I hope will work with us. But for now we are using the lemon juice as it was one of the main cures used for malaria some years back. Amy is slowly improving and it appears the lemons are somewhat involved in causing her to have early morning sweats which we both know is what causes a fever state in which the white blood cells are more active. Amy is licensed in hydrotherapy and studies have shown that white blood cells are more active when the body is in a fever state. The sweats started when she first started taking the lemon juice and then quite but accident we increased the amount of lemon juice last night and she had the same reaction of sweats again early in this morning and said most of the pain from her joints have disappeared. She still has some sciatica problems as she has two bulging disks and two slipped disks. This treatment is now on the ten day which started with the juice of two lemons a day but we just started with three lemons yesterday. This may sound crazy but I am sure some doctors think the same thing about your findings. Ha! Thanks again for your time.
PS. I might also mention that Amy did have a root canal done some time back and just to make sure have been putting in a charcoal plug next to the gum and the lemon juice may also help if there is an infection. We helped a man one time who was a truck driver who had very little money who’s teeth were in bad shape so we made some activated charcoal plugs (mini poultices) and had him put them by his infected gums and they did a great job on removing the infection even to the point where he could have surgery done on his teeth. The ministry we worked at at the time paid for the surgery.

You folks are to be congratulated for not giving up, and for continuing to try things. I wonder if the lemon juice can be related to the important activity of changing the microflora in the intestinal tract. As per our “How to Get Well” article, this can be one very important factor.
As to your carbon poultice, a great idea, but doesn’t get at the cause in the root canal, as it only sops up some of the fluids resulting from the infection. What’s needed is a close look by a biological dentist to rid the possible cavitation and accompanying infection.
There’s a whole class of known arthritides caused by microorganisms. We think as one of the main factors, this cause is more prevalent than before realized.
As to the slipped disc: traditional treatment is normally not very effective. Look into Sclerotherapy or Prolotherapy or, as some call it, Reconstructive Therapy. It is very specific for that kind of problem.

Thanks for the quick reply while my medical knowledge is limited I do understand some of the things I have read. It appears that the idea of an amoeba in the tissue cannot be proven. But that the treatment still works so what is being killed by these medications is still unknown? I hate to be a pest but I am just seeking some clarity on these matters.
I will research your site further and see what else I can find.

Roger Wyburn-Mason and his amoebologist thought they’d nailed down the single culprit, an amoeba. This proved to be untrue in the vast majority of cases. However, their drug treatment, which was designed to be broad spectrum, did, in fact, bring a lot of folks wellness, including myself, about 50% who’ve used it. There’s a class of rheumatoid diseases that is known to be caused by microorganisms. Little known to the medical profession, it turned out that this is often one of many factors that causes the disease. Therefore, a broad spectrum drug, one that covers many different kinds of microorganisms, had a positive effect on the disease.
That is strictly as far as allopathic thinking can take resolution of the problem. From there on, one need look at all the other factors. One, in particular, has proven to be a main factor, that is, unknown infection in the root canal. Killing a causative microorganism doesn’t do much good because you can’t reach the source of the problem in root cavitations through the blood stream. The microorganism survives the drug treatment. There are many other contributing factors as we’ve mentioned in “How to Get Well.” Each need be looked at and tried for wellness to be nearly positive of wellness.

I have been doing research on the internet and found this site and was interested in the studies done on Rheumatoid Disease. I have already sent this the link for the Art of Getting Well PDF to two doctors and am waiting for reply to see if my wife can try the treatment mentioned on those pages. If we are not successful is there some other way to work via one of your doctors on the referral list as we live in Hurricane Utah?
My other question has to do with a herb called Picrasma excelsa or by another name Quassia Wood as some sites claims it kills amoebas. Is there any herbs that can be used in treatment instead of the medications listed in the PDF The Art of Getting Well?
Some have also reported that lemon juice has cured their Rheumatoid Arthritis but then again there are many people who claim many things but was wondering if you have done any research on this?

Please go back to our website and read beneath the tab “How to Get Well.” It covers everything we’ve learned since 1982.
And, yes, we’ll work with any doctor who is opened-minded enough to be willing to learn.
We know nothing of the herbs mentioned in your email. Sorry.

Thanks for your reply. I am doing research on Prolotherapy and find it interesting. I compiled some of the references I found on lemon juice I hope the links work.
In the British American Medical & Physical Journal [Vol. 7, No. 5 (Sept. 1851)] is an article subtitle called “Lemon Juice as a Remedy in Rheumatism” Written by a Dr. William Pepper from the Pennsylvania Hospital http://www.canadiana.org/view/8_05181_17/0011 You will want to read both pages as it is stated they also had good success with cream of tarter or acetate of potash. Which I find interesting what effect Potassium Acetate would have on this disease.
Another report on the use of Lemon Juice is here http://www.canadiana.org/view/8_05182_3/0006
Here is a good overview of lemons http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=27
I also found this to be interesting as one doctor was using this for Rheumatism so I checked it out.

I just wanted to touch bases with you and ask some more questions if I may. I am feeling like the Lone Ranger out here in the desert. I have contacted several doctors sharing your information on treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis and the only one that has contacted us back said the doses were too strong even using the body weight info that was given and refused to do it. In the mean time I did some more research on the internet and found three of the strongest herbs I could find that were anti bacterial and have been using these hoping they might work.
Oregano oil, garlic, and Oregon Grape Root all which I found studies in PubMed or the Journal or Medical Microbiology and other sources I felt I could trust. Oregano oil was tested with 30 types of bacteria and killed all 30 and it is well documented for parasites. The Garlic has been shown to kill many types of bacteria. The same with Oregon Grape Root. I have my wife taking all three of these two of each capsules three times a day. The very next day after she started taking these herbs she started having many of the systems mentioned about the Herxheimer Effect. I am sure this would worry most people when they see these signs but in my case I am not following your plan and am seeing affects very similar to the Herxheimer but don’t want to poison or hurt my wife in doing this experiment. I could not find much of anything about Oregano being toxic as it is the stronger of the three herbs. In tests with mice the Oregano oil worked against mice injected with Staphylococcus aureus. 18 mice were injected and six were given oregano oil orally and survived the infection and then two of the six mice received antibiotic vancomycin also survived but the other six mice that received no treatment died in within three days. While I could not find many studies using oregano on humans I still thought I would give it a try. This is the third day and my wife has most if not all the symptoms of the Herxheimer. But I don’t know if I am on the right track as some practitioner who does not have a clue what he is doing.
We are both vegetarians, we do not use free fats, nor drink alcohol beverages nor smoke. We also believe in exercise and being out in nature as much as possible. We are still using the lemons as part of the treatment but not sure if it works with this RM as I found out later that Dr. Rees stated that Lemon Juice did not work on all types of RM.
If the Oregano with the other herbs was to cause the Herxheimer how would I know and how long in general do these symptoms last? I don’t want to quit what I am doing if it is working but at the same time if I am doing something I should not be and hurt my wife.
I had a friend who had a fungus in his lungs and went to a naturopath who used hydrogen peroxide drops and the man died. With the normal treatment I am sure he would have lived. And of course these stories could be multiplied by the thousands with regular doctors but my main point being I don’t want to do something thinking I am helping but really am not.
Sorry to bother you but I cannot find anyone here to talk with. To tell you the truth I am somewhere in between natural healing and the real medical field. Let me explain — my wife and I gave health lectures for 2 years just talking about drinking enough water, getting exercise, fresh air, sunlight, trust in divine power, and rest. We ran into so many strange things from color therapy to reboundology and many others. Most healing methods have some religious belief backing them along with theories that may be true or not true or have no scientific grounds. The question that comes to my mind is how do you tell the true from the false. Some seem to think whatever works is good but not all good things are always what they appear to be. At the same time I agree that many doctors are not trained to go beyond their scope and some don’t even care to try to find a cure. Most are trained in the same line of thought and so most say if you have a headache take an aspirin without giving thought to how many wrong health practices can cause headaches.

Thanks for your reply it means allot to my wife and I. I printed your reply and gave it to my wife and she said to say thanks. I know you cannot give medical advice and appreciate the fact that you are careful in your response. I know that you must get many people who want advice so am very thankful for your correspondence.
I wished I would have copied one study I found as they mentioned some doctors that were using what they called poisons for RA referring to your treatment plan without using names. But while it was a negative way to state it they also mentioned this lead to the research on using antibiotics. I am finding out there are different camps when it comes to how to treat RA. Too bad everyone could not just be trying to find a cure rather than develop different sides on an issue as this affects the ability to do open-minded studies.
Thanks Again for you help.

You’re absolutely correct about the different camps, each protecting their own pet beliefs! As a former arthritic I think of them as being juvenile, rather than mature researchers.
I’ve printed out your reference, for which thanks. It does support our thesis that some of the main causes of rheumatoid disease are related to the antigen/antibody tussle inside the human body. Of course, not all of it is so related.
I’ve been watching on TV with some disgust the latest misery scare of so-called swine flu, which they claim is a hybridization of swine, avian and human viral combinations. If a population has a slightly higher incidence than another, the know-it-all medics claim it’s because there’s insufficient vaccinations. On the other hand, if there’s less incidence, it’s because “the healthcare system” is better — meaning more vaccinations. Not a single one points to the relationship between poverty and higher incidence. In other words, poor food quality and lack of important nutritional components from poverty are never mentioned as a factor, reminding one of the 19th and early 20th centuries when stuffing enough food of any kind — irrespective of nutritional quality — in the belly was considered sufficient for a healthy body.

I was mentioning your email to Amy this morning and she has been keeping track of the info on the swine flue and I mentioned to her your comments. We both certainly agree. There was a poem I used to own called “The Ambulance in the Valley” I am sure you have heard it. But the jest of it speaks of people falling off a cliff so the city voted to place an ambulance in the valley below then someone suggested putting up a fence on the top of the cliff but the popular cry was for the ambulance in the valley.
As you know I am partially acting as the doctor in this situation with Amy as we are not able to get much help from the doctors in this area. But just wanted to update you. The last two days have been very hard on my wife after taking the herbs I prescribed (ha) she has had had a lot of pain and this is what worried me and this is why I contacted you. The second day after taking the herbs she was in a lot of pain but told me it was not the same as a flare up and really could not describe it. The night sweats have increased as she lays towels in bed and they are sometimes almost soaked. We still continued our walking in the evenings even though it was painful for her. The third day she had leg cramps and pain in the shoulders and neck and was not very mobile. This is the fourth day and she got up early and got dressed and said it was nice not to have pain. This is the first time in many weeks I have seen her get up early. But I don’t want to get too excited as I don’t have any experience with this disease. Some say it comes and goes and others seem to have continual symptoms. I have been reading on some of the Rheumatoid forums just to try to get an understanding of how the symptoms manifest themselves.
I have to be honest and say Amy is on a pain med for her back problem as we have not found anything that will help and are just hoping the body will somehow heal itself. We both do not like drugs but at times because of our not knowing what else to do we do what we can. I did share with Amy the info you gave me for injections in the back and even shared with her some of the sites using these methods but she is not ready to go down this road at this point as she cannot see it as a permanent fix.
I will try to keep you updated as we move forward. We just keep praying for guidance and for God to bless our simple efforts. I know that King Hezekiah was treated with a fig poultice from which he was healed. (2 Kings 20:7) I really wonder if it was just the figs?
Sounds to me like Amy is growing through a real Herxheimer. Even the night sweats are familiar to me. She’ll be glad when it’s over, as her body will finally know it’s healed.

As to her back pain: She should very definitely look at the booklet of Intraneural Injections by Dr. Paul Pybus (which we can mail to your doctor). I remember still having a lot of body pain covering many joints of my body after going through a severe Herxheimer reaction. I was glad to receive the injections each of which lasted longer and were fewer in number each time I received them throughout more than a year. The key to understanding rheumatoid arthritis is “an increasing number of painful joints.” This means that even after conquering the illness there can be joint pain left over. However, there’s not an “increasing” number of painful joints and none are swollen and heated. The intraneurals do an excellent job of helping the body to quickly heal leakage in the C fibres.
There’s also more than one reason for having the back pain, as you should learn from a good book on prolotherapy (sclerotherapy, reconstructive therapy). Often lax tendons and ligaments cause this problem, and definitely should not point to surgery. There’s a simple test: if chiropractic adjustments work, but only temporarily, then you can be pretty sure that prolotherapy is indicated.

Thanks for the info on the injections. I shared it with Amy but she said she is willing to let the body heal at its own rate. The good thing in our case she has not had RA for a very long time. It started right after her sciatica appeared which literally knocked her off her feet which was about 6 months back. I am starting to become more hopeful as Amy can now close her hands all the way and open them with very little pain. She was not able to close her fingers for a few months. She had the sweats again last night but not as severe as the night before. Now her legs and muscles feel like she has just finished a vigorous exercise routine. From my understanding this is a very good sign as it appears that clean up is taking place.
As far as Amy’s back is concerned I think the pressure or inflammation on her back might let up as the body cleans up and the healing continues. The swelling has drastically improved; her hands are normal along with her wrists.
We had three MRIs done when she first starting having back problems and there are two slipped disks and two budging, but the back the specialist in Las Vegas told us was not really that serious but would cause the nerve pain because of the inflammation. It is interesting that just after Amy was weakened by the sciatica then all of a sudden the RA appeared. I am going to continue the herbs and the lemon juice until I feel like we are totally in the clear. But all the symptoms seem to indicate that the bacteria took a beating from the immune system.
Do you remember having what felt like lactic acid build up after your body battled the RA?
I don’t want to come right out at this point and say the RA is gone until we can continue to monitor the progress for a longer period of time. If the herbs helped along with the rest, exercise, proper diet and other factors this would a real break through.
I will keep you posted.

Sounds like progress. Keep it up.
As to the sciatica, and slipped disc, Prolotherapy (Sclerotherapy) is quite specific for the problem without operations.

Recently, I read about the “A T A” and I’m very pleased with the explanations concerning “ARTHRITIS”.
Some of my clients have tried the system that you gave and after six weeks, they got much better with their disease.
But before I go any further, let me introduce myself to you.
Name : Widjaja Indra
Occupation : Private company
Country : Jakarta – Indonesia
E-Mail : theking@dnet.net.id
On January 2009, I open a non-profit Foundation by the name of “Mother’s Blessing”.
The Foundation is being used to treat people with all kinds of Acute & Chronic disease (Pain).
Example — Mostly came to us with Hernia Disk (Pain in the Back of the Vertebra), Dislocation of joints, but neither the less, those with Asthma, Arthritis and Cancer!
I could not refuse them when they come to me, even if it is out of my knowledge to heal their disease.
We use all kinds of Alternative instruments to heal them. To name a few: SCENAR — Diadent (Neuro-Stimulator Devices)
Bob-Beck Protocol (Pulse Magnetic, Blood Electrification, Silver Colloid and Ozone), MWO (Multi Wave Oscilator), Hulda Clark Frequency Generator. And many more including traditional herbal.
But I must tell you the Truth, Those who came to me with Rhematoid/Osteo Arthritis, can be healed with Scenar or Diadent. But only for temporary, maybe 2-3 days and then they came back again for the treatment. We only charge them between US$ 20-35 dollar. But this is not what I have in mind, I want them to be free from pain, and if possible, only just one time they come to me, and return no more.
I know there must be a way to heal these diseases permanently, and so I pray to my “Heavenly Father” and here I am, The search for healing Rhematoid/Osteo Arthritis is over.
So I need your “PERMISSION” to use the information in your Homepage and Article.
We can change some information on certain types of diseases with our traditional ways.
Please do excuse my poor English.
Waiting for earliest reaction, I thank in advance

Of course you have permission to use anything you wish, but please give us credit primarily through our website address as a reference.
Also, please go back to our website and read the article “How to Get Well.” That covers everything we’ve learned since 1982.

THANK YOU, for making the 2 books available.
Years ago, my father had regenerated his severely RA-deteriorated hip joints – – he was bedridden with pain – – a side effect of 30-yrs of increased prescription dosages. After tapering off his meds, he succeeded in being able to drive a stick-shift car and live fairly well the following years by using a FRESH FOODS and nutritional supplements regimen.
Before I went into the Army, I had built him a large UV transmitting greenhouse upon the advice of Dr. Luelle Hamilton, an Osteopath who was so old “they still taught nutrition” when she was in med-college!
Now they are both deceased but I do KNOW that the advice APPLIED from her ways had worked very well for him, which I am now trying to piece together, through relatives and apply for myself and others . . . before I get “too old.” I’m 57 without much hope of retirement – – yet, remain optimistic.
Your working website is a true blessing in a world so in need of WORKABLE alternatives to failing, orthodox (medical/political/financial ) dogmas.
Again, Thank YOU,

Thanks for the fine thoughts and congratulations to you for your sincere and honest search!

I did go and read that tab [“How to Get Well”] and it looks like an intense protocol. I don’t think anyone I know can be so dedicated as to do all the research, reading, exploring etc., and then find those that are best suited to help them. Why don’t you just send me one copy [of your books] of each, and after reading them, I can better know if more copies for distribution would be helpful to those I work with.

The protocol you mention is not complete in the books I’m sending. But, yes, you’re correct. If someone wants to get well they’ll take the time and effort to explore all the various causes.

I would like to be your Representative for Arthritis Trust Of America/Rheumatoid Foundation, here in Indonesia.
What does it take to become your Representative ?
I do have a Foundation by the name “Mother’s Blessing”. As I mentioned earlier that the Foundation are being used to treat people with all kind of Acute & Chronic diseases (Pain).
So maybe it goes hand in hand with your A T A Foundation.
Do I have to use your Foundation name in order to be Qualified as your Representative?
Waiting for you next advice, I remain.
Thank you.

We’ve had organizations in England, South Africa and Canada, but the folks in charge did not last. We’d be honored to be connected with you folks. Right now we’ve a lady in Sweden, Sandra Nilsson, who is doing our website modifications when we ask, and she also wants to use the information there, being so kind as to translate some of the key articles, like the “How to Get Well” article, into Swedish.
Whether or not you translate some of the articles, we’d be happy to work with you, and also interconnect on the website. What do you have in mind?
Keep in mind that our main goal is to get folks well, and if you can help to do that, then we have the same goals. You can use the same name, or you can say, “Mother’s Blessing” affiliated with The Arthritis Trust of America, or however it will work out for you.

(added Sept. 22, 2009)

Thank you…for the books and also for your amazing all inclusive site..You leave no stone unturned and make people responsible!!

I want to thank you for the hard work and dedication that you’ve put into this labor of love. I truly appreciate all of this information, and I consider it truly a blessing from God that I stumbled across the link to your website. You are doing a great deed for humanity.
Life is good — God is wonderful. He has helped me find these healing things and I thank him for all of you out there who want to help people.
By the way, I would like to be appointed by you to become your Arthritis/Rheumatoid Foundation here in Jakarta-Indonesia.
Thank you, thank you, thank you — what a blessing.
The money [enclosed] is for the Foundation that needs a lot of support.
You are doing a great deed for humanity.
There is no information on the subject of Arthritis out there to match, or even come close.
And I have forwarded your information to many, many people. God bless you.

I want to thank you so much for presenting on your web site the information about the Roger Wyburn-Mason antibiotic protocol for rheumatoid diseases. It was once very hard to convince me of anything which didn’t come out of a famous research institution like Harvard, but I’ve been working hard for about three years now to better understand the development of the Roger Wyburn-Mason antibiotic protocol, as well as the Thomas McPherson Brown antibiotic protocol, and I find that the evidence is quite compelling that these are valid and valuable treatment plans for those with Rheumatoid diseases.
I not only thank you for presenting the information, but I commend you for making such an understandable and complete presentation of the Roger Wyburn-Mason antibiotic protocol and about how it was developed. I have some questions, but very few questions, after reading the materials on your web site.
And yet, although I think you have done a marvelous job of presenting the information, I think you have a not done a good job of convincing the unconvinced. It doesn’t help to be right, it doesn’t help to be offering this information, if many of those who need it are ignoring it. I think I have a really good idea about how to convince some patients and some doctors who either have not heard about the Roger Wyburn-Mason and Thomas McPherson Brown antibiotic protocols, or who have heard about them and do not respect them, of the efficacy of these treatments. I am asking your permission to freely use information from your web site in my writing about this topic. In particular, I am writing a book in which I plan to devote one chapter to presentation of and discussion of the Roger Wyburn-Mason antibiotic protocol. (I will also mention in this chapter that there are the other treatments you mention, to deal with the other straws which are breaking the camel’s back, but the main thrust of this chapter will be about the antibiotic protocol.) I will give credit to The Arthritis Trust of America www.arthritistrust.org, and to you personally, as the source of my information for this chapter. There will also be a similar chapter about the Thomas McPherson Brown antibiotic protocol. The remainder of the book will be about other treatments, both for Rheumatoid diseases and otherwise, which are not accepted by the academic powers that be, but for which there is also compelling evidence of their efficacy. And separately from this book, I might find other avenues for spreading the word, so I ask permission to freely use the information from your web site for all my writing, not just for the book in particular.
Hoping that you will give me the permission I request, and preparing ahead to do so, I have one question at this time about the Roger Wyburn-Mason antibiotic protocol. Please tell me the history of when the Allopurinol (or, alternatively, Furazolidone) was incorporated into the protocol in addition to (not only as an alternative to) the 5-nitroimidazole. Was this part of Roger Wyburn-Mason’s original protocol? Or was this added later by others as they further refined the protocol? I see that Dr. Blount credits Dr. Wyburn-Mason for discovering that Allopurinol and Furazolidone have anti-microbial properties. And I see that Dr. Prosch was using the antibiotic protocol with the Allopurinol in addition to a 5-nitroimidazole at least by 1985. But it is unclear to me who made the Allopurinol (or, alternatively, Furazolidone) part of the standard protocol in addition to the 5-nitroimidazole, and when they did this. I want to get this history straight because I will explain in my book why the efficacy of Allopurinol for this sort of disease was such an impressive discovery, and I want to be sure to relate the history correctly and to give credit to the correct individuals.
Thank you so much for considering my request.

Of course you can use anything we’ve written, as it was presented to help folks. We only ask that credit be given and, since our website is our latter-day focus, if you will, provide the website. This website will be changing and added to as time progresses.
I’m unclear as to who added the allopurinol to the treatment program. It’s been with us since before 1982. If you’ll go to our book, “Rheumatoid Diseases Cured at Last” out of print, but Roger Wyburn-Mason had already tried allopurinol by itself with a series of patients, and so had some of his fellow physicians. By the time I entered the program a small group of doctors (Wyburn-Mason, Robert Bingham, Jack Blount) had begun the idea of hitting the presumed at-fault microorganism with a broad-spectrum action. Sometime in 1982 a research paper was uncovered related to the fact that allopurinol was not just good for gout, but also had properties of viral-static, anti-microbial, anti-protozoal, anti-mycoplasmic. Unfortunately I’ve lost the paper, but I can assure you it exists. I remember making copies of it for all of the Medical Board members when they had hauled Jack Blount before them on the complaint of a Mississippi attorney general who, obviously, was prosecuting Jack on complaint of some unknown MD, not on complaint of the crazy woman they pretended to use for a complainer. I was there along with others then on our Board of Directors or from among our early consultants. I also explained to each board member outside of chambers what was contained in that particular research paper so that they couldn’t say they hadn’t read it. Incidentally the Mississippi Medical Board did not suspend Jack for 6 months and levy a $50,000 fine for any treatments he was given — the original complaint — but rather for providing free prescriptions to folks he hadn’t seen in his office. I was one of those who benefited from Jack’s charity, but, of course, this was not known by the medical board.
I’m sure that Robert Bingham had much to do with broadening Wyburn-Mason’s protocol as he was keen on experimenting with one thing or another, and, in fact, did add some of what we ended with, and also possibly the furazolidone. This is better known in his part of the US as it is used for treating disease conditions found in that region but not in others. As an add-on to the “broad-spectrum” idea and a substitute for allopurinol, it was a natural.
The whole protocol for the use of these drugs was aimed at heavy, concentrated dosages of broad spectrum drugs, attack, then a brief wash-out period — then back to the attack again. Curiously, if only an amoeba was involved (as Wyburn-Mason insisted at the time), the idea of a broad spectrum attack would not make a whole lot of sense. So, therefore, some who worked on the protocol — Bingham, Prosch, and others — must have suspected that more than the amoeba was involved and set up the protocol to cover all bases.
Doctors have since reported that only about 50% of the folks respond with simply this drug treatment protocol. Hey! 50% respond! That should be a world-shaker in itself. But truth is, all factors must be looked at, as with the camel’s back, to ensure wellness. And clearly, from such reports as in our ankyloses article under “Important Articles” tab, a variety of microorganisms can, indeed, be a source of arthritic symptoms. Many German scientists feel, for example, that they’ve proved a relationship between mycoplasma and gout, thus, the use of allopurinol for gout victims makes sense.
I wish I could provide a clearer answer, but can’t. Hope this little bit helps.

Thanks so much for permission to use info off your web site.
And thanks so much for clarifying the history of the use of Allopurinol in the antibiotic protocol.
[You’ve written:] “Sometime in 1982 a research paper was uncovered related to the fact that allopurinol was not just good for gout, but also had properties of viral-static, anti-microbial, anti-protozoal, anti-mycoplasmic.
“Unfortunately I’ve lost the paper, but I can assure you it exists. . . .”
I found the following with a quick Google search —
Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1974 May; 5(5): 469?472.
PMCID: PMC428997
Antileishmanial Effect of Allopurinol
Michael A. Pfaller and J. Joseph Marr
I think this is not the paper that you are referring to, since it addresses only a very limited class of pathogens, just Leishmania and a particular protozoan. But I’m sure that I will soon be able to find the research paper which you refer to.
Thank you for leading me to look for this, as I thought that the first real research showing effectiveness of Allopurinol against Leishmaniasis was in the last few years. This very much changes the way I must relate the history in my book. But of course it still leads to the same conclusion — that we should respect Dr. Wyburn-Mason, and those other doctors who picked up on his work, such as Dr. Bingham, Dr. Prosch, and Dr. Blount.
I will reply to some other portions of your email later.
Thanks so much for your help,

I’m Adele the Italian girl who wrote a few weeks ago because was afraid of having rheumatoid arthritis, I followed your advice and with the help of a physician, I started investigating and discovered to have three viruses the most important of which is the Epstein Barr, the doctor told me that this is causing me a reactive arthritis.
At the same time I did the HLA typing and found to have B51 positive factor that is the predisposition to Bechet’s syndrome, I’m terrified by this even though the doctors tell me that this is just a predisposition and eliminating the disease that causes one does not ever get to the syndrome.
What do you think about this?
By the way I started treatment with biological drugs aimed at strengthening my immune system so that can only result from the autoimmune disease, what do you think about this therapy?

I think you’re wise to use whatever you can to strengthen your immune system. Everyone should. You can also get rid of the viruses using proper homeopathic remedies. A predisposition simply means that if the circumstances are ripe, one could develop such and such. Keep your body healthy and happy and the circumstances will most likely not occur.

I have given away all the books you sent me. I need more! I am also getting questions from people in different States and need the physician referral list — they can’t all make it to my wonderful doctor!

Thanks for the response! I just gave away my last book on The Art of Getting Well! I had 5 of them and was very stingy about giving them out, but I could use at least 5 more! I would like a few of Arthritis:Little Known Treatments if it’s possible. I have just ordered that one, but it said it was an update of Rheumatoid Diseases Cured at Last and I had one copy of that book that I bought on Amazon.com. I liked it, but thought it needed some updating so I’m hoping that this new one will be even better! I would also like a list of doctors that treat with these methods throughout the US. I can copy it at home if it is able to be copied, but if it’s in a color that doesn’t copy well, please send me at least three of them. I have a friend in MN, one in AR and a niece in MA that I want to refer!
I did some browsing on your website today because I was referring another person to it and wanted to have an idea of what to say. It is dynamic! I also like the way the AT has included the other doctor’s [was it Dr. Brown?] treatment. I think a woman I know in MO has been going to a doctor that uses that method. I’m sold on Wyburn-Mason’s approach because it is working miracles for me.
By the way, I got an email from PayPal that my order had already been placed. What do you mean that you’re sending it tomorrow?
The saddest thing is that many people are so blinded by the information they’re getting from their regular doctors, they are afraid to step out and look for a cure. I just simply got tired of being sick— for 48 1/2 years!

I’m sending five more of each of the books and five more physician lists. You can print the physician lists directly from our website if you need more. The books, too, can be printed from our website but sometimes the bound books are more convenient.
When Paypal notifies me I guess that means the order has been placed. I still have to package and post them.

#1 If you guys are readers of Second Opinion, please pay attention to December’s :”Miracles of Medicine” column. I have gotten some
stunning results in apparent autoimmune disease with oxidation, low dose antibiotics, Liefmann hormones, and MIHR injectable homeopathics. Dermatomyositis, in my opinion is just another
variation of RA, just descriptive with infection, toxins, adrenal wasting, and allergy, as primary causes. These are aggravated by
genetics and coagulopathy. I just had a case of galloping inflammatory arthritis clinically resolve in 3 weeks with a combination approach and am publishing it.
Robert Jay Rowen, MD Editor in Chief, Second Opinion Newsletter

#2 Not sure if you could post my experience to the group, but I have treated over 3,000 patients with rheumatoid arthritis with variations of the theme described on my site http://www.mercola.com/2000/aug/27/rheumatoid_arthritis.htm
I have treated four patients with dermatomyositis successfully with this program. I use to use low dosed cycled Minocin to treat a
mycoplasma infection, but recently I have found that it is not necessary to use the antibiotics with more targeted nutritional measures.
Metabolic typing http://www.mercola.com/2003/feb/26/metabolic_typing.htm has been an
enormous benefit in providing targeted nutritional advice to optimize responses. It is useful to understand which patients benefit from vegetable juicing and those that require absolute grain
restrictions for further benefit.
Energy psychology tools, like Emotional Freedom Technique, http://www.mercola.com/fcgi/pf/forms/eftcourse.htmto address the contributing factors that disrupt the functioning of the immune
system, seems to be essential to nearly all those that develop rheumatic type autoimmune diseases.
I can assure it has been very gratifying and rewarding to help thousands of patients wean off prednisone, methotrexate and interferons and go into remission. Joseph Mercola —

I have Scjogren ’s syndrome. All my blood tests are normal and I do not have RA. I want to try the protocol you describe. Would it be OK to just take tinidazole 2 grams on 2 successive days weekly for 6 weeks and not to take the other drugs? On reading your information, I realize I have a history of many of the other problems including fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, gluten-intolerance with a negative celiac test, etc. I believe I have Lyme disease, but I think I may have an amoebic infection also. I will see my doctor tomorrow and wonder if it is worth getting prescriptions for 6 weeks of Tinidazole only. Or do you think I need to take the Furazolidone, allopurinol and Potaba?

One of the problems is that I am in Australia. The Lyme-like illness we have here mostly affects people neurologically. I do not have arthritis, but I do have neurological problems. The Australian health department says there is no Lyme in Oz. Therefore, most doctors are not looking for it and certainly don’t know how to treat it. I was misdiagnosed for 22 years as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
I have a Rife machine which actually stopped the seizures I’d been having for over 10 years, in just one treatment. I have never had one since. I stopped using Rife because after a couple of years my ears were ringing every time I used it. I have been on salt & vitamin C treatment for over 4 years, which has really helped a lot with much of the neurological stuff reversing. www.Lymephotos.com I have gone from mostly housebound, on a walking frame and dying, to walking for miles, traveling overseas, starting a Lyme support group in Australia and having a good life. I can send you my story if you are interested.
However, my Sjogren’s Syndrome is still really bad, so I figure it may be caused by amoeba or something which salt & C is not able to kill. I was thinking that maybe I could just keep doing salt & C, whilst taking tinidazole 2 X per week for 6 weeks.
I’ll take your info to my doc who is not an LLMD, but very open to suggestions.

Our protocol is quite specific. If you use any of the 5-nitroimadzoles (which includes tinidazole) then you should also use either furazolidone or allopurinol in the proper dosages at the correct timing. The reason is that the protocol calls for saturating the body so that microbial tolerances are not developed. You should read “How to Get Well” on our internet. It covers everything we’ve learned since 1982. As to Lyme disease, while we have an article on it, I’d hesitate to provide a recommendation without you attending a doctor knowledgeable in that area, as there are a number of successful approaches including that of frequency resonance therapy. The main problems with most Rife machine applications are these: (1) organisms mutate, thus requiring different frequencies than those initially discovered by Rife, (2) Rife had a feedback mechanism for determining the correct frequency and also the timing for its application. Without a good feedback mechanism, Rife applications are hit and miss. You’re lucky you got success using one so easily. See the John Myers work under our “Research” tab.

Thank you very much! I was diagnosed with RA at age 3, and am now a 36 year old mother of two and a full-time employee and wife. I am unable to do things that I have in the past due to my lack of energy, decreased range of motion and joint pain. I quit ALL meds back in May, and have been trying a nutritional approach on my own. I just went to a new MD this week who’s testing me for hormonal/vitamin/mineral deficiencies, food sensitivities and a host of other “causes”. He’s doing SO much more than any rheumatologist in 33 years has ever done for me.
I came across your website day before yesterday, and am amazed at the amount of information and research presented by your organization. The treatments mentioned make perfect sense, and I was already even practicing a couple of the suggestions that I read about on your site. I just feel that God has been leading me over the last several months to these different resources for a reason. I just pray that they all come together to provide perfect healing for me after a lifetime of pain.
Thank you for what you do!

Good luck to you! I’ve been free of galloping rheumatoid disease since the early 1980s! You can do it, and, when you’re done, you’ll say it was truly easy.

Thanks for the encouragement! I wish someone had told my parents that years ago, so I could’ve avoided this horrid disease altogether. On the bright side, I guess “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. . . . ”

(added June 16, 2010)

Is your physician referral list on your website up to date? I live in Sacramento, CA and the closest doctor is in San Francisco. My doctor is not open-minded enough to spend the time to read your research and protocol to do this. I would like to know if there are any other doctors closer to Sacramento? Also, I was given Flagyl extensively in the hospital when I contracted an overwhelming infection throughout my abdomen because of taking Enbrel. Anyway it had no effect on the arthritis. I am assuming that was because it wasn’t in the proper dosage. Is that assumption correct? Anyway thank you for your help.

Please look at our physician list on our website. We try to keep the doctors’ list up to date, but they never tell us when they die, and seldom when they move.
I’d guess that your metronidazole was an IV. That form doesn’t work for arthritis as it requires the metabolites of metronidazole to do its job against various microorganisms, not the drug itself. Please go back to our website and read the article beneath the tab, “How to Get Well.” It covers everything we’ve learned since 1982.

I need to bother you again as my wife wrote you some time back about your treatment plan. I find the information very confusing in the pamphlet the Art of Getting Well. On page 6, it states that you should take Metronidazole and Allopurinol simultaneously for two days and then skip five days.
But then the next paragraph says take 300 mg of Allopurinol 3 times a day for 7 days. I get mixed up on the skipping five days. Sorry to bother you but I feel along with following all the health laws as we understand them that this well worked out treatment is also important. My wife quit taking any of the medicine prescribed because of the first paragraph. Sorry for the confusion but if you could make this a little simpler for us concrete souls I sure would be thankful.

First off, it is extremely important that you folks read the material beneath the tab “How to Get Well” on our website before charging off to take drugs. It summarizes everything we’ve learned since 1982, and there’s a whole lot more to getting well than just taking these drugs.
Secondly, when using the drugs, the idea is to saturate the body with broad spectrum anti-microorganism drugs for a short period of time, then to permit the body to wash out the toxins produced.
The total treatment trial is six weeks at a time.
Say, taken on Saturday and Sunday, then off for five days, then on again for two days, and so on, in all a total of six weeks.
With metronidazole, during the first week of treatment, only allopurinol is also used at dosage of 300 mg per day for seven days, then no more allopurinol throughout the treatment time of six weeks.
One can substitute furazolidone in its proper dosage for the allopurinol, but it is used for first 10 days only.
Hope this helps.

Thank you, That is one thing I really appreciate about you — your emphasis is on more than just the drugs. My wife and I gave health lectures for 18 months on the road and everyone wanted a pill or the latest health cure without understanding how their body works and living a healthy lifestyles. We both taught what we called the eight laws of health which were sunlight, fresh air, self control, trust in God, water, rest, nutrition, and exercise. We have been walking about one mile every evening plus daily activities. So thank you very much for your focus on just more than drugs. And thank you for your reply.

I would like to see that further research is done on the use of hyper-immune milk for cancer. J.B. gave me your name and website as a place I might start learning how I might go about this.
I myself am neither a scientist, nor a degreed health professional. I usually and currently work in home health care and I have spent only a couple of years caring for and milking someone else’s cows and goats. So I am not equipped to do the research myself. But having cared for people who are dying of cancer or dealing with crippling arthritis on a daily bases in my home care work, I would like to see that this research gets done. As you probably know, hyper-immune milk holds the possibility of giving the immune system information to beat cancer as well as auto-immune diseases like arthritis. If using this practice could get the professional seal of approval by a recognized institution such as the National Institutes of Health, then folks dealing with life threatening and life debilitation diseases may be able to give a great boost to their immune system for the price of a glass of milk!
How can I, a lay person, propose that such a study be done? Is Arthritis Trust, or do you know of anyone currently doing research on the use of hyper-immune milk for cancer and auto-immune diseases? I am grateful for any guidance or information or assistance you can provide.
Thank you, A.A.R.

Research always starts with money! Virtually all research in the US is funded by pharmaceutical companies on their patented drugs, and most institutions of higher learning, such as medical schools, are beholden to them. I’m not trying to dissuade you, but you must understand the playing field. One starts with tons of money, then one gets an “Investigative New Drug” number from the FDA. Usually this requires going through an “Institutional Review Board” almost always associated with a medical school. Then one pays folks (medical doctors) to conduct double-blind or double-blind cross-over studies. Since pharmaceutical companies have billions to spend on their studies, the price is usually high because they don’t mind spending their “profits” for the purpose. If the doctor you’ve picked is in good graces with the medical magazines — usually also controlled by pharmaceutical money interests — you might get the results of the study printed for others to read. Otherwise it becomes one of thousands of ignored footnotes.
One historical note: when these studies were originally being made by University of Minnesota scientists through a number of selected doctors (under FDA approval), the FDA also sent people out to stop it at all costs. One scientist who was still living when I interviewed him told me that he and his family were seriously threatened by FDA representatives if they did not stop the study! He stopped. Obviously the whole field of vaccination/inoculations and the myths annually promulgated therein would be threatened if folks could do the same job with complement consumed orally as they claim they can do with the taking of damaging and expensive vaccinations. Also keep in mind that Congress has relieved pharmaceutical companies from any liability through use of inoculations, a nearly perfect posture for the drug companies!

I greatly appreciate your input. I wonder: Is hyper-immune milk a “drug”, officially?
Perhaps an alternative means of health, requires an alternative path to come into conventionally accepted use. I will keep my mind open for possibilities on how I might get it done.

Anything that is used by humans and makes a health claim is classified as a drug by the FDA. Rice Krispies would be so classified if it made a health claim. It isn’t the product that makes it a drug, but the claim. [Actually, Rice Krispies did get stopped by the FTC for making health claims recently.]

My brother-in-law returned from a visit to a physician in Fort Lauderdale, FL yesterday expecting to get the first of a series of hydrogen peroxide treatments. Instead, he was told that “they are really clamping down on use of hydrogen peroxide.” He didn’t define “they” or “clamping down.” But the doctor said he was afraid to use it, even though in his 30 years in medical practice he had had a great deal of success using it.
Is hydrogen peroxide therapy effectively banned in Florida? If not, is there a clinic or doctor that I could refer my brother-in-law to?
I would greatly appreciate an answer. I feel my brother-in-law is in very great need and needs to do something positive very soon.

I don’t know what’s going on in Florida, but you can probably find a doctor in an adjoining state that is coded on our physician list for using hydrogen peroxide.
Any alternative therapy that might help patients is periodically suppressed by those who control licensing, because it subtracts from drug sales. It’s the pharmaceutical companies who control established medicine and by them also the state licensing boards.
Hydrogen peroxide is non-patentable and has been used for one thing or another in medicine since at least the Civil War. Obviously its benefits pose a threat to pharmaceutical company interests.

Dear friends, I am [A.B.] from Italy. I need you again .Your advices have been for me like gold. After several research (thank you ) I know that I have the Epstein Barr virus and I need to eliminate it quickly because in my hla (dna) I have the predisposition to Bechet syndrome and it is often caused by this herpes virus. I am very sad and afraid because my pains are a sort of alarm of this terrible disease. Please help me to find a cure, I will go everywhere to stay well because my doctors say that there aren’t poisons against this virus, but I think that if it is possible to cure I can save myself without them that are able only to prescribe cortisone.
Thank you with all my heart for your important support.

A predisposition from genes is not something that is inevitable. Eat right and do other healthy things to keep your immune system strong and there’s no reason to believe that you’ll have a particular disease. You can go to our website and find articles on proper eating.
Secondly, there are several ways to rid oneself of viruses, if that’s your problem. For example, colloidal silver can do so.
Also for diagnostics, find someone versed in applied kinesiology or computerized electrodermal testing.
Keep in mind that all of us are exposed to viruses every second of the day and night. If we’re healthy, our bodies will handle them just fine.

I have an important question. In my blood’s examination I have viruses (ebv cytomegalovirus) such as bacterias. The problem is this — when I asked the doctor to apply your protocol he said that it can be right, but for him the viruses are responsible for bacterial infections (virus — like open the gate for viruses) …. and for this he prefers to start with a viral cure. I have some doubts. First of all he said that this cure can be long . . . and then I think the opposite because certainly I have viruses since I was little and now it is activated following bacterial infection. The question is this: IS MY REASONING RIGHT? I absolutely will not laden you with responsibility but this can be important for me in choice of another doctor and can help me to understand which bacteria may be primarily responsible for my immune disorder.  (sometimes doctors create even more confusion). Excuse me if sometimes I need explanations but I am trying to understand everything from the site with some difficulty and my impression is that you are in agreement with me.

I don’t know if your doctor is right or wrong about viruses opening the door for bacteria. I do know that getting rid of them is rather simple. Use ultra-violet treatment of blood. One takes out a small amount of blood and treats the blood with ultraviolet, then replaces the blood immediately. A test tube amount is about right. Another way is to get hydrogen peroxide IVs. Your immune system uses hydrogen peroxide to kill invading organisms, so this simply enhances your system’s ordinary ability. Another way is use of ozone similarly. Another way is use of specific supplements or herbs to strengthen your immune system. [Standard antiviral drugs such as acyclovir, taken for one to two months, have been known to rid the body of Epstein Barr virus and hepatitis virus. Intravenous vitamin C over 4 sessions (sometimes more) has been known to rid the body of EBV and hepatitis C.] Read “Universal Oral Vaccine” for another method using antigen specific colostrum.

I finally stay more better, I’m almost good, with custom colostrum by the method described in Universal Oral Vaccine. I’ve made much progress but I’m stubborn and I want to solve 100% of my problems. I feel that I lack little to do that . . . and I can say that in this difficult walking you are the only that is really close to me . . . one cannot begin to imagine what you have done for me . . . .
I want make two questions:
1) in taking colostrum homemade what is meant by small amounts? . . . I will use approximately 300g today in different assumptions by one months.
2) like say you, I investigated about candida and not have it! Thank God! Colostrum is fine but what do you think if you join the protocol with antibiotics to accelerate healing?
Embraces from Italy!!!!

We referred several queries about colostrum to a former dairy man, Robert Richards.

Dear Mr Richards,
The Arthritis Trust of America has given me your email address.
I originally contacted them about my boy. I have an 8 year old son with an autistic spectrum disorder, which is a collection of multiple chronic and related illnesses, including yeast infection, leaky gut and a dysfunctional immune system.
We have tried many different therapies over the years, with only limited success. I had been intrigued a year or so ago by the possibility of trying transfer factor therapy for autism as a result of an article published by Dr Fudenberg. However, Dr Fudenberg is retired, the therapy is not available through conventional medical channels, and the products available on the market are not specific to the child, nor are they reported to be effective.
I contacted the Arthritis Trust because he had written about the method used by Congressman Bedell, that is, injecting one’s blood into the cistern of a pregnant cow, and later consuming the colostrum. He mentioned that other people have tried this themselves.
I am not sure how to proceed in this area. I understand you may have some useful experience. So I am writing to ask you if you found this therapy to be helpful. I am also curious to know how one goes about it — I am quite stumped in that area!
I am thankful to you in advance for any comments or suggestions you might have.

Dear Ron;
I am glad that your cow has had her calf, and is now providing you with the colostrum that you have worked so hard to get!!
When Dr. John Myers and I went to Wisconsin and met and spent the entire day with Dr. Herbert Struss, we collected all the information possible. He is the Dr. that spent over twenty years researching the use of colostrum for humans. He was very helpful and willing to have us learn and continue using what he had spent nearly his whole career studying at the University of Minnesota.
When I asked about using more or less of the colostrum, he explained that in his studies, 8 oz. per day seemed to be the maximum amount that the human body can utilize, but that less than that still had some positive effects. He said that he would always try to get the maximum success, of course, with the 8 oz. and may continue for a longer time, depending on the amount that you can save.
I used that amount of colostrum and have not had anyone get sick from it, but there may be a first. If you are concerned, you may start with a small amount for a few days just to see how your body responds, then go all out for as long as the supply lasts.

When I speak to Dr. Myers, maybe over the holiday week, he has been in the Ukraine, I will ask him if he thinks anything different or has heard of improvements with the amount that I recommend.
I am still in agreement and thank God in advance for your complete healing!
Your friend in Christ,

Hey Bob,
Thank you so much for your response… I’ve been out at the farm since Tuesday night & just was able to retrieve my e-mail tonight . . . I’ve been collecting the colostrum/milk at about 4 gallons a day . . . only about 2 gallons the first day.
Bob I’m ready to start taking it. I believe you had advised that 4 oz in the morn & 4 oz in the evening worked good for you. As I recall Doug Saunders had told me months ago when I had first began my research to take only 3 tablespoons a day to prevent getting too sick. Which he said he could send me some whey if I did get sick and it would help. I don’t really understand it all but that’s what he said. I’m curious if 3 tablespoons according to him may kill off so much that I get sick, what will 8 oz a day do? Walter Wilborn from Macon Georgia advised up to 8 oz 3 times a day. I’m ready to start and I’m needing some understanding as to how much and how often. I’m willing to drink a gallon a day if that’s what it takes and I have the assurance it won’t kill me . . . only the Lyme disease bacteria .
Can you help me to understand the process better…
Pastor Ron
Have a Christ filled Christmas

Dear Mr. P,
This is the method we used specifically for our own daughter which worked well.
I would be happy to share any information I have with you, especially if it might help your young son. I am not a doctor or practitioner and I have no idea if this method can help, but I can see no harm in trying as I would try anything to help my own child.
I am an old dairy farmer. Two years ago I met with the doctor who studied and researched colostrum at the University of Minnesota.
We used the specific colostrum method for one of our daughters that was bedridden with Epstein Barr virus. She was unable to work or care for her two young daughters. We infused the cistern of a pregnant young Brown Swiss cow. We did four infusions, one week apart using 5 cc’s of Tamara’s blood into each quarter of the cow’s udder. The cow’s natural system built up immunity to protect her soon-coming calf. When she had her calf we collected all but the first two quarts (for the calf) of the fresh colostrum for up to ten days. We froze the colostrum in one quart freezer bags and thawed one quart bag every four days. Our daughter drank 4 oz. in the morning and 4 oz. at night. She started feeling stronger in just a couple of days, then between day 10 and 13 she experienced what is known as the Herxheimer Effect. Then she would have a few bad days and a good day; then a couple of good days in a row. Then after a couple of weeks she had all good days. She continued with the colostrum until it was all gone, which lasted nearly 4 months. Then she completely recovered and was able to go back to work and take care of her family. She hasn’t had a recurrence for nearly two years.
We’ve also used this method for several of our friends and acquaintances for things like chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, and fibromyalgia and to my knowledge it has worked well in each of these instances. Currently we have acquaintances using this method for MS and Lyme’s Disease.
Again I feel confident that trying this method will not be harmful in any way.
Some have purchased a pregnant cow from a nearby dairy and done their own infusion, collected the colostrum, then sold the cow and calf and recovered most of their investment.
When you have other questions feel free to email.
Bob Richards
P.S.-I’ll do my best to help in whatever way I can.

Dear Respected Sir
My nine and half year old son has been diagnosed with a positive RA factor of 20 with high ESR value. He is having tightness in his right leg since the last 3 months leading to slight limping while walking.
The Rheumatologist that we have consulted has asked us to go through further tests and wait for a few more weeks for clear symptoms of the disease.
Though I do not understand much about the medicines that he was talking about but he has given a indication that the medicines used will be of the same category as used in treating cancer and will halt further development of the child as better grade of medicines are costly and not affordable to us.
I have been searching for material regarding Rheumatoid and came to http://www.arthritistrust.org and the alternate treatment method suggested. I have a great faith in this philosophy want to use this to treat my son.
I would be highly obliged if you can tell us any physicians or organizations in India who can help us in treatment of my child. Even if no physician / organization has registered with you, it would still be of great help to use if you give us any pointer in this direction.
Eagerly waiting for your response.
Sincerely yours,

I apologize for this long delayed response. Somehow your email got caught in my spam file.

There is no scientific justification for the use of the cancer treatment for arthritis. It’s a false trail and could damage your son further.

Go to our website and read the tab “How to Get Well.” It covers all we’ve learned since 1982.

It’s really not difficult to get well from RD if one pays attention to all the causes.

Thank you so much for your kind response and advice. Your site and other information on the net has really helped us a lot – I would say a second life to my son.

The good news is that I had success in treating my son and he no longer has any symptoms of RA. He is running well and is saying that he has gained his super speed which he used to boast earlier – which is remarkable as during the RA phase he has difficulty in walking and was getting tired very quickly. May be the quick recovery might be due to the early treatment we had started.
After seeing the first rheumatologist, I had decided that I would never like to see any of them again and started alternate treatment with change in the diet. For this purpose, we had to change our food and eating habits too.

The only allopathy medicines I used are Macalvit to supplement his calcium as I had found him allergic to Milk and had to stop it and Zincovit Syrup. All others are herbs and natural medicines like Ginger, Garlic, Grape Seed Extract, Oil of Oregano, SAFI (an ayurvedic medicine the major content of which is Neem) and Cabbage Rejuvelac. Though he is well, we are still continuing with the treatment – may be another year of so to ensure it does not return.

Unfortunately there is a very little awareness of alternate treatment of RA and other degenerative diseases in India. I am thinking of how I can contribute to this cause.

If you get any mails from India seeking help in this matter, I would be more than happy to provide the information and experience which I have learned.


Thanks for your feedback. Glad you could use local treatments for the RD. I’ll place your letter on our website at the “News” section.